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  1. Wingnut

    Schizophrenia Fear

    Today I went out for a walk but to be honest it seemed to make me feel worse. I feel so disconnected or brain dead...I recently took a test called “GeneSight” which will show what genes are causing issues, and what medications will work best with me. I have been under quite a bit of stress with family and relationship issues. But I’ve never had this “brain dead” feeling for more than a day usually. Ugh I almost feel like this is a lifelong curse...I started having issues at such a young age that I’ll probably have it forever.
  2. Wingnut

    Schizophrenia Fear

    Thank you for the reply 🙂 I have tried different things like walking, journaling, etc. but nothing seemed to really help. I agree sitting and doing nothing really does not help. Since the loss of my job that’s all I’ve really been doing. Currently I am not seeing a therapist, although I really need one. Here in Florida it’s just very expensive; maybe 200$ per session for an hour. I almost feel “trapped”. Or “stuck” that I’m so depressed or out of it that it’s keeping me from doing something beneficial.
  3. Wingnut

    Schizophrenia Fear

    I have been battling Anxiety and OCD since the age of 10. Massive panic attacks, paranoia, depersonalization. I’ve had it all. Recently I have felt really out of it and unable to even concentrate for the past week. Someone could talk to me, and I would forget almost instantly what the person just said. I have been having horrible fears that I have or am going to develop Schizzophrenia at some point in time. During my medication withdrawals in 2016, my doctor prescribed me Seroquel to stay calm as I was paranoid using google, crying constantly, and hypomanic. I was afraid and hugging my parents all the time, and would sit making things with my hands just to keep my mind from going crazy. However, my current psychiatrist believes this is all anxiety and OCD related. I ran through the whole gamut of medications (Prozac, Brintellix, Vibryd, etc. to name of few.). Eventually after seeing 3 different doctors, Luvox (Fluvoxamine) seemed to work the best despite the horrible startup feeling. It has now been about a year and a half of taking it, and I feel like I’m getting worse again. My doctor just raises the dosage or wants to add things that never works...I’m afraid I’m going to run out of options and end up in a psychiatric hospital. (Which is my worst fear). Is it possible that because I started having these issues at such a young age, that this can become worse??? I don’t mind taking a medication for the rest of my life, I’m just afraid of losing my mind and becoming catatonic. D’:
  4. Wingnut

    Brain dead?...

    The past few weeks I have felt completely brain dead. I’ve been extremely anxious, my Blood pressure has been high, and I’ve felt really really really out of it. Disconnected from reality almost. I literally do something and a minute later forget what I just did. It’s like my focus and concentration are completely gone. I’m so scared of becoming a vegetable or something horrific. I went through a year of withdrawals after being on Zoloft for 9 years, and I feel that I would end up in a coma or something if it happened again D,:
  5. Wingnut

    Rectal Cancer- Here We Go....

    There’s a brand of wipes called “Tucks” that my family has used for different things...Fissures, burning, etc. If you’re near a Walmart, Publix, RiteAid, etc. I guarantee they will have them. I think you will be ok! 😊
  6. Wingnut

    Going down Hill...

    Issue #1 - As some of you may know I have been having issues with my blood pressure. I am 23 years old, and recently for the past few months my BP has been about 155 over 94. It does seem to spike higher (178/96) at times. My primary doctor was concerned because since October of 2017, my weight has increased by 15lbs (Currently weigh 240lbs) and my blood pressure has increased. He ran an EKG (which came back normal) and gave a referral for a cardiologist. My blood test came back normal and also for the thyroid test. He also prescribed “Losartan” which is a potent medication used to lower high blood pressure. I have not been taking it out of fear of interaction with my other meds...and for being 23 years old.... Issue #2 - My psychiatric medications have been having issues. I have been taking Luvox and Klonopin for the past 2 years since I had a major withdrawal in 2016 from Zoloft. Since the loss of my past job my anxiety has increased, and the past 2 weeks have been almost unbearable. My psychiatrist prescribed Buspar on top of the Luvox and Klonopin I already take. I took it for 4 days and almost passed out from the panic attacks I was getting. So I was told to quit. With all of this, and family troubles, relationship issues, my fears and panic and anxiety....I literally feel like I’m dying. I cannot wake up in the mornings. I can’t go to sleep. I’m exhausted throughout the day. I feel like I’m slowly withering away. I just need some guidance on what to do. I’m ready to just walk from everything.....
  7. Wingnut

    New Meds Fear...

    After a week of Buspar I called my doctor and told her. I have been having SEVERE panic attacks everyday. Today is day 2 off of Buspar and I am much less anxious. Ugh...I feel “out of it” all the time. Almost like I’m “out f reality”. I just hope to feel better soon.
  8. Wingnut

    Yelling Out

    Ever since I was very little from the age of 5 until now (I’m 23), there has been multiple occasions where I would scream during my sleep. When I was little, I would scream at the top of my lungs, very high pitched in the middle of the night. This would happen maybe once every 3 weeks. My parents would fly out of their bedroom stumbling over eachother freaking out saying that it sounded like a murder. In present time there have been occasions (usually early AM 5-8) where I would yell out in my sleep. Usually a high pitch as well as it almost seems like I try to be as loud as possible. Sometimes they are from nightmares, and other times just randomly. I was curious if anyone else has seen this or know what it is? I understand a child yelling out in the night, but a full grown man now...seems odd. - Just wanted to add that sometimes when I yelled out when I was younger, I was awake but still in the dream. That fear and feeling was the most frightening thing. I’ve had it happen one other time a few years ago. Being trapped in a dream...
  9. Wingnut

    New Meds Fear...

    So recently I followed up with my psychiatrist about my current medication situation. On top of the Luvox and Klonopin....she wants to add Buspar. I've been taking it now for the past 2 days and my anxiety has been through the roof. Literally 2 hours after taking it I feel completely out of it, cannot concentrate, and panic until my legs go numb. I also told her about my Blood pressure being high, and my weight gain....I'm just soooo tired of all these meds for the past 3 years. I actually took the genetic swab test to see which ones will work the best with me. Any comfort would be appreciated as I feel like I'm losing my mind. ):
  10. Wingnut

    Crying Tonight...Lost..

    I just wanted to thank everyone! After crying for quite awhile, I’ve made big changes to my diet and have been exercising regularly. I have already lost about 5lbs. My blood pressure has lowered a little but not much. Today after walking 2 miles I came home and after resting for an hour I started to really sweat for no reason. Out of curiosity I took my BP and it came out to 130/102. I feel extremely tired and somewhat loopy to be honest as well as irritated. I’m starting to wonder if my antidepressant is causing this? So after crying today I’m finally calmed down a little bit, but still afraid.
  11. Wingnut

    Crying Tonight...Lost..

    I went to see my primary care doctor today as I had a follow up from a month ago when I was sick. During that initial visit my blood pressure was high (150/83) and my weight is bad (244lbs — I’m also 6’4”). Today, I returned to find my blood pressure is 150/101 and my weight is 246lbs. October of 2017 I weighed 230lbs. I am only 23 years old and this is really freaking me out. I’ve always had a higher than normal BP, but NEVER this high. Even when I was most stressed. He gave me an EKG which came out normal, and listened to my chest. Im crying tonight and fearful because he prescribed “Losartan 50mg” to bring my blood pressure down, and a blood test with TSH level. My family believes I need to just start exercising and eating healthier before I start using a medication. I agree, but I’m also afraid that I’m doing damage to myself. My fears are ranging from me having a heart attack or stroke, to not loving a full life and missing out on everything...I’m just really lost right now as my psychiatrist wanted me to take Buspar (and I haven’t), and now this medication which will probably react with my Luvox (which it does). Any comfort would be much appreciated.
  12. Wingnut

    Odd head and neck tightness

    Hey Manny! To be honest I’ve been having a similar problem except I’ve been in a lot of pain and just ill. You said you sleep with a heater? I know that sometimes that “dry” heater heat can make your nose stuffy because it dries your sinuses. Because of that, your body makes even more mucus, creating the stuffy dry nose. You said there’s been no pain or fever with your stiff neck? I would maybe say to make sure your hydrated, and relax. I have severe panic and anxiety; one thing that is a constant is tension in my neck. The tension you have could be from your anxiety, or at worst you could just be fighting off a bug! For now I would say to keep sipping water. Let us know how you feel. (:
  13. Wingnut

    ER Visit?

    For the past week I have had a constant headache that travels from my upper neck to the sides of my head. The pain ranges anywhere between nil and almost making me collapse. Tuesday night I woke up at 1AM in so much pain I almost drove myself to the ER... 2 days later I went to Urgent Care to calm my mind. The doctor said my vitals are good, other than my blood pressure being 150/92 (I’m 23 years old this is horrible). He listened to my heart and everything and suspects no brain injury or bleed. However if any new symptom appears to go directly to the ER. He also mentioned it could be viral as 2 others in my home have had the Flu. Tonight my temperature is elevated, I feel out of it, and I’m really freaking out as this headache still lingers, and now my arms have almost like a tingling pain going down them at times. I don’t know what to do, as my family is the “tough it out” type where I’m not....this is just really scaring me as my BP has never been this high, or have I had a headache like this.
  14. Wingnut

    Heart Issues and Pain?

    Well out of still feeling stiff and weird I went to an Urgent care center to hopefully calm my mind a little bit...I told them I had a severe headache that came on quick, almost drove to the ER, and now feel sickly and weird. They took my blood pressure which is still high (155/92). The doctor checked my vitals. He believes nothing serious is going on based off of vitals. He said this could be a virus, it could be an injury or strain. He said to have a CT Scan done to really figure it out, but based on how I am there’s nothing he sees. I was freaked out about having a clot, menengitis or something horrible. I still don’t feel calm at mind as I do feel pretty crappy; plus he said to goto the ER if it worsens. I just want to feel better. D’:
  15. Wingnut

    Heart Issues and Pain?

    Today I’m doing okay. Have just been laying in bed trying to relax. The pain is gone for the most part. That was horrific....I feel kind of out of it, and my neck is very stiff. I wonder if ALL of this is just from stress. )’: I was very close to going to the ER last night...