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  1. If you think it could be related to the medication(s), talk with your doctor. I don't know anything about those meds. It may be coincidence that you're experiencing this after recently modifying the meds, but anything is possible.
  2. Anxiety causes us to perceive things differently, both mentally and physically. I know, I've been there. In the depths of my skin cancer fears, practically every mole I have looked suspicious - one or two in particular. Now I don't actively check them, but if I happen to see them (it happens) I wonder why I ever worried about them. 😛
  3. Why freak out? A small red bump on the skin is probably a pimple, irritated / inflamed hair follicle, etc. Nothing to worry about.
  4. I'm willing to bet this is not new to you, but you're only noticing it now. It is indeed possible that it only recently started happening as a result of minor trauma (e.g. carrying bags), but I'm more inclined to believe it's not new at all. Your pic looks fine, IMO.
  5. Yep, absolutely agree. My girlfriend recently had an awful looking bruise sprinkled with petechiae recently, all from simply scratching due to an insect bite. I also get them from things as simple as scratching or carrying a light bag on my arm. It happens.
  6. Anything is possible, including the fact that you're still searching for something to worry about. This is why acceptance is key.
  7. Rather than hoping to have a BM, I highly recommend practicing acceptance. Accept that the body will do what it needs to do, when it needs to be done. "You" don't dictate when things need done, the body's natural functions do.
  8. I've fought with my own cardiac fears over the years, far more often than I'd like to. It's hell, but my brain being a sponge and all means I've absorbed all the crap I've read during those times. Haha! I'm definitely NOT an expert, don't claim to be, but I trust the information I've read (when I step back and look at the big picture), especially because my own cardiologist confirmed the information I have found. I know it feels terrible fighting these fears. But I do believe you'll be just fine. Hang in there, and do yourself a favor by researching those things I mentioned in my last reply.
  9. You're searching for things to worry about. Once you stop searching, you also stop finding... The body varies day to day. Everything from physical functions (e.g. bowel movements) to the lower level internals. Blood work, for example, varies by day. Sometimes you may have a reading that is slightly out of range (any of the things checked during a CBC or whatever else), and the next day it will be normal. It happens.
  10. Hope you feel well soon! I personally only very rarely experience allergy related issues, which is fortunate for me. 😛
  11. It takes more than a few hours for a wound to heal. Give it several days, if not longer.
  12. IMO, no, you probably don't need to go to the ER. If you're question whether it's a heart attack, and especially since you have a history of anxiety, I would be willing to bet it's much more likely to be anxiety causing your symptoms and / or your irrational worries. Are you at increased risk for heart attack? Congenital defect, arrhythmia, existing heart disease, age, weight, smoking / drinking / drugs, etc? I've been convinced many times that I was having a heart attack. Chest "pressure", numbness / tingling, nausea, neck / jaw pain, etc. Nope, it was just anxiety. I don't doubt that the symptoms you're experiencing, whether some or all, are very much real. But that doesn't mean it's cardiac in nature. The problem is not necessarily that you're experiencing symptoms, the problem is that you're reacting to them and anxiety is taking hold. I always encourage researching mindfulness and acceptance and meditation. And relaxation exercises. I can't stress these things enough. They really do work.
  13. You're definitely in a state of heightened awareness and sensitivity, IMO. Typical of anxiety. The body is not symmetrical. If we all poked and prodded enough, we would all find these little oddities. But they're fine, nothing to give a second thought to.
  14. You should research and practice mindfulness and acceptance. It's not unheard of to experience a stroke with virtually no symptoms. My cousin's mom recently discovered via an incidental finding that she recently had a stroke. My friend's great grandmother had several mini strokes over the last years of her life, when a large clot finally did her in. But they both also had / have risk factors. You should learn to accept the uncertainties in life - it's full of them. If everyone thought about and worried about all the possibilities, the worry would be nonstop. There is no way to guarantee anything in life, health or otherwise. But you're 28 years old. You're not going to have a stroke. I'd be extremely surprised if you did.