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    Mild/moderate anxiety + Updates

    Holls, I am a very small firm. Just me, a full time accountant and another accountant on an as needed basis. I do audits also and they can be very time consuming. I am 62 and hope to work until 70. I still have all my hair at least. My wife is a retail pharmacist and works 30 hours a week for the money and for the health insurance. My father used to tell me that as you age life will get harder and not easier and I must say he was right. As I get older, more and more people get ill and sometimes die that I know. It can be very depressing at times so I try not to think about it too much.
  2. MARC

    Mild/moderate anxiety + Updates

    I am glad you are doing OK. Work can be tough. I have been a CPA for 40 years and had my own business for almost 17 years and at this point I would not recommend it. I am sorry to say therapy or meds never worked for me so I have had to tough it out and my concierge physician has been a big help to me.
  3. MARC

    Bad Back Pain Fears

    The other morning I turned in an odd way and boy did I get a whopper of a lower back pain. If it did not last just a few seconds I would have gone to the ER as it was that bad.
  4. MARC

    On my way to Dr

    Great news!!!
  5. MARC

    On my way to Dr

    Good luck! I am sure you will be OK!
  6. MARC

    Bad Back Pain Fears

    I asked my physician about pancreatic cancer and he told me that usually it is abdominal pain which radiates to the back and not back pain by itself.
  7. MARC

    Poop question

    It has happened to me many times over the years.
  8. My half uncle had pancreatic cancer at 85. He had sudden severe abdominal pain and went to the ER, where he was diagnosed, He went to the ER in January 2013 and passed away in August 2013.
  9. MARC

    Blood from Rectum

    I forgot to mention my grandmother had CC at age 74 and lived until 96.
  10. MARC

    Blood from Rectum

    My grandmother also had colon cancer and I am getting older; I am 62. My GI physician who is the chief at a large medical center here in Maryland, recommended a colonoscopy every 5 years. I have had many colonoscopies. When I was 25, I had a flex sigmoidoscopy. My first colonoscopy was at age 43, when I had blood when I wiped and in the toilet. It was nothing serious. This has happened to me a number of times, of which the last time was in January 2017. Again I had another colonoscopy, with an EGD and all was OK.
  11. MARC

    Side cramp felt like i couldn't breath

    Sounds like a muscle spasm which caused anxiety and your heart rate to speed up.
  12. MARC

    Blood from Rectum

    When I was 25, which was quite some time ago, I went to the bathroom, and when I wiped, the tissue was full of blood and the toilet bowl water was red. I had an immediate meltdown. It turned out to be hemorrhoids.
  13. MARC

    TMI, But I Am Freaking Out!

    I would voice any concerns you have to your physician. That is what they are there for. It can be difficult to let things go even when you are told you are ok, as symptoms may persist. Over time I believe your fears will lessen. I once had basal cell carcinoma on my nose. It was removed by a Mohs surgeon 10 years ago. He told me there was 99.9% chance it would not come back, not 100%. At first I worried about it and as time went by, I typically dont think about it. I go for regular dermatologist checkups. My dermatologist told me that in medicine there is no such thing as 100% or 0%. I am however at greater risk for reoccurrence.
  14. MARC

    TMI, But I Am Freaking Out!

    For sure it could cause your symtoms, as can stress.
  15. MARC

    TMI, But I Am Freaking Out!

    The muscle relaxer may have caused constipation. Mucus is a classic sign of IBS and I have had the same thing happen to me. My GI physician told me a long time ago to drink plenty of water which will help being more regular.
  16. MARC

    shortness of breath

    My physician told me that when you are anxious, you don't breath properly, which gives the impression of being short of breath.
  17. MARC

    Headache and Dizziness

    I once had dizziness everyday for 6 weeks but no headaches. My ENT physician told me that as you age the crystals in your ears can shift and it takes a while for your brain to catch up, thus the dizziness. Around 11 years ago, I had tingling sensations on my head and I talked my long time ENT physician into ordering a brain MRI, which was negative. He subsequently told me that tension in your back, shoulders and neck can cause head pain and odd head sensations.
  18. MARC

    Waking up to intrusive thoughts

    My ENT physician once said to me, Marc, I just turned 65 and unfortunately as we all age more and more people will be going around us and we just have to hope we are not one of them. What he said did not make me feel any better. It made me grimace a bit, but I guess he is right.
  19. MARC


    My father, may he rest in peace, passed away at age 93. He smoked 3 packs a day of Marlboro's into his 50's, with no ill effects. My mother, may she also rest in peace, smoked her entire life until she passed away at 81, with no ill effects.
  20. MARC


    Thanks bin. My old boss, who was 69, recently had lung cancer and was responding pretty well to treatment, but he passed away from a fluke accident. He had just finished another round of treatment and when he got up from a sitting position, he suddenly got weak and fell and struck his head and died. My neighbors girlfriend who was 75, also had lung cancer and she was doing OK and had an adverse reaction to a new treatment and passed away. What everyone had in common, was they all smoked for a long period of time.
  21. MARC

    Family issues driving anxiety

    When my daughter was younger (she is 28 now), I used to ask my mother to watch her if my wife and I had to go out somewhere. My mother (who is now deceased) used to say instead of a simple yes or no, she would say we'll see. I would say, Mom, we really have to know if you can watch her. She would then say, we'll see. My mother usually would watch her, but was for the most part, non-committal. That was her personality and it used to drive my wife crazy and she would let me have it sometimes over it. What used to drive my wife even more crazy, was that I used to pay my mother for watching her. My parents really never had any money and that is why I gave them money. It was so long ago, that I can't remember how much it was. My wife used to tell me they should watch her for free as it is there only grandchild. Later, I used to slip them money, so my wife would not see. Things got difficult at times, to say the least. Eventually, things blew over and the conflict lessened.
  22. MARC

    Blood Clot?? Nerve?? Muscle??

    Sounds like it may be muscular. The same thing has also happened to me.
  23. Sorry about the loss. Things can go south pretty quickly, so nothing anyone would tell me would surprise me.
  24. MARC


    My physician said that coughs can hang on for weeks after you are sick. I had a friend of mine pass away last year from lung cancer. He was a big smoker for decades and his symptoms were coughing up blood and chest and side discomfort.
  25. MARC

    Intestinal blockage

    In many instances the shape of your stools are influenced by what you eat and drink.