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  1. bin_tenn

    Heart Fears

    Yes. My therapist has talked quite a bit about feedback and such. Very insightful, IMO.
  2. bin_tenn

    Heart Fears

    That makes sense!
  3. bin_tenn


    Yes, I do a lot of weird crap. Haha. Not uncommon, as others have pointed out. I tighten my neck, sort of "twitch" an eye, raise my eyebrows, and many other things. It is annoying, for sure.
  4. bin_tenn

    Heart Fears

    Wow, @Mark G, heart fears since 15?! I can't imagine my own heart worries having started that early! I agree with what's been said, that your resting heart rate is very normal/healthy. Mine isn't quite that low, but usually mid 60s / low 70s. When I sleep, at least according to Fitbit, it sometimes hits the mid 50s. A normal resting rate for an adult is anywhere from 60-100, give or take a little depending on physical condition/fitness. I don't know anything about MVP other than it's manageable and, from what I recall, nothing to be concerned about. Do you have routine follow-ups with a cardiologist?
  5. bin_tenn

    What is wrong with me?

    Are you too scared to go to the doctor, or do you know, deep down, that it's actually just anxiety? When something is seriously wrong, the mind will know what to do, without question. Anxiety makes us question everything.
  6. bin_tenn

    Blood results have me nervous

    She didn't think you were taking an iron supplement. She told you not to take it IF you currently are.
  7. bin_tenn

    Blood results have me nervous

    You've obviously been to Google. 😮 No, you're fine. Again: they would NOT wait to tell you if something was obviously seriously WRONG. Even if it's late on a Friday.
  8. bin_tenn

    Blood results have me nervous

    They aren't going to withhold information just because they "don't want to scare you." If anything were concerning, you'd be told.
  9. bin_tenn

    Blood results have me nervous

    But your doc isn't rushing you back in. You'll be fine.
  10. bin_tenn

    Blood results have me nervous

    If you don't go back until the 26th, there is nothing to be concerned about. Lab numbers are occasionally "off", it's not abnormal. I've had a few different numbers be off before. They're always normal when follow-up testing.
  11. bin_tenn

    Root canal.. worried about infection

    You definitely have no reason to worry, IMO. After I had a root canal to prep for a crown a while back, I was on an antibiotic for 5 or 7 days. It's perfectly normal.
  12. bin_tenn

    Canker sore worries!

    The mouth is a very busy place and it's exposed to various substances throughout any given day. As such, the mouth takes longer to heal than, say, an arm. Leave it alone and let it heal.
  13. bin_tenn

    Anxiety and shortness of breath

    I have muscle tension all the time, probably due to bad posture. I get fairly frequent tension headaches. Stretching, and Tylenol if needed, helps. Thanks! You're right! I never think of this, but I've had a bad habit of holding my breath as well. No idea why, but I do! This definitely makes the shortness of breath worse along with bad posture / tension.
  14. bin_tenn

    Esophageal Cancer Fear

    Of course. The symptoms can be quite persistent until treated (properly). I used to have the sensation of mucus in my throat every single day. Clearing my throat constantly. The PPI helped but what really helps is taking a Claritin each morning - allergies, apparently.
  15. bin_tenn

    Esophageal Cancer Fear

    Those symptoms (re: lump in the throat, hoarse voice) are common side effects of GERD. I know, I get them with reflux. Taking Prilosec alone isn't necessarily going to eliminate symptoms. What else are you doing to combat reflux, such as dietary changes, eating less per sitting, etc. I take Pantoprazole 40mg. While it has worked wonders for me, I can most definitely still experience reflux if I've not been eating properly. Also, maybe Prilosec isn't the med for you. Maybe talk to your doc about trying a different one. My dad passed away from esophageal cancer in 2014. Granted, he had an extensive history of many risk factors, including heavy alcoholism for several years, life long smoker, history of hard drug use, etc. He had Barrett's Esophagus, and the cancer was discovered during a routine appointment. It was caught very early, and he didn't have any damning symptoms prior to that, but when he began experiencing symptoms they were obvious. He also had awful (and untreated) reflux for many years. He said the cancer symptoms felt similar to bad reflux episodes, but so many times worse. Everyone is different. If you believe you are at risk, speak to your doctor. He/she can advise further, and evaluate if necessary. Otherwise, hang in there. You'll figure something out.