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  1. I was diagnosed w/ iron deficiency anemia in February. Hadn't had bloodwork done in 4 years and decided to go in because I was feeling fatigued, run down, etc. They checked everything... my vitamin B & D levels - which were good and my thyroid was normal. My iron came back at 6, which he said was very low. My numbers related to iron deficiency anemia such as the mcv, mchc?, rdw were all thrown off. My wbc count was also 3.04 and the range for this lab is 4.4-10.5. I asked him about it and he said that was low but we'll recheck in 6 months. If its still low we might have to do a bone marrow biopsy. That scared the daylights out of me because I think of leukemia. I was so scared I called the office later that day and he got on the phone and said all my other counts were normal - platelets, lymphocytes, etc. and that I don't have leukemia and he would be sending me for further testing if I did. I just redid the counts on Friday - a month and a half later (talk about being a nervous wreck) from one of those self-pay & show up at the lab. Pretty much all my counts had normalized from the anemia & my iron was still only 23. My wbc was 3.4, which is better and in this particular lab the normal range was 3.4-10.5 so it was normal?? I don't understand why the wbc is low but the absolute count of each of the different cells (neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, etc all fell in the normal range? Also I don't understand why there is such a huge difference at this two labs. I feel a bit better that it is going up. I do wonder if it does have to do with the anemia. In 2012 my wbc count was 5.95 and I was not anemic. I think 2013 was the start of my anemia and I was down to 3.6. I've never had my iron checked before February so I had no idea what it was. In February when I hit rock bottom w/ the anemia it was 3.04. Has anyone had experience w/ anemia affecting the wbcs too? I'm going to do another self-check in 2 months to calm my nerves. I am still taking 325mg of ferrous sulfate every day. My Dr. did say it would take 6 months for the iron level to get to a good level.
  2. My vitamin D was good, it was just the iron that was really low. I did start taking a multivitamin in the past few days so I hope that helps as well. If my iron is low, who knows what else is low that they don't test for. I know my diet isn't the greatest and I really do push myself a lot with work and I work out hard with cardio and weights. Honestly I don't even have any real "rest" days. Luckily that will all be changing!
  3. I just spoke with the doctor finally and he said he does not think it is cancer. If he did than he would send me for testing right this minute. And all of my other counts are fine. He said I can do the retest next month if I want (had scheduled it in 6 months). I'm trying to think of what would cause this... my husband was sick this past week with a nasty virus and bacterial pink eye. Amazingly I did not get sick even though he coughed in my face a few times while he was sleeping. Could I have fought it off and managed to not get it? Also I went for my test the morning after I worked two 13 hour shifts in a row. My job is super stressful and thankfully this is my last week and I will be starting a less stressful job next week. Could this have affected my counts as well? Just wondering what others' experiences are. Thanks.
  4. Hello I am new here. I actually was a member of anxiety zone but it was shut down?? I have struggled with anxiety for years since I was 13, and am 31 now. Mostly about health related things. I am on zoloft 50mg to help and for the most part it does until something comes up. Most recently I went to the doctor to get labs done because it had been 4 years and I was feeling fatigued and run-down. I thought it was due to my job working 13 hour shifts or working out 3-4 days a week. I got my CBC done and my iron and vitamin D tested. I went for my follow-up on my labs today and my iron came back really low at 6 and he diagnosed me with iron deficiency anemia. I am sure because of my heavy periods which I've always had. This is all new for me with the anemia. But also on the CBC it showed my white blood cells as 3.04 (normal was 4.40-10.50) 4 years ago I had it done they were 3.6 so still also low. I am freaking out now because I asked him about that and he said we would retest in 6 months and if they were still low we would have to look into the bone marrow. That immediately screams to me leukemia. I am terrified and want to call the office crying because I am worried about this. And you know we anxiety sufferers have issues with waiting. Has anyone had an issue with this and found out a low count can be normal for them? My husband was just really sick for an entire week and he was coughing in my face in his sleep, etc. and I didn't get sick. I am going to call the office in an hour (they are on lunch) but I am absolutely terrified.