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  1. MARC


    Odds are you are OK. I don't mind an EGD as there is no prep and they are over quickly. The last EGD I had was in January 2017 and it was clear. I remember when I was hooked up ready to go, my GI physician came up to me and asked me if I wanted to participate in a study, so as I was hooked up, I signed the paper and next thing you know it was over. I was not supposed to, but I actually felt well enough to drive later and I did, although I did not drive far. A friend of mine once had an EGD with no sedation; UNBELEIVABLE!!!!!
  2. MARC


    I had an esophageal ulcer in 2003 and it was very painful. Every time I ate food, it felt like someone was sticking a hot poker in the center of my back. I have had around 9 or 10 EGD's and they are a piece of cake. Don't worry.
  3. MARC


    I have had nausea off and on for around 15 years and no organic cause has ever been found.
  4. MARC

    Vertigo, brain tumor or something else?

    A few years ago I was dizzy every day for 6 weeks. I thought I would crack up. My ENT physician told me that as we age, the crystals in our ears shift and it takes a while for our brain to catch up wih this shift and thus the dizziness.
  5. MARC

    Poop in the middle of the night

    My stomach gurgles quite a bit sometimes and my GI physician blew it off as nothing.
  6. MARC

    Colon cancer fear resurfaced

    If I strain too hard, I also see some blood on the toilet paper. My GI physician told me not to strain.
  7. MARC

    Poop in the middle of the night

    This has happened to me a number of times in the past. As long as it does not happen on a regular basis, I would not worry. I remember it happened to me once 3 times in a week and my doctor was not concerned. It may have been stress related or something you ate.
  8. MARC

    Shellfish Allergy

    I ate seafood for years, until suddenly I had a reaction at a meeting around 20 plus years ago. I was at a client meeting and ate some seafood. It was toward the end of the dinner meeting when I began to feel hot and I felt my heart speed up a bit. Initially I attributed it to the wine I had drank. I began to feel a bit anxious and when I got home after picking up my daughter from my mothers, I got undressed and my whole body was sunburn red. I almost had a meltdown and was ready to go the ER as I thought I was finished. I called my wife who is a pharmacist and she said to take a Benadryl. I took one and lied down in bed and fell asleep,. When I woke up a little while later, the redness was gone and I felt 100% better. I went to my doctor the next day and he said to just stay away from shellfish, which I have not eaten since this episode as it scared the heck out of me.
  9. MARC

    Endoscopy Fear

    I have had nine upper endoscopy's (maybe 10 as I lost count) and they are a piece of cake. I had an esophageal ulcer in 2003 and that is how the ulcer was uncovered. I had a terrible burning sensation in the center of my back every time I ate. The actual procedure is quick, maybe 15-20 minutes or less. The procedure is very low risk and there is no preparation needed. It is the best sleep I have ever had. I use a GI physcian who has done thousands of them over many years and I have the utmost confidence in him and have no fear at all. Get the procedure done and you will come back and see that I was right. Good luck.
  10. You have classic anxiety symptoms. If the Urologist thought that you had even the smallest chance of having prostate cancer, he would have run a bunch of tests. Age of course is on your side also. I would try not to worry and not go on the internet as they show the worst case scenario.
  11. MARC

    My stomach is a mess, help!

    I am glad you are feeling better. I have had many upper endoscopy's (EGD's) and they are a piece of cake. I too have a hiatal hernia. I had my last EGD in January 2017 and it was the best sleep I have ever had. 😃😃😃
  12. MARC

    My stomach is a mess, help!

    Good luck today also!!!
  13. MARC

    My stomach is a mess, help!

    My GI physician said stomach cancer incidence is on the decline.
  14. MARC

    My stomach is a mess, help!

    When I am upset, I lose my appetite too. Stress could be causing your symptoms and the more upset you get the worse you feel.
  15. MARC

    Need Help Trusting the Doctor!

    I have had and have real health issues. I have no choice but to deal with them the best I can. Luckily they have not been life threatening, but not the best thing to have in any event. I think of all of the time I have wasted worrying and all for nothing. I have been told to not worry, but it is sometimes easier said then done. I have been told to live in the present, but sometimes it is easier said then done. Either way, I hope you feel better soon. Your doctors are well trained to diagnose and if they had any inkling of a problem, you would be sent for a battery of tests.