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  1. You have classic anxiety symptoms. If the Urologist thought that you had even the smallest chance of having prostate cancer, he would have run a bunch of tests. Age of course is on your side also. I would try not to worry and not go on the internet as they show the worst case scenario.
  2. MARC

    My stomach is a mess, help!

    I am glad you are feeling better. I have had many upper endoscopy's (EGD's) and they are a piece of cake. I too have a hiatal hernia. I had my last EGD in January 2017 and it was the best sleep I have ever had. 😃😃😃
  3. MARC

    My stomach is a mess, help!

    Good luck today also!!!
  4. MARC

    My stomach is a mess, help!

    My GI physician said stomach cancer incidence is on the decline.
  5. MARC

    My stomach is a mess, help!

    When I am upset, I lose my appetite too. Stress could be causing your symptoms and the more upset you get the worse you feel.
  6. MARC

    Need Help Trusting the Doctor!

    I have had and have real health issues. I have no choice but to deal with them the best I can. Luckily they have not been life threatening, but not the best thing to have in any event. I think of all of the time I have wasted worrying and all for nothing. I have been told to not worry, but it is sometimes easier said then done. I have been told to live in the present, but sometimes it is easier said then done. Either way, I hope you feel better soon. Your doctors are well trained to diagnose and if they had any inkling of a problem, you would be sent for a battery of tests.
  7. MARC

    Need Help Trusting the Doctor!

    I at one time had tingling and other odd symptoms on the top of my head. I had a brain MRI which was negative. My physician told me that tension in your neck, back and shoulders can cause headaches and other odd head sensations. My physicians tell me not to worry, but it is difficult at times. I trust my internal medicine, GI, ENT, Opthamologist and dermatologist, as I know they do the best they can for me and try there best to look out for my best interests.
  8. MARC

    So many losses

    Losses can be hard to deal with. As I have said in other posts, for the period September 2012 to August 2013, my mother, father and uncle all passed away.
  9. MARC

    Blood on stool again

    I have had similar issues with bright red blood when I wipe. I remember many years ago when I was 25, I went to the bathroom and the whole toilet bowl was blood red and when I wiped, there was a ton of blood on the tissue. I had an immediate meltdown and went to the ER, which really was a waste of time. Eventually it turned out to be a large hemorrhoid and the stool brushed against it and caused it to bleed. It was very unsettling to say the least, so I feel for you. Odds are it is nothing, however.
  10. MARC

    Achy Neck Node

    My daughters friend had Hodgkins Lymphoma and he was diagnosed stage IV at age 21 and he is fine now at age 29. His main symptoms were massive weight loss (lost 50 plus pounds) and extreme muscle pain.
  11. I am glad to hear you are OK!!!
  12. MARC

    Achy Neck Node

    I have been to my physician a couple of times with a slightly swollen lymph node in the same general area that you are feeling. I had an ultrasound of my neck done each time and it turned out to be nothing. They went away on there own after a few weeks.
  13. I have been taking Vitamin D-3 5000 daily for many years with no side effects, but I take mine with breakfast. My physician told me that taking vitamin D-3 at night can disrupt sleep patterns in some individuals.
  14. MARC

    Skid Marks (TMI...sorry)

    I used to see a colorectal surgeon for my regular colonoscopy's and he once told me the rectum is like a funnel and sometimes it is difficult to clean the area out completely and residue may result after you think you have cleaned yourself out. He suggested wet wipes and to not strain and to get up if you don't go right away.
  15. MARC

    Big questions - marriage and kids

    My co-worker had a miscarriage and she told me it was devestating to her also. The problem with health anxiety is that people tend to not understand it and blow it off. They also make light of it and really don't want to hear about it, which makes it more difficult for both parties involved. I think you are correct in your assessment that you need to talk to a mental health care professional,. I hope you feel better soon.