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  1. Shanowl80

    Increased HA while traveling

    You got this!! The great thing about Disney is that even if you do have anything medical issues (which I know you won’t), they have an amazing staff that will help you right away!! Enjoy your trip!
  2. Shanowl80

    Sorry, TMI, But I’m Scared

    I’ve seen flecks from something as simple as spaghetti sauce. I don’t think this is something for you to need to be concerned about.
  3. It felt odd, one side felt like it was tingly.
  4. Shanowl80

    Intense Pain Near Gallbladder/Liver

    I saw your other post. I had my gallbladder out in 2005. I just wanted to say that if it is your gallbladder, try not to be nervous. It’s very common! I would be happy to share my symptoms with you but I also do not want to trigger you.
  5. I have been taking pictures of my tongue today because it feels odd on one side. Oh the things we do. One of my eyes is smaller and sits a little different than the other. My eyelashes are also completely different looking. I’ve always noticed it so it’s never been a concern of mine. Of course the left eye is puffed up from allergies right now. I usually have the “allergy shiners” as they call them. Sunken in dark circles under each eye. Well, with the allergies that area is puffed up. Almost lookes good! Ha!
  6. Shanowl80

    Calling all my lumpy friends... :D

    My husband had a couple on his back while he was still active duty. The military docs called them fat deposits. He had them removed and they have not grown back. A few of the guys he served with also had them. Makes me wonder if they had anything to do with the ton of shots they got while they were in, or something they were exposed to while in combat.
  7. When do you find out your results from the surgery? Do you have a way to contact your surgeon about the swollen lymph node? He/She May have a reasonable reason for it. I know what it’s like to be in my head all day about all kinds of things. I’m sorry you are dealing with all of this. It’s exhausting.
  8. Shanowl80

    How to stop body checking/scanning???

    I wish I knew this answer to this. I am currently obsessed with my tongue. I keep checking to see if it is swelling. You are so not alone.
  9. Shanowl80

    palpitations in upper right abdomen

    It might happen all day. I don’t notice it unless I’m sitting still.
  10. Shanowl80

    palpitations in upper right abdomen

    I feel this all the time. I had it tonight as a matter of fact.
  11. Shanowl80

    Not doing good.

    I made it through the scan with one anxiety freak out. But I was able to complete it. Had anxiety and panic the whole way home (45 mins from house).
  12. Shanowl80

    Not doing good.

    I hope you feel better. This pollen is for the birds.
  13. Shanowl80

    Not doing good.

    This last week I have had sinus headaches on and off. I had a bad one Saturday and then yesterday I just felt miserable all day. I am trying to blame it on the pollen. Today I woke up stuffy. I am going for a CT scan on my sinuses this afternoon and between the anxiety from feeling sick to the anxiety of having to leave the house I am a ball of nerves. I cannot stand this feeling anymore. I just feel like I am in a cloud. My surroundings look unfamiliar. I’ve got it bad. Any words of wisdom?
  14. Shanowl80

    Made it through surgery!

    So glad things went good!
  15. Shanowl80

    Seeing stars. Really giving me anxiety.

    Thank you Binn. I know I am. Just hard to get out of that rabbit hole sometimes.