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  1. bin_tenn

    Lyme Diease worries

    You're fine, and you'll be fine. Seriously doubt you have it, but if you were to contract it, it wouldn't be the end of the world. Not at all!
  2. bin_tenn

    Please help me- I need clarity

    Yes, most people would not think twice about it. In fact, a lot of people would probably not take any measures beyond physically removing the raccoon waste. When you are so overcome with anxiety/OCD, it's very difficult to comprehend that others would not react the way you do, but they don't. Obviously you won't be able to resolve this within yourself by tomorrow, but you could take tomorrow to start working on it. I know how it is to procrastinate. You think you're doing so much better, and maybe you really are. But it becomes apparent, even in low frequency, that you're not completely past it. I know; I'm in that exact position right now! I saw a therapist for the first time a couple weeks ago. And today I scheduled my next appointment. I thought the same: wow, I'm feeling so much better! That is, until I have a sporadic panic attack, and I regret not having pursued therapy and possibly meds sooner. And now that I waited so long, it's going to be even longer before I get to a good place where I truly am able to cope without overreacting. I would highly recommend seeking help. It's good to know you feel you've improved, but you can tell you aren't completely better. And that's okay! It happens to the best of us!
  3. bin_tenn

    Please help me- I need clarity

    Have you sought help yet, such as from a therapist? Sorry if I've asked before. My mind is pretty crappy lately. Haha.
  4. bin_tenn

    Please help me- I need clarity

    The whole ordeal screams OCD / anxiety to me, 100%, aside from the precautionary measures recommended by the CDC. But beyond that, yes, absolutely. I've not experienced anything quite like this myself so I can't completely relate, but I can definitely relate to the general thought process and behavior. Please try to let this irrational fear go, tell anxiety you are the one in control and not the other way around. All will be fine, I'm sure.
  5. bin_tenn

    Feel puffy

    I also feel that way occasionally. My uncle has told me before that it likely has to do with circulation. Not a *problem*, just normal circulation. I often get it when I've walked for a long period of time. My legs/feet feel swollen, but they aren't. Same with my arms/hands.
  6. bin_tenn

    Hi Guys. Need your support.

    LoL! Fun times, huh? 😛 Sounds like you have a good family, and your dad has a great support system. That is awesome. Please keep us informed on how he's doing.
  7. bin_tenn

    I have a funny story...

    I am also an intelligent person. My brain is a sponge, and I absorb information quickly, and long term. I'm a software engineer by profession, which also requires a ton of attention to detail, critical thinking, etc. Still, I often fail to use those skills when it comes to health. I understand, and it's not abnormal for us.
  8. bin_tenn

    Acid Reflux Threaddd

    I have also always had that feeling. It's normal. No reason to worry.
  9. bin_tenn

    I have a funny story...

    Yes, this used to happen to me on a regular basis, when Google was my "fix", albeit an extremely short term and ultimately harmful "fix". For me, it was when I had my melanoma anxiety/obsession/fear. I would search for pictures and such, and in Google Images, it would show a variety of pictures of moles - many of them normal. But because I searched "melanoma pictures", the anxiety immediately made me feel like every picture I saw was melanoma. On the contrary, most of them were normal - Google was just pulling the first image from the page. I think that's when this thought process was the worst for me. I've had similar experiences in the past related to heart health, but not nearly as bad. These days, I can almost always read stories about things and not experience any anxiety. I can usually distinguish the likely scenarios from the not-so-likely as well. It takes time.
  10. bin_tenn

    Tingling feeling in one hand! Nooo

    Yep, sounds about right! Hopefully this helps others see that it's very much normal, as I know some people worry when they get this sensation.
  11. Yes, ma'am! Of course, let us know we can be of more help to you.
  12. Ah, I agree it's a good idea since it was still swelling and felt warm. Sorry, @Holls, but it sounds like you'll be better in no time. Take care!
  13. bin_tenn

    Tingling feeling in one hand! Nooo

    Like a cell phone vibrating in various parts of your body, either individually or simultaneously? I've noticed I also get that, though I haven't paid attention to know if it seems to coincide with anxiety/stress. I often get a little vibration feeling like that in my upper legs. I think those are subtle muscle spasms.
  14. bin_tenn

    Hi Guys. Need your support.

    Ah, gotcha. Sounds like he was monitoring the situation well. I'm glad to know he got help and that he seems like he'll be just fine. That's the most important thing! LoL! That was my dad with football! He'd get so upset when his team lost. When I was a kid, I remember one Super Bowl in particular - '00 Titans vs Rams. Titans lost by a few short inches from the endzone. He was so mad he sent us kids to bed early, right after the game. Hahaha.
  15. bin_tenn

    Tingling feeling in one hand! Nooo

    Don't be, it happens. Pinched nerve and so forth - many benign possibilities. Rest it, you'll be fine.