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  1. Help!!

    My anxiety gets insanely high a week before my menstrual. I prepare for it every month. I tell myself this is just hormonal anxiety lol. It can really try and take over. Hugs. Sounds like you are taking control again.
  2. Help!!

    I get that pain in the same area from time to time. Did you pull the muscle? It doesn't take a lot to do it. Hot compresses is what I do as well as Tylenol. The tummy ache could be from the worry and anxiety?? Since you have been a little more anxious than normal. Hugs. It all sounds very normal to me. I know how our minds can twist and turn it to scare you.
  3. Making noise during a nightmare?

    I have sleep paralysis too. I described it to my husband a few years ago just telling him how much I hated it and I asked him, don't you hate that too and he told me he never does that.. I thought everyone had that feeling sometimes when they sleep. I make noise when I'm in that state a lot Bec I think I'm trying to move and wake up but can't.
  4. Woke up with vertigo

    I woke up a few times last yr with vertigo and in Jan this yr. It's not a great feeling that's for sure. I'm sorry. Mine lasted most of the day but the next day it was always gone.
  5. Crying Tonight...Lost..

    ^^^ I love this and this is why I love this community so much. Walking circles, you are awesome!
  6. Making noise during a nightmare?

    I do this a lot!!! My husband has woke me up a few times as well.
  7. Ultrasound Results

    Today is your appt right? Excited for you!!! Let us know how it goes.
  8. Ruminating- leukemia/ lymphoma shown up by

    The reassurance you got was from the Dr when he said he didn't need for you to do a other cbc. I questioned my Dr once and she said I look you over and listen beyond what you are telling me. I'm looking for things you don't even know about. She said she has my best interest in mind. Trust your Dr. If he was concerned, he would have ordered tests, but he didn't. You are having a little anxiety so your mind is playing games and finding a fear to latch on to. This is your fear... It's making you doubt your Dr and yourself. Tell your anxiety to take a hike. (I talk to mine lol) hugs. It also sounds like you are doing good.. this is just a small set back.
  9. Heart pounding.

    Remember the Blair witch project? I remember my friend and I would see weird sticks and rocks in random places for days after the movie and we would look at each other and say should we be worried?? I think it's normal to see something odd then get an idea in your head, then start looking for it. Your anxiety just kicked into high gear causing your heart to pump a little harder from the extra adrenaline.. sometimes just saying our fears out loud helps.. just tell yourself, you are home and you are safe. Hugs.
  10. Ultrasound Results

    It's not your nodes. They have been checked.. as well as yourself during your appt. Your Dr is not concerned one bit so neither should you. Hugs.
  11. Wife and parents making anxiety worse

    I dealt with a form of this.. I had issues with my husband's mom.. it got pretty bad so we had a meeting. It helped a ton. That way everyone can have a say and don't finish the meeting until everything is ironed out.
  12. Ultrasound Results

    You don't have cancer, you have anxiety. Just keep repeating what your wife told you, don't live your life like this, it's no life. I know you have your appt sun. But it's up to you too to help yourself change. I don't want to see you do this to yourself. You got good news from the Dr.
  13. Ultrasound Results

    Yessss! I'm glad you are excited, you should be. It's going to be great. My therapist didn't do CBT but I've heard great great things about it.
  14. Ultrasound Results

    You got the all clear. This is all your anxiety, nothing else. Your appt sunday will help you learn how to change your thinking. Things will get better. As far as the node.. you are still messing with it... It takes them awhile to go down my Dr told me mine might never go down.
  15. Yes celebrate!!! That's awesome news! The radiologist aren't supposed to give you test results but yeah they know what they are looking at. I've cried to a radiologist Because i just needed answers . She told me I'm not supposed to say anything so please don't tell the Dr but everything looks normal, you can relax. I'm glad you went and you can let this worry go and enjoy your weekend!!! Hugs.