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    GAD or not?

    Yes and yes and yes. The sense that something is wrong or maybe even just NOT right is usually present with GAD.

    Fluid In Ear

    Chiropractic adjustment may be able to release the fluid. I have small canals too and often feel fluid filled or air filled even when there is nothing there. Anxiety can make the ears feel full even when they are not so it could be fading off but your ' mind' refuses to believe it.

    Using site

    Private message. Some folks love private message and others prefer to be more 'social' with the whole group. Click on the users name and a send message box should come up.
  4. I would get an eye dr to check your regular vision and once you know it's all clear, you can chalk up all of it to anxiety symptoms.
  5. Here is a super great thread to read for anyone with any kind of health anxiety issue. I recommend printing it out or at least printing out a copy of the ones that relate most to each of us. Sight (anxiety symptoms commonly associated with sight) Distorted, foggy, or blurred vision Dry, watery or itchy eyes Eye tricks, seeing things our of the corner of your eye that isn’t there, stars, flashes Eyes sensitive to light Spots in the vision Flashing lights when eyes are closed Your depth perception feels wrong
  6. Can I ask why you looked at your feet for a full minute while standing up ?
  7. Anxiety is the sneakiest little perpetrator.
  8. Right Molly. Eye strains. Any time you see something like that look back at the last little bit and see what you've been doing. I got something similar a few weeks back and it was after I had been out in bright sunlight and squinting really hard for a few minutes. Then when I got into normal vision my eyes were tired but just for a minute or two.

    Missed Period

    You had no kind of intercourse?

    Anxiety in the morning

    Anxiety is an energy. Picture it as ' hyperactivity'. We feel fidgety like we need to move. The morning is the time when our body is naturally ready to move the most because it's been dormant and not moving for several hours. I used to have very horrible mornings and still sometimes they creep on me. It's important to move around in the morning. The afternoons and evenings are easier because we've been naturally moving around all day using energy, walking, showering, working, cleaning, errands, chores, etc. , even if it's not ' exercise' we get a lot of moving done in the day and it naturally satisfies the body's need to move. Hang in there!!!

    CT Scans Head neck and chest

    I actually found the CT scan one of my favorite things ever. I had one years ago for headaches and I remember how calming and soothing the noise and rhythm was. Did you find it that way? I also had a near bulging disc recently and saw the chiropractor three weeks in a row and no more pain

    (UPDATED) Really rough few days :(

    I am rarely sick and when I'm a ' little' sick I always ' feel' like it's awful, the worst. But if I use logic, I know it's not too bad. Like a fever of 99.5 and I think I'm on death's door. I think we are all hyper aware of all our body symptoms and a slight bit of sick does more a number on our heads than our bodies. I take tons of vitamins and minerals and don't get sick often. That may be another thing is I'm not very accustomed to how sick bugs feel anymore. So when I get hit with one, even small, it seems really bad.
  13. You should read the post called 100 anxiety symptoms. Goofy heart beats are HALLMARK anxiety symptoms. It happens all the time. It is the probable single most common symptom.

    So tired! So over it!

    Hi Lone! Big hugs. I wonder if things at work are really crazy hectic and it's taking its toll on you. I've been doing the meditating for over a year on the advice of another member here. It's amazingly helpful. I could never get it before but she showed me some guided meditations on youtube so all yo uhave to do is listen to them. Michael Sealey is a good one and I like Jody Whitely as well. They have different one for obsessions, anxiety, depression, etc .
  15. I actually stopped using it over a decade ago because it began to give me panic attacks. To each his own. I'd definitely say go slowly if you begin again and not blast all the way out and see how you feel after.