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  1. Listen up, I've been right where you are now. You sound like you're stuck in a cycle of rumination and stress. If you have been to your doctor for a physical exam, and done any follow up tests s/he wanted, you need to let it go. That's what you need to do, but I understand its not trivial. You may want to talk to your doc about a low-dose anti-anxiety med if this goes on and is interfering with your life. This is a conversation to be had between you and your doctor. But that alone won't fix all your issues. You need to keep yourself busy living, and let your body settle down some. And stop looking at your stool!
  2. Again, ALS is a disease of FAILING, not FEELING. My uncle apparently has lost the ability to grasp a tennis racket, and hand weakness, and as been to numerous doctors. They worked him up for ALS, and he was told by an expert that even this is not ALS. If you're just twitching and have cramps, without weakness that makes you fail doing things, you do not have ALS and need to stop worrying about that very uncommon disease.
  3. Speaking as a person who does in fact get screening colonoscopies starting at 33 due to a loose family history, and has not had an actual polyp removed yet.... If you're using terms like "Bristol scale" then you are definitely obsessing. I pulled that crap (pun intended) on my GI once and he basically had never heard of the the "bristol scale." He has scoped my stomach twice for things that turned out to be nothing, If you're over 45, get a colonosopy anyway, since that is the new guideline for screening. But there's nothing here that sounds like your doctor is wrong, that it is anxiety-induced jumpy gut that is in a feedback loop of stress.
  4. If all these other comments weren't helpful enough, and they actually should be all you need, then go with the "statistician on an airplane" method -- Having just had this one-in-a-zillion thing happen to someone you know of, what are the chances it will happen TWICE, and the other person will be...YOU? One in a zillion-squared! Fuhgedaboutit!
  5. In all fairness, the Beatles song does confuse the matter a bit.
  6. YUP! My shoulders, about 15 years ago when I was steaming and scraping wallpaper (which was covered in paint!) Sore, pain, radiating. Went to doc. "Yeah, that fire will take a few weeks to go out"
  7. My dad told me this story he read where an older woman had been told to go to a sleep clinic, by her (dentist or doctor of whatever). They would do a sleep study and if she had apnea they could fit her with a mask, CPAP, etc she would wear while sleeping. She told the doctor "I dont think I'm going to do that." She thought about what was involved, and if they determined she needed special treatment what that would entail, and decided it wasn't worth the effort. Doc shocked..."Youre not?! You know, you could die in your sleep!" She thought a moment....and responded: "I can live with that" It seems to me anxiety over health drops off with age, as the % of time with doctors increases and the quality of living doesn't necessarily make up for the investment. I"m not at all saying these people are ready to punch their ticket, but at some point life just "is what it is."
  8. This is spot on. (I assume the original questioner was concerned about....thrombocytopenia? And whatever underlying blood diseases that could be indicative of. Like hemophilia perhaps? Some sort of bone marrow disease? That stuff has lots of other symptoms too that you'd notice. )
  9. You didn't perforate your eye, right, with a thorn? Skin (and eyes) are a great barrier to stuff and its when its pierced it becomes a potential issue. How about making an appointment with your opthamologist for 2 weeks? Cancel it if the time approaches and you are fine. Lets do the math here. "Statistician on an airplane" style. Eye fungus is extremely rare. Also extremely rare, being a stage 4a long term colon cancer survivor with NED (bravo!), if I recall your story correctly. Now put those together....being both at once? Essentially impossible! I've been a hard contact lens wearer for over, as Dr Evil would say, "30 frickin years" and have never had a fungus, and had pinkeye exactly once.
  10. wow. 4. most doctors never see a case of ALS!
  11. Good for you for getting scoped! So many times you hear of diseases people get and they go on and on and on with symptoms and dont push for more diagnostic work. There's a fine line about being aware of your body, and also not being unnecessarily anxious. Also, late a good time to start making sure you have enough fiber in your diet. Colon health and avoiding "hemi"s. I (41) use a little supplement with my coffee. Talk over with your doctor.
  12. Mick Jagger needs acute heart valve replacement. Like, tomorrow. Alex Trebek has cancer of the pancreas. Ted Turner has lewy body dimentia. Others just....gone. No warning. Heart attack, car crash, anvil falls, truck tire comes detached. I mean, anything. ______________ hey, fill in the blank. You have to guard your mind some, and make sure you enjoy each and every day. Because.....spending time worrying what illness "you might get" might not even be so lucky. Falling piano, escaped chimpanzee, exotic snake bite, etc etc etc. 😕
  13. Well, they dont want to insure someone who is a guaranteed loss, right??
  14. Notice the frequent use of "feel" or "feeling".... A great rule of thumb is that ALS is a disease of FAILING, not "feeling." You cant walk. You can't pick something up. Some limb just doesnt function. Even then, it takes quite a while to get to the bottom of it, because it is RARE and it is a diagnosis of excusion, after everything else has been ruled out. It amazes me why people go right to it. Its a media-friendly disease, and if it bleeds it leads. Lou Gehrig, Stephen Hawking, football players, etc etc etc.