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  1. Hemoglobin A1C

    Hey all, recently had some pretty extensive blood work and one piece in particular, my A1c was 5.7. My primary care doc has always been really chill which is almost kind of annoying with your health and she said that the labs were "normal" although almost everything online says 5.7 is the range of pre-diabetes. Anyone have any expertise?
  2. Colon cancer

    For those who know about this topic I would greatly appreciate it. Does anyone know if a abdominal/pelvic Ct with contrast would show colon cancer? Thanks so much
  3. Cardio results

    Hey all, I had a cardio appt for some chest pain and shortness of breath. Some of the testing results showed that I have mild left ventricular hypertrophy as well as trivial mitral regurgitation. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is it serious?
  4. Future appointments & procrastination

    I think that I worded this wrong, what I actually meant was that for some reason it is so hard for me to go on with my life and to focus on other things with upcoming doctors appointments and testing. Any tips
  5. Future appointments & procrastination

    You are definitely right. like most on this site I would say that I am a little obsessed with having no concerns of health issues but obliviously no one knows for sure what's going on inside the body. I am going to start eating healthy before the results as it is prob just another excuse to put it off. And once the results are hopefully good I would have wasted all that time.
  6. Hi all, i have a couple upcoming appointments that are slightly concerning per usual. My question is that I really need to loose some lbs and I keep telling myself that I'll start doing that after I make sure the rest of my health is ok. I think I will begin eating healthier before that but why do I feel this way?
  7. Lightheadedness

    It's something I wake up with, sometimes it will get better throughout the day, sometimes not
  8. Lightheadedness

    Hi guys, i have been experiencing lightheadedness for what seems like forever. I have terrible allergies as well as inner ear problems but having this feeling almost everyday seems like a lot. Sometimes it is also accompanied by bad headaches. My ent always passes this off as positional vertigo but living with this sucks.
  9. Can't stop thinking colon cancer.

    That's a nice stat site, it really puts into perspective how rare these diseases are.
  10. Can't stop thinking colon cancer.

    I'm a 33yr old male, no family history but I am overweight which is a cause, I have also read that it is more prevalent in younger adults these days.
  11. Hi all, So for as long as I can remember I have had stomach issues but for some reason this brain of mine is now obsessed with colon cancer. I do have quite a bit of diarrhea as well as soft stools but I haven't seen any blood in them. One thing is that after I use the restroom I still feel like I need to go and usually do again. I can't shake this thought
  12. Always want 100%

    Does anyone have the problem that they want to know if all aspects of their health is 100% all the time,meaning everything on the inside is ok? I have been feeling this way recently and it is driving me nuts even though none of us really knows what's really going on. Please please help.
  13. New to forum

    Hey guys, over the last year or two I have had a serious problem with health anxiety. Every bump or weird feeling has to be something fatal. After loosing quite a bit of weight and gaining it all back plus a lot may have something to do with this as I am depressed as well. My question is that I get out of breath pretty easily just by doing simple tasks and for some reason I cannot help but think a heart attack or cardiovascular event will happen to me. I know that I am super heavy and out of shape. When it comes to eating better I will always " start tomorrow"however that day never comes.