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  1. So I got my cystoscopy yesterday and was happy to learn I don't have bladder cancer! The procedure hurt a lot, though!
  2. So I talked to a nurse the other day and she said they can't entirely rule out that it's cancer until they do the cystoscopy. So now I have to think about that for the next few weeks.
  3. UPDATE: Their office called and told me that result was incorrect. They said they had it sent out for more accurate analysis and no blood was found! Still not over my bladder cancer fears, though! So I'm supposed to go for a cystoscopy in a few weeks. I had a little blood in my urine after some strenuous BMs. I was put on antibiotics for prostatitis and my urologist initially agreed, then he said there's a small chance it could be a polyp or something else! I just got a link from my urology clinic to check my results online. There was no blood in my urine this time as they said but last time, which was last year, there was! And nobody bothered to tell me they found blood! I'm freaking out. Who knows what's been growing in my bladder over the past year? I wish they would have done more tests back then instead of just sending me home.
  4. So I went to the urologist yesterday and got diagnosed with prostatitis. Yay? He said to finish off my antibiotics and I'd be fine... Then on my way home he called me while I was driving and started asking more questions about the blood in my pee. After going through it again he said he couldn't 100% rule out it being a pre-cancerous polyp. He said it was up to me if I wanted to get a cystoscopy... So of course I have to get the cystoscopy otherwise I'll never be able to put the words "pre-cancerous polyp" out of my mind! Now I'm scared that it's going to hurt or that their going to find something bad. Any advice?
  5. For as much health anxiety as I have I've decided I want to have elective surgery next year. It requires medical clearance which includes a 12-lead EKG. I'm a relatively healthy 36 year old. Should I worry about having an EKG? Could they find something wrong even if I'm asymptomatic?
  6. I had prostatitis last year. I'm supposed to go to urologist next week but I couldn't wait that long. My insurance offers a service where you can talk to a doctor live online or on the phone so I used it and told him my symptoms and history. He said he thought it was likely prostatitis and gave me a prescription for an antibiotic that will last until I can get to the urologist. Hopefully that clears it up. If not I'm going to be freaking out again!
  7. I'm on some new medicines that make me constipated. I've been straining during bowel movements and when I get up to pee there's blood. Is this just prostatitis? I'm freaking out.
  8. I was diagnosed with prostatitis in August of 2017 after having blood in my semen for a couple of weeks. Antibiotics cured it in about two weeks. Last week I had a bowel movement and afterward I stood up to pee and passed a few drops of light pink, bloody urine. I thought maybe I had injured my penis but today it happened again right after a bowel movement. Can straining during a BM cause some blood vessels to rupture in your prostate? I haven't noticed any bloody semen lately but I've always gone from masturbating daily to about weekly. I can't get in to see a urologist until next week and I'm freaking out. I just want to be healthy.
  9. I guess what I'm wondering is could I have some undiagnosed condition even thought I'm otherwise healthy?
  10. I want to have an elective surgery next year and it requires medical clearance. I'm more scared of getting the medical clearance than I am about the surgery because the surgery is something I want to do. The surgeon requires an EKG. I'm in my mid-30s and in good health but for some reason I'm terrified I won't be able to get this procedure due to some abnormality on my EKG. I especially worry because my father died of a heart attack around age 50. Should I be worried about this? Does anyone know what findings would prevent me from having surgery?
  11. qcd

    Blood in semen update

    So I started my antibiotics on Friday and it seems like my symptoms have gotten worse. I had the most blood in my ejaculate yet today. To make matters worse one of the side effects of the antibiotics is Achilles tendon rupture and I swear my leg muscles have been sore since I started the drug.
  12. qcd

    Blood in semen update

    Yeah, he actually said it was prostatitis. I just don't get how I could have gotten it. I never had an STI and have been in a monogamous relationship for 14 years.
  13. qcd

    Constant full bladder sensation

    As someone who has experienced the very disturbing symptom of seeing blood in the urine, I sympathize with you. Best of luck!
  14. qcd

    Blood in semen update

    So I went to the urologist yesterday due to the fact that I had several episodes of pink ejaculate and a couple of times where I passed some blood with my urine after masturbation. He said that he was sure that this was coming from my prostate becuase blood from anywhere from the bladder and above would color the urine all red. He said the few drops at the end of the stream that I was seeing were due to inflammation of prostatic ducts which then leak out into the urine. He performed a testicular exam, palpated my abdomen, and did a digital rectal exam. All were normal. They took a urine sample but the results aren't back yet though I expect that will be normal, too. He told me the treatment for blood in the semen (hematospermia) is just to try not to look at it. He said it's not related to cancer or anything bad other than inflammation somewhere. He said if I ever peed all red then he would order a cystoscopy and a abdominal CT but until then there's no reason to put me through it because I'm not at risk due to my relatively young age (35). He gave me a prescription for cirpo and said I could take it if I wanted to but it wasn't necessary. He said it would clear it up but it would probably recur eventually. I was feeling a lot better about this until this morning when I masturbated. The semen looked normal and I peed a little bit afterward and that was normal, too. Then a few minutes later I had the urge to urinate again and this time I passed very pinkish urine and a few drops of blood. This freaked me out again. I'm definitely going to fill the antibiotic prescription now and hope that clears it up. I suppse the blood could be from the digital rectal exam irritating the prostate? Does that even make sense? I haven't seen any other blood in my urine today.
  15. I'm 35 and in mostly good health, or so I assume. A few days ago I experienced my third incident of hematospermia (blood in the semen). After having sex I noticed the semen in the condom was pinkish. This has happened two other times in the past 18 months. The first time I found a small cut on my penis so I brushed it off as a result of rough intercourse. The second time it happened I finished masturbating the semen looked normal, then when I went to pee I passed some additional ejaculate along with a few drops of bright red blood and that was it. That was probably 6 months ago. Everything seemed fine again until this weekend. I freaked out after it happened but a Xanax helped with that. But now I just can't shake the feeling that this is either prostate or testicular cancer. Not sure what to do.