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  1. BejeweledMexican

    Ladies.....cancer fear

    I'm staying off! And as long as you know your stuff then I'm going to trust you! Thank you! And like the true hypchondriac that I am I'm already moving on to another fear bahahaha
  2. BejeweledMexican

    Ladies.....cancer fear

    I'm just a mess...again lol no shocker there! I was actually doing really good today and then all of a sudden I started having this crampy pain down below, like literally on pelvis. I never get cramps, first of all, and even though it's not a horrible pain it's not comfortable either. My last period was about w 1/2 weeks ago so I'm not ready for my period yet and my last period was 27 days late. Is any of this a sign of cancer? I absolutely refuse to look it up, though I'm tempted.
  3. BejeweledMexican

    So so so so sleepy

    I'm sleepy and that scares me. Why does it scare me? I've been getting 8 hours of sleep. Last night I actually only had around 7 but I still came to work, was fine for about 4 hours and now I'm exhausted. I want to just fall asleep right here and now. I haven't been feeling too depressed lately so I know it's not that but I think of all the different diseases that it could be. Does anyone else suffer from this? I'm currently freaking out about the possibility of leukemia....and I haven't had a leukemia fear in forever!
  4. BejeweledMexican

    Intense Pain Near Gallbladder/Liver

    That’s why we’re thinking it is. What is your pain like, if you don’t mind me asking.
  5. BejeweledMexican

    At the doctor’s now

    Th back pain is not completely gone but I would say it’s gone from a 5 on the pain scale down to a 1.5. Maybe it’s because I was so focused with this pain? It does concern me that my back pain is directly behind the area where this pain is, but it’s just so different. This is a horrible burning pain. The doctor told me to take omeprazole and see if it helps until I can get a gallbladder ultrasound. I’m hoping I won’t have to get one at all!
  6. BejeweledMexican

    At the doctor’s now

    It definitely isn’t muscular. This isn’t a muscular pain that’s constant, it comes and goes and I pointed to where the pain is and the doctor said ‘yeah that definitely sounds like your gallbladder’ but now that you say it isn’t I’m all confused now.
  7. BejeweledMexican

    At the doctor’s now

    The doctor came in and told me they think it’s my gallbladder 😢 they want to schedule me for a gallbladder ultrasound...I’m terrified!!!! They probably think it’s cancer and they’re just not telling me!
  8. BejeweledMexican

    At the doctor’s now

    I have been having really bad painful, stabbing, and burning feelings on my right side in my upper stomach. I NEVER go to the doctor but I couldn’t concentrate at work and so I made myself go since it was only a 2 minute drive. I’m just at the urgent care because I don’t have my own doctor. The nurse said my oxygen is at 100%, whatever that is. Currently in the room waiting for the doctor....tempted to run out so I don’t have to hear a cancer diagnosis or something that’s going to chew away at my mind. I’m terrified right now.
  9. BejeweledMexican

    Terrified to Eat

    When you say it lasts for a second does it every come back? Mine has been 'constant' in the sense of it lasts for hours but it only lasts for a few seconds, goes away, comes back again, goes away, etc. but it always comes back to the same spot.
  10. BejeweledMexican

    Terrified to Eat

    I just don't know what to do. Do I go to the doctor for this? My family keeps saying 'it's gas' but it doesn't feel like gas. I was having SUCH a good morning and now this. I did end up eating lunch, healthy food like beans and stuff, but I still feel the pain. It's honestly I guess more like a burning pain than a stabbing pain. I can't figure out for the life of me what it could be and I AM NOT going to use going down another added on rabbit hole. I just don't see how it could be muscular.
  11. BejeweledMexican

    Terrified to Eat

    I didn't really say this before but I should point out that I seem to only get the pain after I eat. I was fine all morning and then I had a piece of lemon pound cake from Starbucks and less than 20 minutes later the pain hit. I'm just so terrified I know I need to eat but.....I don't want the pain! Worst off, I don't want the cancer!
  12. BejeweledMexican

    Terrified to Eat

    Well, my back seems to be feeling a bit better but now I'm terrified to even eat because of this pain on both sides of my torso. The right pain is the same that I experienced last Friday with random sharp pains that come and go and now they're a little bit on the right side too. This isn't IBS, it's way up at the top of my stomach near my breasts. I'm terrified of pancreatic cancer. I know it sounds irrational since it's not a blinding pain and I'm only 25 but it feels better when I sit down and bend forward and I heard that is pancreatic cancer. I'm terrified!!!!
  13. BejeweledMexican

    How Do We Help Them Understand?

    I'm sorry that you're feeling the same way. Health anxiety is miserable enough as it is but going through it alone is like 5 times more miserable. I developed it a couple years ago in college and it was so nice to be able to have people to talk to about it and people who were there to help, now it's just a broken record, 'Go to the doctor', 'You're fine', 'Seriously, again?', 'I can't deal with you', etc. I'm at least glad we have this site where we can all come and be here for each other.
  14. BejeweledMexican

    How to stop body checking/scanning???

    Unfortunately it is not my lower back, it is my upper back which is more common in cancer's not good haha but thank you for the exercises! Hmmmmm well if you can't get rid of your phone maybe try and set up a system where every time you go to take a picture you instead play a level of your favorite game or you listen to a song you enjoy. I'm not sure if this helps at all but I try and distract myself. Like I'm at work right now and my first thought is to freak out about how much pain I'm in but instead I come on here and try and talk with people who understand in a way or I bombard myself with work to distract myself.
  15. BejeweledMexican

    How to stop body checking/scanning???

    Though I'm not having the exact same fears I am the same in the sense that I check for pain constantly, even though I'm already in pain. Like when my back hurts ( like right now) and I don't feel horrible pain, I move my back to see if the underlying pain issue is still there. I understand the OCD thoughts and it is not at all fun. I'm considering taking drastic measures in order to at least help my anxiety, such as cutting off social media completely. Maybe you need to get a 'dumb' phone that doesn't take pictures or a phone that can't access the internet. Anything that will help bring peace is worth considering in my opinion. I'm here if you need to talk or need help!