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  1. bin_tenn

    Afraid to exercise—anyone else?

    Yes, absolutely. Even though my irrational and compulsive thoughts have settled down significantly, I still find it difficult to get into a solid exercise routine for essentially the exact same reasons you've given. It sucks because I know I really should, and the cardiologist told me several times that I'm perfectly fine to exercise like any healthy person. Yet, I still don't because I worry it will "cause problems." That's counterintuitive, I know, but that's what anxiety does to us. When I had my afib episode in 2016, the cardiologist cleared me for exercise after I passed the stress test without any issues. I even did exercise daily for several weeks. Mostly walking and jogging for half an hour each day. I actually enjoyed it. Then things happened and I stopped doing it in order to take care of other things with the family. And since then I've been "afraid" to start up again. Same as you, I also get fairly regular palpitations. No biggie, I know, but still scary. I completely understand how you feel.
  2. bin_tenn

    Heart problem?

    Oh man, prime age for plaque buildup and heart problems. Nothing abnormal about his case whatsoever, by the sounds of it. You're very welcome. Of course, you know your body, and if you're ever unsure or you're truly concerned, voice those concerns to your parents and see a doctor.
  3. bin_tenn

    Heart problem?

    How old is your grandfather? "Early heart disease" is something like under 55 years old, or somewhere around there. You have absolutely nothing to worry about, IMO. Your grandfather's plaque buildup is almost certainly a product of unmanaged or poorly managed cholesterol, among other factors, for several DECADES. You don't just wake up one day with poor cholesterol and the next day you have 70% plaque buildup. Do yourself a favor and continue being physically active. Don't let age get in the way. In my own experience, it's extremely difficult to get into a regular exercise routine when you've not done it for so long. I played baseball, basketball and took karate classes for several years when I was a kid. That stopped when I was 17 or so, though I was still relatively active. Now it's so damn hard to even take a walk. Haha. Take care of yourself. You'll be fine.
  4. bin_tenn

    Heart problem?

    I agree, it's very unlikely if you're relatively young. Do you have major risk factors for early heart disease? Smoking, heavy drinking, drug use, immediate family history, etc? Even with such risk factors, the chances are still pretty slim (generally speaking, varies by person) until you're 40+ years old. I'll give you a few examples. Early heart disease runs on my mom's side of the family. Mom's youngest brother had his first heart attack around 39 or 40. Fatal arohnd 43. He absolutely LOVED fried/greasy food, he was a long time smoker, he wasn't active, and he NEVER went to the doc, even for physical exams. AND heart disease runs in the family. My mom was 54 when she had her first heart attack, a little over two years ago. She's alive and well today. But again, it's in her side of the family, she's not very active at all, she's a long time smoker. She wasn't staying on top of her regular checkups either. ON THE OTHER HAND: My brother is 36, recently quit smoking. Very active. He plays on a softball team, plays basketball, active job, coaches his kids' sports teams. No issues. Cholesterol is great, BP is doing alright. Had a calcium score test done recently - it was ZERO. My dad was 61 when he passed due to esophageal cancer. Up until he passed, his heart was still going strong. He was a long time smoker, he had COPD. When he was younger, he was into hard drugs (e.g. heroin and pills). He was also a long time alcoholic, though he quit in '92. Even so, he only had high BP, which was managed by meds. His cholesterol was suprisingly good. Never had a single heart issue. It varies from person to person, even when you have major risk factors! I have mildly elevated BP controlled by a low dose beta blocker. I started a statin a while back, also low dose, and it has corrected my LDL ("bad") cholesterol. I'm 31, almost 32. I'm not as active as I should be, and I'm a smoker. Unless you have a congenital defect or another underlying condition, you're fine, IMO. If you're terribly concerned, voice your concerns to your doctor. See what they say.
  5. bin_tenn

    Recent Spam Posts

    I'm not sure how active the admins/moderators are, but I've seen a lot of spam posts lately. I flag them every time, but I don't follow them to see if they're eventually removed. If you see a post with random/weird links, DO NOT click on them. Some may be harmless, but others probably are not.
  6. bin_tenn

    Tongue thrusting when sleeping

    I still think asking your doc about treatment options for your anxiety would be very beneficial... You're just fine.
  7. bin_tenn

    ALS fear

    Yeah, the leg giving out confirms absolutely nothing.
  8. I've done this with many shows / movies. They'll begin describing symptoms, and anxiety says "hey, we're feeling that, too!" 😂
  9. bin_tenn

    Crap, here I am again.....IBC

    Dry skin will do it. And if that's caused you to scratch occasionally, that certainly explains redness. Sorry you're worried. Have you had this fear before? How did you deal with it?
  10. bin_tenn

    Mild/moderate anxiety + Updates

    Thanks a bunch, @PennyPanic. I've known some of the members here for three or four years or more (those from AZ). I can't just stop coming around and talking to them. Haha. Despite struggling with severe anxiety for so long, I've always believed that a positive attitude and perspective are key. Now that I'm out of the direct line of sight of anxiety, and only occasionally bothered, I feel even stronger about positivity. I know that others doing the same thing helped me a few years ago, on the forums. Just giving back to the community that has helped me all along.
  11. bin_tenn

    Mild/moderate anxiety + Updates

    I'm thankful for working my dream job, at least. Haha. I do what I've wanted to do since I was in my early teens. Just not entirely happy with the work I'm doing lately, so I'm seeing what other opportunities are out there. Time will tell. I don't know that I'd want to have my own business. I don't think I'm cut out for that. 😛 Sorry meds and therapy never worked for you, that's disappointing. It is indeed sad, but that's life! I'm honestly not sure if we're actually doing CBT. I *think* so? LoL. I don't really pay much attention to what it may be labeled or whatever. I just know it's been a huge help and I don't regret it!
  12. bin_tenn

    Mild/moderate anxiety + Updates

    Only fairly recently did I begin to acknowledge the progress I've made. Before, it was hard to see it. It seemed like every time I turned around I was having a setback or similar. That's not really how I see it anymore. I've looked back at where I was a year or more ago, and the difference is significant. I'm always glad to help. That's why I stick around whether I'm going through some things or not.
  13. bin_tenn

    Mid back pain - Left side

    GERD is most likely the answer. Just because it's never caused back pain for you doesn't mean it never will. I get various symptoms from GERD all the time, myself. It doesn't really follow any sort of pattern.
  14. Just "thinking out loud." I feel a little anxious tonight. I found out a little bit ago that a man I used to see quite a bit several years ago has recently passed away. He was 57 years old. Don't know details, not sure if he was ill for an extended time or if it was unexpected. We weren't "close", but he was a good man, and we all respected him. Panicked, or otherwise "bad off"? No. It's just never great to know that someone you've cared about and spent time with has passed. Life does go on though. All is well otherwise. So some minor updates about me, for those who like to follow me. I had labs done Saturday, a comprehensive metabolic panel and lipid panel. Metabolic panel is great; liver and kidney function not at all affected by the low dose statin I'm taking. Great! For the lipids, my HDL is still a little low, and triglycerides high. But the "total cholesterol" and LDL and others check out well, so I'm very pleased with these results! The statin has helped greatly. My doc has suggested taking fish oil supplements. I'm also changing my diet up a little more. Work and home life are well. We're finally planning to buy a home later this year. Currently living with a family member since summer 2017, due to having to leave our last rented home for circumstances beyond anyone's control. We're comfortable and happy here, but we all need our own space - and after patiently waiting, it is finally almost time! As for work, I'm considering pursuing some new opportunities. Work is alright, but I'm not entirely satisfied with the work I've been doing lately. And I don't think that will change any time soon. If nothing else comes along, however, I will not be unhappy where I am now. Passively searching, I guess. I'm not sure when I have another therapy appointment. I do believe I have one scheduled in the relatively near future, but I need to call tomorrow to find out. I haven't been since October or November due to lack of appointment times available when I can make it. I feel I've done very well, but at this point I'm ready to go back and talk about some more things. Get some more insight, learn some more tools. Knowledge is power, right? Any-hoo, I guess that's all about me at the moment. Thanks for reading, if you chose to. I wish you all well, as always. Take care! I'll be around.
  15. Yes, it's the power of suggestion, and anxiety is very easily influenced. It's just like when we see "signs" (e.g. we fear X disease, and suddenly we see it everywhere - TV, billboards, etc). If you weren't worried about it, chances are you'd still have the "symptom" but you wouldn't think anything of it (e.g. you wouldn't make this connection that doesn't actually exist).