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  1. MonkeyG

    Me again! With the chest tightness..

    I’m 37 and I think I must have been diagnosed as a teenager or younger. But have never seen a cardiologist. Is an EKG a good marker for issues? I also had a Cardiogram (or heart ultrasound) within the last year that was normal. I also expressed concern over my low BP (sometimes as low as 84/56!) and low pulse and he didn’t seem at all concerned.
  2. Hello friends. I posted over the weekend about my chest feeling tight. It’s not necessarily pain but just tightness. It happens when I stand and feels better when I sit down. My pulse has remained suuuuppper low but will randomly spike up (last night as I was washing dishes, it got to 155!). It feels like it’s racing but I will check my Apple Watch and it’s not at all. I saw my dr this morning who did an ekg and said it was normal. He said this is MVP and anxiety. He also did blood work and I hope I get those results today. He is a friend and knows I struggle with anxiety so sometimes I feel like he might not consider my issues as anything other than anxiety! He said not to worry about anything that I’m fine. But here I sit.. with a tight chest and border line panic! Anyone else experience this?
  3. MonkeyG

    Chest Tightness

    Thanks Bin. It was tight as I was cooking breakfast but then stopped when I sat down. I am very nervous and feel anxious so it’s hard to tell what is what. I just tested myself by doing 20 jumping jacks and I did that with no issue. But then walking to the kitchen, it became tight again and I had to sit!!! I’ll keep an eye on it. I guess the jumping jacks was a good sign, right?!
  4. MonkeyG

    Chest Tightness

    Not BP chest pains... NO chest pains! Typo!
  5. MonkeyG

    Chest Tightness

    Hello friends. Usually my heart doesn’t give me panic. My pulse is always normally low as is my BP (sometimes scary low!). However, yesterday and this morning my chest is so tight and I’m short of breath. It’s when I’m standing or walking and when I sit, I am fine. It just feels really tight, like I need to sit down. My pulse rate is only slightly elevated during this and my BP is also within normal limits, although raised for me. Is this a concern? Could it just be anxiety or possibly dehydration? BP chest pains, just tightness! Like I need to just...sit!
  6. Thank you all so much for responding! I think I’ve just been freaking out because I’ve had several weird symptoms this month but I finally started last night. It’s hard accepting change as we get older. Especially since my HA is ruled by routine, body checking, etc!
  7. Hello! I’ve posted a couple of times this month with issues I’ve had that I thought were related to my period. My cycle is usually 27-31 days. I am currently on day 33 and no period. I know that isn’t even really considered late but I’m still a nervous wreck. I’m not pregnant, I haven’t lost any weight or had more stress this month than any other time. I’m 37 and in the last 2 years I’ve had an endo boipsy done, several vagnia ultrasounds and I’m up to date with my pap’s. Had my thyroid tested in the last couple of months. I think I’m freaking out because I feel like I’ve gained weight and I’m bloated even though I’m regularly working out. Ugh
  8. MonkeyG

    Extreme Thirst

    Thank you for responding! It’s so strange! I just downed a big bottle of water FAST and I’m still thirsty! This makes me feel better that you relate your thirst with hormones. I maybe feel like that has something to do with it!
  9. MonkeyG

    Extreme Thirst

    Hello! Has anyone ever dealt with extreme thirst? It doesn’t matter how much water I consume, I am still so thirsty and it’s a terrible feeling. I even drank one of those “IV in bottle” drinks and nothing is quenching it. It’s a scary thing to google also. I feel like I’m having blood sugar issues, although this isn’t something new for me, my thyroid was checked a couple of months ago and all was normal.. the only thing I can figure is I live in a hot climate, and I’m due to start my period any day.. hormones maybe? I am feeling horrible with PMS (hot flashes, lethargic, like I’m in a daze..) My blood pressure runs low all of the time but I read somewhere that low BP and extreme thirst are warning signs of a bigger problem! Earlier my bp was 90/56!!! Should I see my dr? The extreme thirst started 5 days ago after a run. It’s progressively gotten worse! I’m sorry for rambling but genuinely freaking out.
  10. MonkeyG

    Females! Bloating. Freaked out

    Thank you so much for replying. I am 37. We traveled some and my bowels became irregular so in the back of my head, I thought the cramping could be from that. I’m due to start my period any day.. I think my mind just gets fixated on things. And I’m also super in tune with my body. BUT, I think you are probably right, and it’s just where my body has distributed the weight. So crazy what we tend to focus on and read into. Thank you again!
  11. Hello! I lost a lot of weight (10 pounds) during the end of last year due to stress and all of my muscle tone. But one thing I obsessed over was how flat my stomach was. I would try to make it stick out and it wouldn’t. For the last few months, I’ve gained that weight back and now I’m constantly aware of my stomach. It sticks out all of the time. And while I don’t necessarily FEEL bloated (as in uncomfortable), I’m bothered by thinking that I am, in fact, bloated due to some medical reason. I’m very active now, working out at least 2-3 times a week but my stomach is still there. It’s like I’m pregnant and all of the bloat or pooch is below my belly button. I’ve been cramping all month long but have had no ovary pain. I can suck in and look flat and I can grab all of my stomach and squish it. I just need reassurance that this is just belly fat because my mind goes to ovarian cancer or colon cancer or something. I hate this cycle of thinking. I have had a yearly formal exam and vaginal ultrasound within the last year and all is normal but because of this, I want to call my gynecologist again!
  12. I’m a little late responding, but thank y’all so much. It has continued throughout this week but I am rationalizing!
  13. Thank you SO MUCH! I’m alone and feel so wretched but keep telling myself the tightness is from the anxiety and the palps are hormonal and it is a vicious cycle! Thank you, you’ve made me rationalize things and feel a little better
  14. Hello! I’ve mentioned before how I have palpitations associated with my menstrual cycle. My pulse rate always remains really low through this though. It never races. Well, i started my period yesterday and I’ve had a weird headache, the palpitations and last night I awoke with a racing pulse! Around 110 and it remained that way all night. I was able to sleep and got only 2 hours total . I have driven my children to the lake, it’s far away from everything, and I’m so tired and my chest is now TIGHT, racing and the palps are still there! I’m so terribly exhausted. Could this be exhaustion, coupled with hormones? I’m nervous because I’m so far from a hospital. I had a echo and ekg within the last year and all was normal.
  15. Thank you for your responses. I heard back from the dr yesterday via email and my thyroid labs were normal but she did say that my A1c was 5 and would call to discuss. It’s so weird because I’ll have days where I am fine for the most part but today and yesterday, I feel horrible. I woke up at 4 am and check my glucose and it was at 94. Not low and not really considered HIGH even though I would like it lower. Have you ever brushed your teeth on an empty stomach and had that weird churching feeling from it? That’s the best way I know to describe it . And today I also have slight headache. Complete brain fog and a constant churning and uneasiness. No birth control but I do think it must be hormonal or my body is somehow having a hard time metabolizing food or something. Really wanting to rush to the ER or back to the dr but my vitals are fine even thought I have no energy and feel AWFUl. Hoping it passes soon or I can figure out what is going on.