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  1. Brothers liver results

    Since the scan was normal but his liver enzymes are a bit elevated it sounds like the doctor wants to have a specialist check your brother out to see what is going on. Your brothers liver looks normal so that's encouraging. The specialist should be able to give a clearer picture of what is going on. Take care.
  2. I swear it is always something....

    If your blood work is good and you don't have swollen lymph nodes then it isn't lymphoma. I think the biopsy was ordered because you tried the hydrocortisone and it didn't go away so they are looking to see what is going on so they can give you the right things to treat it with. I can understand the fear because there are diseases that look like one another and that start out as minor things, but If the dermatologist isn't too concerned about lymphoma I wouldn't be. That is one thing I do to help manage my HA....if my doctor doesn't seem concerned then there shouldn't be a reason for me to be. Take care.
  3. How many MRI's have you had?

    Nope, never heard of anyone getting cancer from an MRI.
  4. How many MRI's have you had?

    I think they use contrast for a head MRI. I'm not exactly sure but when they did mine four years ago they had to put in an IV so some thing like that was used. MRIs can be scary but they're painless and there aren't a lot of long term effects from having one done. Take care.
  5. Worried myself sick

    Just heard back via email. Anxiety was through the roof because everyone has been really good at getting back and when I called to ask when the second interview was I didn't hear back despite calling twice so alarm bells went off. Sorry for the false alarm.
  6. Vybrid not helping anxiety

    I feel like a mess. I went to get my meds adjusted and the doctor toyed with the idea of benzodiazepines. I don't tolerate Valium at all and I hate the idea of going on these things. I am trying to get a second interview and going to it doped up sounds like a disaster. The adjustment on my meds isn't working for the anxiety at all and I feel like I can't handle anything. I knew it was bad but I didn't think it was to the point benzodiazepines had to be discussed. I just feel like a mess....and a failure because I'm losing it.....I got the depression under control but tbe anxiety just came roaring back.
  7. Worried myself sick

    I did get to see the lab and the lab director said if I was still interested we would move forward. I got a call today saying I have to do a cultural interview which will be scheduled. I was really impressed and he said make sure to answer their questions as best as I could. Also getting my meds tweaked because I've never had nervous vomiting. Thanks everyone for the encouragement and I'll keep you posted.
  8. Worried myself sick

    At Joeteeku, the reason I didn't feel comfortable bringing up the firing was that it was more of a "I don't like you, I think you're a stupid idiot" type of firing than a "You really did it this time" firing . Now I did do something that had the potential to be serious but I talked with people in my field and they think it was extremely unlikely someone was hurt because of me as we never had to do follow up testing on people who I worked up (My former employer did check it and got the exact same results I did...if anyone checked my work I would go back and see if mine was the same as theirs) . At my current hmjob we have a,new technique for doing the very thing I got fired for and I love It. It's much easier to do and it helped me prove I wasn't the idiot my ex employer thought I was so I did fix that part.However my ex employer used the whole incident since she thought I was stupid as the firing. She hated me and waited for a screw up. This one is known for selecting targets and bullying them and I was the unlucky one. She was even told I was autistic and I had a meltdown in her office over fear of getting fired (shortly before the actual one) and she kept demanding I look her in the eye. She did a lot of psychological damage and to the folks I did talk to who know her they do think the firing was unnecessary (retraining would have fixed it as no one got hurt and it was a near miss). That's the long story short.
  9. Worried myself sick

    Thank you. I did talk with my mother and she said if they offered to let me visit then they haven't given up on me yet. I thought a phone interview would be easier but it was just as nervewracking. I did tell myself at least they didn't see me sweat or pace over the phone so it could have gone over a lot worse. But I do have confidence issues. I have tried writing and it does help work out what is going on in my head, I have thought about going back to therapy as the job hunt has been more stressful than I hoped. Thanks for the encouragement.
  10. I finally got a job interview but I blew it. I don't do well with those and they asked a lot of specific questions. I passed on "Can you work weekends, or explain what tests you do?" Then they asked about my first job and why I left. I really hate talking about that to a prospective employer because I hate bringing up I was fired...the specific problem solving questions were tough...they want me to see where they are at but never mentioned a second interview. I don't blame them if they reject me but I got so wound up over my bad performance my stomach has been sour all day, I'm sore and I threw up a few hours ago. I spent two years trying not to worry myself sick and I feel like a stomach bug came to visit. I hate bugging people with this but I've never worried myself to the point of vomiting before.
  11. Endometriosis (heavy bleeding from Nexplanon but it was out of character for me) HashimotoThyroiditis (Family History so it's not impossible, hormones went nuts and the doctor said he thought he saw a goiter) Brain eating Amoeba (every time water goes up my nose) Endocarditis (my husband accidentally got his spit on an open wound I took the therapist to dismiss that) Stevens Johnson Syndrome (Nope, just a poorly timed drug eruption rash, a rather worrisome PA and a rather active imagination)
  12. Does anyone else get brain zaps?

    I have been on Vybrid for almost a week and I'm getting nasty brain zaps too. I switched from Zoloft to Vybrid so I think it's just the Zoloft working it's way out but the brain zaps I get on Vybrid are pretty strong. I had some when I tried to sleep (we learned Vybrid before bed is a bad idea) and these are just as bad as a hypnic jerk. Nearly jumped off the bed in a cold sweat because of it. But I do agree brain zaps suck.
  13. I talked to my therapist last week and even though I got peace of mind, I feel like I was singled out and lied to at my former job (not the current one). I did do something potentially serious but I asked a friend in the field and she thinks it was more of a near miss then actual harm. My therapist has knowledge about lawsuits and she said a subpoena would have made its way to my door by now. I do know that my work was checked (I checked it, ofther people did) and I can't recall a significant discrepancy or anyone else saying there was. It is still my fault though, I will take responsibility for that. I feel better knowing it was unlikely nothing bad happened but I feel my ex employer was not honest with me when I was fired and since she didn't get me (I was treated like her problem child....I wasn't a horrible employee, wasn't the very best either but I tried hard and tried to stay out of trouble). I feel better but now I feel angry, confused and frankly like I've been had. How can I move on from this emotionally?
  14. Vybrid

    I went to my doctor because I've been having situational depression. I told him the Zoloft I take isn't helping. Didn't even touch any of the depression I had. He put me on Vybrid (I probably misspelled that) and to follow up in a month.has anyone had any luck with Vybrid? I feel like my energy is back but now I can't sleep and I feel like a six year old after drinking a Red Bull. The energy is good because I don't feel like drinking or moping as much as I did but I'm not liking the problems sleeping. Is the jitteriness normal?
  15. Having blood work done with cold??

    I wouldn't worry about it. Your CBC would show a minor change in your white blood cell count and you might have a few lymphocytes than normal due to your cold (since its viral...lymphocytes attack viruses). But other than that there isn't anything to worry about. A cold won't screw your labs up that much. Hope you get to feeling better soon!