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  1. It just took over

    That is scary! Have you had anxiety/panic attacks for a long time? I am glad you have been checked out medically to rule anything out. It's unfortunate that anxiety can feel a lot like a stroke/heart attack and other medical issues because it can cause more fear/anxiety that something is wrong. What has been helpful for you in the past when you have gotten anxious? When panic attacks come on suddenly, it can be harder because there isn't a 'build up' to catch it and help yourself calm down before it gets too bad. I know that focusing on each breath or walking are two good coping skills for panic attacks. Good luck! I hope you are feeling better. I know it can be difficult and scary in the moment!
  2. I hope the GP appointment went well... AND that you had a happy birthday, able to celebrate beyond going to the doctors ... You are blessed with support of people that understand part of what you are going through.. that can be rare. I understand what you mean, however, when sometimes no one can say anything that makes you feel better. Those are the times that it just seems like you have to push through until you are able to use the support that people have given... these are the hardest times of course! I am glad you have some time off to rest before your procedure! Good luck with everything!
  3. I am sorry you are going through all of these medical issues on top of losing your dad! That is a lot all at once. I am really sorry about your dad. Loss is never an easy thing. Grief can come out in all kinds of ways, sometimes through physical symptoms. Have you had any further tests done to look further into what these symptoms could be related to? It may be helpful to talk to your doctor about looking into it further to rule any other medical issues out. In the meantime, seeing a bereavement counselor may be a good thing! It is possible that your symptoms are related to grief and a counselor could be helpful in processing things. Not having the answers of what is going on could be scary. Do you have supportive people around you that can be helpful to you as you go through this? Keep hanging in... one day at a time! Good luck!
  4. I know these kinds of diseases can be really scary, especially if there is a family history and you have walked with people who have suffered from them. When you struggle with anxiety, it makes the fear a lot worse. I am sorry you had to see your grandfather as Alzheimer's took him! That is never an easy road to walk down. I have heard of a lot of people getting genetically tested for Alzheimer's. It is definitely a personal decision. Obviously, it would bring a lot of ease and comfort if you came out of the test being negative of being a carrier. If you are a carrier, however, it could only cause more anxiety as you struggle with 'when will I get it?' 'how will it start?' and other such questions. The biggest thing for me that has worked in the past when I have struggled with anxiety regarding the future and pains associated with it, is focusing on being thankful for what I have right now. Right now, you have a mind that is functioning well and a body that is healthy... and many more blessings as well! Focusing on the blessings of the here and now can help diminish the fears. Also, one thing I had to stop doing when I started to get anxiety was to stop listening to the news. I found that there was nothing good in the news and often times I felt that the news was trying to instill fear (just a suggestion, as it could be helpful). Good luck with everything. Thanks for reaching out! Seeking support is a great way to help with anxiety and fears.