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  1. Walking Circles

    Ughhh rabies fear

    Well the odds are that you weren't exposed to anything. Being that you live in an urban area it's highly unlikely that you would come across a rabid cat anyway. As to your level of exposure, if your only exposure came through washing there's a very low likelihood of anything to worry about. However call your GP and get some piece of mind. Sometimes it's worth the inconvenience to your schedule to make an appointment and get some relief from the anxiety.
  2. My son is five. He's a bright, energetic guy. He started speaking a bit late, and is a bit behind in some regards still but way ahead in other aspects. Here lately I've noticed a couple of things that have me troubled. A couple of weeks ago we went to a new play group, thirty or so minutes after leaving he couldn't remember the names of the two kids he played with. This was after me bringing up their names to him just before. If I pressed him on it he just got angry and shut down. My mother has a new boyfriend and he has done the same thing with him. He knows the guy's name, he's said it. However tonight he was asking for "the guy with the white shirt and the necklace" and when we asked him to name the person he got upset and shut down. He sometimes doesn't remember the name of his uncle who lives with us. Though in all fairness his uncle is never home. A week or two ago he was at the table and asked where something was that he had just sat down a minute or so ago. From time to time he will be unable to call up the name of a thing he is talking about and get incredibly frustrated about it resulting in a fit. Of course this has me in a tizzy and after screwing up by going to google I've discovered that childhood dementia is in fact a thing! Has anyone else experienced this kind of behavior in their children?
  3. Walking Circles

    Afraid of hallucinations.

    Twice here lately I have had something concerning happen. 1. I was sitting on my couch with my head lain back and my eyes closed. I felt like maybe I was sort of half asleep or at least out of it, and turned my head with my eyes still closed and saw a country road at night. My eyes sort opened automatically and I was looking over at the blinds in my living room. 2. I was sitting on the couch, eye closed, head back and sort of out of it, I heard someone say something to me and sort of involuntarily mumbled a response then opened my eyes fully too. The commonalities here are that both times I was highly relaxed, layed back, with my eyes closed on a couch that I normally sleep on during a time of day where I was very tired. Do these sound like hallucinations or does it sound like I fell partially asleep? Anyone else have anything similar.
  4. Walking Circles

    Sleep anxiety.

    It just scares me because for my entire life I scarcely remembered my dreams at all, now all of the sudden I do. I know this started after worrying about other sleep issues.
  5. Walking Circles

    Sleep anxiety.

    I know this sounds strange but something about my sleep is bothering me here lately. For a couple of months it seems like I remember my dreams every single night, often two a night. What's strange about that is that for most of my life I rarely remember a dream at all, maybe once a week at best. I'm afraid it's indicative of some change in my brain. Anyone else had this happen to them?
  6. For the past little bit now (few weeks at least) I seem to wake up every four hours or so. If I get to sleep within about four hours I wake up for a bit before I can go down again. Now often someone wakes me up, or I have to pee, or like tonight a friend called at midnight, then my shoulder was hurting due to how I was laying. So I guess some of it is just plain bad luck. My sleep schedule is also alllll kinds of messed up. I often go to bed at like 4 or 5 am, get up at 7 or 8, then go down for a nap around 11:30 or 12 and nap till about 4. I'm not really laying down and sleeping, just taking few hour naps stretched out throughout the day. For the most part I'm not having too much trouble going to sleep when I'm ready too but danged if I can stay down. Has anyone ever had this happen? I know it's really silly but I'm worried about Fatal Insomnia ever since I learned that an early symptom is segmented sleep. Even though I know that for the most part it only runs in families and only like a dozen sporadic cases have been identified world wide and I believe in individuals in late middle age or older.
  7. Walking Circles

    Waking up confused?

    Wow, that's quite a bit more than I've dealt with it. Do you by any chance have sleep apnea? I do and I've read that the two may be connected.
  8. Walking Circles

    Waking up confused?

    I feel asleep a few hours ago, I was out for about an hour. I woke very suddenly and was totally confused when I woke, I didn't really know where I was and everything seemed very fuzzy. I didn't really know anything for a moment. Then everything just came back to me after a moment or two. I've had this happen a few times in the past couple of years. Anyone else every experience this? Each time it's happened it's been when I've fallen asleep on the couch and was only out an hour and I wake suddenly. Kind of scary and really feeds my fear of dementia.
  9. Walking Circles

    Cancer fear, Strep throat for third time in a month!

    Figured out what was going on. Apparently my wife is a carrier. She has it but is totally asymptomatic. She recently started a new job in the cleaning business and we suspect that's where she picked it up.
  10. Walking Circles

    Dealing with a loss

    Really sorry to hear about your loss Bin. It's always so hard when there is no warning. I lost my mentor a few years back very suddenly, the shock is just so different than when there is a long illness that gives you time to prepare.
  11. Just got back from the walk in clinic. I have strep again for the third time in a little over a month! She asked if I had diabetes or a history of cancer! Well guess where my mind went. Now I'm terrified I have some form of cancer, but I refuse to google the connection between cancer and recurrent strep because I know no good will come of it. Anyone know what the issue could be there? She did say some people just had bad luck and get a run of it. Each time I take the medicine, and within about 4-8 days of being off of it the strep is back.
  12. Walking Circles

    Silly N. Fowleri fear, advice?

    Today I was outside hitting my punching bag. It rained some in the past couple of days, and when I hit the bag some droplets of water sprayed out. I'm worried that one or two could have gotten up my nose and had N. Fowleri in them. For some reason I felt like maybe one got up my nose, that or I was just feeling some drainage at that moment. What are the odds on something like that? I'm worried because a few hours later I developed a headache that has sort of lingered. Though I did have kind of a stressful day. Really silly right?
  13. So for a while now I've been feeling like it's hard to swallow sometimes, and certain things like pills feel like they hang in my throat for like an hour or so. Just a few minutes ago I felt a chunk of something come loose from the back of my throat, tonsil area, and roll down my throat. It made me kind of nauseous. Now it feels stuck in the base of my neck and when I burped some stomach acid came up and the chunk of whatever it was came up into my throat again. I'm afraid this could be some sort of weakness in the throat from like ALS or something. Though I am sick with strep throat again, I just finished antibiotics for the last one like four days ago.
  14. Walking Circles

    Rabies fear. Positive strep test.

    I woke up today with brutal body aches, a fever, an ear ache and a sore throat. I went to the walk in clinic and got diagnosed with strep throat by one of those throat swabs. I was also told I have an ear infection. However I'm still worried about rabies. A couple of weeks back I got bit by a dog while walking. It was one of those tiny little Doberman pinchers. It had a collar on and I know which house it belongs to. This is in the middle of the city mind you. It was just a nip on the pant legs and I was wear sweat pants with long pajama pants underneath. When I got home I couldn't find anywhere the skin was broken, nor was there any holes in the pants. I saw the dog in the it's yard maybe a week after that but I haven't seen it again. I'm terrified of rabies and upset because I read somewhere that sore throat can be a sign. I should have went to the doctor right away but I couldn't see any broken skin nor could anyone else, and everyone just thought I was being silly. Should I really believe that it's just strep throat I'm suffering right now? I mean I did have a positive test but no one around me has had it.
  15. Walking Circles

    How did you find help?

    Talk to your GP and see if they have someone they recommend. If you are suffering to much to stand it in the mean time don't be afraid to ask for medication. I resisted taking medicine for years and I honestly wish I had taken it sooner.