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  1. I actually do this all the time. I have a million and one things on my mind and my husband will tell me and show me on his phone his work schedule and the next day I'll ask him it and he will say , Holls we talked about it yesterday and I won't remember a second of it. I know I wasn't paying attention bec was probably making sure in my head the kids back packs were ready, lunches we're packed, clothes laid out for the next day.. my mind never stops. I think what you describe is absolutely normal and nothing to worry about.
  2. Love this. When I was going through my als rabbit hole I saw it every where. I couldn't get away from it. My husband said let's clear your phone, it's from all the searches you have been doing. Yes I also hear the cancer commercials on the radio and I quickly change the station. Hate that I can't seem to get away from the health scares. I don't even open up magazines anymore.
  3. I love your posts. They are all very calming and reassuring..I like how you practice acceptance. It's inspiring. I've been doing better but have had a little set back. Going back to therapy this week.. hugs. Even though I didn't make this post, your reply sums up many worries
  4. I went last yr for my first and I was dressing and the tech knocked on the door and said sorry, I need a little more images. I freaked out but was warned by a girlfriend that it is common.. so what you had to do is very very common and does not mean anything is wrong. Hugs. I'm so sorry that happened. I'm glad you got it done already and already got reasurrance all looks good. Yes.. relax knowing you are ok. The experience was jolting.but you are ok.
  5. My opinion is you aren't listening to your Dr he didn't see the need to do further blood testing and he's not concerned. Period. If he were he would have you in for testing. That's not blowing you off.. he knows there is nothing wrong so he isn't going to over test for no reason and that's a good thing. None of what you mention, even the sticky like stools are pancreatic symptoms. You can let this worry go for good. Even though you don't feel like it, you have been cleared by your Dr of any pancreatic issues. They know what to look for.
  6. Mine was too.. and my twitches and buzzing never would give me a free moment. I wish you could go to a chiropractor.. I think that would be very helpful for you. Maybe once you get your ins back you could do that.
  7. No. Honestly. Not with pancreatic problems. You really are in the clear with pancreatic cancer. Your mind just won't let you see it. It keeps adding tiny bits of doubt. You can be that happy person again..working on anxiety is work! It's trying what works for you.. I tried everything. Therapy, mediation, walking, journaling, acceptance..I listened to the anxiety guy on you tube.. make the decision to treat the anxiety and not feed it. You will have set backs but at least you would be moving forward. You don't have pancreatic cancer..you have anxiety about pancreatic cancer..
  8. Thank you..my Drs office is slowwww on blood work I'll be lucky if it's here by Fri. I would call Fri if I were you Bec they will more thank likely have your results then you can have a worry free weekend!!
  9. You don't have als. I'm a former als worrier.. I have three children and I understand the fear you have.. my anxiety shot like a rocket after they were born..my Dr finally told me it's Bec of my hormones trying to level back out and that it's normal.. they helped me a lot.. realizing the thoughts I had weren't real. Twitching in als is after muscle death.. you would already know you had something serious wrong. I twitched and buzzed... You don't have als. Just anxiety.
  10. Anxiety symptoms are real. I don't doubt you feel it. It's just not what your mind is telling you it is.. like my thigh used to twitch and buzz and felt weak.. well my mind and Google told me als . I felt it, it was real.. but I was very very wrong..after lots of Dr appointments the only thing that helped was helping my anxiety. I'm so sorry you have lost your insurance. You are ok.. just continue with the therapist and journal If that helps.. meditate.. go for walks. And keep talking on the forum . Hugs it's going to get better.
  11. I agree with iugrad91, my aunt had it and she lost half her body weight extremely fast and with no diet changes at all.. she also didn't have hair falling out or voice changes and I've never heard that it was a symptom. 6months is a long time with pancreatic issues.. issues that you don't have. You are ok. Are you working on techniques for your anxiety??
  12. Ematrol helps I've taken it while pregnant as well, it's a children's tummy medicine.. and good ol Pepto. Stay hydrated and baby yourself a little.. eat something easy on your stomach tonight. Hugs it's going to pass soon.. wether it's anxiety or a bug.
  13. we all just had a horrible tummy bug run through our family. we did get slight fever and chills with it and it lasted for about three days.. the first day was what you describe then the second was vomiting then the third was recovery tummy aches. now my husband never threw up but he had the tummy ache the entire time. it sounds like a normal tummy bug.. and yes please remember anxiety can effect the stomach and you were anxious after your dentist appointment and its normal for anxiety symptoms to show up a few days after being overly anxious.
  14. the burning sounds like muscle strain or anxiety.. I had burning and vibrating muscles in my thigh from anxiety.. it's amazing what we can do to our bodies with all the worry we carry. hugs. it's going to get better.
  15. My mammograms are done on a bus parked in my drs. parking lot lol. I do love that the results are fast and they don't go through the dr.. I always get very anxious with any testing.. it's that dreaded wait. I just went and did blood work this morning and I'm on edge.. it might not be till Monday until I hear anything. Yikes yells my anxiety lol. Your results will be nice and clear.