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  1. AndrewF

    Please Help! MS/ALS Fears (possible trigger)

    I misphrased that totally. What I should have said was "maybe you are being particularly hypersensitive about sensations from your bladder" When you focus on area mentally, you notice a lot more of the comings and goings of aches and pains, or in this case, "maybe I have to pee" feeling. Now, peeing a lot and drinking a lot of liquids could be a sign of something like diabetes, but you'd have other things, and your doctor would see that. I've been utterly convinced I had: cancer of the stomach, heart attack, liver disease, testicular torsion, testicular cancer, a stroke, brain cancer, elbow cancer, single-line cytopenia myledysplastic syndrome, and of course ALS (that only I could detect, despite no weakness). All complete BS. All of it. I now tend to think....If i've got time to be on here and look up stuff that could be wrong with me, then there's probably nothing really wrong with me.
  2. AndrewF

    Please Help! MS/ALS Fears (possible trigger)

    anxiety doesnt just turn off like a light switch, the physical effects linger. Maybe its related to your medicine. maybe just your bladder is hypersensitive. I often feel like if I'm not totally "empty" i cant get back to sleep. Then i dwell on it. Remember, you need to give your meds 2 FULL weeks to evaluate whether they are working, then another week after that. Then talk to your doc about longer term use, using a smaller amount, etc. Its a conversation only you and s/he can have.
  3. AndrewF

    Please Help! MS/ALS Fears (possible trigger)

    You may be on the wrong medicine. the thing is, there is no way of knowing without trial and error. Since doctors dont know exactly why they work, it kind of hit or miss. You're hypersensitive. I've been there too --- What was that twinge just now? Is that NEW? What could it mean? Is that angina pectoris, or just a stressed muscle? is that my pancreas hurting? Why does my anus keep itching (TMI?) ? Oh no here comes an opthalmic migrane, whats that mean? Hows my peripheral vision today? Is that little bump on my foot which has been there 3 years still the same size? Is that mole new? Lump in your throat feeling is called globus and almost certainly stress and anxiety. It is different from atual dysphagia. Reassurance seeking is common with what you/we have. Its like a little "high" you get when you are convinced all is OK.
  4. OK, listen up this is important. If you think there is any way you could harm someone, for now, give your gun to someone trusted for safe keeping. Take it to a gunsmith perhaps and say you want it cleaned and carefully checked over, just get it away from you. Its your responsibility as a safe gun owner to do this, you simply have to. As a safe gun owner and supporter of our nation's second amendment to the constitution, and being a fellow human, I would do no less myself. Yeah, I know, there other instruments of doom at people fingertips....lets start with the obvious one you mentioned. You may have an issue to deal with, and you should start with your doctor, and soonest. Its not your fault. What would be your fault is if you did know something strange was up and did nothing. Dont become some news story. You have taken the first step, being, recognizing you may have an issue. Many people dont have this metacognitive ability, they go crazy and dont even know it. You can be fixed, but you have to start to try.
  5. AndrewF

    Iight brown stool?

    does it sink nicely? (having dug through a few pieces of toilet cable, looking for a toothpick i though I swallowed, I now wish I hadnt)
  6. AndrewF

    Please Help! MS/ALS Fears (possible trigger)

    OK, first off, you DO NOT have ALS. Again, its a disease of "failing" not of "feeling." You sound like a bundle of nerves. Stick with your medicine, it takes 2 weeks to get into where it needs to be. In the meantime, keep going. I've been right about where you are, "worrying" about stuff that had exactly ZERO basis in reality. Its hard to sink in right now because its acute, let the medicine do its job and find other activities and stop monitoring every single sensation.
  7. AndrewF

    Lump and pain in lower abdomen

    3 Cs? lets see....scar tissue, stress, stress, stress, muscle knots. think horses, not zebras. Get your U/S of course and see if your doc has any muscle stretching you need to be doing once your healing has progressed enough...
  8. AndrewF

    Synovial Sarcoma?

    to the original poster.....oh, so you have diagnosed yourself, doctor? Well then, maybe you can just google up a good surgeon to refer yourself. you could (a) see your doc now (b) ask at your next general physical ; I like to do this when I can (c) monitor it (monthly, not too often!) and if it changes, ask a doc
  9. AndrewF

    Carcinophobia fear is ruining my life

    So, you dont spend time worrying about getting hit by a bus, dying in a car crash, drug overdose, medical mistakes, etc etc? Aortic aneurisms? Sudden cardiac death? You've narrowed it down, to the most general disease possible...cancer. News flash, it isnt one disease. Its a whole constellation of disease, which is why there is no single "cure." And likely never will be. There will be evolving treatments to turn it into manageable chronic disease with continuing treatment. Perhaps. It starts with a realization that, at some point, something will kill you. OK. There are behaviors and habits you can alter to impact what risks you take on. Some risks you cannot alter. You can live to 95 and slip and fall and get pneumonia in the hospital, no less dead than someone who had a heart attack at 52. You could go scan your body daily, and get bloodwork daily, and have experts look you over daily.....then have a giant cement truck jump the curb and kill you walking out of the daily-scan-cente. And you know what you wil have done? Wasted 2-3 hours every day of your life. I told my mother once "well,what if I have _______ " fill in your choice. She said matter of factly "Then if you've got that you'll go and get treated for it" Here's a useful thought. The Internet makes the uncommon seem as common as right in your house, because you can bring up stuff about anyone from anywhere. The news reports uncommon things because....its news. It blurs the lines between "possible" and "likely"
  10. AndrewF

    Dark mole on 7 year old

    Um, even melanoma is just removable at this early stage and is gone. Gone. My wife's dad had it on his back in one spot. Its why you get on these things now and not wait until they're bleeding awful unhealing spreading monsters. Kids grow moles. They have to start sometime. My wife is LOADED with atypical moles, on her back. we visit the derm every year, and watch her.
  11. AndrewF


    YOU DO NOT HAVE ALS. The easist thing to remember is that it is a disease of FAILING, not FEELING. And at age 40, very uncommon. Like, you're far, farrrrr more likely to die in a car crash. Buckle up.
  12. WHAT IF a jet airplane crashes on your house and you die? That happened in the county I live a few years ago. Woman at home with 2 of her kids. Crazy stuff. WHAT IF... that romaine lettuce you ate makes you sick enough to die ? I totally get the intrusive thoughts thing. What helps ME is to remember there are a lot more likely things that I dont seem to think about at all. When I have a concern my kids could get sick with something incurable and deadly, I remmeber that about 10 kids a DAY drown to death in the US in non-boating-related drownings. A DAY. ALL preventable. So, just by keeping my kids from drowning, I'm actually reducing a much more likely cause of death than (for instance) some CNS tumor that kills 1/10th as many people. Do what you can to take preventative steps for a disease you are concerned about. In your case: Dont smoke, keep a healthy body weight, keep active, eat plenty of fruits and folate vegetables, and dont have a family history (....not much can be done about that one). The point is, some day, 40 years from now statistically, if you DO contract such a disease, you can say "hey, I did all I could." Also, by then....these things will be far more likely to be magaged as chronic diseases than as rapidly progressing fatal conditions. You could go in for a body scan every single day. To guarantee nothing nasty is growing itself onto your insides. But then get run over by a dump truck while walking out of the scan shop! Unlike everything in that song, Alaniss, that actually would be ironic. Try letting those thoughts pass instead of ruminating. Acknowledge them for what they are, accept them as unknowns, and let something else take their place.....?
  13. AndrewF

    Help lump lower left stomach

    So, really not "stomach," cause that's up higher, not by your hip. You mean "lower left quadrant"! maybe muscle knot? could be hernition of intestine? Being your age, have you talked to (a) parents (b) a doctor ?
  14. Hypo, Wow, you sound a lot like me, slightly differing symptoms. I'm 40. have had some pretty 'obviously' muscle pains, left costal margin, shoulder, etc, that I can feel when I tense and flex the muscles. Nope, its gotta be my pancreas, silly-me thinks. Despite my age, despite normal weight, despite never smoking, despite just having had a checkup and perfect liver panel and other bloods. Despite no oily stool, weight loss, jaundice, pruritis, or crippling pain all the time. I sleep fine, everything relaxes when I lay down. No, I check to make sure I'm not losing weight. Does the pain go away when I lean forward? Doctor Google's sound, solid advice. I have a cold too now. Green phelgm (TMI, sorry) Oh and some red in there. As usually happens to me. Oh no, is it from my lungs or my irritated nasal cavity?!?! No, the stuff I cough up is just green or clear. My lungs arent bleeding. But my mind went there, for just an instant. I know your mindset because I've lived it. My low white blood count last year, which was nothing, took me into HOURS of researching MDS, leukemias, etc. All wasted, none of it warranted. I'm on 5mg of escitalopram every day, and it helps a lot, even that little amount. Anyway, hang in there, keep on livin and finding stuff to love to do. Control what needs to be and what you can, and let go of the rest. And be Thankful. Happy Thankgiving
  15. AndrewF

    Ocular Migraine MRI?

    40yo male here, have occasionally had these since my mid-30s. As a contacts wearer, went to opthamologist and got checked out, which was good to do anyway. They happen sometimes every 6 moths or so, with aura. zigzag lines, one side of vision (not just one eye). Better than a "heavy bertation" (google that one, video!) no slurred speech. Usually I sense their approach by developing a blind spot on one side, that grows. A crushed aspirin under the tongue helps thin the blood, which is also kind of a prophylaxis in case it is thrombus in a little capilary somewhere.... Headache is usually AFTER, when full blood flow restores. Scary as crap the first time. not a toumah!