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  1. Holls


    Rugger...I'm sorry if this comes off rude but seriously?? My aunt had pancreatic cancer and she would have loved to have had good blood results and for a Dr to dismiss her. Do not live like you have pancreatic issues when you clearly do not!
  2. Holls

    Flesh eating bacteria scare

    Rachel you need to seek help. It's time to ask a professional for help with anxiety.
  3. Holls

    Upper abdomen spasms terrible pain

    Sorry. I have had gas pains so bad I was doubled over.. especially when I start new diets. Let us know how you are feeling. Hugs.
  4. Holls

    Collarbone or lymph nodes

    Bec we are anxious people and we look for things even when we don't realize it.. then we attach scary unture things with it.. mostly with the help of Google.
  5. Holls

    Collarbone or lymph nodes

    Mine comes in waves.. This will be over for you soon.
  6. Holls

    Collarbone or lymph nodes

    I do stuff like that all the time..
  7. Hi. 18!! So young for anxiety. Yes I get what you describe as well as so many others on this board. Please stop googling.. googling is the worst thing you can do. Your Dr will give you total reasurrance all is ok. Talk to him about your anxiety. Therapy can give you wonderful tools on how to handle intrusive thoughts. Hugs. You found a good place to help you.
  8. Holls

    Collarbone or lymph nodes

    Under my right collarbone. I know anxiety all to well. I understand you have a busy week ahead..does your town have a walk in clinic like a urgent care where you don't have to have an appt? Sometimes when I just can't go my Dr and I know my mind won't let things go I get some Dr reasurrance and move on.
  9. Holls

    Collarbone or lymph nodes

    Abel I honestly don't think you need to worry ovee this. I was reading your post and just thought I'd check my own collar bone and my right one is bigger than my left. I don't think it's inflammation at all.. I just think we aren't symmetrical and it's just one of those things. I'm with binn, you are fine.
  10. Holls

    Tongue Atrophy Part 2

    I agree!! Think how many people wish for a clean emg and a neuro to tell them it is anxiety. It is more than time to move on.
  11. Holls

    Muscle twitches

    Your so welcome. I used to be terrified of my vibrating thigh but I told my therapist once and she said we are taught that is muscle tension... I wanted to cry Bec I felt so relieved and I didn't let the vibrating scare me anymore. After a few more months they lightened up then left.
  12. Holls

    Tongue Atrophy Part 2

    The emg is accurate. Your anxiety is not. Why are you still looking at your tongue again? You have to make an effort to stop testing and looking. It's really time to seek help for your anxiety. I'm sad that this hasn't stopped for . It's time to get better for you, your wife and your children.
  13. Holls

    Muscle twitches

    Yes I did. I had a vibrating thigh for months and months after my anxiety had calmed. My therapist said Vibrating is due to having tight muscles.. she said even though my anxiety was better i was still tense. I wasn't everyday, all day. But it was enough. Hugs try Epsom salt baths to relax.. they will go away soon enough.
  14. Holls

    Flesh eating bacteria scare

    What do you mean you were diagnosed with influenza A? You went back to the e.r?
  15. Holls

    Flesh eating bacteria scare

    Careful looking and over analyzing blood work, they would have told you if anything was of concern..they didn't so I wouldn't even look at the blood work. They let you leave Bec you are healthy and there is nothing wrong, other than anxiety.