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  1. You can Google it. I promise, it's safe... LoL! Just an old fruit snack, at least here in the US. Used to have them often when I was growing up in the 90s. They still make/sell them.
  2. Yes, I agree, changing dietary habits is extremely difficult. I've been fighting with it for over a year now. At one point in the past year I consumed so little sweets and caffeine that I became very sensitive. A full glass of tea would trigger a bunch of palpitations and feeling panicky/anxious. Now I'm back to where I can drink a cup of coffee and two or three glasses of tea and feel just fine. Haha. As far as eating habits though, I've almost squared that away, for the most part. It's a long and hard battle, but so worth it! I feel so much better when I drink more water than anything else. And when I eat one or two salmon fillets and not much red/fatty meat.
  3. Never heard of them, and I've heard some pretty weird figures of speech...
  4. Melanoma has nothing to do with pits and ridges and such in the nail. You're fine.
  5. Some people tolerate alcohol well despite having anxiety. For others, the alcohol exacerbates/triggers anxiety. Yes, it's possible that one may have strong tolerance and eventually develop limited tolerance, as you're describing. Doctors often advise against using alcohol at all for someone with anxiety, and for good reason! If you wish to continue alcohol, that's entirely up to you, but my personal recommendation (I'm not a health care professional) would be to slow down and eventually stop.
  6. Indeed. Everything is about money these days, IMO, and what better way to get money than fear mongering and misleading (e.g. clickbait) headlines!
  7. Do you have any idea why this lapse in memory may cause such intense fear for you? This is absolutely normal and common in people of all ages. Nothing abnormal about it whatsoever. I'm 32 and my gf tells me things all the time, then 20 minutes later I'm like "hey, this would be a good idea!" And she's like "yeah, that's exactly what I said, stop trying to steal my ideas!" This isn't "memory loss" as in being caused by a disorder/disease. This is simple forgetfulness that, like I said, happens to people of all ages.
  8. I absolutely agree! Well said, @Bobnnat. Globus sensation, indeed. I get this often with reflux, and it's also very common (and still normal) for someone with anxiety - which also causes it for me.
  9. Thanks, Marc! I certainly hope it's not an actual bug, but instead just food didn't agree with me. Haha. I don't think it's a bug/virus. But hell even if it is, I'll survive. 😛
  10. Thanks! I'm feeling better this evening. Gut still has that "I'm still not empty" feeling, a little bit, but I'm not running to the bathroom every hour and sitting for 10-15min, so I'll take it. Haha. Yeah, for sure. I've come here many times in the middle of panic. Not so much asking for help/reassurance, but because writing it down often helps me feel better. In fact, there have been many times when I've typed a lengthy post and simply discarded it instead of posting because I felt better by the end. 😛
  11. Well, maybe not so weird as it is an "off" day - that may be the better word for it. Last night we ate fast food from a place I've never had. A little while later, I began experiencing diarrhea and some light stomach cramps (feels like gas). While in bed and trying to sleep last night, I felt the need to go to the restroom so I went, and I spent a good ten minutes in the bathroom. I woke up to the same thing this morning, and spent a while in the bathroom again. I feel a little better after going, but not completely relieved. Yeah, it's one of those times. D'oh! I'm not the only one - my girlfriend, who also ate food from this place though not her first time, is also experiencing the "bubble guts" and feeling yucky. I guess the food simply didn't agree with our stomachs. Yuck. Because I had trouble sleeping last night, it also made me feel anxious. Any time I have trouble sleeping I feel that way, but I think it was certainly made worse by the gut issues. I do get sort of anxious any time I have stomach issues - nausea and diarrhea alike. My cousin experiences this as well, as do so many other people I know who have anxiety. Of course, I did not experience a panic attack. Once again I employed the skills I've learned in order to calm down and eventually go to sleep. Deep breathing and the 5-4-3-2-1 technique using the five senses. I feel somewhat anxious this morning, too, presumably because I'm still experiencing the gut issues. On top of that, I have a trapped burp / other gas bubble in my upper stomach / lower chest. I feel the need to burp, but it just won't come out. Stubborn little bastard! I guess it also makes sense to feel anxious, because we bought a house recently. We closed the deal Wednesday morning, so now it's absolutely "real." Haha. That is exciting, but also quite nerve-racking! All of this comes together to overwhelm the mind, and I think even people who do not have an anxiety disorder likely feel quite anxious / nervous when taking such a large step, and feeling like their stomach is going to pour out of their body... :joy: That pretty much sums it all up. I'll have a great day just as soon as I can coax this gas out, and also when the day's workload picks up. It's always slow first thing in the morning (now) because most of my coworkers are not online until ~8:30-9:00am. So instead, I'm sitting here typing this post, waiting for my day to truly get started. On the plus side, my son will be here this weekend and we always have tons of fun together. Thanks for reading. It feels kind of weird to share things like this, because I'm not in need of reassurance or answers. It's more like a public journal entry. Haha! How is everyone else's day going so far?
  12. Practice acceptance and mindfulness and meditation. If those don't work, seek professional help. Therapy and / or medication are often very helpful.
  13. I suppose an allergy is a possibility. Trouble thinking straight is very common with anxiety... I do weird stuff like that all the time, even on great days. I lit a candle with my gf's lighter yesterday, and almost handed the lighter to our 4yr old instead of my gf... 😂
  14. Going to your doctor is ultimately much less scary than going to Google when you can't properly analyze the information Google may provide. If you're experiencing new symptoms, a doctor visit wouldn't hurt. However, it does sound like a hemorrhoid. Colon cancer wouldn't be visible or easily palpable (or palpable at all).
  15. Good idea. My doc suggested using one of those if I felt the need to. I didn't buy one, but I've done other things to ensure I take my meds properly.
  16. I agree with consulting with your pharmacist or doctor, but generally speaking, I think (I'm not actually qualified, however) most meds at a low dose being accidentally doubled up once in a while will likely not yield any adverse effects. Not short term, not long term. People mistakenly take meds twice all the time without adverse effects. I've personally done it with my beta blocker once or twice and didn't have any issues.
  17. Realistically, I can't (and don't) expect you to just drop these thoughts and irrational fears and what ifs. Trust me, I know it isn't as easy as it sounds. I've been exactly where you are. I was once so terribly consumed by this fear of having a heart attack. Not about whether I'd know it, just the idea of having one in general. It terrified me, and occasionally it still does. But you know what? Life's too short for that. This is why I'm pushing acceptance. Do a lot of research and reading on it. Practice it. I didn't overcome the worst of my fears overnight, and I'm still not completely past them. But now I can at least get up and run around with the kids without thinking "wow, my heart is beating hard/fast, better sit down before I have a heart attack." I'm not crippled by the fear, it sort of sits on the sidelines and tries to play from time to time. To which I tell it "get back on the bench, you're no team player!" Are you currently in therapy? Taking medication? Those are potential solutions as well. I'm no expert, but I did research a ton on my own. I knew "of" a lot of things, but I had a hard time applying them to my individual experiences with anxiety. That's where therapy really helped me.
  18. You're very right, but this is where acceptance comes in. There are people who have one or more silent heart attacks and have no idea until it's an incidental discovery some time later during a routine exam. But then there are people who have the classic Hollywood heart attack - clenching the chest and falling to the ground. I'd say it's more common to fall somewhere in between, hence a panic attack feeling a lot like the way people describe a heart attack. If you practice acceptance, you understand and accept the fact that you could indeed be having a heart attack rather than a panic attack. It doesn't mean being ignorant to your body's signals, or that you should ignore your body. It just means you don't let yourself get so worked up that the fear cripples you. There is a big difference between acceptance and stubbornness. Haha.
  19. You'll catch a break when you allow yourself to catch a break. Take hold of your anxiety and overcome it. You can; we all can. I don't doubt that a lot of what people here say they feel is real. But the problem isn't that the symptoms exist, the problem is that we react to those symptoms irrationally. Anxiety latches on, and that's the end of it.
  20. Quite frankly, panic attacks share a lot of symptoms with cardiac events. However, since you have a history with panic attacks (proven by prior professional evaluation / testing) I assure you that you would likely know the difference if it were a cardiac event. Yes, panic attacks can feel very much the way people describe heart attacks, but the body ultimately knows the difference. There is the "wow, this doesn't feel right, I hate panic attacks" when you have a panic attack ... and then there's the "URGENT! Listen to me! Something is seriously wrong, and there is no questioning it, get help now!" that comes with a *real* threat (not perceived, like panic / anxiety). I've had many panic attacks over the years, too many to count. I've had plenty that made me feel like I needed to go to the ER because "no, this is different, something isn't right." But I've learned to listen to my body, and despite all the chatter caused by the intense anxiety, I can still hear it saying "you're being irrational, I'm actually fine." This is where acceptance can be very helpful. Acceptance means we accept the unknown, and the idea that we may not truly know, without any doubt, that what we experience may be something more. I encourage you to research and practice acceptance, as well as mindfulness and meditation.
  21. bin_tenn


    I take a low dose statin for mildly elevated LDL ("bad") cholesterol, and I take a beta blocker for mildly elevated blood pressure, tachycardia and palpitations. I've had an episode of afib in the past. I have immediate family history of hypertension and early heart disease. I've had numerous EKGs, and the only one that indicated a problem was when I had the one afib episode. I don't have labs as often as you, but I do go for annual physicals. Doc checks my cholesterol specifically, and the statin has helped a lot. It doesn't matter that your cholesterol went up a little if it's still considered within a healthy range. That's why there's a range, and not a single expected number, because anything in that range is generally considered healthy.
  22. It likely isn't a thyroid issue, but so what if it is. Thyroid issues are highly treatable. Sure, it's not something you would wish for. Haha. But it's not the end of the world, by any means.
  23. Not abnormal at all, IMO. Perhaps your blood pressure sometimes (more often than not?) dips a little lower, and since standing up causes a sudden increase in demand for oxygen/blood, you experience that head rush. Some days I will experience this with small changes in position, such as sitting up from halfway laying down. Other days I can jump to standing from laying all the way down and not feel a difference at all. It happens.
  24. All in your head? Maybe, but maybe not. It's very possible that you're experiencing these symptoms/sensations, but anxiety is imaging connections that don't actually exist. Perhaps you actually experience these things randomly, but being an anxious person you tend to only notice them under certain conditions (e.g. when you have heartburn). Then again, it's still possible that you're imagining a lot of it (caused by anxiety)
  25. Possibly post nasal drip. Fairly recently, I had an issue with my throat being sore and a lymph node under my chin becoming quite tender and about the size of a marble. Doc tested for strep - negative. No other symptoms, not even a fever. Turns out it was just post nasal drip, possibly fighting off a minor cold. The throat is very sensitive, and post nasal drip can irritate it easily. That irritation can cause swelling and / or tenderness in lymph nodes around the neck and jaw.