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  1. You should read the post called 100 anxiety symptoms. Goofy heart beats are HALLMARK anxiety symptoms. It happens all the time. It is the probable single most common symptom.

    So tired! So over it!

    Hi Lone! Big hugs. I wonder if things at work are really crazy hectic and it's taking its toll on you. I've been doing the meditating for over a year on the advice of another member here. It's amazingly helpful. I could never get it before but she showed me some guided meditations on youtube so all yo uhave to do is listen to them. Michael Sealey is a good one and I like Jody Whitely as well. They have different one for obsessions, anxiety, depression, etc .
  3. I actually stopped using it over a decade ago because it began to give me panic attacks. To each his own. I'd definitely say go slowly if you begin again and not blast all the way out and see how you feel after.
  4. Hey Q,, I can tell you with near certainty this is not abnormal. If you are concerned , speak to your doctor and let them reassure you

    Do not be afraid of mistakes...

    Mistakes are how we learn what to do or not to do next time. They're very necessary. Imagine the first child to ever walk if they'd given up after one stumble? Would we all be crawling? We'd certainly have no internet or electricity or airplanes or surgeries or even pens and paper to write on if at first someone did not succeed did not try and try again!!!

    Update on my call back from the dermatologist

    Good job, Missy!

    I made a dentist appointment.

    Good for you! I 'll tell you I don't really mind going to the dentist any more than other places but I loathe going ALL places. Once you get in the chair and they start working, it totally distracts your mind and your thoughts and you're focused on the feelings and sensations and you won't have panicky thoughts. Way to go!

    Heat sensitivity anyone??

    Don't discount that perimenopause and its hormones. I'm super sensitive to heat and humidity. Let me give you a ' hot ' tip At the dollar store or pharmacy you can pick up a bottle of SPRAY rubbing alcohol or witch hazel. If you can find the green kind, its' even better as it's got some menthol in it. Keep that handy in the warm / hot months. Spray some on your arm pits and your neck and you'll cool off quickly! Hang in there. You're doing fine!!!


    Break the information down into manageable segments so you only see what is in front of you at the time. Anxiety is a LIAR. It tells us we are no good, not smart , not funny, not capable .........those are lies. Change the dialogue with yourself so you can give yourself the confidence. Instead of ' i'm very anxious to learn all this'' ... try "i'm so eager to learn this new information'. Small little changes in how we talk to ourselves can make a big difference. I hate driving and going into stores and a lot of times on the way to one I think " i cant'' and I just have to change that to '' i have done this many times, no biggie' . Talk yourself up to yourself!

    Street Light panic

    Not that particular type but I can totally see how things like that happen. I dislike being' boxed in' at a street light, like with cars on all sides of me. Funnily enough, I'd rather be at the front like you are describing. You're doing fine and practicing your techniques is a great tool. I keep a bag of snacks in the car and at a light I dig in it and find something to open up and take a bite of to pass the time until that light turns green. Carry on, Phil. You're doing great!

    Still suffering, worried & confused....

    When we panic and breath all over the place, we can induce coughing. Do you lay flat? Maybe sleep propped up on the couch for a few days and see if you can clear it out.

    Still worried about dementia, concerned about my Mother.

    Sounds like your mom needs to join an anxiety forum as well, maybe?

    Still suffering, worried & confused....

    It sounds like you may need something like albuterol treatments? Do you have asthma?

    Can't seem to shake fear of skin cancer!!

    HI Missy You've talked to countless doctors and had countless tests on countless moles, correct? You got to force yourself to stay away from Google and the yahoo or facebook articles. I swear they are placing those things there to scare us. Since your search history has lots of health related queries, that is what they target you with. Clear your history completely and search happy things and you'll see ads and articles for kittens and cupcakes instead!

    Still suffering, worried & confused....

    Chiro and massage can be your best friends