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  1. Thank you for your responses. I heard back from the dr yesterday via email and my thyroid labs were normal but she did say that my A1c was 5 and would call to discuss. It’s so weird because I’ll have days where I am fine for the most part but today and yesterday, I feel horrible. I woke up at 4 am and check my glucose and it was at 94. Not low and not really considered HIGH even though I would like it lower. Have you ever brushed your teeth on an empty stomach and had that weird churching feeling from it? That’s the best way I know to describe it . And today I also have slight headache. Complete brain fog and a constant churning and uneasiness. No birth control but I do think it must be hormonal or my body is somehow having a hard time metabolizing food or something. Really wanting to rush to the ER or back to the dr but my vitals are fine even thought I have no energy and feel AWFUl. Hoping it passes soon or I can figure out what is going on.
  2. Hello! I’m 37 years old, seemingly healthy female, good weight... for several years now, I will have spells of what seems to be low blood sugar. Sometimes it lasts for a few weeks, sometimes it seems to last months. I’m currently dealing with a spell that’s lasted since April. The only way I know to describe it is like a constant hunger. Like I have to eat or I will pass out. A feeling of uneasiness. Stomach churning, feeling like I’m going to have a panic attack.. it wakes me in the middle of the night! I will wake up disoriented, feeling like if I don’t eat, I will faint. I don’t necessarily sweat or get shaken, although sometimes my ears will ring. I home test my glucose and sometimes my fasting is a little high (90s or 100) but every fasting glucose the dr has done has been in 70s. When I check my glucose during the spells, it’s usually within normal limits. Not low. I just had my thyroid tested last week and waiting on those results. Has anyone else experienced this? It’s caused me to gain about 5lbs (which I really needed to gain due to losing so much during my last stomach episode). I’m just desperate and feel crazy and miserable. It doesn’t matter how much I eat, I feel like my blood sugar is out of control. Had a chicken sandwich and fries last night around 8. I woke up at 3am feeling awful and had to get a glass of mile and several spoonfulls of peanut butter. I’m assuming my drs have check the A1c levels during fasting labs I’ve had.. I can’t see that specific test when I look at the portal but my fasting glucose levels are in normal range. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
  3. MonkeyG

    Anxiety and the stomach..

    My stomach stays messed up. Colonoscopies, an endoscopy in December, GI Dr’s, rectal dr’s, all sorts of ultrasounds... anxiety! And my pulse is so strong in my naval, you can see it if I lie down. My grandmother actually has an aneurysm there so I’m always extra paranoid... US have shown nothing. All normal and I’ve been told repeatedly that it’s normal to see and feel a pulse there.
  4. MonkeyG

    Skin Woes; Benign or N-H Lymphoma

    Did you ever get the results? I had pityriasis rosea and mine presented just like this. Some spots came up then went away and then tons came up! I physically felt awful during this time as well. Horrible stomach pains that landed me in the ER 3 times. My biopsy was positive for PR even though it wasn’t a “typical” case. I didn’t have the typical mother patch. There is a great support group on FB. See if you can find it. I dealt with the rash from the end of September all the way through the first of this year. I’m willing to bet that’s what you have. I also went down the lymphoma path with this.. feel better and update us!
  5. MonkeyG

    Heart attack?! ER?!

    Thank y’all so much for the responses! I was able to sleep through the night and it sort of flared up again yesterday but now I’m just left with the scary heart palps that have returned! I’m wondering if I should just see a cardiologist??
  6. MonkeyG

    Heart attack?! ER?!

    Thank you for responding. I feel like maybe I’ve had these sensations before.. and my husband said something else would have happened within 10 hours.. I hope he’s right. My blood pressure is normal and my heart isn’t pounding or hurting. So weird and strange. My jaw pain almost feels like I’ve sucked on a sour something and the back pain is like stomach pains from when you don’t eat, butin my upper back!!!
  7. MonkeyG

    Heart attack?! ER?!

    Hello. I’m a 37 year old female in otherwise ok health. I’ve been dealing with heart palpitations over the last few months but today a new symptoms started. My upper back feels like it is being squeezed and I’m having jaw pain! It’s right sided jaw pain. My chest also hurts but not as much as my back. It’s like a burning tight feeling. It’s been going on for about 10 hours.. I’m in bed now and it’s not getting any better and I’m scared of going to sleep. I took a Zantac and some CBD oil. Should I go to ER???
  8. MonkeyG

    Ovary pain? UTI? Scared

    Thank you both so much for your responses. It's a little better today but I'm keeping an eye on it! I hope your girls friends cyst gets better!
  9. MonkeyG

    Ovary pain? UTI? Scared

    Hello! 37 year old female with no real history of ovarian cysts or UTI (had one 17 years ago in college). I am currently on day 18 of my cycle and according to the app I use to track it, I ovulated last week. I went to bed last night thinking I had to urinate and every time I tried, only a little would come out! Same thing today. A strong urge and belly discomfort but not really peeing or only a tiny bit at a time. My bowel movement this morning also had mucus. Probably not related but another thing to worry over! What could this be? Ovulation? Bladder/kidney/UTI? I just had yearly gynecologist visit a couple of weeks ago and all was well.
  10. MonkeyG

    Colon cancer fear

    I'm in the same boat as you! I saw a proctologist this week and my GI dr last week for pencil then/ribbon stools and stomach cramping! Neither were worried as I had a clean colonoscopy in 2015. My grandfather died of CC in his 60s so I'm always concerned. Both dr's told me that the don't even take stool size into consideration. Which is hard to me to accept! The proctologist said your muscles have a lot to do with stool size.. I know it's hard not to worry, but try not to!
  11. MonkeyG

    Colon issues.. need help trusting the dr

    Thank you Bobnnat. This has really got a hold of me! Trying to work through it! He gave me some Bentyl for colon spasms so maybe that will help.
  12. Hello. I've been dealing with terrible sharp and stabbing pains associated with bowel movements for the last month and also a left side stitch type pain which my regular dr did an abdominal US and blood work for and all was fine. The sharp and stabbing pains are so severe that they take my breath away.. reminds me of labor pains! My stool has also been consistently ribbon like and flat. I have been very paranoid because my paternal grandfather died of CC in his 60s. I had my second colonoscopy 3 years ago (I am a 37 year old female) and it was fine. I saw the GI dr for these issues today and he was unbothered and didn't order blood work and says I don't need a colonoscopy. I wanted another one! He said this is typical IBS even if it's new issues for me and I don't need another colonoscopy because I had a clean one 3 years ago.. he says cancer takes years to develop and I argued with him over stories I've read on the internet of people who developed it a year after a colonoscopy! He said in cases like that, the scans are not thorough and are done self taught general practitioners and usually the prep was poor. I'm just freaking out! No blood, no dark stools, but very flat, sometimes 3 times a day with stabbing pain before!! Should I go ahead and try again to push for a colonoscopy? He also said that GI dr's don't worry about the hereditary aspect of CC unless it's a first degrees relative diagnosed under the age of 60. Thoughts? Thanks guys.
  13. I am going through the same thing! I have terrible sharp pains that resemble labor pains that absolutely double me over. Relieved by going to the bathroom. Constant stomach gurgling... but the pain is fairly new and disturbing. My experience with this has been GI telling me it's IBS and anxiety related. I've had 2 colonoscopies but in the same boat as you wondering if I should go back to the GI dr. Anxiety can do very weird things to your gut and apparently IBS is a very real thing!
  14. MonkeyG

    Colon cancer fears

    Thank you for your reply. It's calmed me! Somewhere in my mind, I know these things, but it's taken one story and a couple of google searches on fast growing CC to freak me out! My paternal grandfather died of this in his 60s but having a clean colonoscopy in 2015 eases my mind a little. Thank you.
  15. MonkeyG

    Colon cancer fears

    Hello! I've been down this road before but here I am again. I have always had issues with my stomach and as a female of 37, I've already had 2 colonoscopies (last one in 2015) and an endoscopy in December. All clean. For the past month, I've had sort of a stitch in my left side. I imagine it was my spleen or liver and went to the dr where a full abdominal US and lab panel was done and it was all fine. I've also started having terrible stabbing pains that will double me over!! It seems to be relieved when going to the bathroom and every other time I've had issues, the GI dr always asked if I ever experienced any sharp pains.. I always said no... until now! I've also had quite a bit of mucous in my stool. Of course my mind is now going down the CC path... could this be IBS? Should I see GI dr again? Help!!!!!