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  1. Calf pain when walking/stretching

    I haven't seen you in a long time, I'm so glad you have been doing good!!! This is just a tiny set back... You will.be surprised what can make your muscles sore. I was in the kitchen reaching for some spices and my achilles got stretched just a little and I was limping for a full day
  2. Can anyone help me?

    I had these before.. I was so exhausted from anxiety attacks I was having that when I would try to sleep I would have these horrible jolts. Nutmegbells has a great idea about meditating before bed.. that will help you start to relax and get your muscles and tension to release. Sorry about your daughter. I'm a mom of three.. it's hard. Hugs!!!
  3. Something must be wrong

    Agree^^^^^^ perfectly said!!!!
  4. Pain and Bowel Panic

    Hi.. I did what you are doing. I had diverticulitis last yr. Never even heard of it until I went to the e.r. in horrible pain.. afterward I started thinking what if it was colon cancer.. I would look at my bowel movements I would throw these test sheets in that look for hidden blood. I wanted to go to the e.r. for CT scans. I felt helpless and terrified.. so I googled and colon cancer came up for me too... Stupid Google.. my Dr hates Google with a passion.. that has helped me honestly.. she rolls her eyes and says oh how I wish Google was never invented. I worked in a small office.. two women were diagnosed with colon cancer within months of one another, one had blood clots in her bowels.. she showed me one day Bec she said this has been happening for months, is it normal.. I'm talking clots and her bowels were tarry and Cole black. The blood was black too and dark red. She had surgery, no chemo and she's at five months cancer free. My other co-workers had black tarry horrible smelling bowels.. she was having pain where she wanted to lay in the fetal position.. she had surgery and chemo and she is also five yrs cancer free.. so when I start worrying I remember seeing it all (literally) first hand... I hope that helps ease your fears. You mentioned thin bowels.. I remember reading that on Google.. I did ask my PCP about that one Bec I have thin bowels a lot and she said no no... They mean. Like a ribbon.. thinner than a pencil. health anxiety sucks. It does jump around, it makes you feel helpless and it does interfere with work, family time.. it can seriously take over. I don't know you but what I've been reading we are mirror images on a lot of your fears... I believe you are healthy.. the feelings you have a normal body functions. I can see it Bec I'm on the outside looking in.. hugs! Big big hugs!!
  5. OMG Really need help!

    Yes I think that's the right thing to do.
  6. Well my insurance covers it. I have to pay a 25$ copay every time. I have been going every week but for awhile it was every two. Depends on how bad my HA is. I'm thinking about doing acupuncture... I don't want to take medication (only Bec I react to most. Tylenol makes me tired lol) I like therapy but she specializes in grief counseling and while I do need that after losing my best friend.. I need more help with anxiety.
  7. Need help Asap CHEST XRAY QUESTION

    They know the difference... Let us know how the x-ray goes for you... Looks like you are getting some tests to knock off all your fears. Let me know how it's all going. Health anxiety sucks hugs Zelda!! Virtually holding your hand tomorrow.
  8. Keep waking up scared

    It will get better. I have set backs here and there.. writing stuff down really helps. I keep a journal, I wrote down what my Dr said about this whole topic so when I wake up sweaty and feel scared I go and re-read my journal and then make a note... hey it happened again and I always note how high my anxiety is that day . So far with all my anxiety symptoms, they come after a bad set back of higher anxiety... Helps me see in writing anxiety does have symptoms.
  9. People with HA just don't get it Bec they think so so diff. I see a therapist.. it has helped. Hugs!!!!! I'm glad you are feeling more calm. You are going to have a fun weekend! Tell me how your friendsgiving turns out!
  10. I had that feeling of water in the back of the throat.. .it makes me want to cough non stop.. I believe mine is gerd it comes after I have acid reflux. I also feel light headed and dizzy with allergies.. but I also feel like that when I have too much caffeine along with feeling like I have blurry eyes.
  11. If it were something bad you would have gotten a call. My sister in law is a nurse at a gynecologist office.. she is the one you would talk to if you call with a medical question. She recieves all the test results and enters them in the patients charts and calls them.. on CT scan results if the findings are not good she has to call the Dr no matter if they are off for the day or not and give them the results so they can contact you immediately... After she told me that it made me feel better about how test results are handled in a Dr office. Also.. my friend had an x-ray that found her liver cancer.. her Dr called her at home and told her... Was maybe an hour after her x-ray.
  12. OMG Really need help!

    Lol I do know what you mean. My husband has zero concerns.. I do worry that my HA has caused him to never take me seriously. ... But he has assured me over and over that he needs me and the kids so IF something were really wrong he would have us at the Dr ASAP.. the ant comment has me cracking up! I think your daughter is fine and that your mind went wild when you saw the blood.. or spots and rabies was the first thing that came to your mind when in reality there are so many more explainable, logical reasons. Your mind is tricking you. I'm sorry. Ughh it's so hard.
  13. Acupuncture anyone??

    I think that's my problem... I want an overnight cure for this lol. My therapist told me.. one day at a time. Just ready to never think negative. To not be afraid if I burp wrong and think it's cancer. Ughh !
  14. OMG Really need help!

    When I get like this.. I always always trust my husband's input Bec even though they don't outwardly worry like we do, they care just as much and he wouldn't risk anything.
  15. Acupuncture anyone??

    Hi all. I just had therapy and she was telling me about alternative things to do for anxiety besides medication. She mentioned she had a few clients that have responded really well to acupuncture. Has anyone tried it?