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  1. That sounds right. The human brain is amazing at pattern finding, as soon as your looking for something you will find it.
  2. I visited my grandparents this last Sunday. My grandfather has Parkinson's Disease, which I've had several bouts of fear over in the past. Yesterday I was sitting on the couch with my had on my arm rest, the couch is leather, and I felt sort of a jerky motion on my pinky finger. The kind of feeling when skin drags against leather slightly, if you've ever felt it before. Of course my first thought for some reason was that it had to be a nascent tremor in that finger. Not something rational like a muscle twitch (have them all the time) or my hand just sliding a bit. Nope, we had to jump in the deep end. I spent the rest of the day ruminating on it. Later I was on reddit and there was a thread on sharing something personal, of course the very first post that popped up was someone saying they'd been diagnosed with early onset Parkinson's Disease. They were only about 8 or 9 years older than me. Of course it freaks me out because people with a parent or grandparent with PD are at slightly higher risk. Anyone else have this happen? Where when you are worried about something you almost immediately see it somewhere you feel like you normally wouldn't?
  3. That makes sense. Prolly doesn't help that I'm part of a Facebook group for Twitchers (most of them fellow hypochondriacs) and one or two about conspiracy theories, lol. I'm also getting ads for Multiple Sclerosis treatment too. I wonder if they are just scatter shot throwing neurological/psych disease ads at me. Would make sense considering I frequently google rare and off the wall neurological disease.
  4. Out of curiosity do you suffer from Acid Reflux? I do and when it's not properly treated I will develop a persistent cough. It's something worth looking it to and is easy to treat. Either way I seriously doubt you have lung cancer, your symptoms just don't sound right.
  5. You know how Facebook has targeted advertisements? As in they advertise based on things they think they are relevant to you? Well for some reason several times here lately there has been Facebook ads for Schizophrenia awareness or treatment on my Facebook account. It has me really spooked for some reason. Mostly because that's not something that I have ever searched, at least that I recall. Anyone else have something similar set you off?
  6. I'm still tripped up over this. It seems like more and more frequently I'm missing a word in a sentence, like just failing to recognize that it's there. Or I'll move to a new line and not read the first word of the line. What scares me ever more is that I recall noticing I was doing this before I was even worried about this type of dementia or that particular symptom.
  7. So you've completely missed a word in a sentence, like no registered that it existed? Also I hope I never have dementia, hell I hope no one ever has it. Certainly on my list of wouldn't wish on anyone.
  8. Everyone in my family gets their words mixed up like this. I wouldn't concern yourself with it too much.
  9. Yup had these from time to time for years. My cardiologist wasn't the slightest bit concerned by them. Scare the shit out of me though.
  10. I'm still struggling today. I was reading a post on twitter that said "The workplace cat got hit by a car today.." (sad I know) The first two times I read it I completely missed the word cat, even though I sort of recognized that it was there. Has anyone else had that happen, read something and one word just not register even though you sort of see it? I've had this happen some here lately. I was previously attributing to other things but now I'm really worried.
  11. PCA is the type of dementia author Terry Pratchett suffered from. It starts with vision troubles and slow progresses to normal dementia symptoms. For some reason I'm terrified I have it. One thing that I noticed when I read his account was that he said one day he couldn't see the "S" key on his keyboard and thought someone had pranked him, when it turned out it was there all along. Apparently people with this will simply fail to see something that is actually in their visual field. Like it's not there at all, but when pointed out to them they will see it again. They also have depth perception issues, reading trouble, etc, etc. Well last night I was watching my son. It was time to go get his mother. So first I went to use the restroom, came out, walked to the door and grabbed the keys. I looked at the dog bed to my left to make sure the dogs were inside. One of our pups was but the other wasn't. So I made an about face and went to the back door to see if the other had been left out. I opened the door and started to call her when my 5 year old said "she's over here daddy". If she were there all along I would have faced straight ahead at her when I walked to the door, with no possible way to miss her unless something were wrong with me. The dog was standing right beside my son, less than two feet from the key rack where I picked up my keys mere seconds before, just to the right of the door in front of my sons toy box. This shook me up terribly because my son told me she had been laying down there all along. Now the next day he changed the story when asked and said that she had been under the table when I called her and trotted over to him while I was looking out the back door. Then he later said she came down the hallway from the back of the house. So I don't know what to believe other than he really doesn't recall, and why should he, he's 5? There's more important things on his mind, like cookies. What's more is I recall perhaps 30 minutes or so before leaving noticing she wasn't on her dog bed and wondering where she was. I was sitting on the couch just a foot or two from where she stood by my son later. Meaning that if she were there all along I missed her when sitting there. I've also noticed for a bit that I've been bumping in to walls in the back part of my house. Earlier today I grazed the wall going in to the bathroom. It typically happens when I turn my upper body to get through a space. The hallway in my house is tiny and the doorway to the bathroom is so small I can't walk through facing forward as my shoulders don't fit, and as I walked in I rounded the corner and turned to go in and grazed along the wall. I'm really upset about this one and like a fool I've been off on pubmed reading studies about the condition.
  12. I have significant amounts of floaters and was always told they are normal.
  13. I've been worried about Dementia for years now. In fact it's sort of been my big thing. Nothing you're describing sounds all that out of the ordinary to me. I've had on and off bouts of perceived speech issues for years. I've seen my wife and mother do all of the things you describe and even go through phases where they do it frequently. I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that worrying about a symptom will make it appear more frequently.