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  1. MsLLL

    Why is it doing this.

    I was annoyed like crazy with people but have realized since it was mainly with myself. How can we be happy and relaxed if under such turmoil? It's impossible. Once you and your therapist work through things all these issues will just be a memory. Anxiety is one of the easier mental challenges to treat imho.
  2. MsLLL

    Why is it doing this.

    There is not really a difference, it's interchangeable. (Unless you are seeing a Psychotherapist which is usually not needed for anxiety in my opinion.but of course it's a personal choice), If you are happy with- and trust her it's already a wonderful thing.
  3. MsLLL

    Why is it doing this.

    A Psychiatrist is a medical doctor and prescribes medication. He/She is usually not a counselor unless he went for the two year process of getting a licensure on top of the other degree. A social worker has studied Sociology or Social Work and is not a counselor unless they get a special license. (LCSW) A Psychotherapist is a Counselor who's speciality is a certain type of therapy. I'm a Psychologist and a Counselor:-) But not a Psychotherapist.
  4. MsLLL

    Why is it doing this.

    Awesome! You got this.
  5. MsLLL

    Why is it doing this.

    Yes, it's the war between anxiety and you. But you can't battle anxiety. All you can do is to accept it and let it come with it's tricks at you. The more you do that the less power it has over you and all your symptoms will dissolve. It's a process but you can get there like so many of us. Don't give up. I assure you it feels like hell being in the grip of anxiety but you will feel like yourself again. I'm happy you have a therapist (counselor). Can you work out an agreement to go see her more often when in need? Usually that's an option.
  6. MsLLL

    Why is it doing this.

    I think it's compulsive thinking. That combined with the depersonalization gets people. I know no demon is coming to get you. And no, you are not crazy. You are "just" obsessed focusing on that and that's why you are in the grip of that anxiety so much. We all have been there, some of us obsess over our health and obsess over a swollen lymph node until we are convinced we will die a terrible death just like you obsess over demons, numbers etc. Do you have a counselor? It's good to learn how to move through that phase. It's pretty tough to do it on your own.
  7. Yes, pearls of wisdom! Thank you Jon. And meanwhile we have talked it through. I told him I don't like using labels because I have seen too many people get hurt or tossed aside but that I respect his need for them. And no, I won't give in with his wishes. It took me too long and I'm too comfortable now to have arrived in my own skin and speak my voice. I hope you are doing ok, Jon. I'm wondering if your wife is back home? I will say a prayer. Thank you.
  8. Hi fellow Ac'lers, I have a friend who has PTSD. I have noticed he uses a lot of labels for people, some we both know. This is one of my pet peeves because in my profession I'm used to all kinds of different diagnosis, done by Psychiatrists only. I'm fine with my own diagnosis, anxiety. But I can't stand it if we label other people. What good does that do anyway? If I truly felt a friend was suffering from a mental challenge, I would approach them privately and not share my thoughts about it because it won't do any good and it's a breech of trust. I understand people with PTSD view a lot of things as threats and it might make it easier for him to deal with different people once he puts a label on it. I'm the type of person who tries to be authentic in my personal relationships, so I told him it's not something I need to do in my personal life when he suggested a friend suffered from such and such. He felt attacked although I only spoke about my own way of handling this and didn't criticize him in the least. I assured him I understood his need for this since we are all different. But he seems he can't handle how other people handle things? He was being insistent I should label people. What gives? I don't want to treat him different than any other friend but I also don't want to trigger him. Any advice would be welcome. I'm at a loss here and it hurts me thinking I have hurt him or should have treated him differently. But how do you know what triggers a person? It can literally be so many things and I can't be aware of them all. Advice is welcome from all of you. And waiting for @jonathan123 pearls of wisdom.
  9. How is counseling going for you? Are you learning on why you have anxiety and how to cope with it? I know it's tough to find good counselor's for anxiety. Hugs. I hope you will be better soon.
  10. Hi guys. I think there is no medication that will take it all away. Maybe if we take so much but it will numb us up to other things also that are important. Medication is one piece of the puzzle in my opinion, we still have to learn about ourselves in counseling and get the tools on how to cope. What do you guys think?
  11. MsLLL


    Hello Jitterjy, we are all somewhat in the same boat here, trying to support and encourage each other. I would second what Jon has told you besides the advice on Ativan. It can get you addicted and fairly quickly also. (People have told me as long as I'm worried about getting addicted it can't happen since I'm aware of it. BS. Excuse my french ). The best course of action is to be aware of it's addictive qualities and no, it's not a choice one can make and it doesn't help to be aware of it, some people get addicted fairly quickly. Ativan is considered an emergency medication, for panic attacks. Not longterm as an anti-anxiety medication. We do have some members here, who take them long term and fair well on them but it depends on age and other factors. I would discuss this with your doctor and stick to taking them in emergency situations only. I would suggest finding a good counselor so you can understand what anxiety does and how to integrate it and learn coping skills. Also give it time for the Lexapro to work. My best Wishes.
  12. MsLLL

    I'm scared

    OCD can be another side effect of anxiety. My counselor had pointed that out to me. And puff, away it went. It will for you as well. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself today.
  13. MsLLL

    Hard to breathe when you think about it?

    This has so much truth and good advice in it! Exactly how I felt last year. And what you are saying Bin is what my counselor had explained to me. Funny, how it becomes a non-issue then? Thanks for helping!
  14. MsLLL

    Trying to stay out of patient portal

    I think you have the impulses cause anxiety tries to convince you it's the right thing to do. But fortunately you have realized you are not up to play that game since it doesn't get you anywhere you really want to be at, peace of mind, not feeding the what if's. starve that anxiety- if you do it's so non- threatening. It will be just a reminder of how things spun out of control once and we were taken over Just let it rumble and act up in the background, it can't harm you unless you feed it. The more you let it be the easier it will be to ignore. And it hates to be ignored so it will come up with a new trick. But you are smarter, it's realizing that and usually when it does it tries to come back with a big one. Tell it you'll face it on your own, services not needed anymore. It will hate you for that but will leave you alone eventually. You are a stronger person for it. You know yourself. Once you open the gates it won't be satisfied until it zaps all your energy and occupies all your thoughts. Remember how we are able to deal once we really have reason to worry? All that time wasted with worrying about nothing....Agh, I wish I could get that time back! But then again, I had to learn.... My best Wishes to you.
  15. MsLLL

    I'm scared

    I have issues right now typing. I got used to it. It's not a sign of something sinister. My brain is just fine. Once I've learned it's not a sign of a disease and I don't need to be perfect, things got much better. But I do remember how blurry things were at one point and how I couldn't focus on getting a sentence together. I assure you I have been there, as so many of us and here are the best news: It will pass! And make space for the important stuff.