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  1. My family and I have been planning this vacation since December. It was a gift “from santa” for our two kids. Now we are 4 days from flying out & once again, I’m consumed with someone getting sick and ya not being able to go. The same thing happened last year ( we was fine). I feel like I have a bad cold. Body aches, snuffy nose, headache, teeth ache, tired, sneezing, coughing. Advil helps. Now my son is complaining about a stopped up nose and headache. I am terrified we have the flu and will have to cancel our trip.
  2. My “pain” started the morning after I read about someone having gallbladder pain. Weird. That was 3 weeks ago. It’s not constant, not painful, nothing makes it worse really, other than me thinking about it I guess. There isn’t a place that hurts when I press. It lasts about .2 seconds and is more of a disturbance than pain. I’ve had days where I haven’t felt anything. Distraction helps. Still convinced it’s liver tumors.
  3. Work makes my anxiety through the roof. It’s a big, BIG source of my anxiety. Tomorrow will be fine. Promise! You can do it!!
  4. Deep breathing. Telling myself that I am healthy and that I have been here before many times, that nothing bad is going on with me. Taking my meds, going to therapy. Trying to step away when I feel really anxious.
  5. No burping or indegestion today. But this right side rib “pain” has been off and on (more off than on) and it’s scaring me. It doesn’t hurt and it’s more like a little nudge. Still freaked. Sigh.
  6. It is interfering with my daily life. I’m really trying to keep it from exploding into more.
  7. I got my Prozac. I feel ok. Had to stop Googling. The urge came out of nowhere. I did read the age of almost all people with pancreatic cancer is 45+. I am 39/female. And most liver cancer patients are older as well. And have a history of cirrhosis. Sometimes I feel a dull ache/poke feeling under my right ribs and it concerns me.
  8. I need to. I’m so blah. I don’t want to do anything, except worry.
  9. It’s ready. I just need to pull myself off of the sofa and drive to get it.
  10. It’s Saturday. Burping is intermittent. Acid indegestion has been low. I’ve been on Prilosec for 2 days. Yesterday and last night...nothing. We had company over and I felt NORMAL!!! Today...meh. I’m ok but not great. I ran out of Prozac and haven’t had it in 2 days. IF I had cancer (stomach, liver, pancreatic) would I feel good at times? I know that sounds like a dumb question but I question everything now.
  11. Well I haven’t had any heart burn so far today. Burping yes, but no heart burn. My chest hurts some but that’s probably anxiety. I guess the Prilosec did the trick.
  12. I go between thinking I’m ok & that anxiety is giving me another run for my money and I have cancer in my liver or pancreas & I am doomed. I hate this mentality. I just want to have a normal day.
  13. I took a Prilosec OTC about 2 hours ago. Maybe that will help. I just want to get over this hump already. I have so many plans for myself and my family.
  14. No heart burn last night/this morning, but I am burping still. Small burps that happen in your throat....cant hear them or anything. I feel like there is a lump in my throat, but I know that is from anxiety. Last night I read something on FB which ended in liver disease. I felt like that was a sign of some sort. I have doing my deep breathing. It's helping somewhat.
  15. I’m burping and nauseous. (Anxiety might have a role in both- I don’t know) I also started today which could explain the nausea but what if I am blaming it on that and it’s actually something bad? Im a mess. Again. I’m tingly all over and crying and depressed. I have zero motivation. I feel sluggish and out of sorts. im in zero pain. I keep telling myself I’m healthy but in the back of my mind I’m fearing liver/pancreatic cancer.