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  1. Well, it has to be treated just like if we had MS or something else. If we would take it as serious as a physical disease and there wasn't so much stigma, shame and nervousness around having a mental condition we would be in much better shape. Just my two cents. Anxiety and HA does not go away on it's on. It's possible to suppress it ( I would NOT recommend that), or not have a flare up for a while but if left untreated it's like any disease in my humble opinion. Plz don't jump to the next thing, urine, kidneys, etc. You are being tricked cause your anxiety is not being treated properly. I wish you the best and I know if you put the effort in, in treating your disorder instead of using that precious energy to feed into anxiety, it would so great for you 😄
  2. It's ok to still be worried. How wouldn't you be? In anxiety it takes a long time to condition ourselves to the point of constant worry and stress, so therefore it takes a while to get back to regular emotions also. You can do it.
  3. Yeah, it's classic anxiety thinking. We have all been there concerned pa!
  4. People with anxiety are easy to influence. We have a vivid imagination, unfortunately for us that imagination tends to be on the negative side of things. It's our responsibility to not fall prey to google or the media when in the middle of it. Think of it like an addiction, your exacerbated anxiety wants it's fuel, fooling you into thinking once you know you will have relief. But it's the opposite. Take the fuel away from your anxiety!
  5. Hi Bobby, I don't have experience with said medications. When I was at the height of anxiety and panic I did try a benzo once or twice but it had an opposing effect on me. A lot of people on here say, that after stoping a medication and taking it again, it doesn't work anymore. Then we have people on here who take Klonopin for 20 plus years three times a day and they say it's a life-saver. I wish I could help you somehow, what does your doctor suggest to do?
  6. What a beautiful and profound post, Jon. You are much appreciated.
  7. of course, we all went through the same thing! Blessings. PS: It takes time to accept.
  8. Yes, I do. With all due respect I won't share this here because I wholeheartedly believe it doesn't do us any good to compare notes in regard to that, it's counterproductive. An anxious mind will only experience temporary relief when symptoms don't match; to jump on to the next thing. I believe we have to tackle the root of it, that's anxiety and fear. I'm always here to help with that. Blessings.
  9. My Uncle had MS for many, many years. He got the first symptoms in his 20's which is early. But although his life had challenges and he missed out on certain things, he accepted what he had and still lived a life surrounded with the love and joy of family and friends. Of course no one would chose a chronic disease like this or any other....but wait! We do have one already 😉
  10. I don't know if this is your situation but when I was at the height of my anxiety journey, I would google day and night because I was so sure the doctor's overlooked something. Surely, they had to be a medical (physical) reason why I felt so bad! Well, no one overlooked anything, I just had to come to terms with it, that yes, anxiety can do all this to us. People told me to stay away from google but I just couldn't at the time. Now I can google any disease without correlating it to me. You will get there, I know you can!
  11. Don't be sorry, we are here for you:-) I don't know your back story but to me it sounds like you are having chronic anxiety which circles in your mind and body so to speak. My uncle had MS and I don't remember that he had any of those symptoms you are describing. Anxiety makes our vision blurry sometimes, we get burning sensations in our bodies and we feel tightness. Can you tell me why are you so worried about getting this particular disease? Do you know anyone who has it or have you been influenced by the media? It's ok to be scared, we all are when we face this but I have learned for myself I don't have to fear anxiety, there is no reason. Now it's sometimes hard to believe how it influenced me into believing I was dying young, checking symptoms trying to connect them to diseases and all. I know all too well how bad it can be. Hugs.
  12. This is the truth, and it's the only way to regulate our exaggerated anxiety back into healthy levels. Once you have practiced this a lot you will get the chance to work on the root of your fear and why you were put through these challenges in the first place. You can do it! We believe in you
  13. I'm so sorry you are going through this. I just saw your post for the first time. I'm also sorry you haven't found the right medication that works for you. All medication has side effects, no matter what we take, even if we just take an aspirin. But when we suffer from Bipolar, PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder it's very beneficial to get the relief necessary. In those cases it's important for your well-being to take medication on a regular basis. People with your dx have said it's the only way to manage those conditions. Please don't give up on yourself and find something that works for you, Kassy. Come here lot's and talk about everything you want to talk about. Best Wishes.