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  1. I swear it is always something....

    Thank you all for your responses -- I really appreciate it! I did seem to notice a very slight irritation when I switched deodorants but that was some time ago when I switched (using Aluminum free deodorant as it is supposed to be better for you) so maybe that is the underlying cause of this irritation. Since this weekend though - I have stopped using the deodorant until I can get fully rid of this irritation. And yes since my blood work is good and no swollen lymph nodes that makes me feel better. The dermatologist didn't even mention lymphoma - that is my crazy HA reaction -- and I didn't mention it to him as I didn't want him to think I am crazy. He just stated since the hydrocortisone cream has not fully cleared it up -- he wanted to figure out by doing the biopsy what it is so we can treat it...he mentioned that it could be - allergic reaction, bacteria or fungus. And from what I read about skin lymphoma or lymphoma is that folks had extreme itchiness with a rash all over. This hasn't itched at all and just feels a little irritated -- more so after I take a shower or after I work out. Hope to get some answers soon!
  2. I swear it is always something....

    Well I don't seem to have any risk factors -- but seeing the pictures didn't help as it looks similar to what I have. It doesn't itch at all but feels irritated a little. I hope to get these results soon so I can get rid of this!!
  3. Just when I get the all clear from the Dermatologist last month -- about a week and a half ago had two flesh color bumps that were diagnosed as sebaceous hyperplasia -- while waiting for my appointment last week I looked up treatment as I googled these bumps and found a serum on Amazon and thought to try as folks said it really helped. I have been using and it has almost resolved the two bumps -- when I saw the doctor today -- he said it was sebaceous hyperplasia (which is very common) and said since they are almost resolved he didn't need to treat them. Also since this weekend -- I noticed a red rash under both armpits -- not really itchy just felt a little irritated -- thinking maybe since I work out a lot and get sweaty it could of caused something...have been using hydrocortisone but it has not resolved SO while I was at the dermatologist today I of course showed him the armpit rash -- he said the best way to determine what it is (fungal, dermatitis, bacteria) was to biopsy it -- the word biopsy freaks me out...but I guess that will be the best way to know for sure how to treat waiting for the results -- which should be no big deal but my brain starts going crazy with what if this is some kind of lymphoma rash or something??? I have no other symptoms -- no swollen lymph nodes anywhere that I can feel, feel perfectly fine - exercising daily - feel good, and just had complete blood work done during check up at the end of July. So trying not to panic -- has anyone ever had this type of rash???
  4. Signing Off

    Will miss you Bin - you have always been very supportive of me and given me great advice. Please stop by and check in when you have time! Take care!
  5. frightened something is terribly wrong...

    This happens to me quite a lot -- it seems that I have no problem getting to sleep but many nights wake up several times and have a very difficult time getting back to sleep. I also get sweaty at times too with mainly sweating some around my neck/chest area. I was concerned a few times over this over the years and got checked out by the doctor; had blood tests done - all came back normal. How old are you? I'm thinking maybe it could have something to do with perimenopause? I'll be 49 soon. I also seem to notice that the sweating for me started when I got a new mattress that has a pillow top built in so that may be a cause as the bed is too hot -- I try to put a fan on me at night which seems to help. Just wanted you to know that you are not alone and I have been going through this off and on for quite some time. I too agree with you as I don't like to take any type of medication or OTC for this either.
  6. Not doing so well

    Hi Sigh -- I go through what you are describing a lot too -- but try desperately to stop thinking catastrophically and lately it seems to be working. I too have skin anxiety but I did have a basal cell removed last spring -- and am going every 6 months to the derm for checkups -- just had a check up few weeks ago and was all clear...I really made him take his time and check everything thoroughly and asked many questions. As soon as that's over - about a week or so later -- I get these red bumps/itchy rash on one of calf's -- ugh! This sent me into a spiral but went to the doctor and found out it was allergic dermatitis as I was recently playing in the grass with my son. It has almost cleared up. I also like the advice given by our mom's -- my mom definitely would say the same to me...she used to always tell me, "you have to be tough as you get older". So I try my best not to going spiraling into HA when something comes up but to think rationally as possible and of course seeking medical attention (instead of googling) is always the better choice.
  7. Anxiety over children

    I try to hide it too...but will say to them - if something is really wrong then it is best to get checked by the doctor. I told both of my boys (ages 7 and 9) to always feel like they can tell me when they are not feeling well or any type of health issue and we can address I'm sure as they get older they may not be so open. I think its normal for us with HA to overly worry about our kids -- I do try and hide my HA when it comes up and discuss with my husband alone as he sometimes will help calm me down....other times I know he gets frustrated with me.
  8. Mom's surgery went great

    That is great news -- so wonderful to hear!
  9. Anyone been through a medical crisis?

    I had a major medical scare about 10 years ago (I was 38 and 9 weeks pregnant with my first child) - I had a bad cold/cough and then one evening starting getting stabbing pains in my chest -- didn't know exactly what was going on and somehow ending up getting to sleep that night. In the morning, still having chest pain and then coughed up some blood -- went straight to the doctor and then was sent to ER -- had multiple scans and x-rays...which I was really scared to do since I was pregnant at the time...and was diagnosed with a PE in the lung, pneumonia and pleurisy. Spent a week in the hospital...surprising my boy survived and was born healthy. I did find out, once I was released from hospital and had to follow up with specialists that I have two hereditary blood clotting disorders. When all this was happening -- I was so sick -- I didn't have time to get anxious. My HA seemed to start after losing the rest of my immediate family members (my dad died when I was in my 20's from cirrhosis, sister died at age 60 - not sure why just died in her sleep, and mom died at 84 from late stage dementia) -- I guess I keep thinking I must be next. It motivates me to try and stay healthy by eating right, going to the doctor when needed, and exercising! I have two small boys (ages 7 and 9) and a supportive husband that I want to stay around for - I'll be 50 next year!
  10. Taking a little break...

    I think its good to take a break -- I also agree that this forum is very helpful and has helped my anxiety a lot!
  11. Doc visit today

    Glad the appointment went well and the BP went down -- mine seems to always be elevated lately at the doctor's office but always goes down at the end of visit when they retake it and I also take it at home and it's good there so I don't worry so much. I always feel better scheduling blood work and you will feel better after you know your numbers and discuss with the doctor -- you might not need medication. I had my skin checkup yesterday and feel relieved that all was well and will hopefully stay that way.
  12. I get them from time to time -- had one that lasted for two days earlier this week - seemed to stem from sore muscles in the neck and shoulders and ended up as a tension headache -- my eyes also hurt. Try to relax and it will go away.
  13. A little anxious - for check up today

    Thanks for the positive responses. My appointment went fine yesterday and all was well - good for another 6 months!
  14. It's time for my 6 months check up at the dermatologist today and HA is trying to take over and I'm trying to stay calm. This is a fairly new HA for me -- but at the last check up in March - they did find a small basal cell cancer on my back which was successfully removed. I haven't seen anything when checking myself over the past 6 months-- and I feel like I am always looking in the mirror or having my husband check my back which I can't see that well for anything abnormal -- he was the one who saw the basal cell on my back before and said "this looks kind of odd and you should have it checked out by the dermatologist" which I did of course. I've also invested a small fortune in sun protective clothing and very vigilant with the sunscreen, hats, I can honestly say that I didn't get any sun damage this summer. Anyway just asking for positive vibes and thoughts....thanks!
  15. Frustration at the Yearly Checkup

    good news on the numbers and the BP was not bad at all...I'm sure if they would of taken it a little bit later or at the end of the appointment it would be perfect! I have a blood pressure monitor at home that I use -- and those reading are always much better when I'm at home and relaxed.