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  1. I can't fly either we live in Texas so we take trips to Florida since it's not too too far.. but I'd love to go to Maine one day, my husband said not driving there lol. I've just started working with my therapist on this fear. I'm kind of surprised you have this fear too Bec you are so level headed and rational. What is it that makes you anxious? Mine is not being or think I'm in control and I can't see in front of me.. like a windshield.
  2. When I was twitching and googled years ago.. I saw als and the main symptom is weakness. Well I was weak from then on for months. I've read about women who have ovarian cancer and their symptoms and I start feeling crampy and feeling like my lower back hurts. I've done simple ones like got a paper about lice being found in my child's class then scratching my head all day.. nothing was there lol I've had diverticulitis phantom pain when I eat a lot of seeds.. but it's just from me being scared it will flare it. And colon cancer fears changed my bowel movements.. idk how but it did. Changed consistently, texture, color.. Lol...I swear I'm better now but oh yes, been there many many times..
  3. Hi Sally. I get comforted when I see my Dr. She is very well aware of my health anxiety so she doesn't over test...we talk things out until I feel better. I try to only go to her after two weeks of a new symptom. I find they usually go away and if not, I talk them out. I also go to therapy which helps. When I'm in the mind set you describe I try to decide can I get out of it by myself or do I need help? Therapy or my Dr? Then I do it, check that worry off and I never revisit it again. Hugs. It's going to get better. Talk out your fears here too.
  4. Sorry sweetie, just keep doctoring like you are and give it time. It will get smaller and go away. They are stubborn as hell. My hip cyst burst and still took two weeks to leave..
  5. I have a bump that likes to come and go on my inner thigh from running while working out etc.. I just am more aware to keep it clean and doctored up when it flares and I really can't stress how much Epsom salt baths help shrink it 10x faster. Your jeans are going to irritate it.. so expect slow healing progress.. but sounds like it's on the way out. You are doing everything right.
  6. You have helped me many times too my friend!!! I hope you are doing well..reach out to me anytime. I'm a little more active on the forum again. 😍 Hugs. You are the sweetest.
  7. My friend had colon cancer. She's is 7 years cancer free. She was 23 when diagnosed. She had been having blood clots for half a yr when she would have a bowel movement. She thought it was colitis. But when the blood became severe she went to her Dr. It wasn't hidden or something that came up out of the blue.. it was clear something was seriously wrong. You have been to a gastroenterologist and he wasn't concerned and I understand our anxious minds second guess but I wouldn't second guess a specialist who has your best interest at heart. He didn't feel the need to do anymore testing and that's a good thing. Your diarrhea in the morning is probably from your anxiety. My tummy is the first to act up when I'm anxious. Hugs. You are in good hands with your gastroenterologist..
  8. I've had one cyst before on my hip. They are very painful. The thing that helped was warm compresses, and Epsom salt baths dried it up super fast especially once it burst. Hugs. Be patient they take awhile to go away. Stubborn things.
  9. And turn up the radio and keep on trucking. 😆😁
  10. Grace sweetie.. you have a toxic addiction to reading stories regarding celebrities and sickness and death. You say it just pops on your feed or you aren't googling it but I don't see where you aren't reading it. You WILL NOT get better until this toxic habit stops. If you need to, block your FB, Instagram or Snapchat until you are better, that is a huge step in the RIGHT direction. I've had to delete people, I've had to avoid certain things to help my anxiety... please don't fed your anxiety..
  11. I agree. I would just call the Dr and if he's busy talk with the nurse regarding the results. Nothing is going to be wrong if they posted them and never called you..I personally hate portals.. my Dr doesn't have it and I'm thankful lol. She calls me and let's me know results and I don't sit and stew over them on the computer. Just ask and be done with it for good. Hugs. It's good news.. you just need to hear it.
  12. Lol the gas is fun my friend. I highly recommend it when you go to the dentist 😁😉
  13. I'm at home.. with an ice pack on my cheek. Watching movies and eating mashed potatoes 😋 I'm very very sore. I had a lot of shots.. with all the inflammation he had to do a lot. I'm so glad it's over!!!! He said the end of the root was a bit infected and the sweet hygienist told me she cleaned it all out and it looks good. No antibiotics just steroids for two days and Tylenol 3 for pain. Like I said, glad it's OVER!! Lol Thanks everyone..I really appreciate all the comments. They all meant a lot. Hugs. 🥰🥰🥰😘🥰
  14. No lol. Our dogs bark and bark and bark and we usually know it's a coon or a snake. We have had that happen three times so it's not often at all. Two were chicken snakes we leave those alone and one was a water moccasin that we had to kill. The dogs only bark at them.. they don't try to kill them. My cat was meowing at the lawn mower and was all over it one day.. I went out to mow and the cat was jumping all over the hood so I lifted the seat and saw a copperhead wrapped under the seat. That was scary. I took my cat inside and my husband took care of it. We don't live in the country anymore so I don't worry about it as much.
  15. We worry about copperheads etc here in South Texas. We have inside/outside cats and dogs. It helps!!! I fear snakes but I feel safer with our animals. They have already alerted us when there was a snake. Do you have Indoor pets? Cats take care of our spiders and other critters.