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  1. OK, this is similar to something I've got right now. Eerily so. the temporalis muscles are like a fan above your ear, and connect all down into your jaw and neck. Tension on either (or both) side(s) will give you a charley horse feeling in your side of your head. Try relaxing your jaw when awake. I tend to be unnecessarily clenched too often. And find the trigger points either in the muscles above the ear or neck and massaging them. You may be a bruxist, your dentist can help diagnose this. We all seem to latch onto the soap opera script diagnosis, the one where the character needs a quick dramatic but nonviolent but still permanent exit. Not the more likely culprit.
  2. AndrewF

    Update (+ Sleep Cycles)

    You've rediscovered what everybody knows and nobody usually does.......better diet and good sleep = healthier person overall. Too many are running too hard too long eating too much garbage and getting too little sleep. And its catching up with them! Good for you for making some changes and seeing improvement.
  3. AndrewF

    Left side back pain -intermittent

    Oh you sound like me! Not pancreatitis, not GERD, not intestinal gas. No, you go right for the gusto! Hey the tail of that pancreas is hard to see anyway. "Possible" and "several generations ago" amount to about zero, really. Are you a smoker? Obese? Have any identified genetic syndromes? Over 65? If not, your risk drops considerably. Not to quite zero, even at your age. But certainly down below "run over by cement truck" probabilities. Hows your appetite? Really pale floaty stinky stools? Really lethargic? have you lost 20% of your body weight over a few months? Whites of your eyes yellow? Dark urine? I see "kids" and your age and go right to "muscle spasm"! Get a tennis ball and learn to find the pressure points and massage them out. Also, gas inside moves around and feels crampy. By all means, go talk to your doctor. Offer to help her/him up when they fall on the floor laughing from your self-diagnosis. Then go enjoy the pool with your kids.
  4. AndrewF

    Fever in child over a week?

    My youngest (twins) got sick and had this fever that took 6-8 days to slowly taper away. Other times they can get back-to-back illnesses. What should terrify parents are preventable accidental deaths....drownings, falls from windows, poison, getting run over by cars in their driveway. Not one specific (highly curable) disease due to one instance of fever! (I'll admit when mine have been sick a few days I think, "hope its nothing chronic and life threatening!") Has she been examined by a pediatrician? Call them if you need reassurance. And get the temp UNDER the tongue. the only accurate way. Parents of young kids in an otoscope (under $20 for a basic one) and learn how to use it, carefully . you can head off ear infections and have more useful info to give your doctor when you need to call! final thought....whenever I feel a little down, a little off, the first blessing i count is "my kids are here and they're healthy." My oldest needed heart surgery at 6 months old. We interviewed 3 surgeons. It wasn't even a "major major" procedure but it was open-her-up heart repair. On an organ the size of a mandarin. Every now and then I have to actually focus and think about that, make sure I dont ever lose perspective and gratitude for the blessing that that worked out.
  5. AndrewF

    Another step forward...

    I went to a counselor about 5 years ago. I think I had couvade syndrome (wife was pregnant. twins. kids #2 and #) and anxiety-triggered gastro issues. Got scoped and was fine. She said "I dont think you need to keep coming here" 18 months later, a repeat of same thing. Decided i cant keep living that way. Ive been on a sub-clinical dose of escitalopram (5mg) since early 2015. My old doctor has been accomodating. I guess it keeps me from bothering him. I was on 10, then said I wanted to take half a pill. Then when 5mg pills seemed to not work as well, I asked him to write me for the 10 and I would break them in half, so give me 1/2 as many. Zero side effects, and while I still do develop anxiety a little, it just evens out my brain and breaks the cycle of ruminations I think. I think because I have about Zero stress in my life I find places to create it, namely my health.... Which is quite good, ironically. I worry that our real character is proven in adversity, and I haven't had to face too much adversity....what would I do? Going to church has been good too. Not just the "act of going" but really the bible-based lessons that are solidly implementable in the choices I make in life. I've come to fully understand that "stuff" is really meaningless, and our lives are made up of best of our family, friends, and how we spend our Time. Now for a little light reading on the SEER database. 😨 j/k
  6. AndrewF

    2miles in flip flops now leg pain

    Try crocs instead. I read they are much more highly regarded by podiatrists. the back heel support is the key
  7. AndrewF

    Another step forward...

    We're ALL in fact still a work in progress, congrats on taking this step! 👍 I'm an engineer type and spend way too much time learning about medical stuff. When I hear someone has a disease, I focus more on thinking "what is the histology" and "what are their risk factors and how am I different and and and" selfishly instead of saying "that's unfortunate, what can I do to help them out?" I need to turn off my idiot mind sometimes and just let life flow.... Or, at least, tune it into the RIGHT channels. When my neutrophil count was low, I researched for hours the workup process and which directions it could all go. Research papers, data analysis. All pointless. Ended up being nothing at all. Hours wasted.
  8. AndrewF

    Spirituality and fear

    You're human, of course you still might! The bible is FULL of admonishons like "do not fear" "fear not" "be anxious in nothing", and we constantly have to remind ourselves. " Health anxiety is based a lot in pride and vanity, and it gets me too sometimes. The bible has a lot to say about those topics. "Faith is not the absence of doubt, it is the means to overcome it" and it is a journey, not a destination. Dont try to "force yourself". Its truly not a "have it or dont " thing. Maybe just allow yourself "a mustard seed of faith" ? Just my thoughts.
  9. AndrewF

    Rectal Cancer- Here We Go....

    So, "pruritis ani" or "itching you-know-what" is a symptom of multiple of (and the least likely of which) is anal cancer. I believe rectal is a distinct other condition, "colorectal" in fact. (IANAD) I had this, and at nearly 40, a visit to my GI confirmed...3 internal hemmorhoids. After that anoscope exam, I promised never to complain when I simply had blood taken again 🙄. ("Doc, just how big IS that instrument being used?!?!!" Oh, and my insurance portion of that was $80 for that little experieince. Seeing the bill felt like having it right back in there.) The hemmies can cause stool to leak through, irritating the bunghole. Then you start to over clean it, ablate it via scratching, a dirty cycle of increasing discomfort. yikes! From the origin date here, its been several weeks. If it is still irritated, see your doctor for an exam, maybe with anoscope. Sorry. They can rule out anything pathologic, and if you do have any hemmies, start to treat them. The best treatment is more fiber and more water in your diet. For the grade 3 and 4 hems, they can be banded and stuff, but you really dont want to go there, I have heard, unless you absolutely have to. Best to keep them managed conservatively. Like previous poster said, diarrhea can definiately irritate that area. A little petroleum jelly or zinc oxide paste after its clean (and DRY!) will help seal and heal it, if that is the case.
  10. AndrewF

    Muscle Spasm/Twitch terrified of ALS

    The biggie about ALS is that it is about FAILING, not FEELING. I've had twitcing in my back muscle for 2-3 weeks. in my chin for 1-2 weeks, etc etc. And a spasm is more like a cramping pain. The fasiculations of ALS do not set in until AFTER the weakness. Its all on another message board dedicated to that question. Avoid it. 🙄 If we could just get people to focus more on careful attentive safe driving, we could save far more lives than ALS claims. Plus there's PLS, which nobody ever seems to mention. Our affinity for disease assumption isn't just for the bad ones...they have to be well-publicized also. Nobody seems to worry about dying of what killed Jayne Mansfield. 🚚 That steel bumper required on trucks behind the wheels is called a Mansfield Bar.
  11. Maybe you need to get a mammogram that is digital and will handle dense tissue. Then you need to put your mind at ease. Its perfectly ok to id a risk and then screen for it. I started my colonoscopies early, at 33, due to a distant family history. Here's a statistic. 1000 (One Thousand) women-under-40 in the US die from breast cancer annually. 4000-4500 per year of women aged 21-40 die in car crashes Being supportive of your coworker would be great. Also keep in mind that even 'stage 4 BC' has become, in general, more of a chronic disease that is treatable for years. Individual results may vary. But 20-30 years ago it was a whole different game. Save your worries for an aortic dissection and rupture.
  12. AndrewF

    Sudden terrible pain in big toe

    Well you're in the right place! That hallux sticks out there and takes more hits than you realize. It also doesn't bend much anyway usually. how old are you? over 30? could be a little osteoarthritis. Can you tell which joint? is it inflamed, warm, swolen in any way? Is it numb anywhere? If it was me, I'd give it a good week or two, then go see my doc. May want an x ray of it. YMMV.
  13. Of course us with HA know that common sense takes a backseat when we are acutely 'hanxious'. A few years ago I had an EGD and another a year and a half later. Now when I recognize those symptoms I go on Nexium for 2 weeks and try to relax. I think "this doctor has real, genuinely sick patients to see, and I'm wasting time and taking away appointment slots for this nonsense." Every little pain for me can be 'my pancreas' or 'my stomach' or 'barrett's disesase!'. At 39, not obese, dont smoke, eat healthy, keep active....yeah, a major disease process could occur but it would be the proverbial runaway cement what it is. My aorta could dissect, or my teeth melt and run down my throat. I could have a brain aneurism. Best comment i read on here was someone with concerns of major disease who said his doctor looked him over and said "You do realize this is bull&hit, right?" We say 'yes' but it sure feels real.
  14. Well, I think that thyroid test may be useful and the results of that may help answer your question. Now, may one assume you have reviewed all of this with your doctor? So, eating so late isn't great to be doing. You may want to change your eating habits. Bodies change as we age and what we eat and when we can eat can impact us rather rapidly. My wife developed GERD early last year and dropped about 7-8 pounds. Which took her down to like 106 lbs. I actually had her scoped vs just waiting and seeing. No significant findings. Blood was fine. She just developed reflux and got very sensitive to certain foods.
  15. AndrewF

    low white blood cells count - really worried

    Completing the record on this topic, I went back to the Hemotologist at the Cancer Center (gulp) to check my bloods after 6 months, from being worked up for isolated mild neutropenia. Sitting there in the waiting room I felt like a chicken on the machine that turns it into food....Looking at the chicken in front of me and thinking "Well, he's having his throat cut but duh I'm just here to have a scarf fitted. I hope." Blood was fine. Doc called it "idiopathic and transient" and said dont plan to come back. How much time I spent reading, worrying, thinking. Not recently but last fall. It did not affect the outcome at all, it did not "add one hour to my life."