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  1. MsLLL

    Best SSRI for Health Anxiety

    It's such an individual topic but I completely understand why you are asking. I too, was desperate at a time to find one that would help. I can tell you Buspar has not helped me but I know many people who swear by it.
  2. Awesome! I'm very happy for you. Panic attacks are the worst. Certainly you are still nervous, what has been laying so long buried in your system is not completely going away but it will with time and using our coping skills. Your heart rate is fine, the resting one is good, since I'm assuming you are not an athlete;-) And yes, personally I broke free from my phobias when I completely stopped measuring my vitals. It certainly raised them----the anticipation of the what's if's demand their food to keep us in the anxious cycle. Starve them! Heart rates vary throughout the day and the activity we do. Don't pay attention to it and just let your doctor measure it- if you can at this point. Best Wishes.
  3. Wonderful news! Yes, I had the feeling of lightheadedness, it went away, it's a classic anxiety symptom; especially in combo with the others mentioned . Yours will go away too! , hang in there and feed yourself positive thoughts. You are almost there. And setbacks can happen but you will be prepared to deal with them better. Best Wishes.
  4. MsLLL

    What is Serotonin Syndrome?

    Good point.
  5. @Ethansmom @anxiouslisa How are you ladies doing? You have been both on my mind. I hope things are better.
  6. MsLLL


    I think this is so helpful! I've posted about this a long time ago when I started doing this exercise and got a lot of flak for it. But it's true for me and has helped me a ton! Glad to hear other's are practicing this as well.😀
  7. MsLLL

    Panic attack

    My heart goes out to you. It sux! But even if you feel overwhelmed and hopeless right now be assured you are one strong person! Only strong people can deal with this imho. I have had the symptoms you have described, it's the worst. It felt like I was going to pass out or die. Now that I know what I have it's good to realize it can't kill us. It's just a very uncomfortable state to be in and it will be pass. For the hyperventilating, isn't it so strange that we do the shallow breathing? That makes the symptoms worse but we can't stop it when in the middle of it. Meditation is pretty much impossible when in the middle of a panic attack, I suggest you do it when you are "just" anxious but not in panic mode. What helped me a bit when I had severe panic attacks is to press my hands on my tummy and tried to focus breathing into my belly because the shallow breathing made it so much worse. There is a video on youtube how to breath when having a panic attack (there is a link on here for it also, maybe you can search for it). You are not alone and it will get better!
  8. MsLLL


    Wow Lisa---- you are making progress! I'm so glad you asked me this initial question so we get to hear you are actually on a good path! I knew you could do it. Yes, we are too focussed on the psychosomatic issues of this disease that's why we don't fully realize that things are better. There is not magical time limit but rest assured you are on it for a very short time and making progress! Good deal! I'm so pleased! Rule of thumb: If you can live your daily life w/o avoidance you are on a good path which you are. For the work ride, how about downloading soothing music or meditation? And if you get panicky at work you can still take the ativan, for emergencies only. Yes, I'm concerned about my friend, it's been a long road, she has tried many different meds over the years but hasn't found something that really helps. So the doctor increases to a very high dosage. It's for clinical depression, not so much anxiety. Fingers crossed though. Don't focus on the next week, stay in there here and now. If you are fine in the here and now the next week can wait (discuss that with your counselor if you wish).
  9. MsLLL


    Hi Wingnut, I'm sorry you don't feel well. I'm sending a platonic hug to you in Florida😃 I think you have just a bug and an increase in anxiety, what do YOU think? Now, about drinking lots of water when your test says you don't have an infection, please don't do that if you are still taking your medication for anxiety! It will make it worse and water cannot flush out bacteria, only penicillin can kill off bacteria but if you drink massive amounts of water it might flush out your needed meds. Since you don't have a UTI and therefore no kidney infections I'm asking you to take it slow and relax. You are young and healthy. Even if you had a bacterial infection it doesn't automatically lead to kidney failure and to death. You have catastrophic thinking going on. I have been there as you know. Please assure yourself anxiety is doing this to you and it's not the end of the world although it feels like it when we are in the middle of it. Please don't get over productive with physical symptoms and killing them off but focus on what is really going on. It's anxiety and I know you can cope!!! Let me know how you are.
  10. MsLLL


    PS: My friend now upped her Wellbutrin intake to 300 mg/24 hrs and it's not helping yet. Fingers crossed!
  11. MsLLL


    Hi Lisa, do you take the Lexapro and the Ativan at the same time? I have never heard of that personally but I'm sure there is clients who do so. You have raised a good question here, how are you supposed to know if the Lexapro works? If you calm your brain with a benzo right away? Rule of thumb is, just take the SSRI regularly and if there is not even the slightest dent in how you feel or it has increased your symptoms it's time to face the reality of being on the wrong medication. Your doctor cannot let you run into a possible addiction scenario just because he refuses to come up with the correct treatment plan for you. And yes, they run out of patience because they see this every day but that is their problem in my opinion. Lexapro will not calm you as fast as the benzo, it takes time to build up in your system. And a benzo has a short half time so you face the danger of needing more longterm to get the same results. It's sad and concerning to me that your doctor doesn't take your concerns seriously. I wonder what his plan is for you? If that's his treatment plan to take an SSRI combined with a benzo how long should you and what's the reasoning behind it? In my professional experience we gave the SSRIS/SNRIS regularly and only for an acute panic attack, if all other coping skills failed, we issued the benzo to the clients. (Sometimes even a placebo if we felt it would do the same but that' s another story). Benzo's taken longterm can get you addicted, your doctor needs to discuss this with you. Can you -with the help of your PCP taper off the ativan? And only take it in accute crisis and develop coping skills with your counselor? That would be my approach for myself and for clients. There is one exception to the rule, if no SSRI/SNRI ever works for a client and they are dx with acute panic disorder, yes, then you should be put on a treatment plan to take, for example .5 of a benzo 3*/24 hrs ( or whatever works in the individual case). Let me know what you think? How is the anxiety on a scale of 0-10? How often do yo have classic panic attacks? In a week? In a day? My best wishes, I know how this sucks.
  12. Wonderful Leah, I'm happy to hear you are able to differentiate what's catastrophic thinking and what's really a cause for concern. Don't beat yourself up about worrying so much, we all do it/have done it, it's part of our disease. Great you are meditating or saying a prayer, yes, it's hard at first but I promise you it will get much easier the more you do this (when needed). Think of it as retraining your old, anxious brain! It's good to have an understanding what anxiety is, what it does to us, why we got it in the first place and how to use coping skills.
  13. MsLLL


    A lot of folks are worried about that. I understand you have that worry, I think we all do. A psychiatrist I have met at a work forum told us once that these type of meds' bring the best out in people, not the worst! He said a lot of people don't take medication they so desperately need or stop it prematurely because of the stigma and because they are worried it will change their personality. A common SSRi can't do that, also you are under the care of a doctor.
  14. MsLLL

    Shortness of breath and palpitations

    Our mind creates the symptoms and our body reacts to it. Worry and fear running in our minds-----and physical symptoms are produced as a result. Anxiety weighs us down, especially if we don't see anything else anymore but fear. You can't avoid it, you can't outrun it ( I have tried and failed). It has the same pattern: Anxiety increases, then comes the plateau, then it slowly leaves the system. To tackle anxiety we have to accept it's there, it's good we have it. We are build with anxiety as a warning system, just our's is in constant overload. Accept it, differentiate what is the normal anxiety and what is the overload, act accordingly and never avoid. If you avoid (usually we do this at the plateau because it's so freakin' scary!) it comes back stronger. Sometimes we use anxiety not to confront certain fears or conflicts we have within ourselves or with others. But we can be proactive and we can stop the suffering. It is very possible.
  15. Yes, in anxiety the fear consumes us. It comes at us in all kinds of shapes and forms. We develop phobias (smelling the breath and being obsessive about it, not being able to stop). It is very common to do such things. Anxiety comes with bouts of OCD/phobias for so many of us. Rest assured you will get through this. When we are so uncomfortable and scared of course we think we are going crazy/losing it. You are not alone. Nothing is wrong with your daughter or her breath but deep inside you already know that. Try to listen to a meditation video or music every time you get the urge to check her. Once your medicine kicks in things will go more smoothly.