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  1. I’m just worried because it’s been itching for a long time now....and now there’s a bump found. It doesn’t sound normal but maybe it is? I don’t know.
  2. So under my arm, between my elbow and my armpit, has been itchy for a while now. I didn’t think much of it since it comes and goes (for about a month but maybe more now) but today it itches so bad!!! I thought it was my stretch marks but then my mom looked at it and she told me there is a small red bump under there. I’m freaking out!!!
  3. So if this is true how would we donate to her? I mean, I use this site enough that I'm more than willing to donate some money towards it, especially if that means having the site not go down so often for everyone.
  4. I kept checking the page on Twitter and Facebook to see if there was any news. When I messaged the page on Facebook whoever was in charge told me, "The site is down for everyone. You'd have to check with Gilly about what can be done" and I asked who Gilly was and how to get ahold of them but not response. I was just so happy it was back up!
  5. Thank you guys ❤️ Dizziness went away for a few hours and it was wonderful! It’s coming back but I feel like since it went away for a while it probably isn’t my worst fears like tumor or death. You guys are the best.
  6. My co-worker told me that sinus infections will kill you unless you take an antibiotic.....which I didn't. Are they just misinformed? I refuse to look it up online.
  7. I had a really bad cold/sinus infection like 3 weeks you think this is from that? I mean it went away on its own and I haven't had any problems with that since this started.
  8. I'm honestly not so much worried about the neck pain as I am about the lightheadedness and dizziness. I've exhausted almost all my options, at least that I can think of. Holls has been a big help and encouraged me that it may not be a brain tumor but an inner ear thing...but it's hard to say for sure. I mean, it's lasted for a week now.
  9. I'm not taking any medication I almost wish I was so that I knew it was that hahaha and even Claritin, though not really medication, I have been taking it daily for years.
  10. I also forgot to mention that my neck has been hurting really bad. Not sure if that's related but......????
  11. I can't tell if my dizziness has gotten better or if I'm just not noticing it as much. It's still there, especially when I stand up or walk. It's there when I'm sitting as well but not as badly. I'm so terrified of a brain tumor. It all started last Wednesday and ever since it's been here. I went walking around on Sunday and barley noticed it except when we were stopped. At first I thought it was my allergies but I'm really good about taking my Claritin daily and then today I also started Flonase to see if it could help with my ears. Still dizzy.......I don't know what else to do. I can walk, I can talk (though I keep stumbling over my words), and I can work but it seems like I'm two steps behind. Like my brain won't work on top of all the dizziness and lightheadedness. Ugh.....thoughts?
  12. I didn't even know this was symptom of MS and probably shouldn't have clicked on this post but....what's done is done lol I have had this before too. It comes and goes but I get it at least once a week and only on my back. I'm going to refuse to believe that it's MS (I'm currently on a brain tumor fear struggle bus right now anyway) The important thing're here. You have life to live. You have important things to do. You have friends and family who are cheering you on and if you don't then I'll cheer you on. Don't let all your hard work go for naught because you had one stumble. Get back on your feet and keep moving forward. WE BELIEVE IN YOU!
  13. Does it normally last for this long though??? That's what I'm concerned about the most. Like last Tuesday I started shaking internally but it hasn't been bad since and I also started feeling dizzy then, the dizziness has lasted. On Friday is when the sleepiness started. It just feels strange that it would last this long. But at the same time I feel fine when I'm walking around at the zoo or playing in the pool like I did on Saturday. I'm just confused lol
  14. Hahaha well I'm glad to know that I'm not alone because I literally thought I was just going to fall over and faint lol I'm sitting here at work and I still feel like I'm going to faint or go crazy or something but I'm glad that I'm not alone! You have no idea how happy that makes me.
  15. Dehydrated since Friday??? I mean, maybe but I don't feel like it's that because when I was at the zoo and walking around for those 4 hours I felt good! I wasn't dizzy or anything.
  16. Do you think this could be the cause of my feelings of being lightheaded and dizzy? My co-worker at work mentioned a brain tumor this morning and told me to get tested....I'm so scared right now.
  17. I've been feeling dizzy since Wednesday with extreme sleepiness since Friday. I'm so freaked out! I literally feel like I'm going to faint. My legs feel like spaghettit. It comes and goes but for the most part I would say that it's there about 13 out of the normal 16 hours I'm awake. I'm so freaked out. I'm so sleepy too! Like on Friday I randomly had sleepiness hit me mid-day and it hasn't gone since. I ended up going to bed at 8:30 Friday night and didn't wake up until 10 the next morning. I went to visit some friends who live like an hour away and my boyfriend drove and I slept all the way there and all the way back. Yesterday I managed to stay awake from 9am to 11pm but only because we went to the zoo and were walking around all day. I felt so good at the zoo! I noticed I'm super irritable too, probably due to my anxiety from these things. Like my fingers are twitching and I'm struggling picking things up. It's just not normal. I'll be honest, at first I thought that this was just allergies, I mean, I do tend to get pretty bad allergies and I felt a lot pressure behind my nose but when I downed sinus medicine it never got better. I just want to feel normal. To know I'm not dying. To stop being so sleepy and dizzy! I mean yesterday at the zoo was great but whenever we would sit down I would start to feel the same way again and get irritable. I'm just sick of this. I'm sick of feeling sleepy. I'm sick of being dizzy. I'm sick of all of it. But I'm terrified of what the doctor would say.
  18. I get the same thing! Also breast cancer is like my number one fear but I’m on the opposite side....I barely ever check myself. I used to be obsessive with checking myself but I had to stop. It was destroying me. You will get through this! I have no doubt! You need to not only trust your doctor but trust the fact that you’re young so even though it’s a possibility, the risk is low. I’m 26 so I get it, i get freaked out too. Trust your doctor and breathe a sigh of relief. In my experience (Aunt has breast cancer and my mom thought she did) if the doctor suspects anything out of the ordinary they will send you to get more tests. Breasts are fatty and lumpy (I got DDD so they’re really fatty Hahahaha) but if your doctor didn’t see anything out of the ordinary you are fine honey. Wish I could convince myself so easily haha
  19. period is so messed up. So the past few months my period has been late sometimes and early other times and I really didn’t think that much of it because I just decided not to focus on it. Then on Tuesday or Wednesday I can’t remember which day I started feeling like this internal shaking and it lasted all throughout the day and then into the next day. Well the next day came and I was still shaking but then halfway through the day my period started and I stopped shaking but when my period started it was all brown blood like that’s all it was was just brown. Well the period has only lasted about three days now and literally the whole time it’s been just like brown blood with a little of red mixed in and I just haven’t felt normal the whole time like yesterday my head was feeling so heavy Like I felt like I was going to faint and I started having that tingly feeling inside of me again. I woke up this morning and so far I feel somewhat OK but still brown blood. I’m only 26 I don’t know I’m just kind of confused what’s happening. Has anyone had any experience like this? Normally I feel great on my period. Lots of energy, happy, etc. This period I feel sleepy all the time, like I’m going to faint, and just all around not normal.
  20. I'm such a mess today. I slammed my hand in a car door on Sunday and part of my finger was punctured. I didn't think much of it (except that it hurt like crazy lol) until yesterday. I haven't had a tetanus shot in over 5 years. Yesterday I was such a mess, I was shaking and depressed and felt like I couldn't walk at all. Today is even worse. I came to work and I can't stop bawling my eyes out. I'm honestly about to leave. Worst of all....I've had diarrhea almost every day since last Friday. I have no idea what that's from but it freaks me the heck out!
  21. I have this exact same problem. Sometimes I think I'm getting so sick and I need to go home and sleep and take a hot shower and then once I'm home I'm fine. I feel more relaxed. I'm in my comfort zone, even though I feel comfortable at work it's not the same. My back is always hurting at work...but it's probably posture problems. YOU ARE NOT ALONE 💕
  22. I had a miserable weekend when it came to my nose. I honestly thought maybe it was just a cold because I was sneezing and feeling all nasty on Friday and then Saturday I woke up and was so congested on the right side of my head. My right nostril wasn't even able to be blown because it was so clogged up and it was all in my ears and everything. I didn't really think much of it. I took a buttload of medicine and started feeling better as the weekend went on. Well yesterday I started getting concerned because whenever I blow my nose straight up blood would come from my left nostril. Nothing from my right but all from my left and yesterday and today I'm feeling so more than I've ever felt with my sinuses before and then it's been almost four days and I still can barely get my right nostril to unclog! Something is wrong and I'm freaking out....especially because of the blood! 😥 Everyone keeps saying 'Oh yeah my allergies are bad too' but mine have never been this bad. I've never been so dizzy and I've never been so congested and I've never had so much blood! I've heard of people my age having sinus cancer and now I'm just concerned.
  23. So I've been feeling like utter crap lately and of course my anxiety flared up thinking it was stomach cancer or something like that and I can't say it's not because who knows...maybe it is, but I wonder if I'm feeling like crap because I'm eating crap. I barely ever eat healthy food and if I do eat something healthy it's filled with preservatives because I struggle with cooking. I'm not the best cook and when I do cook it's only for myself. I'm not sure what's going on. There's like a fireball in my stomach and whatever I eat there is a massive amount of acid reflux. It's miserable and I'm sick of living off of Tums. I want to eat things that help my body instead of hurt it. My boyfriend and I decided to cut out pop (soda) and candy but I already failed with the candy. I asked my counselor if she had any suggestions and she did recommend a smoothie in the morning, which I made. I decided to try an immunity boosting smoothie filled with clementines, carrots, a banana, honey, etc. It was DISGUSTING lol I will never try it again. I'm upset too because I wasted a bunch of money to buy the ingredients for it. I'm just a little stumped. I don't know what to cook, I don't know what to eat, I don't even know what to drink! Even straight up water gives me acide reflux. Any suggestions? I'll literally take anything!
  24. Oh man!!!! That sucks!!!! That means I'm going to be sick for my birthday and my birthday celebration! Do you have any idea what may help??? I don't have chills or a fever....yet. But it's the stomach pain, especially down below, that is making this horrible 😥
  25. It hurts all over now, especially down by my pelvis. I just had my period so it can't be that. Gosh, I'm freaked out thinking about any kind of cancer like colon or ovarian but gosh these cramps are horrible! I'm just trying to last the last half of the work day so I can go home and just relax.