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  1. Freaking lump in throat feeling again

    I so agree with this! I don't have GERD or any reflux issues but when I was in the middle of anxiety and PA"s I would come up with new symptoms every week. And this one of the most uncomfortable ones. It took me a long time to understand I created it. Like your posts a lot Holls----it's like a warm blanket covering anxious people (sprinkled with the truth. ).
  2. Absolutely panicking

    Armeade25-----you are not driving any of us crazy! I just take the liberty to speak for the group which is usually not my style but don't ever think that! We are all in the same boat here and I have yet to met an unkind person on this forum! If we don't understand what anxiety does to a person who else would? Cyber Hug--- you will get comfort soon
  3. Concerned about MS

    Hi Gale, although I'm not going through the same thing here is my input. I know it's hard to trust a doctor who brings up anxiety. It's still a stigma in our society and we feel ashamed to have a "mental condition". The other things is, in anxiety we suffer from such strong physical symptoms I had trouble myself it could be coming from my mind! So I totally get the suspicion. To take it a step further, I'm not convinced it's that we just distrust our medical professionals. It's that we don't trust ourselves! I think it's a good start to look at that for a bit. In anxiety, at least this has been my personal experience, we always look for the answers from others. We want the relief through a black and white medical diagnosis or relief by not having what we thought we have. Unfortunately this doesn't bring relief, it's temporary. Anxiety is and will be the underlying cause if we don't look within ourselves to free ourselves. And that can be done! There is many different, individual ways to get to acceptance and to live with what we have. If you can't trust yourself it's hard to trust a doctor. It's very tough but the cycle can be broken and you can claim your life back dear Gale! I know it. PS: My Uncle had suffered from MS or maybe I should say, he did live with MS. His symptoms started very early on in his life ( as a young man) and worsened quickly throughout the years. Yet he had great life quality, the disease robbed him off a lot of things ( his career, having a family, being bound to a wheelchair etc.) but he was always surrounded by the love and support of our family.
  4. Feminine issue

    You probably just hurt that area by prodding it so much. It will heal. Maybe you can put some Destin or the like on it, if it's external. If it's internal I would just let it heal.
  5. I think I’m having a stroke

    I second Lugrad91 with everything said! Whole heartly. Hope you feel better soon Anne!
  6. Feeling so hopeless

    Hi Mrspmddo, I'm sorry you are in the middle of this. I remember it clearly; to feel complete terror. You are NOT out of control, your anxiety is out of control! You are the boss of your life at all times, anxiety tries to tell you it is. Don't fight, don't listen. Accept it's there and your warning system is out off whack. You know yourself you can live with arthritis and hemorrhoid's just fine not matter how unpleasant it is because you have been doing so for 30 years in the case of the later. Anxiety is trying to tell you it's sinister and for you to focus on the groin pain. It's playing tricks with you, don't allow for that. Do everything you can do be comfortable, including putting ice or heat on the area (groin/hips) , making sure you have a "good" bathroom experience and so on. Let the anxious thoughts be there but don't let them control your whole being. Use your life energy no matter how difficult right now, do something you enjoy. The more you do this the more anxiety loses it's power over you.
  7. Heart Issues and Pain?

    Hi Wingnut! I'm sorry you are under the weather right now. Isn't it weird how in Health Anxiety we are never satisfied with what we are told by medical professionals? We are looking for reassurance that we are not suffering from anything bad physically cause we fear our mortality or suffering....But when in the middle of anxiety we already suffer greatly! And I firmly believe no doctor can give me the reassurance I need, maybe temporary but then I'm ready to jump onto something else...and so on and so on. We have to break that cycle for our own sake. Anxiety comes from within. It's our thoughts and experiences or our distortion of those thoughts and experiences who put us there in the first place. So the only way to truly break free from anxiety and fear and live freely is to search within us to find what we need to heal. Sometimes we require medication, getting in touch with our spiritual site, finding a good therapist, the list is long but only you can decide what YOU need. It can be done and I hope this helps somehow. Cyber-Hug (Hope you get over that virus soon but hope way more that you dig inside to find the freedom you deserve).
  8. Sadly accurate....

    I agree with Holls, getting better for yourself and for your loved ones. Only one life to live. It's precious. Let's not waste it.
  9. Still very afraid

    I'm glad one of your fears has been erased! Are you celebrating? How are you feeling about it? You seem kind of aloof about it if I may say. About the itching, I really think it's your nerves! There is a brand you can get at Walgreens or Walmart, oh, you are in Canada.... I'm not sure then but it's called Aveene and they make an oatmeal shower soap. Or just take oatmeal and mix it with soap when taking a shower, afterwards put an oil or lotion on even if you don't like it. It will help
  10. Hi Holls, I take it pretty regularly after working out. Not every day but when needed. I can't really say if it helps with anxiety, I know some people believe it does. I haven't been anxious in a while but I will take some next time to let you know. I do know you have to take a lot for it to have an effect. I take a 150 mg capsule after working out but not daily. My friend who went into premature labor a few months ago took a lot, I think 1200 -1800 mg or maybe over 2,000. It sure helped calm her and the contractions
  11. Freaking out!!! Botulism?!?!

    Hi Jdgate, you are dizzy and feel pressure. Your muscles twitch. I'm sorry you are scared. We all have been through this, it's called anxiety. Can you not google since that's counterproductive and maybe see your Doctor to discuss anxiety and what can be done?
  12. Still very afraid

    Hi Angrry! All blood tests were normal-----yipiiiieeee! Are you ok? You sound like you still have doubts?
  13. Freaking out!!! Botulism?!?!

    I don't think you sound stupid at all! I was actually thinking the same thing. Who know's what we have all eaten in restaurants so far. And we all seem to be fine
  14. Still very afraid

    Hi Angrry! I bet you are the doctor now getting a perfect reasonable explanation for your latest bout. Let us know how it went. Thinking about you
  15. Freaking out!!! Botulism?!?!

    Hi Jdgate! It sounds like you had a nervous stomach because of the what if's.... Your last post shows you have moved on to other 'symptoms'. I don't think you have botulism. Matter of fact I don't believe you can get this from old oil. Think about how people used to live, without a fridge and a proper way to store things. You will be fine. Please come back and tell us so