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  1. First of all my physician told me that typically the first brain tumor symptom are seizures. If you are that worried then an opthamologist visit would be in order. Regular eye exams should be done anyway and your eyes need to be dilated.
  2. I am sorry you are feeling poorly. My sister many years ago went through a panic cycle after graduating high school and is now 58, which was 40 years ago. Her panic turned into agoraphobia and she did not leave my parents house for an entire year. I think she also had a so called nervous breakdown and turned to drugs for awhile to help her overcome her anxiety. Eventually she overcame her agoraphobia. I think what you have is not agoraphobia, but just some plain anxiety which will soon pass and you will be back to your old self!
  3. My physician told me that typically the first sign of a brain tumor are seizures.
  4. My physician told me that typically the first sign of a brain tumor are seizures.
  5. According to Web MD, holding a sneeze in by pinching your nostrils shut and closing your mouth, can lead to very rare, but serious consequences, such as damaging your throat, ears, etc.
  6. I would be happy that it is low and not high. If it was too low, your physician would have said something.
  7. I sneeze quite hard and I read any risk you may have is trying to hold back the sneeze instead of letting it out.
  8. A small part of my left thigh has been partially numb for the past 30 years. Many years ago I felt like someone was spilling cold water on my thigh and of course that was not the case. My thigh was also numb in a small area. I went to an orthopedic physician who determined I had a nerve that was trapped in my pelvic area. He told me I had 2 choices. The first was to have it surgically repaired and the second choice was to live with it. He said if I were you I would live with it and I have. I have got used to the small area of partial numbness and it does not bother me anymore.
  9. MARC

    PE fear

    I have a friend of mine who is now 71 who had a PE at the age of 53. His was from cellulitis and his was in his lung and he had difficulty breathing and went to the ER and was given blood thinners and is still on them today.
  10. Many people are diabetic and if you take care of yourself and follow your physicians instructions, odds are you will live a normal life.
  11. I have ongoing mucus in my throat, clearing of my throat, bouts of reflux and bouts of nausea. I had a laryngoscopy and EGD recently and nothing was found.
  12. There may be a virus circulating at work, job stress related or the air quality may be bad, which is causing you and others to feel ill. As far as the spirits coming out of the walls, I would say highly unlikely.
  13. I had a client of mine's son who had it and he could not stop vomiting and had to be hospitalized for a few days.
  14. MARC

    Swollen ankles

    I am happy to hear you are on your way to feeling better!
  15. Strokes are generally a disease of the middle aged and elderly.
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    Today is the first day I could log in.
  17. Many cases of headache and head pain are caused by tension in the back, shoulders and neck.
  18. According to my ENT physician, the majority of cases of dizziness are caused by inner ear issues. My internal medicine physician told me that in most cases the first symptom of a brain tumor are seizures.
  19. My ENT physician told me that the majority of throat cancers are caused by long term tobacco use and exposure to the HPV virus, which is now being vaccinated against.
  20. My wifes cousin had a brain aneurysm at age 55 and it was later determined she had a congenital defect. A former client of mine had a brain aneurysm at age 40 and she survived. She had previously undiagnosed and uncontrolled high blood pressure and diabetes. My wifes cousins best friend had a brain aneurysm at age 50 and was hospitalized for 3 weeks at Johns Hopkins and is fine now. She had no known risk factors, but it was thought she had some form of congenital defect. I knew of someone who had an aneurysm near her heart and at the time it was inoperable. She lived with it for many years and eventually passed way from cancer. At 15 your risk of an aneurysm is extremely remote and you probably have a better chance of being struck by lightning.
  21. Sinus issues can cause a runny nose and balance issues. According to my ENT physician, most balance and dizziness issues are due to benign ear issues.
  22. My father in law passed away from Sepsis when he was 69. He had an infection in his neck. My mother also passed away from Sepsis in 2012. She was 81 and had an infection in her foot which needed a partial amputation. My friends brother recently had septic shock and was hospitalized for a while and had some rehab and is fine now at 67. He did not take care of himself, did not eat properly, etc.. He had fallen in his house and hit his head and was out for a while and my friend got worried when he did not hear from him and found him on the floor.
  23. Looks like trauma or just marks to me. Some of my nails look similar to yours. If it continues to trouble you, then I would see a physician.
  24. Cancer, stroke and heart disease treatment can generate a lot of revenue, so it pays for hospitals to advertise.
  25. I am the same way sometimes sorry to say.