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    Hoarse voice- meds or sinister?

    I have had a number of Laryngoscopy's for sore and hoarse throats and they are a piece of cake. The whole procedure took around a minute or 2 and my ENT even did it once without any numbing agent being used. When they use a numbing agent, they spray it up one nostril and insert a tube with a camera up your nose and into your throat. My ENT was talking to me during the test and said he saw nothing. At your age, the odds of cancer are very remote.
  2. MARC

    I'm totally freaking out

    Ear infections can be tough and take time to go away. I remember my daughter who is 28 now had a number of them too and she was fine. Ear infections have nothing to do with a brain tumor so I would try not to worry.
  3. Back in 2007, I was getting this tingling and crawling feeling in my head quite frequently (still get it currently sometimes) and I got concerned about it. I called my ENT's office and told them over the phone my ears were bothering me. I went in and I have been seeing my ENT for many years and told him about my head situation. He made a face and said maybe I am not seeing the right doctor and he said what do you want me to do about it. I told him I would like an MRI of my head and he said OK, but he would have to say I had another symptom for the insurance to pay for it, so he said I had tinnitus. I went in for the MRI with contrast, which took forever and I remember the technician asking me how long I had tinnitus and I said for months. Anyway, my ENT physician called me the next morning to tell me I was all clear. I found out later that tension and stress in your back, shoulders and neck can cause headaches and other odd head sensations like I was having.
  4. MARC

    Anxiety and breathing

    My physician told me that they are not completely sure the reason people yawn. He said it may be when we need more oxygen in our blood, changing how alert we are, as our pulse rate goes up when we yawn, fatigue, etc.
  5. My GI physician told me that burping can be caused by reflux, post nasal drip, drinking or eating too fast or too much and gastritis.
  6. MARC


    My GI physician told me not to strain and drink plenty of water. When I get irritated, I use Cortizone 10, which stops any itching and irritation.
  7. MARC

    Heart anxiety

    I agree with you that the other symptoms are all in your head. At 17 your chances of having any serious problems are extremely remote, so I would try not to worry, but I must admit that it is easier said then done sometimes.
  8. MARC

    Skipped Beats

    My sister, who is 58, has MVP and she has had skipped beats off and on for many years with no ill effects.
  9. MARC


    Anal cancer is pretty rare.
  10. MARC

    Heart anxiety

    The same thing happened to my daughter when she was around your age. She was on a certain prescription medicine which caused palpitations and an ER visit and once she stopped taking the medicine, her symptoms stopped.
  11. MARC


    At your age your overall risk is low anyway.
  12. MARC

    At the doctor’s now

    I had an esophageal ulcer in June 2003. I had terrible burning in my back when I ate and the pain sometimes radiated to my right upper abdomen. I was put on a PPI and it healed. I would stay away from alcohol and caffeine too.
  13. MARC

    Hemorrhoid? a tough call. Odds are it is nothing. How old are you?
  14. MARC

    headache/ brain tumor?!?!?

    My physician has told me that in many instances the first sign of a brain tumor is a seizure of some kind.
  15. MARC


    When I was 25 which was quite some time ago, I went to the bathroom and when I wiped the toilet paper was covered in red blood and so was the toilet bowl. I had an immediate meltdown and thought I was dead and buried. It turned out to be a large hemorrhoid and when I passed the stool it scraped the hemorrhoid and thus the blood.
  16. MARC

    Bad place, kidney concerns

    If I take my temperature early in the morning when I get up, it has been as low as 96.3. My physician told me various blood levels fluctuate and there may be need for concern if either there are certain multiple blood level readings that are out of whack or if a particular blood level is off. In other words, it seems you have no real areas of concern.
  17. MARC

    When do you know.

    My friends physician told her that pre-menopausal women are less prone to heart disease because of higher estrogen levels.
  18. MARC

    Made it through surgery!

    I am happy to hear you are OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. MARC

    Worried about Skin C

    I had basal cell carcinoma 10 years ago on my nose and it was not from a mole or freckle, but just appeared as a sort of shiny type spot and was very unusual looking. A Moh's surgeon removed it and said there was a 99% chance it would not recur and it has not. The Moh's surgeon told me that Melanomas can come from moles but not typically basal cell or squamous cell carcinomas.
  20. MARC

    Scalloped tongue

    My concierge internal medicine physician told me that most tongue issues are nothing to worry about.
  21. MARC

    What would you do? Go to doc or wait and see?

    I have a client of mine who is a retired Nephrologist and Cardiologist and he has told me to wait for the symptoms to run there course for a least a week or so unless they get progressively worse or become unbearable. I personally would give it at least a week or so and see how you feel, unless like my client says things get worse or the pain becomes unbearable.
  22. MARC

    Heart attack {scared}

    Sounds like reflux to me. I would try some Tums at night and see if that helps. The sudden feeling of feeling warm sounds like anxiety to me.
  23. MARC

    I’m raging right now

    It is better to let your anger out then to internalize it.
  24. I had basal cell carcinoma on my right upper nose 10 years ago and it was removed by a Mohs surgeon and he told me there was a 99% chance it would not come back and I go to a dermatologist every 6 months for a full body screening. My friend had Melanoma from a freckle 7 years ago and he is fine. Someone who works for me had insitu Melanoma on her face 5 plus years ago and she is fine.
  25. MARC

    Wish me luck, mammogram tomorrow am.