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  1. Holls

    Blood results have me nervous

    Wish I could give you a big hug. I'm so glad you went and got great news.
  2. Holls

    I just realized something...

    My mom is not as difficult but I definitely relate to what you said. My therapist said my anxiety stems from my mom but also like y'all mentioned, ok so how can I make it stop? I can remember being horribly anxious even in the 1st grade. :(. 37 years is a long time to change how you think.
  3. Holls

    Son's ct scan

    I don't want to speak for Jae, but I don't think it was your post.. that one post was a huge trigger..I'm confused on why it was even said. I still stand by what I say.. that's def not normal protocol. You always help others with your posts. hugs.
  4. Hi. I'm glad her diverticulitis cleared up and that is over for y'all. I have been thinking about y'all lately. Honestly it sounds like her Dr has everything covered .. I agree with you about the cancer, that wouldn't be a worry of mine.. my gyno also gave me great statistics with uterine cancer when I was being tested for hard long and painful menstruals last month. I'm so glad she found a great Dr.
  5. Holls


    Right, no more worry..it's common but the main thing you can take away from this is, your DR gave you cream... Not further testing Bec he's not concerned at all and if he's not concerned you shouldn't be. The stress of moving can def make your anxiety flare. I moved 3 years ago and that's when mine went out of control. I'm sorry. I wish I would have looked at it more like an adventure than a stressful time. Congrats on your move though.
  6. Holls


    Ignore what Dr Google told you. When you feel anxious, re-read the two previous posts. They have the right information, not Google. Hugs.
  7. And it only gets harder and weirder with age. My hormones are a beast.
  8. Holls

    Son's ct scan

    Absolutely agree!!
  9. Holls

    Blood results have me nervous

    You and Google are not Drs. Your Dr never called you regarding the blood results, right? If she thought you had the disease you think you do, you would have been called and would have been seen by now. Your mind is doing this to you.
  10. I thought I'd jump in and say the week before my period I am dog tired!!! I'm doing good to get dressed those days. :(.
  11. Holls

    Son's ct scan

    I was afraid that post was going to be a trigger. I personally have never ever heard it taking that long to get results and if it were me I would be furious at my Dr for waiting so long with results.
  12. Holls

    Colon cancer fear resurfaced

    That post might really trigger someone with anxiety. I have seen colon cancer in three close friends. 1 had black stools and black blood clots. 2 had black tarry stools. I do think k it's the norm to have symptoms.
  13. Holls

    Sore muscles/body all the time

    Sore muscles is not an als symptom. It's so common for everyone to have sore muscles. I'm on my feet walking and moving for 5 hours every week day and I go home with sore crampy feet and calves. Epsom salt baths help so much.
  14. Holls

    Kinda worried

    Absolutely!!! I'm a preschool teacher her so I'm lifting and grabbing kisses from my kids. Some are heavier than others and yes some days I'm incredibly sore from it. You could have also pulled a muscle from bending and picking up a heavy box. Or carrying for long distances. Heating pad, Epsom salt baths will help. Hugs and you have a demanding job that helps us all. Thanks for all you do.
  15. Holls

    2 Week Headache, Bloodwork and starting CBT!

    I don't ask for my blood work Bec I over analyze it and Google each thing. I spent one entire day doing this last summer and was in a total of it Bec my numbers were in range but the lowest end.. etc.. I think cbt will help a lot. I wish my therapist had offered it but she didn't. Hugs. Your blood work is normal and I agree.. anxiety is all negative self talk.