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  1. Brain tumor fears!

    Sure thing. Do share the results, if you don't mind. I'm sure we'd all like to know that you are well!
  2. Brain tumor fears!

    I get it. We've all been there, I'm sure. Get an eye exam for peace of mind, then practice acceptance. Accept that you are well, and that being human means you will inevitably experience the occasional ache, pain, etc from time to time. That's part of the human experience, and it's normal.
  3. Heart pounding.

    I absolutely agree with Iugrad. What is "normal", anyhow? Why do you *want* to be normal? But seriously, it's the anxiety talking, 100%. Everything you've said sounds like my own experiences with anxiety. The what ifs, the racing thoughts, the intrusive thoughts about "impending heart attack", the thought that all these things are "a sign." Life doesn't work that way; anxiety does.
  4. Brain tumor fears!

    Pretend for a moment that you did have a brain tumor. It doesn't sound like it at all, IMO, but hypothetically. Would avoiding tests help? Would it make the tumor magically disappear? No. So go for the eye exam to find out that all is well, or that the issue is at least completely benign (e.g. maybe your vision is "off" and needs correction).
  5. Woke up with vertigo

    Weird! I never saw my doc for it because I figured it would pass, and it did. I think around that time is when I also realized I had a whooshing sound in my ear. I suspect I probably had fluid on the ear which may have caused mine. I agree with Holls that it sounds harmless. You're human, and that means you will experience all sorts of odd but harmless sensations throughout life. That's the reality of being alive. The body is not perfect.
  6. Woke up with vertigo

    Were you really dizzy when you stood up the day you woke up with it? Very dizzy? Just curious because I've had that before as well. I stood up and almost fell over, so bad I had to lean against a wall. It was only apparent when I was up moving around. I drove and worked just fine. It also lasted about a day and almost gone the next day.
  7. Woke up with vertigo

    Nah, you're fine, @ZELDA. Hang in there.
  8. Woke up with vertigo

    Of course, if you truly think you need to go, go. We obviously can't make that decision for you. But I don't think so, personally.
  9. Woke up with vertigo

    IMO, no. Happens to me occasionally. It's not uncommon, because when you wake up, the body has to "get going." Blood begins to flow more, especially as you get up and around.
  10. Ruminating- leukemia/ lymphoma shown up by

    I second everything @Holls. And IMO, no, anxiety is not a beast. It's. Nothing special at all, really. It just convinces you that it is a beast when it has you tight in its grasp.
  11. Making noise during a nightmare?

    Yes, it's not abnormal. I've made all sorts of weird sounds in my sleep, nightmare or not.
  12. The difference is harmless/normal sweating is what you describe, and unusual sweating means drenching sheets/clothes - which you said you don't experience. You answered your own question... :-D
  13. Heart pounding.

    I agree, it's the anxiety. Even people without anxiety notice these coincidental patterns. They just don't react in the way that we do with an anxiety disorder.
  14. Hi, @AirNomad! I'm sorry you're having a hard time, but it's understandable that you are, given your history with this stuff. That is indeed a very young age. I can't speak from any form of experience in this matter, honestly. I just wanted to say that I hope you feel well soon and I wish you well long term, too. Hang in there!
  15. Palpitations

    Yes, absolutely. I HATE the ones that feel like that. I've been having several in the past couple of days, but fortunately they have been subtle. It's that nagging, subtle "twitch" but in the middle of my chest. Those don't really bother me, but they're sure annoying!