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  1. MARC

    Freaking out. Bird poop

    I would not be concerned, as you know kids touch things we will never know about and seem to be OK.
  2. MARC

    HA Acceptance

    If a person has real or imagined health issues, then it is very important to have a solid support system in place.
  3. MARC

    Eye troubles

    Allergies or sinus issues.
  4. I hope you feel better soon.
  5. MARC

    Goodbye... I hope

    Good luck!
  6. MARC

    Signing off for awhile. Hugs. Hugs

    Have a nice summer.
  7. Your mind may convince you that you are actually having the symptom, even though you may not actually be having it.
  8. MARC

    Skin Woes; Benign or N-H Lymphoma

    My GI physician told me many of his patients come in not feeling well and jump to the worst case outcome and think they have a large tumor growing inside of them. Sometimes all you see on TV are cancer ads which only fuel our worry.
  9. MARC

    Anxiety and Vision

    I have the same freckle/mole that you do. My opthamologist said they rarely, if ever, turn to Melanoma. I have also had flashes and they have turned out to be nothing.
  10. MARC

    Ruminating- leukemia/ lymphoma shown up by

    I have known a number of people who have had Lymphoma and the symptoms they had were extreme weight loss and or extreme fatigue.
  11. MARC

    Woke up with vertigo

    I had an episode of daily dizziness for 6 weeks when the room moved, etc. I went to my ENT physician who told me that sometimes as you age the crystals in your ears shift and it takes the brain a while to catch up with this shift, thus the dizziness occurs.
  12. MARC

    Panic Attack... DVT?

    If it really concerns you then I would consult with a physician.
  13. MARC

    Absolutely panicking

    My internal medicine and GI physicians have told me that many of their patients jump to a cancer diagnosis right away, so you are not alone in the way you react. My GI physician once told me to stick to my job as a CPA and leave the medical diagnosing to him.
  14. MARC

    Swollen Lymph Node on Face

    I would still go to the doctor, as odds are they will give you good news.
  15. MARC

    Swollen Lymph Node on Face

    If it concerns you, I would see a physician, which would help ease your mind.