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  1. Holls

    Pan-can freakout

    Thanks David. 🥰😍I understand that kind of stress very well.
  2. Holls


    Hi. I know you addressed me in the post.. I don't fear or think I have schizophrenia.. I was telling the orginal poster that the therapist would know if he had it. I'm sorry your mother had to go through that.
  3. Holls

    Pan-can freakout

    Agree. My aunt had it too. Sorry about your father. Hugs.
  4. Holls

    Should I ask for a Brain MRI?????

    Lol penny!! You are too cute. I agree.. I think it's sinus/allergy related. Tis the season for all that too
  5. Holls

    Pan-can freakout

    Ok David then maybe go to your Dr and get relief there. Take care.
  6. Holls

    Should I ask for a Brain MRI?????

    Hi Leah..my boss had a brain tumor and she didn't have any of those symptoms.. no nausea, no dizziness not tightness etc.. she was slurring her words, she was forgetting our names, and other office tasks and she was the boss so we all noticed something was not ok.. she did not pass the nuero exam and went straight from her Dr to the MRI. I had nausea, dizzynees, full head feeling 2 yrs ago in Nov.. it lasted till Jan Dr said allergies / sinuses. I ate a brat diet which helped the nausea.. I did lose weight Bec I felt so blah. Hugs. It's not a tumor.
  7. Holls

    Pan-can freakout

    What is your point?? Sorry but you have anxiety not pancreatic cancer. Just trying to help.
  8. Holls

    Pan-can freakout

    3 sodas over the weekend isn't going to hurt you. Your anxiety is just high right now. Hugs. It's a challenge to always eat healthy.. as long as you try that's what counts . You don't have what you fear.
  9. Holls


    I know you are seeing your therapist this week, is this your first appointment? When I went to my therapist, on the 2nd visit she did some testing.. and turns out I have high anxiety and OCD. 🙄 So she works on that.. your therapist will either test you or be looking for signs that you have anxiety, OCD etc etc and give you tools to help it. My therapist once told me she knew I was OCD after the first visit.
  10. Holls

    Hard to breathe when you think about it?

    Omg.."if you observing you are participating" did you just sum up health anxiety??? That sentence made me think back to all the times I over observed and participated in my self diagnoses. Thanks bin!! What a helpful post.
  11. Holls

    Dog with Scab on Ear

    Penny!! My dog has a black scab on her ear, right at the tip. My girls brought her to me and said mom she has a marker on her lol. It it's a scab. I have no idea how she got it. I rubbed some Neosporin on it. It's slowly, slowly clearing up. I understand. My dog passed Sept 5. Biscuit was 18 and my first baby. He was old and stubborn as hell lol he hated everyone but me. He would growl if the kids came in the room lol. He couldn't walk the last yr of his life so I picked him up and carried him everywhere. I was even feeding him baby food and giving him water in a syringe. That's what we do for our fur babies. He was terrified of the vet so I didn't want to put him through that during the last few days. He passed while I was getting the girls dressed for school. I hugged him real tight and kept saying I love you over and over. It was peaceful. We had him cremated and he is always with me. I carry his little box from the living room to the bedroom at night. Having an animal is the best and hardest thing. You baby will be fine.. and you will still have a lot of memories ahead of y'all. I didn't say all of this to add to your anxiety but to tell you that I got to hold my guy and be there while he passed it was a precious moment for me. I swear I hear his toenails clicking on the floor.. it has made me turn and look a few times and what's odd is he didn't walk for a whole year!! I feel that he is with me. Always following me like he used to. Hugs. Your baby is fine.
  12. Good question.. I fear not being in control. I always have to be. Even simple things like work.. I don't work well with others Bec I want to do it all so that way I know it's right. I was like that all through school. I hated pairing up, I'd always do it myself. I hate the idea that if I get sick I can't control the outcome. I am also scared of death. I like knowing what's at the end of everything I do. I can't know 110,%sure know there is an after life. Hugs.
  13. Holls

    Fatal insomnia

    That's awesome news!!
  14. Holls

    Burning Skin

    Ive had burning skin as well. Dr said Anxiety. it comes and goes. I'm no longer worried about it though so honestly I pay it no attention when it shows up.