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  1. Oh man!!!! That sucks!!!! That means I'm going to be sick for my birthday and my birthday celebration! Do you have any idea what may help??? I don't have chills or a fever....yet. But it's the stomach pain, especially down below, that is making this horrible 😥
  2. It hurts all over now, especially down by my pelvis. I just had my period so it can't be that. Gosh, I'm freaked out thinking about any kind of cancer like colon or ovarian but gosh these cramps are horrible! I'm just trying to last the last half of the work day so I can go home and just relax.
  3. Oh yeah I know it can't be my appendix because that's on the right side of my body so (yay) lol but I just don't know what this pain/uncomfort is from. It's so weird. You daughter had stomach pain and then it just went away? Maybe it's just a virus then. It just feels like more. Like my stomach is twisting and turning. I really don't want to go get sick either! Tomorrow is my birthday and I have a whole big celebration planned for this weekend. Any suggestions on getting it to calm down?
  4. I'm sure this is anxiety related (at least I'm hoping) but I need help with trying to deal with it. I tried my counselor's idea, the 'planning' my anxiety, which normally works, but it is not working with this stomach pain I'm having. It started last night and it was a like a sharp pain in the middle of my stomach to the left. I thought 'it's probably just stuff moving through' since I had just gone to the bathroom. But it started lasting through the evening and then finally let up around 10pm. I even had some rice and meatloaf and felt fine but then I came to work this morning and it feels like I'm going to vomit. I have a stinging/stabbing pain in the upper left of my stomach now. I took some tums which helped none unfortunately....does this sound like anxiety??? I want to believe it is but it doesn't FEEL like it. It feels like death lol okay that's feels like I'm either getting sick or something is wrong. Thoughts??
  5. Well my canker sore on my tongue finally went away, I made sure to watch it carefully the past few days. But now my tongue, like the very back and middle is TINGLING! What the actual crap??? I have never had this before and it feels so weird and it's annoying! I remember my dentist told me that my 'canker sore' could possibly be a nerve issue if it persists and now this feels like it could be a nerve issue. I'm trying not to jump there so quickly, I'm mostly just dumbfounded instead of scared...but come on! Can't a girl catch a break around here??? Anyone else have this tongue tingle thingy? I wish it was just my mind playing tricks on me but legit it's not.
  6. Okay then this definitely isn’t a canker sore. There’s no whiteness and it’s more like a spike sticking out of my’s weird the top front of my tongue feels like I burned it....but I haven’t eaten anything that would have done that.
  7. Well....still there. Getting worse....again. Ugh. I can see it now and so can my parents. It’s white, it’s not red, it’s just a bump on the side of my tongue. Freaking out.
  8. It was soooooo sore yesterday. It hurt so bad to talk and stretch my tongue. It hurts today only when my tongue crazes it but it did that a couple of days ago too and then it got worse as the days went on....again. I just don’t know what to make of it! And yes I love my counselor! She’s great!
  9. I definitely thought that I saw something sticking out yesterday but it never turned red and it never turned white.
  10. Ugh man I really wish that was me! I mean....I'm glad it's not because I definitely don't make enough to do that but I wish I had the courage to actually go to the doctor. I think I don't because I didn't have a doctor for like 2 years living in Mexico and then when I came back my anxiety started flaring up again and now since I haven't been in so long I'm convinced something is killing me that I don't know about.
  11. I actually don't have a doctor. Unfortunately I'm terrified of them.....:( I wish I wasn't!
  12. It is so frustrating and I was doing pretty well working through things with my counselor....even stayed off this sight for at least two weeks. Then this popped up, didn't think anything of it, it went away and then randomly it came back worse than before. I thought the dentist was just going to tell me it was totally normal and nothing was wrong but that ended up not happening and my mind immediately went to 'Well this is the reason why I don't go to the doctor, I'd rather just die unexpectedly' which I'm not sure is 100%'s just what my brain says. I'm currently working with mycounselor on building a 'fear ladder' where the top step is going to the doctor and the steps before it are baby steps. My first step was the dentist since I didn't think that was a big deal...and then this sore popped up and then he mentioned the specialist. I'm ready to just jump off the ladder now and run the other do we deal with this? Why I can't I be the kind of hypo that runs to the doctor all the time? I used to be that way! I miss it.
  13. May I just ask why it is that it's red and hurts that it's a good thing? I have a canker sore on the inside of my tongue and you can't see it but it hurts so it good that it hurts or bad that you can't see it????
  14. Well that's the problem...I can't really see it either since it's on the side of my tongue. But I do remember asking him if he thinks it could be cancer and he said he doesn't know. It's unlikely at my age but not impossible. But he really can't tell without sending me to see a specialist. Now I basically just have to wait to see if the pain continues. I'm seriously just so scared. I was talking to another girl today about how her uncle had a brain tumor, had symptoms, waited to go to the doctor, and now he's dead. What if that's what happens to me since I'm waiting until the end of May??? I know it sounds dramatic but you don't mess around with cancer.
  15. I asked him and he said that he really doesn't know since he can't see it. It barely hurts at all today....but it still hurts when it grazes my teeth. I asked him if he thought it was food related or from maybe accidentally biting my tongue and he said either was unlikely since there's not a visible ulcer.