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  1. Holls

    Well, I’m relapsing to “a”

    lmao! so true. ! it's nice to have a dose of reality to get over fears.
  2. Holls

    Well, I’m relapsing to “a”

    When I was in my anxiety over this.. it was everywhere! I couldn't get away from it, and I was trying . It's not signs.. I'm sorry you had to see that lady.. you however, do not have it. It's so normal to have set backs.. I STILL get them. How can we not when we researched the hell out of this ... It's still hanging there in the back of our minds. Now it just depends on how we react to it. I got triggered when I heard about the creator of sponge Bob had passed from it... Before I had heard if A.. we knew someone with it but after googling one night.. panicking and now I'm a damn expert on the subject.. it effects me when I hear about it.. where before I didn't give it much pause. My friend passed from liver cancer.. which is why I have such bad health anxiety.... But when I hear about liver cancer I already know that person's outcome.. I know their symptoms before they even say them.. I think that's just anxiety and unfortunately how we think. I took my dad to the V A hospital for an ear test and saw a man in a wheelchair and he was slurring when he talked. I couldn't run from him fast enough and that was on Mon. Hugs i get it but you don't have A. You have anxiety about it.
  3. Holls

    Scary migraine aura

    I get these. I use the aura as a warning that I need to get home and get in a cold, dark and quiet place for the headache that follows.
  4. Holls

    ALS fear

    Your muscles are tense and tired from the worry and anxiety..it's normal. Mine even vibrsted.. hugs. It's going to get better
  5. Holls

    ALS fear

    Yes stop worrying!!! A Dr said you are healthy. She is a specialist who looks for other things as well. She didn't see anything wrong..
  6. Holls

    ALS Fear....Returned?

    A bracket would have nothing to do with als!!!!! This is all in your mind.. again, feeling weak is not als. Twitching in als are completely different than the ones you are having. Not als..
  7. I'd def call either your Dr or pharmacist.. idk if it's good to just stop medicine like that...I know you just started but I'd at least talk to a Dr about it and when to take the next one etc.
  8. Holls


    The jerks are not harmful.. and they are happening Bec your body is extremely anxious. That's the only reason.
  9. Holls

    Relapse of ALS fears

    Whoa.. why oh why why why are you going down this path again?? I am coming up on my 2 year worry with als. I'm way better but if I even try to start testing I stop it right away . I even bought slippers so I don't watch my toes as I walk.. I will not test.. you have to tell yourself no. Also I have never ever read that a not strong whistle was a symptom and we both now that over focusing especially on swallowing and talking can drive you mad and it's a normal function that you are interrupting. Just leave it all be.. journal, mediate.. get out now before you get sucked in again.
  10. Holls

    Recent Spam Posts

    I report them too .
  11. Holls

    Tongue thrusting when sleeping

    Yes. I used to feel great.. get a tiny bit triggered.. then bam my symptoms would come back full force but they leave quicker and get less intense .. And sometimes it's not all anxiety.. like I twitch after a ride my bike ... I'm pretty sure I've always done that . My husband was waking up with numb arms during the summer. He went to our PCP over it. She gave him a steroid pack thinking pinched nerve. And was going to do xrays or MRI if it didn't improve. It did. But every once in awhile it comes back..
  12. Holls

    Tongue thrusting when sleeping

    just remember setbacks are normal and it doesn't mean anything just keep going forward you're doing great
  13. Holls


    Clonus is a test that the neuro does ?? You don't just do it. Night jerks.. myclonic jerks are so normal with high anxiety and even Google says so. The reason you can't sleep is Bec you have been researching again.. tomorrow go cold turkey and don't research or Google at all. Your mind needs a break from all of this. You need a break.. focus on the anxiety.. put your energy into that.
  14. Holls

    Tingling left temple and cheekbone

    Mine is only on my right side and sometimes my head above my ear feels numb.. I've actually posted about it two years ago. A lot of us have this.
  15. Holls

    Fear of ALS please help

    I'm glad you posted that. Big hugs!!