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  1. If Tylenol doesn't work, try a different med if you're able to. Ibuprofen or naproxen / Aleve. For me, Tylenol only works if I take it soon enough after the headache begins. Once it gets bad, the only thing that has any chance of relieving the pain is Ibuprofen or Aleve.
  2. Nice! That's always great. My cousin has a doc like that. He calls and checks on her regularly, even when he's not at work. My doc is very responsive to messages on the portal, so that's great. Granted, I never really have to reach out that way, but the few times I have she's been on top of it. I'm not unhappy, just would prefer a bit better communication when I'm in the office for an appt. 😛
  3. I miss the provider I used to see, I really liked her. Unfortunately, she left last year to continue her career and education elsewhere. My current provider has been there for some years, and while I think she takes great care of me, I often feel rushed by her. The old provider used to listen very intently, no rush at all. But it's all good, she still takes time to explain things to me and she listens to any real concerns I have
  4. Yep. Takes some time for those things to heal. History of heart attack on his dad's side doesn't really have anything to do with blood clot risk, I don't think (may be wrong). Glad he's starting to feel better.
  5. It's not unusual to have some inflammation in that area, IMO. The tissue back there is sensitive. Not disagreeing with your dentist, they're the expert, but you messing with it will only make it worse, or at least won't allow it to heal.
  6. Sounds harmless to me, though I know very little of anything about blood clots. Yes, trauma can sometimes induce clots, but I would think that's not entirely common. Does he have risk factors? A clotting disorder, family history, smoking, drugs, etc? Even with risk factors, I think it's still pretty rare (blood clots). It's likely just a bad sprain and he should continue to rest and ice it as needed. Just watch for other symptoms, such as swelling and redness and warmth in the leg, and / or a red line that seems to go up the leg.
  7. Ah, now I see what she meant about my A1C. I thought she actually meant it was a little below normal range. That's not the case. Lab range just says "< 5.7%". So it's perfectly fine, I guess they just like to see it more around 5.0-5.1%. I don't know if I just misunderstood her, but the way I understood it I thought she meant it was truly "low".
  8. Not sure about how to stop them, but I know nausea and vomiting are not uncommon with severe migraines. Many people who experience chronic migraines also experience this, my gf included. I've had them to the point that they cause nausea, but no actual vomiting.
  9. I had my physical exam this morning. I did the labs for it last Saturday. All is well, aside from triglycerides still a little high (but better than 6mos ago!) and HDL still low (but also better than 6mos ago!). My A1C was apparently a tad low, but "of no concern" to my provider. Who knew skipping meals and / or not having a consistent eating pattern could affect A1C?! 😛 But yeah, healthy as always. I checked my BP this morning prior to the appointment so I could say "it was normal when I checked at home less than an hour ago!" when they got their usual 140/90 because of whitecoat syndrome. But ... go figure, it was normal even at the doc office this time! It was 124/82. I'm happy about that, because it's usually the 140/90 when I go. Provider told me "slightly diminished" lung sounds, but I believe that to be a fluke. She did the "take a deep breath while I listen to your lungs" thing, and I hate that because I can never seem to take a good, deep breath when they ask. Haha! And there were no issues 4mos ago, and I don't otherwise experience any abnormal things with my breathing. I can always breathe fine. Either way, I'm happy. I feel good about my overall health. As anxious as I get in a doctor office, I still force myself to go. Not only because I need med refills, but because it means I could catch anything early that tries to sneak up on me. I'd rather find out early and take care of it, instead of waiting until it's too late!
  10. I've also woken up many times screaming, talking, making motions with my arms / hands, etc. And I'm also a "sleep hitter", have been for many years.
  11. Still on this kick about dementia and such, huh? Sorry you're still struggling with this. You're fine though.
  12. Your doc could tell you if it's any cause for concern. Hopefully others here can share a similar experience to help you through it, but it sounds like you already know it's likely the same thing you've had in the past.
  13. Weight does fluctuate, even beyond what Google says is reasonable. A while back I seemed to have lost close to ten pounds. But life was stressful, as we had bought a house and were waiting to move in. Since then, things have gone back to normal. Stress can do that to you.
  14. Yep, indeed. There isn't always an answer, and the body is certainly a very complex (and noisy) machine. It's never going to be ideal, something will always be there. The problem isn't that these things happen, the problem is that we react to them negatively (or that we react at all).
  15. What's there to be concerned about? Why does this cause you to worry? Search any anxiety related forum, and you'll find that numbness and tingling are extremely common all over the body. The head, neck, shoulders, face, arms, hands, legs, feet, etc.
  16. Well said @Iugrad91. Fatigue from cancer is generally significant, as far as I know. For example, when my dad had cancer, he could hardly do anything before needing to take a nap, even at diagnosis when it was caught very early. He was always up and around doing stuff, yard work, house fixing, etc. But he couldn't with cancer.
  17. Haha! I've never had gas, but they once gave me a sedative (halcion). It was amazing, even though I don't remember 98% of the appointment. 😂
  18. Eh. The body is forever changing. Sometimes changes are temporary - could last a day, could last two months. Sometimes the changes are permanent, and seemingly happens overnight. I get it, but you don't need to worry at all, IMO.
  19. Woo hoo. Very good news, Holls, thanks for the update. I hope you get over all the dental stuff soon. I personally hate dental problems. I can tolerate pain anywhere, except my mouth. Then I'm a big baby. Haha. Good for you!
  20. Not "usually", but the body changes over time. I've never had a single allergy problem in my entire life, until the past few years. Suddenly I experience post nasal drip every single day, as well as mild occasional chest congestion, among other things.
  21. Eckars Tolle has been very helpful in my attempts to overcome anxiety. I actually forgot about him, so thanks for reminding me!
  22. Indeed, fear mongering is very real. The vast majority of the stuff I see people here worry about (and that I've worried about in the past) are not nearly as common as we think. Why? Because they're sensationalized, and we see them everywhere. The internet age has certainly not helped matters any. 25 years ago you couldn't just wake up, grab a phone / laptop, go to Google and see the latest (and live) news updates. It was all word of mouth and waiting. That's not the case anymore.
  23. I've only ever encountered two snakes, personally. Once when I was 9 or 10, and I got the hell out of there. LoL! It was just a harmless garter snake, but I didn't know that at the time. The second was a tiny green garden snake, a handful of years ago. Didn't bother me. A friend and I were hiking around a local area and saw it.
  24. I agree with @Jae. Brown recluse and black widow spiders are common where I live (TN), as are poisonous snakes such as copperheads and cottonmouths. It's just something we have to learn to live with, the idea that these things are common here. We have pest control services regularly who come to manage all the pests. That's the best we can do. I personally don't fear any of them, but I also don't wish to encounter them. Haha.