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    Animals, reading, coloring (yep), children, flower gardening (tho we live in Georgia and I just cannot get anything to grow like it did in Connecticut), FAMILY, church activities.
  1. I've even stopped coming to this forum. Only came because I had several notices on an old thread and wanted to remark and disable. I've stopped watching any news and block any FB pages that talk about health. This week I've had some anxiety, but my husband almost died from exposure to black mold when he went to visit a sister for a week. We'd never been to see her and had no idea how they lived! He spent 5 days in sepsis and critical care in the hospital. $29,000 worth of care. I was strong and brave until he was home and doing much better and now I'm a bit on edge so avoiding all negativity!
  2. Surgery and ulcer on my tonsils

    A friend at church had tonsil cancer about 8 or 9 years ago and they removed both tonsils. She had radiation but has been discharged. This is VERY rare. Mostly men who've been exposed to HPV, drink and smoke and are old.
  3. Childhood Cancer--waiting to find out

    I was so happy to see his blood work was better tho this is upsetting. At least they're staying on top of it. My husband had his first NOTICED petit mal seizure at 68! The neurologist said all those years of appearing to ignore what I was saying or daydreaming remarks in elementary school were probably all seizures. One pill twice a day and he's not ever done it again. Jim's first noticed petit mal was while driving 70 mph on the highway. He just locked in place and stared ...... I grabbed the wheel and guided us until he came to and I was able to convince him to take his foot off the gas pedal. Sorry to have not been around. He had a near death incident after exposure to black mold for a week in June when he went to visit a sister. He'd never been to her home and she and her husband live on a river that floods, plus they're hoarders! We had NO idea and he came home and spent 5 days in Sepsis in critical care.
  4. Doing GREAT

    http://www.justalittletalk.com/ Just a Little Talk with Diane Tavegia
  5. Anybody heard from

    If you check out the blog on this page you'll see some of my creations but you can also see them on my blog or Facebook. Facebook is Diane Weldy Tavegia and my blog is www.justalittletalk.com Doing absolutely GREAT! Thanks for checking on me and caring! I'm having an awesome time doing things I love! Diane
  6. Doing GREAT

    HI Everyone, I haven't been around because I've been doing so very well. Working in my yard and being creative. Back at the gym, etc. I'm on Facebook under Diane Weldy Tavegia and anyone can read my blog. Absolutely doing GREAT! Diane
  7. I cant do this anymore!!

    Kitty, first, you've gotten some misinformation in the replies. Blood work and ultrasounds won't show colon cancer. I'm very glad you're seeing a GI. I have Stage IIIB colon cancer in Jan. 2009 and was unable to pass gas. By time I went to the doctor, I couldn't pass gas at all. I had no bleeding, etc. It might be something like severe constipation, which can allow diarrhea to escape about the 'clog', but just because of my issue with gas, I'll feel better if you have a colonoscopy. INSIST on one. Only one blood test is indicated for colon/ rectal cancer and it's never done except on people who have/ had colon cancer to track progress or effectiveness of treatment. Also, colon cancer SELDOM, very seldom, spreads to ovaries, etc. Stage IV is no longer a death sentence. I was dx'd Stage IVa in Feb. 2012, had 80% of my liver removed, no chemo and was told in April that I'm cured, likely cured, with only a tiny percentage chance that it'll ever come back. 'Not 1%, but close to that', said my oncologist. Get that colonoscopy! It's a piece of cake. For the prep, ask about Miralax in Gatorade. It's easy to do and doesn't cause cramping. If you need more info, pm me. Diane
  8. Middle Back Tingles

    I've never had shingles but had chemo which caused CNS damage but this comes and goes and is usually one side but can be both and the fact that is FEELS like a triangle is weird! I've gained weight which means bigger boobs so my bras need to be replaced. I got an expander instead, but they're leaving a line on my skin when I take it off. I do feel it sometimes before I dress for the day but it's not as strong AND I noticed that it's when I'm in my computer chair and I tend to turn sideways so maybe bad posture? Hey, at least we know it's virtually impossible that all of us couldn't have developed something serious that no one has heard of all at once. Diane
  9. Middle Back Tingles

    Oh my goodness! I started this a few weeks ago and since it comes and goes wasn't very concerned. Mine is in the area just below my bra line and almost feels like a triangle shape. Yesterday it was on both sides. I had a mole removed in that area a few years ago in a MOHS surgery and I wondered if the nerves we're regenerating.
  10. Childhood Cancer--waiting to find out

    Sounds like they aren't worried to me. Possibly this will be cleared up by the time he goes.
  11. For many years my husband left on Sunday night and returned on Thursday nights. Weekends were a mess because we had a routine and he came in and had his own idea of what time things were done. It was hard of all of us, but we managed for about 18 or 20 years like that. Write down your schedule and have a nice conversation with hubby about what time the kids eat, what they're not allowed to do (such as watch action cartoons 10 minutes before bed), when they bathe, who goes first, what time homework or chores are done, etc. and explain that getting off schedule makes Monday extra hard. Ask for his help keeping them on schedule on the weekend. Be sure to include the chores you have to do daily and what time they're usually done. He's a trigger only in that he throws you off timing wise and that causes anxiety. He's out working hard to support the family. Allow him to 'be the Daddy' and man of the house when he's home.
  12. Childhood Cancer--waiting to find out

    You must be terrified! I'm scared for him! I'd get him in as soon as possible. Depending on how low they are, he could easily get a bad infection. I'd keep him out of school, out of church and away from crowds. Everyone washed their hands a lot and get him a new toothbrush today. Please let us know as you know anything. As you can tell, we really do care and are so concerned. Diane
  13. Oral cancer. Very scared

    Even cereal or cracker type food can scrape the roof of the mouth.
  14. Today I have my MRI

    Gracious Anne! I have them 2 times a year (or have for MANY years). The trick is to close your eyes before you are moved inside and never open your eyes. They don't bother me at all, thanks to that trick someone told me about years ago.
  15. Childhood Cancer--waiting to find out

    I've noticed more than half the active members are not in the U.S. so that throws me off, not knowing if it's night or day when I'm responding. 15 hours ago she said 'will call in the morning', East Coast, West Coast? Etc.