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  1. Walking Circles

    Worried about PCA, a type of dementia.

    I'm still tripped up over this. It seems like more and more frequently I'm missing a word in a sentence, like just failing to recognize that it's there. Or I'll move to a new line and not read the first word of the line. What scares me ever more is that I recall noticing I was doing this before I was even worried about this type of dementia or that particular symptom.
  2. Walking Circles

    Worried about PCA, a type of dementia.

    So you've completely missed a word in a sentence, like no registered that it existed? Also I hope I never have dementia, hell I hope no one ever has it. Certainly on my list of wouldn't wish on anyone.
  3. Walking Circles

    Worried about PCA, a type of dementia.

    Anyone else on that last one?
  4. Walking Circles

    Getting words mixed up...

    Everyone in my family gets their words mixed up like this. I wouldn't concern yourself with it too much.
  5. Walking Circles

    hard heart palpitations

    Yup had these from time to time for years. My cardiologist wasn't the slightest bit concerned by them. Scare the shit out of me though.
  6. Walking Circles

    Worried about PCA, a type of dementia.

    I'm still struggling today. I was reading a post on twitter that said "The workplace cat got hit by a car today.." (sad I know) The first two times I read it I completely missed the word cat, even though I sort of recognized that it was there. Has anyone else had that happen, read something and one word just not register even though you sort of see it? I've had this happen some here lately. I was previously attributing to other things but now I'm really worried.
  7. Walking Circles

    Worried about PCA, a type of dementia.

    That's fair.
  8. Walking Circles

    Worried about PCA, a type of dementia.

    PCA is the type of dementia author Terry Pratchett suffered from. It starts with vision troubles and slow progresses to normal dementia symptoms. For some reason I'm terrified I have it. One thing that I noticed when I read his account was that he said one day he couldn't see the "S" key on his keyboard and thought someone had pranked him, when it turned out it was there all along. Apparently people with this will simply fail to see something that is actually in their visual field. Like it's not there at all, but when pointed out to them they will see it again. They also have depth perception issues, reading trouble, etc, etc. Well last night I was watching my son. It was time to go get his mother. So first I went to use the restroom, came out, walked to the door and grabbed the keys. I looked at the dog bed to my left to make sure the dogs were inside. One of our pups was but the other wasn't. So I made an about face and went to the back door to see if the other had been left out. I opened the door and started to call her when my 5 year old said "she's over here daddy". If she were there all along I would have faced straight ahead at her when I walked to the door, with no possible way to miss her unless something were wrong with me. The dog was standing right beside my son, less than two feet from the key rack where I picked up my keys mere seconds before, just to the right of the door in front of my sons toy box. This shook me up terribly because my son told me she had been laying down there all along. Now the next day he changed the story when asked and said that she had been under the table when I called her and trotted over to him while I was looking out the back door. Then he later said she came down the hallway from the back of the house. So I don't know what to believe other than he really doesn't recall, and why should he, he's 5? There's more important things on his mind, like cookies. What's more is I recall perhaps 30 minutes or so before leaving noticing she wasn't on her dog bed and wondering where she was. I was sitting on the couch just a foot or two from where she stood by my son later. Meaning that if she were there all along I missed her when sitting there. I've also noticed for a bit that I've been bumping in to walls in the back part of my house. Earlier today I grazed the wall going in to the bathroom. It typically happens when I turn my upper body to get through a space. The hallway in my house is tiny and the doorway to the bathroom is so small I can't walk through facing forward as my shoulders don't fit, and as I walked in I rounded the corner and turned to go in and grazed along the wall. I'm really upset about this one and like a fool I've been off on pubmed reading studies about the condition.
  9. Walking Circles

    Eye Floaters

    I have significant amounts of floaters and was always told they are normal.
  10. Walking Circles

    Consistent Speech Issues. Dementia Dementia Dementia

    I've been worried about Dementia for years now. In fact it's sort of been my big thing. Nothing you're describing sounds all that out of the ordinary to me. I've had on and off bouts of perceived speech issues for years. I've seen my wife and mother do all of the things you describe and even go through phases where they do it frequently. I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that worrying about a symptom will make it appear more frequently.
  11. Walking Circles

    Ughhh rabies fear

    Well the odds are that you weren't exposed to anything. Being that you live in an urban area it's highly unlikely that you would come across a rabid cat anyway. As to your level of exposure, if your only exposure came through washing there's a very low likelihood of anything to worry about. However call your GP and get some piece of mind. Sometimes it's worth the inconvenience to your schedule to make an appointment and get some relief from the anxiety.
  12. My son is five. He's a bright, energetic guy. He started speaking a bit late, and is a bit behind in some regards still but way ahead in other aspects. Here lately I've noticed a couple of things that have me troubled. A couple of weeks ago we went to a new play group, thirty or so minutes after leaving he couldn't remember the names of the two kids he played with. This was after me bringing up their names to him just before. If I pressed him on it he just got angry and shut down. My mother has a new boyfriend and he has done the same thing with him. He knows the guy's name, he's said it. However tonight he was asking for "the guy with the white shirt and the necklace" and when we asked him to name the person he got upset and shut down. He sometimes doesn't remember the name of his uncle who lives with us. Though in all fairness his uncle is never home. A week or two ago he was at the table and asked where something was that he had just sat down a minute or so ago. From time to time he will be unable to call up the name of a thing he is talking about and get incredibly frustrated about it resulting in a fit. Of course this has me in a tizzy and after screwing up by going to google I've discovered that childhood dementia is in fact a thing! Has anyone else experienced this kind of behavior in their children?
  13. Walking Circles

    Afraid of hallucinations.

    Twice here lately I have had something concerning happen. 1. I was sitting on my couch with my head lain back and my eyes closed. I felt like maybe I was sort of half asleep or at least out of it, and turned my head with my eyes still closed and saw a country road at night. My eyes sort opened automatically and I was looking over at the blinds in my living room. 2. I was sitting on the couch, eye closed, head back and sort of out of it, I heard someone say something to me and sort of involuntarily mumbled a response then opened my eyes fully too. The commonalities here are that both times I was highly relaxed, layed back, with my eyes closed on a couch that I normally sleep on during a time of day where I was very tired. Do these sound like hallucinations or does it sound like I fell partially asleep? Anyone else have anything similar.
  14. Walking Circles

    Sleep anxiety.

    It just scares me because for my entire life I scarcely remembered my dreams at all, now all of the sudden I do. I know this started after worrying about other sleep issues.
  15. Walking Circles

    Sleep anxiety.

    I know this sounds strange but something about my sleep is bothering me here lately. For a couple of months it seems like I remember my dreams every single night, often two a night. What's strange about that is that for most of my life I rarely remember a dream at all, maybe once a week at best. I'm afraid it's indicative of some change in my brain. Anyone else had this happen to them?