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  1. lofwyr

    Has anyone taken Wellbutrin?

    No, it just took her a couple of days to feel normal again.
  2. lofwyr

    Blood in Urine Update Confused

    Blood in urine is actually super, super common, and many of us pass kidney stones we never knew we had. Microscopic blood in urine shows up in my wife's urinalysis all the time, and she always has some tiny kidney stones in one or both kidneys, but even when her kidneys were clear, there was still blood.
  3. lofwyr

    Has anyone taken Wellbutrin?

    My wife tried it years ago in an effort at smoking cessation at the time. She had awful side effects. It turned her into a zombie, and when she wasn't a zombie from fatigue, she was cranky as can be. She really, really hated it and got off it ASAP. We really cannot advise you on medical matters like quitting or taking meds especially, sorry! =(
  4. lofwyr


    I have had intermittent stomach issues for decades now, actually never even gotten it seriously checked out, assuming it has been anxiety. So far, I am not dead, and feel my armchair diagnosis was probably right. I am a one man wind farm when my anxiety is up, and periods of nausea are definitely there, and a lot of this when I am not feeling consciously anxious too.
  5. lofwyr

    Someone please talk some sense into me.

    If it is any consolation I have been super gassy for the last few years, and I don't have ovaries at all. What I think we can both confirm we do have, however, is anxiety. Anxiety can cause all sorts of digestive distress and for prolonged periods.
  6. lofwyr

    Distraction making me anxious

    When my anxiety is up, I try to distract myself. The problem is, like depression, anxiety makes it hard to focus on, or enjoy these distractions. That is why my distractions tend towards exercise, burn off a bit of that excess adrenaline. Overall, my anxiety has been managable of late. That said, while I feel physically fine, I was diagnosed with something that prohibits me exercising hard, which used to be my go-to for anxiety. Now I cannot do so. This is a huge problem for me, because the condition that caused this also is potentially deadly, and sometimes causes anxiety, so it is this vicious loop. I look for distractions. What sorts of things do you find help distract you initially? I cannot even get that far these days. As to your specific issue, try to hold on to the feeling you had when you were not feeling anxious, and remember anxiety is temporary and will go away. It is amazing how much that does for me.
  7. lofwyr

    Blood in urine causing so much panic

    I agree. Exposure cancer from almost anything is not usually something from a single, even heavy, exposure. It is from weeks and months of prolonged exposure. Even things like asbestos related cancer usually occurs in people who worked with it in an industrial setting, not someone who had a chance exposure. I will add that blood in urine is very common, and kidney stones can pass without you knowing it, causing some trauma along the way, so there may be no stone in evidence even on a scan, because you have already passed it, though it left the injury behind. Blood in urine would scare me too, but try to know that it is quite common.
  8. lofwyr

    daughter said her head hurts

    And this is even especially true when you factor in children. They have firey little metabolisms, and can often run warmer. Also, be careful taking your kid's temp and testing them too much. It is one thing when we do it to ourselves, but you do run a real risk of passing on anxiety to them too when we engage in those behaviors. I am talking from experience.
  9. lofwyr

    Did you know...

    I had heard that about him. He is probably lucky he didn't have Google.
  10. lofwyr

    daughter said her head hurts

    There are probably a thousand reasons why one gets a headache, all of them benign. Give them some appropriate analgesic and call it good.
  11. lofwyr

    Need reassurance

    I have the same thing, along with a serious but asymptomatic heart condition. The thing is, the doctors have said 100% that it is muscular and not related to my heart in any way, and I am super paranoid but take them at their word. My stomach is also a disaster, mostly anxiety there, which aggravates the symptoms when it flares up.
  12. lofwyr

    Throat and stomach now

    I have a constant lump in my throat. My stomach is a mess all the time. The thing is, because of my aortic aneurysm, I have had a ton of high res CT scans with contrast in the last 18 months, one every six months. Nothing there. I also had an MRI of the head and neck, nothing there. It is absolutely anxiety.
  13. As a guy who throws bad EKGs, I don't sweat them. My EKGs show erroneously that I have had a heart attack along the septal wall, which is actually untrue. There are other reasons I give bad EKGs, so try not to sweat it. They take no time at all, and don't generally show things that might happen, they more show things that have happened.
  14. Additionally, as an aside I know two people who had it, and both were completely cured. Not to say it can't be potentially serious, but I will keep a thought that this is nothing, and if it is, that is easily treated like the majority of others.
  15. Also know this. Even palpable thyroid cancers have a 98% cure rate. Cancer is a scary word, but not all cancers are created equal. Some are readily treatable and cureable. My mother had a large, softball sized tumor on her adrenal gland. They removed it, and it was cancer. But her surgeon said they see those all the time, and that often times those cancers grow so slowly they sometimes take 20 years to even be problematic, and even then they are not generally dangerous. He said often times they are just found when looking for other issues. She is fine. The point is, worst case scenario is really not that bad, and that is assuming it *is* the worst case. Try to hold on to some hope it isn't, and remember, cancer is not the death sentence of 40 years ago.