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  1. MsLLL

    Constant reassurance

    Sounds great! And come here to vent anytime. That's what we are there for. And to encourage and inspire each other😃
  2. MsLLL

    Constant reassurance

    Yes, I have been there. But I have learned in counseling that I can only reassure myself.Now I'm at the stage where I don't need reassurance. If we keep looking for reassurance from an outside source whether it's from family or a medical professional it will leave us in an unsatisfying cycle. You can break the cycle. The first step is realizing it doesn't get you anywhere.
  3. MsLLL

    Yelling Out

    We used to think of these as night terrors but I just read an article today that it is actually Panic attacks! I came across a guy who had this from the age of 8. Wingnut I want to send you the letter, you will know him he is an actor. PM me and I will email it to you. Hugs:-)
  4. Don't google. Can you promise that to yourself? You don't have MS, my uncle had that and very rarely did he have electrical zaps but a lot of other, terrible symptoms. It comes from anxiety. Put some heat on it and enjoy your book.
  5. She only had brain zaps. I had them in other places.
  6. MsLLL

    Stopping Meds

    In anxiety and depression we tend to greatly worry when someone else has had a bad experience. Sometimes it goes so far that we are too scared to allow for our own experiences. I have heard all sides of stories from no problem to the worst scenario but that is not your experience. Don't practice catastrophic thinking. You have made your decision and you are under the care of a professional. Prepare yourself mentally and practice self care, stay in communication with your MD/Counselor. And-----don't look for symptoms or let your mind create them. And if you can't do at that time then you can't. Then you will try again and do it another time!
  7. MsLLL

    I’m such an idiot

    Nah Anne! You got to learn ( and I'm sorry I'm being very frank here) to love your brain. Your brain is a wonderful source of life, energy and wonderful experiences. If we make it bad because we have those funky (distorted) thoughts anxiety and depression is super happy because only then can it get the energy it needs to yank us around in all sorts of directions. The same goes for the idiot statement. Watch for negative self talk. It is understandable we do this in the middle of our terrible experience but we need to call each other out on that and be gentle and kind to ourselves. You are a good mom and if the worst that would happen is a wasp problem the world would be in great shape! Hugs to you!
  8. My friend tried to ween off her SSRI and every time she does, she gets these zaps. So it could be very likely it's that. I got electrical zaps in the middle of anxiety and Pa's. In my case it came from anxiety. It's nothing bad. It comes either from anxiety or from missing a dose, if you are on one that leaves your system fairly quickly.
  9. MsLLL

    How did you find help?

    I found my first counselor through the recommendation of a friend. The second one who was more experienced with anxiety was through my doctor.
  10. MsLLL

    Signing off for awhile. Hugs. Hugs

    Have a wonderful summer with your family! Get that time back from last year by the tenfold. And Holls, last year was last year, it's a piece of you but it's in the past now. Not to be forgotten but not to be repeated either! (You won't). It's time to move and soak up all experiences we are granted in this life. Enjoy. Hugs!
  11. MsLLL

    Freaking lump in throat feeling again

    I so agree with this! I don't have GERD or any reflux issues but when I was in the middle of anxiety and PA"s I would come up with new symptoms every week. And this one of the most uncomfortable ones. It took me a long time to understand I created it. Like your posts a lot Holls----it's like a warm blanket covering anxious people (sprinkled with the truth. ).
  12. MsLLL

    Absolutely panicking

    Armeade25-----you are not driving any of us crazy! I just take the liberty to speak for the group which is usually not my style but don't ever think that! We are all in the same boat here and I have yet to met an unkind person on this forum! If we don't understand what anxiety does to a person who else would? Cyber Hug--- you will get comfort soon
  13. MsLLL

    Concerned about MS

    Hi Gale, although I'm not going through the same thing here is my input. I know it's hard to trust a doctor who brings up anxiety. It's still a stigma in our society and we feel ashamed to have a "mental condition". The other things is, in anxiety we suffer from such strong physical symptoms I had trouble myself it could be coming from my mind! So I totally get the suspicion. To take it a step further, I'm not convinced it's that we just distrust our medical professionals. It's that we don't trust ourselves! I think it's a good start to look at that for a bit. In anxiety, at least this has been my personal experience, we always look for the answers from others. We want the relief through a black and white medical diagnosis or relief by not having what we thought we have. Unfortunately this doesn't bring relief, it's temporary. Anxiety is and will be the underlying cause if we don't look within ourselves to free ourselves. And that can be done! There is many different, individual ways to get to acceptance and to live with what we have. If you can't trust yourself it's hard to trust a doctor. It's very tough but the cycle can be broken and you can claim your life back dear Gale! I know it. PS: My Uncle had suffered from MS or maybe I should say, he did live with MS. His symptoms started very early on in his life ( as a young man) and worsened quickly throughout the years. Yet he had great life quality, the disease robbed him off a lot of things ( his career, having a family, being bound to a wheelchair etc.) but he was always surrounded by the love and support of our family.
  14. MsLLL

    Feminine issue

    You probably just hurt that area by prodding it so much. It will heal. Maybe you can put some Destin or the like on it, if it's external. If it's internal I would just let it heal.
  15. MsLLL

    I think I’m having a stroke

    I second Lugrad91 with everything said! Whole heartly. Hope you feel better soon Anne!