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  1. Cancer fears getting out of control

    Thoughts of cancer can be very disturbing. It seems that everytime you turn around you hear it on TV, the radio, etc. Cancer is big business and doctors and hospitals are hoping you choose them if you get it.
  2. Not doing so well

    As I have said in another post, I once had a lump on my right parotid gland. It was small and the ENT physician told me their was an 80-85% chance it was not cancer. The ultrasound of my neck showed it was not cancer. I had a basal cell carcinoma on my right upper nose and it was removed by a Moh's surgeon 9 years ago and he said their was a 99% chance it would not come back and it has not as of yet. My old boss had a malignant brain tumor. For some reason it did not grow and he had an MRI every 3 months to monitor it. Another disease did him in and not the brain tumor.
  3. Internal or external worries?

    Mine is more internal, but it has been external at times also.
  4. 25% chance I have uterine cancer

    It is really difficult to express an opinion if one is not going through what you are. I remember when I was going through a divorce when I was young man (been married for 30 years now) people would say to me, we know what you must be going through. They really don't know unless they went through a divorce. The same goes for your situation.
  5. 25% chance I have uterine cancer

    Your health comes first.
  6. 25% chance I have uterine cancer

    If you want kids, an alternative is to adopt.
  7. 25% chance I have uterine cancer

    I remember last year I had a small lump on my Parotid gland. My ENT physician told me their was a 15% chance it would be cancer. It was not. The same can be said for you. I am not sure how old you are, but I would opt for the hysterectomy. My best friends wife had something similar and she had a hysterectomy and she was fine. Her physician said to have the hysterectomy. She is fine now and has been for 10 years or so. She is 61 now.
  8. Why do I do it?

    My internal medicine and GI physicians told me never to go to the internet to research symptoms as the internet paints the worst case outcome. I have in the past had myself dead and buried over what turned out to be benign.
  9. Why do I do it?

    Some symptoms of any disease can be atypical. For example, I had an esophageal ulcer in 2003. I had none of the usual symptoms like heartburn, difficulty swallowing, etc. My only real symptom was burning back pain when I ate food.
  10. Why do I do it?

    My fingers twitch on their own also sometimes. This twitching was so severe that it looked like the person was actually moving their thumb back and forth voluntarily, instead of involuntarily.
  11. Why do I do it?

    I have actually known of 4 people who have had ALS. I will tell you about each. The first was a woman in her 60's who was waiting for a bus at a bus stop. Suddenly her legs gave out and she fell and had trouble getting up. The second person was a man in his 40's who suddenly began to lose some strength in his hands and it became more noticeable when he could not open a twist jar, which he could ordinarily do with ease. The third person was a man in his late 60's who was about to retire. His speech began to slur and they initially thought it was a stroke. The fourth person was a woman in her 60's who worked in my office building. Her right thumb began to move quite a bit on its own and would not stop. I hope this information helps.
  12. To help lower blood pressure I have read to do the following: 1-Stay away from caffeine 2-Deep breathing exercises 3-Take Coenzyme Q-10 4-Eat foods rich in potassium such as bananas 5-Listen to music 6-Walking as exercise 7-Don't smoke 8-Limit alcohol consumption 9-Try "Blood Pressure Take Care" by New Chapter 10-Try L-Arginine supplement 11-Dark Chocolate 12-Maybe Melatonin 13-Maybe Resveratrol 14- Maybe garlic 15-Maybe L-Carnitine 16-Omega 3 supplements 17-Magnesium 18-Eat almonds, walnuts, etc. I hope this list helps.
  13. Feeling a little under the weather

    My wife is a pharmacist and she told me many people are getting colds, etc., this time of year.
  14. Worried myself sick

    I remember many years ago I went for a job interview at a large accounting firm. It was in downtown Baltimore and I was a young man of around 25 or so. The interview went well and then the interviewer asked my why I was not a CPA yet. (I messed around with it and did not pass it until I was 32). He said since I was not a CPA yet, I had to take this AICPA type standardized test, which dealt with theory and no practice. I took the test and failed miserably. The guy said that they could not offer me the job, so I got pissed and said I did not want the job anyway. Another time I went for a job interview and I had to take another test for Baltimore County government. I remember I had to answer an essay question and I had 20 minutes to do so. When I saw the question, I drew and blank and stared at the question for 10 minutes. I eventually wrote something, but I did not get the job. Now looking back at my career, I have been an accountant for around 40 years and a CPA for 29 years. The tide eventually turned in my favor and so it will for you. Don't get discourgaed and give up. You will see the key is to not get discouraged and give up. Stay positive.
  15. Hemorrhoid or something else???

    My GI physician told me in order to try to avoid getting hemmorhoid's, one should do the following: 1-Do not strain when going 2-Eat plenty of fiber 3-Drink plenty of fluids 4-If you can't go, don't sit and do nothing; just get up. 5-Contact your physician if you have rectal bleeding.