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  1. AndrewF

    Bruising on legs- worried about Leukemia

    I concur with all the above.
  2. AndrewF

    Help please - Not sure if I have a lump or not

    Go get things ultrasounded. Then you'll know what's "normal" and will have a good baseline. First, dont freak out. The media seem to make it sound like women in their 40s and even 30s are just dropping like flies from breast cancer, when its really a much older-skewed disease in terms of age. "Possible" and "likely" are not the same thing. Just think of getting some diagnostics done so you know what your "normal" is and can be more vigilant as you age!
  3. AndrewF

    At my wits end!!! Kids are sick

    my oldest had something similar now that I think of it. In fact she had multiple positives on the list of signs for appendicitis. I think they did a MRI? Maybe it was CT. anyway.....colon full of GAS! Kids. God bless 'em.😨 Best wishes for your ultrasound. Its actually nice to have these non-invasive tests they can do to find problems "early". Vs the old days. By the way, if you want a good read on why British surgeons go by the title "Mister" go look it up, kinda neat.
  4. AndrewF

    At my wits end!!! Kids are sick

    hello fellow twins parent. my clones are almost 5. when they were 2 or 3 they each had a fever that took a week to go away. Just tapered off, didn't shut off like a light bulb. How they are ACTING is huge. Why on earth did the hospital order a CT scan?! Strep is a bacterial infection and consistent with high fever. I assume they are on antibiotics? Keep them hydrated and comfy and follow your doctor (whoever it is) instructions you were given.
  5. AndrewF

    Skid Marks (TMI...sorry)

    Hemis. Internal Hemis will cause that. stool leakage, pruritis. eat more fiber and drink more water, is the general best approach. And keep 'it' clean. and dry. source: me, who developed a few internal hemis this year. grade 2 and trying not to go grade 3!
  6. AndrewF

    Anyone think they can feel a tooth move slightly

    Its normal movement. Its called torquing you teeth. DONT torque your teeth.
  7. AndrewF

    Grief and physical anxiety

    Sometimes we can help reassure others on here, sometimes we need some ourself....🙄 So, a friend of mine died this Monday. Today is the funeral. I didnt feel really hungry for breakfast and usually its my favorite hungriest meal. He was a dozen years older than me, but our kids were similar in age. He lived a year with a cancer in a very uncommon place in his digestive system (he had some risk factors, but hey, sometimes people get trampled by a zebra). He went downhill really fast over the past month though, I thought he would fade much more slowly. Ever since I was told he was receiving hospice care the prior monday, I've had this recurring kind of tightness under my left ribcage, back shoulder, lower back. Sometimes its on the right side of my abdomen. Feels like the spleenic flexure area cramps some. Nothing truly "painful", I think I am hyper aware of sensations. I take a very small dose of lexapro every day, and 3-4 years ago had 2 (yes 2!) EGDs in a 18 month period because of exactly feeling like this. Normal findings. Of course, anxious me focuses on my Pancreas. I dont know why I ruminate on that little organ so much😠. Age 40, nonsmoker, BMI 24.5, very light drinker, no other concerning things, I feel very energetic and healthy, good appetite, weight has been steady-flat the past 6mos-1year. My mom says she processes grief and stress in her gut, too. Nexium seems to be calming things down some. I'm good when I'm thinking of other things, then I feel some random twinge, then think of my dead friend's experiences, then feel more physical stuff. But I realize I can't possibly truly know his actual experiences, and weirdly I feel like I'm more sad about "the idea" of the situation than the facts of it. I really dont want to get trampled by a "zebra" in life. My rational mind says "live the best you can" "dont internalize others problems" "dont make an idol of your health". But some times in life are easier than others. Anyone experience physical symptoms from outside stressors, like this?
  8. I have been on 5mg lexapro for 3 years now. felt 10 mg was "too much" and my old doc was accommodating in letting me adjust. I guess he figures it keeps me out of his schedule book! It takes 1-2 (even 3) weeks to build up and get "into where it needs to be". Stick with it, is my advice. I dont know anything about those other drugs you mention. Every day I take 1/2 of a 10mg tablet. Yeah, i switched to 5s, but they didnt seem to work. Can you imagine what my doctor must have thought when I said "I want 5mg, but I want to break the 10s in half like i've been doing" ?! Its basically a subclinical dose but it keeps me out of the health anxiety rabbit hole. This coming from a person who basically has NO other stress in my life, no real issues, nothing to complain about....I can somatize utter nonsense.🙄
  9. AndrewF

    Inflammatory Breast Cancer - Again

    Find the "statistician on an airplane" joke on google. Now, what are the odds you will get Hodgkins disease AND I.B.C. in one person in one lifetime?!?! The other responses here are right on. The condition you fear is generally very obvious. Coincidentally, I had a slightly itchy spot on my anterior right chest wall above the nipple, on Monday. It was kind of red. I thought....oh no, breast cancer maybe, and I.B.C.! Now, this is where the H.A. comes in. I'm male and 39. "Hey self...WTF?" Male breast cancer is 1/100 as common as in women....and....wait for it..... there are in fact 10 (yes, a total of ten) documented cases of I.B.C. in males, all but one in their 60s-80s in age. And all clear-cut symptoms. This is where I like to imagine a conversation with a doctor about this, where he uses that great line "you do realize this is utter BS, right?" Somehow we're all looking for that line between "being smartly aware of your body" and "wasting all your time capacity being aware of your body".
  10. AndrewF

    Migraine aura

    Sounds about like what i get ever 6 months or so. I get a blind spot, some peripheral zigzags, then a recovery, sometimes a mild headache. First one sent me to the optometrist freaking out. Of course by the time I got there it was over. He said he gets them. One option is to chew up a few baby asprin under your tongue, it thins the blood a little and helps the flow restore. Also it helps in case the aura is caused by some tiny ischemia event. Its always one SIDE of my vision, not just in one eye. the nose makes it hard to tell, but you lose peripheral vision in both eyes on the same side of the head. And it comes back. FYI loss of periphery in only one eye would be an eye issue or some neuro lesion perhaps. I'm not sure what triggers them. A few months ago i was at a nature center looking at a turtle and it looked funny and out of focus and I just knew....I'm getting an opthalmic migraine! Which is interesting because I wear contact lenses (RGPs, have for 30 years) and depending on the weather one or both eyes can be fuzzy any given time.
  11. AndrewF

    Anyone ever scratched off a mole?

    yes I've done this! Asked my doc on a visit. Said "you've scratched off a mole".
  12. AndrewF

    Brain tumor fears!

    look at the anatomy of the temporalis muscles. all connected down into the neck. Prime paths for trigger point and stress a charleyhorse on the sides of your head!
  13. AndrewF

    Tongue cancer or mental illness

    There's literally a word for it: Globus hystericus its that common.
  14. AndrewF

    Silly N. Fowleri fear, advice?

    N. Fowleri, yes, the brain-eating amoeba. Providing you with primary amebic meningoencephalitis (PAM). Its got all those media-savvy reporting traits... 1) You can't see it (2) people get it doing seemingly innocuous things (3) it eats your brain (4) It EATS your brain (5) its hard to stop Its also really hard to get, and that's shown by how few cases there are every year. Yeah, 330 million people in America and there are 0-6 cases per year. Dont swim in hot putrid fresh water, and if you do, dont get large quantities of it up your nose. After you're done with some light reading on flesh-eating viruses, here's all you need to know:
  15. AndrewF

    moles, thinking i have cancer

    Try not to freak out of moles. Especially not THIS one. To me it looks like a slightly atypical nevus. Only a doctor who examines you can tell you something definitive, but if you do go....USE that time to ask them "how can I be proactive about monitoring and not bother you for every little mole?" Then apply what they say. Look up the ABCDE guidelines for looking at moles. Try to apply them to this mole. Is the mole totally new, or has it undergone a change recently? Is it something that a reasonable person should run to a doctor for? If not, you already have a picture, take another one in 2 weeks and see if there was a change.