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  1. Crying Tonight...Lost..

    I just wanted to thank everyone! After crying for quite awhile, I’ve made big changes to my diet and have been exercising regularly. I have already lost about 5lbs. My blood pressure has lowered a little but not much. Today after walking 2 miles I came home and after resting for an hour I started to really sweat for no reason. Out of curiosity I took my BP and it came out to 130/102. I feel extremely tired and somewhat loopy to be honest as well as irritated. I’m starting to wonder if my antidepressant is causing this? So after crying today I’m finally calmed down a little bit, but still afraid.
  2. Crying Tonight...Lost..

    I went to see my primary care doctor today as I had a follow up from a month ago when I was sick. During that initial visit my blood pressure was high (150/83) and my weight is bad (244lbs — I’m also 6’4”). Today, I returned to find my blood pressure is 150/101 and my weight is 246lbs. October of 2017 I weighed 230lbs. I am only 23 years old and this is really freaking me out. I’ve always had a higher than normal BP, but NEVER this high. Even when I was most stressed. He gave me an EKG which came out normal, and listened to my chest. Im crying tonight and fearful because he prescribed “Losartan 50mg” to bring my blood pressure down, and a blood test with TSH level. My family believes I need to just start exercising and eating healthier before I start using a medication. I agree, but I’m also afraid that I’m doing damage to myself. My fears are ranging from me having a heart attack or stroke, to not loving a full life and missing out on everything...I’m just really lost right now as my psychiatrist wanted me to take Buspar (and I haven’t), and now this medication which will probably react with my Luvox (which it does). Any comfort would be much appreciated.
  3. Odd head and neck tightness

    Hey Manny! To be honest I’ve been having a similar problem except I’ve been in a lot of pain and just ill. You said you sleep with a heater? I know that sometimes that “dry” heater heat can make your nose stuffy because it dries your sinuses. Because of that, your body makes even more mucus, creating the stuffy dry nose. You said there’s been no pain or fever with your stiff neck? I would maybe say to make sure your hydrated, and relax. I have severe panic and anxiety; one thing that is a constant is tension in my neck. The tension you have could be from your anxiety, or at worst you could just be fighting off a bug! For now I would say to keep sipping water. Let us know how you feel. (:
  4. ER Visit?

    For the past week I have had a constant headache that travels from my upper neck to the sides of my head. The pain ranges anywhere between nil and almost making me collapse. Tuesday night I woke up at 1AM in so much pain I almost drove myself to the ER... 2 days later I went to Urgent Care to calm my mind. The doctor said my vitals are good, other than my blood pressure being 150/92 (I’m 23 years old this is horrible). He listened to my heart and everything and suspects no brain injury or bleed. However if any new symptom appears to go directly to the ER. He also mentioned it could be viral as 2 others in my home have had the Flu. Tonight my temperature is elevated, I feel out of it, and I’m really freaking out as this headache still lingers, and now my arms have almost like a tingling pain going down them at times. I don’t know what to do, as my family is the “tough it out” type where I’m not....this is just really scaring me as my BP has never been this high, or have I had a headache like this.
  5. Heart Issues and Pain?

    Well out of still feeling stiff and weird I went to an Urgent care center to hopefully calm my mind a little bit...I told them I had a severe headache that came on quick, almost drove to the ER, and now feel sickly and weird. They took my blood pressure which is still high (155/92). The doctor checked my vitals. He believes nothing serious is going on based off of vitals. He said this could be a virus, it could be an injury or strain. He said to have a CT Scan done to really figure it out, but based on how I am there’s nothing he sees. I was freaked out about having a clot, menengitis or something horrible. I still don’t feel calm at mind as I do feel pretty crappy; plus he said to goto the ER if it worsens. I just want to feel better. D’:
  6. Heart Issues and Pain?

    Today I’m doing okay. Have just been laying in bed trying to relax. The pain is gone for the most part. That was horrific....I feel kind of out of it, and my neck is very stiff. I wonder if ALL of this is just from stress. )’: I was very close to going to the ER last night...
  7. Heart Issues and Pain?

    Thank you guys! I’m actually in a LOT of pain right now. I’m debating on whether or not going to the hospital girlfriend who’s a paramedic came by earlier tonight and tested my BP and for signs of brain bleed. All negative. I’ve just never been in so much pain in my life. When I stand up my entire head throbs. The back of my neck is so tender and sore especially up near my skull. Im really freaking out tonight. It’s 1:30AM. I had fallen asleep but woke up in severe severe pain.
  8. Heart Issues and Pain?

    For the past few days I have felt quite "out of it." A couple of days ago I had a SEVERE neck pain headache that caused pressure in my neck and it caused my whole head to throb. I have had this pain for 3 days now and It is still not gone. I have seen our family chiropractor who says everything is aligned blood pressure has been fluctuating between 140/80 to 170/95. I am out of shape for my age (23 years old). But the pain and the anxiety over this is really crippling me as I fear it could be my heart or something worse?? Update: Just wanted to add that my sister has been ill for the past few days as well. Her cough is very bad and she went to the doctor just now. She called and said she tested positive for Influenza Type A. Is it possible I could have it which is causing just different symptoms for me? I mean I was the 28th case of Swine Flu in Florida....I seem to catch everything. ):
  9. Freaking Out

    Since the loss of my amazing job/potential career, I have been a mess. I haven’t been able to fall asleep, in fact I feel antsy before bed. During the day I feel exhausted and out of it, while still feeling anxious. I’ve been having trouble even getting out of bed in the morning. Currently I’m out with my girlfriend and I feel almost irritated yet brain dead with everything. Im reallyyy freaking out my meds have stopped working, or that I’m about to go through withdrawals. Or worse. I’m bipolar, schizzo, etc. I don’t know! I don’t even remember if I took my medication twice this morning. (Luvox). I’m 23 and I feel like life is scraping bottom constantly.
  10. Tonsils...

    Ever since I was a child I’ve always had very large tonsils. I was also one of those children who spiked high fevers often, and had a sore throat with every illness. Recently I was ill and the pain in my throat was so severe the doctor gave me a steroid. I never took it, but eventually I healed. However, I still have pain going up to my right ear when I bite down.... I went to the dentist a week ago and they made a remark about how red and big my tonsils were. I told them they’ve always been huge. However today, the left side of my throat is really sore and swollen. It seems my tonsils can never get back to not being swollen and red. Im kind of afraid of my throat closing up, or I’m still fighting some horrible illness for the past 2 months as my nose is even congested....
  11. Hi Jdgate! I’m down here in Florida and probably only snorkeled 3 times...It sounds like maybe you inhaled some seawater? Breathing through a tube like that also increases the amount of carbon dioxide you inhale (someone told me that I’m not sure if it’s a fact) which can also cause some weird feelings. I know I’ve felt lightheaded or “full” in the chest after snorkeling. I would say to drink lots of water and see if it passes! I highly doubt it’s anything serious from snorkeling. Are you prone to panic attacks?
  12. Still Sick....

    I just got fired today from an awesome job/potential career for being absent too many days (even having doctors notes for those days - I was on probation). My throat is not as bad, but still sore. Just really very heartbroken and lost tonight.
  13. Still Sick....

    Just an Update: Tonight I have severe pain in the right side of my mouth. It seems to travel up my glands towards my ear. My tonsils and mouth are completely red and there seems to be pus coming from the tonsils. Blood vessels can be seen all across my tonsils. Even a little blood. I am really freaking out tonight and can barely swallow. Tomorrow I may go back to an Urgent care and get swabbed. It’s just hard to believe this is viral D’:
  14. Still Sick....

    Ive been sick for about 2-1/2 weeks now. It started with a fever, fatigue, and severe muscle aches. A couple days later I was slapped with a SEVERE sore throat that made me visit the doctor. The doctor did not swab my throat or really do anything except prescribe me an antibiotic (amoxicillin) and a steroid (for the pain and swelling - i did not take the steroid out of fear.) For 10 days I was taking them.... I started to feel pretty good after a few days with no sore throat but day 8 of antibiotics the sore throat started to return. I’ve had a bad sore throat since then. I visited my primary doctor who said this sounds like a “viral” infection since it seems to be lingering....I don’t know who to believe, but Im going insane! My throat is so sore I can barely swallow. Being a hypochondriac my mind has been racing and freaking out over everything. I don’t know what to do as my work is already angry with me missing days.
  15. Citalopram?

    Im so sorry Lugrad! My last post was directed toward Mumfie.