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  1. Thanks Andrew. I could never make an appointment with the eye doctor. I'd be physically sick for the whole 2 weeks and have every imaginary symptom there is. Also, my eye doctor retired so I'd have to find a new one. I keep reminding myself about 'extremely rare' and how 95% were contact wearers.
  2. I haven't had health anxiety for quite a while, but after having my elderly mother stay with us for almost 2 months this Jan./ Feb. it creeps in on rare days. Yesterday I put on my safety glasses and went out to blow leaves from under my shrubs. When one pile blew through the back, somehow a glob of moist soil from under old wet leaves got inside the safety glasses and landed on my tear duct. I knew it immediately only because it felt like something moist and a good size was there. I didn't blink, went right into the bathroom and saw a bit about the size of my pinkie tip. Still not blinking, I gently touched the stuff and almost all of it stuck to my finger. Cleaned that off and touched the tiny bit left and it came out. I used an eye cup and rinsed my eye very well twice. I began to worry so I went within minutes to the walk in clinic and didn't mention 'fungus', just told the doctor what had happened. He checked my eye and said it was all clear. There are some signs of dry eye, which I knew. He gave me an antibiotic ointment to prevent infection (those don't work on or prevent fungus) to use for 3 or 4 days. I Googled. Eye fungus is 'extremely rare' and usually found in people with contacts or if you tear your eye with a thorn, stick or other type earthy debris. I'm totally unable to relax over this. A fungal infection can take hours to weeks to show up. I have no symptoms but it's been 24 hours. My husband had a co teacher who'd gotten a fungus from contacts and his eye was horrible to look at for years. He had a cornea transplant last year and it's much better, but I could never talk with him without his damaged eye not bothering me. HELP!
  3. Tetanus is found mainly in soil containing infected feces. You probably pinched your skin while sliding your hand.
  4. Thanks Mollyfin. I KNOW that and wasn't horribly worried that it was, but that's always the first thing that comes to mind after I read about it here several years ago. Last night I woke at 11:30, 1, 2, 3, 4:30, 6 and the dogs woke me at 8. My head is pounding and my vertigo is pretty bad. I took my decongestant at 6 and some aspirin just now. Our pollen count is already high. I sure need some rest! I'll try to nap today and after church tomorrow. I've only slept through the night once since before Christmas. First we had everyone here for the holidays and I was so excited, happy, busy. Then she came and when she can't sleep, no one can sleep. I'm making sure I watch only cute things on TV before bed. She called 2 nights right before my bedtime. I have NOT called her.
  5. The brain has no nerve endings for pain. Have you not seen TV shows where they operate on the brain while the patient is awake? Headaches are caused by swelling if there is infection, but usually muscle stress.
  6. Blood Cultures take up to 5 days to come back. There is Sepsis Septic Septic Shock None of them are like the stomach flu.
  7. Good Grief! It would be easier if you told us what is NOT wrong with you! Tape ....... If I have tape or a bandaid on my skin, within 24 hours I break out and it itches like crazy. I can even get blisters if it was something that had to be bandaged for more than an hour or so. Many people react to the glue on tape and bandaids. If you had sepsis, you'd be very ill by now. My husband has had it twice. Once from a lung infection and the other a bladder infection. He has COPD from asbestos exposure and he has been unable to urinate for 37 years so has to cath himself. It's not a fever if your temp isn't over 100.4. Former cancer patient (twice) and that is a known fact. You're spending way too much time fixating on your body. Most of it all sounds like anxiety to me.
  8. What do you have that you need such a strong medicine? The FDA recommends it as a last resort medication only. Diane
  9. Penny, I can't tell you what a godsend you've been today! Imagine us going through the same thing. It helps to know someone else is able to KNOW what I'm going through. Dermatofibroma. I had one on the back of a leg after hiking in the mountains about 40 years ago. It would get angry if I wore boots that hit me in the spot. The derm removed it about 2 years ago. I looked at the biopsy spot when I showered and the wound is smaller than an eraser so the thing had to be even smaller. Thank you so much for sharing! You've made me feel a lot less crazy! Diane
  10. I would. I signed up for FDA updates since my husband is on so many medications and some have been pulled due to contamination. I've seen no concerns with Clonezepam. My new primary, since I've been released by my oncologist, refuses to give me scripts so I have to see a second doctor several times a year for that.
  11. I've been anxiety free or able to reason with myself for quite a while (year? years?) but then my mother came to live with us for over a month. By time she went back home, I was worrying about little things but also having upper lip twitching twice one day during sleep, clinching my teeth, nightmares EVERY night, waking up repeatedly and starting to think small things are deadly things. I found a new bump on the back of my leg while putting on stockings so went to the derm to have it checked. I told her my mind was going to 'nodular melanoma' and I knew that it didn't look anything like those but she said 'Oh I wouldn't think NM. Maybe SCC or Basal Cell, but not nodular melanoma'. She biopsied it and they don't call for 2 weeks or longer. Today I have googled for a good 45 minutes and think it's a dermatofibroma. I had one for years on the other leg and it would flare up and get sore so had it removed. I have one on the back of my arm just above the elbow, but it's skin colored. I didn't think about that when I saw the bump. It seemed to just be there all of a sudden. So, solitary smooth bump. Not shiny or flaky. No rolled borders. About the size of a pencil eraser (I didn't measure) and no itch or pain. Dull pink color. Nothing that would shout 'rare skin cancers' or even SCC or BCC to me, but it's all I can think of today. Hope everyone is doing well!
  12. I stopped checking brands. I've had to change pharmacies several times when they were out of stock but I've had no concerns with any of the brands. I've been taking .5 for many years and it's been a real blessing.
  13. Creatinine levels can be 'wrong' if the tourniquet is too tight or put on too long before the blood is drawn or not released as soon as the blood flow begins. Also, it's always low in people who eat more veggies than proteins from meat.
  14. Actually this was probably a slightly enlarged lymph node. I had no idea they were located in that area until one of my boys had very bad dandruff (seborrhea dermatitis) when he was in puberty. While checking the yellow flakes on his scalp, I found a pea sized lump right where you described. This was prior to my health anxiety so I made an appointment for the derm and he showed me where they were located and also a chart that showed those enlarge when there is a scalp condition or throat, and not brain, ear, sinus, etc. He told me they usually never go back to their original size after enlarging but once we cleared up the dermatitis, the bump(s) went away.
  15. I'm surprised they're doing a CT scan. An MRI is much better for anything below the lungs. I had a special MRI for my kidneys and bladder. The only difference was an RN gave me Atropine prior to the MRI so it had to be done in the imaging center inside the hospital. It showed all my female parts, too. It had a different name than abdominal MRI. They did it the same time as my other MRI, just took 2 hours instead of one. No big deal.