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  1. BejeweledMexican

    Back AND Knee Pain

    I’m suffering y’all. Really suffering. I’ve been having intense knee pain since the middle of last week. It’s only my left knee and it doesn’t hurt to walk on it or anything but when I bend it inward, like if i were to sit on it, it’s an intense pain and it makes me scream. My family says they think i just pulled something but how is that if I feel fine walking? It seriously only hurts when I bend it. My back is also causing me a lot of pain and all i can think of is that there’s a tumor. I imagine breast cancer that has spread or the tumor in my knee that spread. I’m a mess. Worst is I just started dating a new guy and everything was fine until this happened. I don’t want him to know how crazy I am yet hahaha
  2. BejeweledMexican

    Anxiety Is Eating Away At Me

    That’s one of my biggest problems is the ear pain and pressure. I just, ugh, I dont’s want to die yet Holls! I’m really freaked out! I wish there was a way out of this but there isn’t and so the only 2 options I can think of is 1. I die from the infection that’s in my teeth or 2. I die from the procedure. Why do I think like this?!?!? I can’t even sleep....
  3. BejeweledMexican

    Anxiety Is Eating Away At Me

    When you had your wisdom teeth removed were you completely out or did you just have the area numb? I can’t for the life of me figure out what to do. I just went to sign the papers and they said that the anesthesia can lead to DEATH!!!!! Anesthesia?!? Death?!? I didn’t sign up for that! I’m a mess now. But I’m also freaking out about getting a shot in my mouth. I mean, who does that! And dry socket?!? Ugh! Plus, my old dental technician from like a year ago told me that she’s ‘only’ seen one guy die from a wisdom teeth removal and it’s because he had an unknown heart condition. What if I have an unknown heart condition?!? I haven’t had a physical in at least 2 years because I’m too terrified to go to the doctor, now that choice may be the end of me!
  4. BejeweledMexican

    Anxiety Is Eating Away At Me

    I don’t know why my anxiety has been so bad lately. A couple of months ago I was fine, and now here I am on this site almost everyday and I’m panicking around the clock almost. This week was stressful. I still haven’t started my period and I’ve been having random bouts of diarrhea. Today I had to run to the bathroom to go and I shouldn’t have looked, but I did and I saw a bunch of black and red. The red doesn’t concern me so much because I ate a bunch or red peppers recently but I’ve eaten nothing of course my first thought is colon cancer. At 25, not likely but still possible. I told my friend and she was like ‘Your anxiety has been so bad lately’ and that’s when it hit me that it really has been. It’s also at an all time high right now because I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow. I can barely eat anymore because they’re so bad and I’m absolutely freaking out that I’m going to die during the surgery. Even the technician told me ‘If they hit that nerve at the bottom then you can’t recover.’ Oh good....thanks? I’m a mess and now this colon cancer fear, along with not starting my period has me all freaked out. The last time I got out of a bad anxiety mess like this I moved, but unfortunately i’m stuck where I am for a while. Any other suggestions you wonderful people may have?
  5. BejeweledMexican

    Missed Period! Pregnant or worse?

    And I get that but the thing is I’ve never been on the pill and I’m almost never late, or at least not past 4 days. It’s been 7. Plus my lower stomach issues just makes it co-worker doesn’t help and she’s like ‘I had that too when I was pregnant.’ Ugh. I don’t need that kind of negativity Lol I guess I’m just worried about the cancer because it’s just so not like me. And I don’t even feel very stressed lately, a little of course but nothing compared to times like college or anything like that. I guess I’m just confused. And I can’t talk to my mom about it because ahe’s Always with my aunt so I either come to y’all or google and I’ll choose y’all over google anyday!!!!
  6. BejeweledMexican

    Missed Period! Pregnant or worse?

    I’m just so stressed out guys. Last night I was feeling good and I honestly thought my period would be here now (I’m officially a week late), unfortunately no such luck. I had HORRIBLE lower abdominal cramps this morning and I was happy about it because I thought it was my period. I mean....I don’t think I’m pregnant. But what if I am! I had a little sexual activity 2 weeks ago today but my jeans didn’t even come off. I got some of his cum on my hands but then I washed them and went to the bathroom. Of course I’m thinking the worst....cancer. I haven’t even been that stressed out until I missed my period. Now I’m a mess again. Encouragement ladies? Please?
  7. BejeweledMexican

    Colon Cancer/Anal Cancer????

    You both have seriously given me so much hope I’m finally in my bathroom at home crying! I needed to hear these things. I was doing so good with my anxiety and then i took this new job and it was like BAM so many new feelings! I will try and remain optomistic and trust that my body is functioning as it should. I guess it also has been difficult lately because my aunt has cancer and they found out it officially spread to the brain. She’s like my second mom so i’m Trying to be 100% there for her while also trying to take care of my own mental thoughts. Sometimes it can lead to irrational fears and feelings of anxiety that I thought I had been done with. You guys are amazing. Time to lift my head up high, keep moving forward, and being thankful for every day that is given to me. I’ll be back later if anything else progresses! The worst thing is the itching (and now burning) plus I realized that there seems to be some sort of rash on my bottom so of course I’m starting to get concerned again but I’m gonna try and fall asleep before it all takes over!
  8. BejeweledMexican

    Colon Cancer/Anal Cancer????

    I’m having a full out panic attack in my bathroom at work for a number of reason. 1. I’n Officially 5 days late for my period, I’ve never been more than 4 days late and no there’s no way I’m pregnant. 2. My butt crack itches like CRAZY up at the very top (TMI, I know, but it’s a symptom if I remember correctly from my Dr Google says) 3. I just had a blowout at work. I don’t think you understand....I NEVER use the bathroom unless I’m at home just because it makes me uncomfortable but today I couldn’t even hold it in, like I had to run down the stairs to go! It was nasty and basically diarrhea. So now I’m sitting in the baño avoiding life. I’m scared. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m 25, not a 70 years old with a much more likely diagnoses of this horrid diseas and I haven’t really had a fear of this since 2015 when I had convinced myself I had colon cancer. I don’t know what to do. I’m literally just alone and afraid in a public bathroom. Pitiful, yet this is my life.
  9. BejeweledMexican

    Rectal Cancer- Here We Go....

    So yesterday I had some extreme itching right at the very end of my bottom, like where the crack ends (sorry, TMI) I didn’t think anything of it, scratched it, drew some blood and went on my way. Well today it’s still itching and then i remembered that’s a sign of rectal cancer (of course I remember everything from when I looked things up in my Dr. Google days). Obviously I can’t see back there and I’m stuck at work but ugh, i’m Freaking out. My 3rd grade teacher’s husband died from this and he couldn’t have been more than 35 years old. I’m 25....oh great. Then I remembered that all last week I had bad diarrhea. It’s gone now but what could it have been from? Help....please?
  10. BejeweledMexican

    Leg Pain.....still

    Well it’s been since Monday evening and the leg pain is still there. It mostly stays in my knee but can sometimes radiate up and down. At first I was like, okay, this is my sciatic nerve, but after countless exercises to try and stretch it out nothing is working. I’m trying not to freak out but sometimes the aching pain is so bad that I just want to cry or have an anxiety attack. I don’t have health insurance right now so that’s out ( I just got a new job and am in the middle of my application for it) but honestly doctor’s freak me out anyway. Is there anyone else that has experienced this?
  11. BejeweledMexican

    Bone Cancer? Leg pain....l

    Well the day has started and I can already feel the pain coming back. This time it’s mostly in my knee but I feel an ache in my thigh too. This is getting to be awful. Plus I sit at my job all day and just think about it. I wish I could get up and move around but I’m stuck at my desk. I don’t know what it is and I don’t know why it’s making me feel awful. Plus pleas do not worry Worryworm, I had thought of it before you ever said it. I think it’s a common thought for many women.
  12. BejeweledMexican

    Bone Cancer? Leg pain....l

    You know I have thought about this before....I wonder if I could find some exercises to help. I went from a job where I was standing up a lot to a job where I sit for 8+ hours a day so maybe it’s made a difference. I’ve had some back problems recently too.
  13. BejeweledMexican

    Bone Cancer? Leg pain....l

    But how is it normal if I normally don’t feel it? I mean it’s really annoying and painful. Plus i’m Wondering the same thing as you since a lot of the pain is up near the hip if it could be cervical cancer! Ugh!!!!!
  14. BejeweledMexican

    Bone Cancer? Leg pain....l

    I can’t seem to catch a break guys. It it’s not one then then it’s another of course. Yesterday I randomly started having a really bad pain in my right leg. It started at the top near my hip and then it went down to below my knee. It’s an aching pain and nothing seems to take it away. It started late in the evening last night, was gone this morning and now it’s back again. I don’t want to immediately jump to cancer but I know it’s a possibility. Any thoughts? I’m not a very active person and on Sunday I walked 3 miles in sandals but that wouldn’t do anything to just one leg, it would have been both, right? Ugh....
  15. BejeweledMexican

    Blood Spotting- Ladies?

    Man anxiety is really hitting me hard this month and I’m not even sure why. The other day I was using the restroom and when I wiped I noticed there was a little pink blood on my toilet paper, enough to definitely notice. I took it as nothing as I figured it was my period showing up early but here I am two days later and....still no period. No more spottin either. I’m starting to freak myself out. I have NEVER had this before and no, there’s no possible way I’m pregnant. My period calendar says I still have 7 days until my period. Why did I spot? Is it possible this is anything but cancer?