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  1. Breast Cancer?

    Hey guys. I always hate when I have to come back here because it means my anxiety is flaring up again. It just started about 5 minutes ago so I decided to jump on here real quick. I’ve been noticing that i feel really tired and exhausted the past few days. Like last night I slept 8 hours and then got up and when lunch time hit I felt like I could just fall asleep in my car. I went to the gym and kind of felt lazy too. I’ve been going to the gym about 5 times a week for 3 weeks now after not going at all the past two yearsz. Now i’m Supposed to start my period tomorrow, I can tell because my breasts are really hurting. But the one breast hurts more than the other and I know fatigue is a sign of breast cancer and I have very thick breasts. I know I’m young, 24, but I know a girl who got it at 18 so it scares me a lot, especially since I have large breasts. Can someone talk me down from this please? I’m just so sleepy and anxious.
  2. Brown Urine-What’s Wrong With Me???

    But why would it be dehydrated if I’ve been drinking a lot of water? That’s what I’m confused about. I’ve been dehydrated before, of course, but it was because I hadn't been drinking enough or something like that.
  3. Brown Urine-What’s Wrong With Me???

    So I woke up this morning, went to the baño and there it was...straight up dark brown urine. I know your urine is darker in the morning but that was more than ‘dark morning urine’. I’m currently trying not to freak out, but it’s hard. I’ve been drinking so much more water lately but last night I had an alcoholic drink, just one.....that wouldn’t turn my urine that color. I’ve read before that alcohol doesn’t change the color. Ugh i’m So stressed out trying not to be stressed out about this . Any ideas?? I’m too afraid to even pee again!
  4. Ovarian Cancer? Bladder Cancer? I don’t know anymore....

    Well, I mostly eat normal things. Lately I’ve been trying to eat healthier so things like veggies and eggs and whole wheat bread. That’s just been since this crap started though because i thought maybe it would help move things along. But so far, nothing.
  5. Ovarian Cancer? Bladder Cancer? I don’t know anymore....

    I know....I have anxiety. And it sucks. But it wouldn’t affect me this much, right? Thankfully I was able to eat a full meal this morning but man my acid reflux and tummy blechness is beyond horrible. I’m scared, I’m uncomfortable, and I don’t know what to do. My bowel movements haven’t been normal and I keep trying to eat fiber to get them back to normal but so far with no luck....any advice y’all?
  6. I’m just a mess guys. Last week I had a horrible cold and then I finally got over it and then Saturday and Sunday I had awful diharrhea and I’ve barely been able to eat anything since last Friday. I can eat small amounts but then nothing else sounds good. My acid reflux is horrible and I feel a pressure all the way down in my pelvis. It doesn’t hurt, it’s just pressure. I’m such a mess. It’s funny because I can barely eat solid food and then last night I sat down in my anxiety with a friend and ate a whole tub of ice cream by myself. Is this Cancer? I don’t even know anymore. I keep telling myself it’s anxiety but I don’t feel good. I just don’t and I don’t even have a doctor to go to tell me if i’m Dying or not. I’m such a mess.
  7. Leukemia???

    Well I was finally able to calm down last night and then today I ate some soup, bread, and a pastry. But I just had diarrhea i’m Scared again! I know that’s a leukemia symptom!
  8. Leukemia???

    Thanks guys. I’m just so anxious. Like i’m Currently at work, in the bathroom having an anxiety attack due to that feeling of fullness in my stomach. And then I remembered that I was super sick with a cold this past weekend, that’s a leukemia symptom right? But I’m almost over the cold so I shouldn’t have leukemia. Then I remembered that every time I blow my nose blood comes out, that means I have leukemia right? I’m such a mess! Ugh! Stupid anxiety!
  9. Leukemia???

    So I haven’t even been anxious for months and then BAM it hits me hard today. I didn’t even think about it yesterday but today when I sat down for dinner, after not having eaten anything all day I can barely eat the food. My dad reminded me that yesterday I barely ate too so of course now i’m Convinced it’s leukemia. I have a really strange fullness feeling by my stomach and I know that an enlarged spleen can cause that. However, I called my friend and she’s convinced it’s my period. I’m on day 2. I’m less convinced, but yet at the same time I’m trying to keep my mind off leukemia. I’m 24, a peak age for this vicious cancer, so I’m concerned. Please help! I’m about to head into work and can barely think clearly.
  10. Upper Back Pain-What's the Cause?

    Hey friends! WOW my anxiety has been so much better lately and I'm so happy....however I got sick two days ago and ever since it's kind of come back to haunt me. I actually moved back to the US from Mexico this past Tuesday and I ended up getting sick on the plane. No fever or anything but I got sick twice in the same day. Food poisoning maybe? That's what I keep telling myself to calm myself down. However just recently I noticed that my back hurts really bad when I'm coughing and breathing heavy, like my upper back. I keep telling myself, 'Girl, calm down! It's not cancer! You're only 24, you've been sleeping in a new bed and you've had a very stressful past couple of days.' but then I think.....that wouldn't cause pain when I'm breathing...that would cause pain when I'm not breathing. So something is very wrong and I'm starting to get concerned. Any ideas?
  11. ITCHING ALL OVER! Pancreatic Cancer?

    My stomach started itching so bad last night and I figured it was nothing but then this morning it started itching bad again! Then my fingers and leg started itching. My stomach has been slightly upset, near my pancreas, and I can't help but think that this is pancreatic cancer. I know it's highly uncommon for a 24 year old but it's still possible. I'm stressing out right now because I'm moving from Mexico next week back to the US for a while, and I've been crying almost non stop lol is this stress or pc?
  12. Colon Cancer???

    It's almost sickening that I'm back to this stupid anxiety. I had a colon cancer fear back in 2015 but I haven't struggled with it much since. However these past few days it's come back to haunt me. Basically here's what's going on: pains. I'm having pains that are kind of dull but crampy in the bottom left of my stomach. Then I have barely pooped! I think the last time I pooped was 2 days ago and it was a rough one....ya know? (sorry TMI). Now I'll be honest and say that my diet is crap. I basically live off of red meat, cheese, and Coca-Cola with an occasional fruit every now and then. (Like last night I had 3 apples....3 and I still haven't pooped.) I've been pretty gassy lately and have been taking quite a few TUMS but other than that I have no symptoms. But man.....these cramps and the fact that I haven't pooped....Well, I read enough about colon cancer back in 2015 to know these are symptoms. But I'm only 24. I'm scared. I knew a kid from back home who had colon cancer at 27 and another friend who had it at 30. With my diet in red meat all I can think of 'Oh great, you're next.' Any advice?
  13. BOTULISM FEAR.....Help!

    Well at first I thought it was anxiety but it just kept getting worse as the day went on. Right now I can still feel the tingles but it is not awful. Maybe because I'm at work and need to pay attention to my students. But I'm just so concerned. My eyesight is off but that happens with my sinus headaches so I don't know if it's because of the headaches or if it has to do with botulism. I know I'm probably freaking myself out but I'm just so concerned. I just wonder if maybe this is all from botulism and if I'm going to have time to make it to a hospital. I keep trying to pick things up and dropping them too. Like I spilled my water and dropped my sunglasses on the floor. Today I held a baby for a long time and had no problem with that but now I'm like dropping everything. I need to sleep lol
  14. BOTULISM FEAR.....Help!

    Well I was doing okay with everything until today. I woke up and both of my hands had pins and needles in them and I think that's a sign of paralysis. It's lasted all day long and now it's in my feet. I had some caffeine earlier and I think that's caused my anxiety to go up but I'm really freaking out. I just want to go home from work, cry, and sleep but I have to work. I feel like i'm gonna faint. I'm so scared and freaked out. This is a terrible way to end my Friday and I don't live with anyone so all I can think is I'm gonna go home and die and no one will ever know! My boyfriend won't find me till he comes home from his business trip and there I'll be.....dead in my bed. I'm trying to relax but it's hard because I feel this tingling and then I also have a sinus headache. I'm just so freaked out. I had stopped believing I had botulism until today and now I'm freaking out. This is SO I run to the hospital or no?
  15. BOTULISM FEAR.....Help!

    So I did the STUPIDEST thing in the world. I went to the store for some nachos and the cheese had just been brought out and wasn't heated yet. The lady at the counter put some in a container and heated it for 30 seconds. I didn't think anything of it and ate my nachos but then I just remembered that story of the girl who died from eating nacho cheese with botulism. At first I thought I was overreacting but then looked online and realized that botulism is only cooked out of food if it's boiled or cooked for more than 10 minutes.....mine was 30 seconds! I'm basically planning my funeral and I'm so scared. I read that fatality rates are 60% in undeveloped countries and I currently live in Mexico (though I am a US citizen). Can someone help please????