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  1. I swear it is always something....

    I googled it and it's a real thing. I also found that your risk factors a very low: I hope this helps you a little
  2. I swear it is always something....

    Dear Jennie! Are you making up the lymphoma rash thing? I have never heard of that. Your blood work is fine, no swollen lymph nodes, you feel perfectly fine equals you are fine! I had a rash a few days ago in my private area that spread to my right thigh. It was red and angry looking and I have never seen anything like that on me. I thought about freaking out but felt that it would be a waste of my time. I assured myself it was from shaving ( a bump and than treated with a harsh cleanser I usually don't use in that area aggravated it all). I washed it, patted it dry and put diaper ointment on. It went away in 2 days. (I'm freaking out a little right now, tempted to google it).
  3. Colon is all good !

    Yes. People who have not been through it just can't understand. Good thing we can support each other here on AC!
  4. Colon is all good !

    Wonderful news! I'm very happy for you. Now the challenge we have as anxiety sufferer's, is, to not let our mind create new symptoms to latch onto- once we know one thing is good. You can do it, we all can! I'm so glad everything went well.
  5. Endoscopy and colonoscopy done

    Good Luck! You will be in our thoughts!
  6. Endoscopy and colonoscopy done

    I'm a little lost right now? Didn't you just get this done?
  7. Spiralling - Decrease in appetite

    Hi Bob! sorry to hear things are a little tough right now. It is hard when anxiety throws a new physical symptom our way and our mind feeds the symptoms by fearing them and looking for " a logical' explanation. The problem with anxiety is we don't think straight when in the middle of it. We latch on to the worst case scenario and think we have evidence since we experience physical symptoms. Well, we don't. You are not sick Bob, you suffer from anxiety! When I was experiencing the hell that anxiety can really be, I couldn't eat. I had to force myself to, it was no fun. Of course I thought I was gravely sick and guess what? I was not, I can eat now whatever I want without any problems. I had to retrain my mind so it wouldn't jump to the worst case conclusions and as a result create more mental and physical symptoms. And you can too! That cord needs to be cut and over time your brain will not produce all those stress hormones and your body and mind will relax.
  8. Burping fear

    Hi David! I so agree with BrokenArrow on this! When I was in the midst of anxiety and Panic attacks I burped and developed gas like I never have before! It really does come from underlying anxiety that you are not aware of and yes, the stomach receives all those stress signals. That's why we have sooooo many symptoms; funny bm's, gas, burping....u name it. I assure you now I just sometimes burp like everyone else and the gas and bm issues are a non-issue. And remember, the more you focus on this the more you will burp! That's how it was in my case. I promise you there is nothing wrong with you. It's anxiety. That can even turn into a light flare up for GERD which is nothing to really worry about. You got some good advice here, try to see if it comes from food or from being anxious without realizing it. I strongly suspect the later one.
  9. Signing Off

    We will miss you and your outstanding advice! You have tied up loose ends for me many times, just by reading your posts. Best of luck and enjoy everything life brings...even if it's the odd anxiety showing it's face from time to time (I know u know it will be ok).
  10. Endoscopy and colonoscopy done

    Awesome Dave! I bet you are relieved, I didn't even realize this was one of your fears.
  11. Not doing so well

    HUGS! It's ok, remember when things go really downhill they have to come back up too! It just takes time and sometimes our suffering is so great that we want to speed up the process, understandably so.
  12. Anyone take Klonopin daily?

    Hi guys! I would like to jump in here with the list of medication's my friend has used for the past 20 years. I have her permission to do so, if it helps any of us. This is just a glimpse of what she took on and off in the past 20 years: Lamictal 25 mg pd Abilify 2 mg qd Buspar 30 mg bid Effexor 225 mg (it was increased to that level over time) Ambien 10 mg Celexa 40 mg Propanolol 10 mg 1 -2 tabs qd The reason I'm posting this is, that she is not taking any medication anymore at all for the past 4 months and feels just the same. I'm very happy for her. I take medication daily and cannot imagine not taking it at the moment. Although there is no classical benzos on this list she did have withdrawl from the high dosage of effexor (it lasted 4 weeks and she said it was tough in 2008). Ethansmom, I think as long as you tapper it off under a doctors supervision you will be fine. I totally agree with Liv! It's highly individual.
  13. Not doing so well

    Hi Sigh! Good to have you back. It's go ok to be annoyed, we all have that from time to time. But we can't force it. Therapy can help us understand ourselves better (in the best case scenario) and aid us in coping with this. What are your deficiencies if you don't mind me asking? I just got my Vit D back and it looks good as well as my Vitamin B's ( and I was pretty sure that would be low but it was actually really good).
  14. Not doing so well

    (I was not saying deficiencies can't cause health problems but in my case anxiety was the biggest source of feeling unwell). Please do report back