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  1. Holls

    Have to have a colonoscopy

    I never have consistent bowels.. same with color.. it's all over the place. I have flat ones as well. I've learned to only look once a week. I worked with two women who had colon cancer and they both had black stools and one had black stools and black blood clots. They are both fine and that was 5 years ago. You have to remember when we go to specialist like GI Drs that's the test they run.. it doesn't mean something is wrong.
  2. Holls

    Constant need for excitement?

    Hi. I mainly have healthy anxiety but just anxious in general as well. Now as for me personally, I don't like excitement or surprises. I like the same routine every day. Change in routine makes me anxious. I don't think your husband's need for excitement is caused by anxiety it's probably just his personality. Like my husband has zero anxiety and is always doing out of the blue things like trips and special dinners etc.. it makes me extremely anxious and a little upset Bec I've told him time and time again I hate surprises.. but I try to meet him half way.. give a little, get a little. Have you talked to him about how this makes you feel? I could see how that could effect you. Hugs.
  3. Holls

    Benzo usage and wanting to reduce my dosage

    You are awesome and I hate that you have anxiety but you are apart of our little community here. Hugs. You got this
  4. Holls

    Benzo usage and wanting to reduce my dosage

    I am not on any medication but I think letting your Dr know that you want to tapper off and keeping close contact with her on your journey will help with peace of mind for you. Knowing you have back up and appts scheduled to talk about how you are feeling etc.. hugs. Do what's best for you and you will be fine.
  5. Holls

    Feel puffy

    Yes!!! I feel like that a few times a month.
  6. Holls

    Acid Reflux Threaddd

    I have always had that feeling!!! I always thought everyone else feels it too so I never asked. I think this is a common and normal sensation. I really worry. Hugs!!! Hope you had a fun weekend!!!
  7. You are so sweet. You have no idea how much that helps me. Thank you. Thank you. I'm going to relax and get some sleep tonight. Hugs
  8. Holls

    Tingling feeling in one hand! Nooo

    Yes feels like a cellphone going off. I get mine in my left thigh and sometimes in my foot. I get them after super high anxiety. I told my PCP and she also said it's probably muscle spasms. She wasn't worried in the least.
  9. Thanks Binn, needed to hear that. I'm ready for.it.to be better. ☺️
  10. Lol right I'm covered for a good while. my anxiety is running all sorts of wild . My husband keeps saying calm down it's a cat scrtach and you have antibiotics but my mind is saying scary things. I'll keep you updated. I'm hoping swelling gets better really soon.
  11. Holls

    Tingling feeling in one hand! Nooo

    I get that too.. I also vibrate which feels odd. Seems to be the norm around here.. a lot of us buzz, tingle and twitch. Hugs. I wouldn't worry
  12. Thank you. Well I went to the quick care Bec it is red and warm to the touch. I got antibiotics and she asked if I had an updated tetanus shot. I went ahead and got one but yeah that's a weird one.. I've never heard of that. I didn't ask I just wanted to get the antibiotics lol. My index finger is still very swollen and the knuckle is red and warm. I am pretty nervous about it. I don't like the swelling or the red warm appearance either. She got me good!!! It's not even scratches it's just 3 tiny puncture wounds. My finger doesn't even hurts.. it hurts Bec it's swollen.
  13. Thanks again lol. That darn cat! I'm glad you and your little is feeling better.
  14. Sorry that you and your little one aren't feeling that good. I think summer colds are rough ! My son just got over a nasty one. Quick cat scratch question. I woke up and the knuckle on the index finger is swollen this morning and a little red where last night it wasn't. My index finger is so swollen.. it was last night too.. I was hoping it would be gonna down by this morning. Also the knuckle is a tiny bit red.
  15. Holls

    Hi Guys. Need your support.

    Hi Mason. I'm sorry about your dad I hope he is recovering fast. I honestly think it's normal for this fear even if it's irrational. I can remember having it when there was no reason to. I too googled and had every symptom. You got tested and it's negative!!! That's awesome news. You can do rapid tests now and they even have self testing you can buy at your local pharmacy stores. You got tested well over the time frame. You really are ok. Anxiety really does latch on to things. I'm sorry you have been going through this.