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  1. mollyfin

    Someone please talk some sense into me.

    The average age of diagnosis of ovarian cancer is 74. It does happen in younger people, but the odds are against it.
  2. mollyfin

    Blurry Vision, anyone had it?

    You're so sweet to ask! No progress yet, but my doctor's working on it.
  3. Still waiting for a referral to get everything scanned. My GP is having trouble getting my MRI results from the neuro, which he wants to look at before he does anything else. I'm losing my mind but I guess since I've waited all these YEARS, a few more weeks won't make that much difference.
  4. mollyfin

    Weird mark on sons foot

    It's pretty much identical. Please, for your son's sake, try to ignore it at least for a few days, and try to be casual when you check to see that it's faded. Let him deal with washing it, etc (assuming he can be trusted to do so at all; I know what boys that age are like...). Even if it is something on his skin besides a stain, hovering and checking every ten minutes isn't going to help you find out any faster. And you don't want him picking up on your nerves and fretting about it too. I know the stuff involving waiting is the worst, but you can make it.
  5. mollyfin

    Blurry Vision, anyone had it?

    Probably dry eyes caused by allergy medications, but there are plenty of normal reasons for blurry vision. Allergies, eyestrain, the need for new glasses, leaving contacts in for too long, etc. I had it a couple of days ago - it was frustrating because all I wanted to do was read! I think I'm going to need reading glasses eventually, but this was worse than usual. I think it was dry eyes thanks to decongestants. Back to normal now.
  6. mollyfin

    daughter said her head hurts

    Dude, you need to seek help. It's fine (well not fine, it's harmful, but we can decide how to deal with it) to do things that only affect us, but I developed HA from hovering anxious parents. Don't do this to your daughter. A mild headache and a normal temperature - anything 99.5 or below is normal - is not a red flag. Your anxiety is running away with you. See a doctor for yourself. Your child is fine. You are not.
  7. mollyfin

    Blood in urine causing so much panic

    The people getting cancer from 9/11 were covered in dust for weeks. I worry about it sometimes too since I live in lower Manhattan, but I think we're both relatively low-risk. My uncle died from 9/11 cancer related complications but he worked in an office that was in that area and completely coated in dust for months (for whatever reason they didn't make cleaning it a priority). I'm not saying your having cancer is impossible, but it's not likely to be related to that. In someone your age, though, kidney stones are far more likely.
  8. mollyfin

    Scared of Brain tumor (again)

    If you had a symptomatic brain tumor you would probably have some signs that a neuro exam would pick up. Though FWIW I can't do all the neuro tests and I've still been "passed" through as probably fine. (My balance is abysmal to the point where I've nearly fallen over during the balance tests and at some point I stopped being able to walk on my right heel. Still no one's looked at me and thought "brain tumor.") My anxiety has been insane lately as you may know and the tingling and numbness and stuff I have going on is ridiculous. Some of it may be related to the fucked up parts of my spine, but most of it went away when I found out that the things I was worrying about weren't real. Also, this no longer happens, but for a while back in the day, when I had panic attacks or my stress levels got high, my arms would go numb. To this day, no idea what in the world made that happen, but it was a thing that happened.
  9. mollyfin

    My uncle's cancer is...not cancer

    That's awesome! I'm sorry it took them that long to realize it but at least they didn't take any chances with it!
  10. mollyfin

    Should I be worried about having an EKG?

    If you do have some mystery cardiac ailment, it's better to find out now when it hasn't had a chance to do any harm. That said, the odds are pretty low that it'll be abnormal.
  11. mollyfin

    I'm having a bad day. Child and fevers

    Where did I hear that thermometers are unreliable? Call it anecdotal evidence after 35 years of trying to find one that gave the same reading twice in a row. Where did I hear that 99.6 is the bottom cutoff for a fever? Various doctors.
  12. mollyfin

    Lung Cancer fears

    If it's been going on over the past couple of years, if you had lung cancer, you'd be crazy sick by now.
  13. mollyfin

    I'm having a bad day. Child and fevers

    Honestly, probably your thermometer. They're not the most reliable things in the world. Especially ear thermometers, but I've had the same issue with oral ones. Anything under 99.6 is considered a normal temperature.
  14. mollyfin

    Health Anxiety with an upcoming procedure!

    I've had novocaine shots a bunch of times (wisdom teeth out, teeth pulled, cavities) and I've never had an issue; everyone close to me has had extensive dental work and never had an issue. Hurts a lot when they pull the needle back out, but the numbness will probably be gone in a few hours. For some people it can take a day or so. Unfortunately anxiety can make it linger. Avoid caffeine that morning; it can make it wear off faster. But it might be helpful if you're trying to get it to wear off quickly after the procedure. Even in the worst case scenario you're envisioning and a nerve somehow gets severed and you stay numb (I don't know how that would happen, but for the sake of argument, let's say it does, and this is the only reason the numbness wouldn't eventually wear off somehow), it'll almost certainly heal eventually. Nerves regenerate. And otherwise the numbness can't last because the local can't stay in your body forever; it's impossible. It goes on through like anything else you put into your body. So permanent numbness is a nearly impossible situation. As for the Valium, well, you don't HAVE to take that one. Although this is an interesting conundrum - what if the thing that biologically stops your anxiety symptoms also makes you anxious to think about? If you do take it, you'll probably feel tired and calm - I take a different benzo for my anxiety but they're all pretty similar. It's an odd calm, like it feels artificial - maybe that's unique to us HA people who always feel like they're in a state of anxiety, and not feeling it feels weird. But it's nice; the physical anxiety symptoms tend to go away, and it's nice to not feel tied up in knots for a while. And once you stop physically feeling anxious, your mind will probably let up along with it. I personally would take it, because allergic reactions to them are rare (<1% of people have them I think) and they really do help. But you can also go without it if you so choose; it won't affect their ability to do the procedure. And you've taken amoxicillin before right? So that'll probably go fine. And I've had allergic reactions to antibiotics - I got a rash, my doctor said "Try this one instead," and that was that. No catastrophe. Keep Benadryl on hand as a security blanket, and if you start to get hives, take some and call your pharmacist or a local nurse's hotline if you have one (most insurance carriers provide them, I think). I get that these fears aren't something that can be talked away, but sometimes it helps me to remind myself that when my anxiety is at play, I don't process things realistically and blow up the very minor possibilities until they seem inevitable. And 99% of the time, those things don't happen.
  15. Well, worst case is bone mets, which can kill you pretty easily even with the "good" thyroid cancers, but hopefully that won't be something I have to deal with. Hopefully if mine is cancer it's of the "taking its sweet time to grow" variety. I have no idea how much it's grown and how fast. Can't recall how big they used to be. Having a nodule on either side and a hoarse voice are red flags, so I'm pretty mad that I was never told I'd need a repeat biopsy. I assumed benign meant, you know, benign, and that was that. Waiting to hear back from my GP - he wanted to talk to the doc who ordered the MRI before sending me to an endo. But if it takes more than a few days I'm just going on my own; sitting around waiting isn't going to help me. I know waiting a few days on top of several years makes no difference, but mentally it does.