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  1. Weird Sweat??

    I hope everyone had a fantastic thanksgiving! Last night I was so bloated from food and 1 beer to the point I had a headache and could barely breathe. It was horrible! Around 3am I woke up in a literal PUDDLE of sweat from my lower abdomen to my knees. (Not urine). Of course my anxiety got the best of me and I was my mind has been wandering, I’ve felt loopy and just not well. My heart seems to beat harder with everything I do, and I have no energy. Everyone around me has this bad head cold thing. I have just never sweat that much at night in my life! Im still just freaking out ):
  2. Back Cysts?!

    At first I actually thought it was a muscle knot....but it didn’t go away and grew. Now it’s really really sore and annoying I can’t even move my arm or neck. I guess after work today just do hot compresses and try to push it along to heal.
  3. Back Cysts?!

    Hey everyone! The past few months I have had these DEEP lumps on my left shoulder/back area that are painful and filled with pus. My girlfriend has lanced 2 of them, and some even went an inch deep into me before I even felt pain!! Tonight I am awake in bed because there is a HUGE lump under my skin next to my spine which is causing me to be in pain whenever I move my arm or turn my head. I am afraid from lancing the past 2 that all we have done is spread this around? Im afraid of going septic also from something like this....but why do cysts keep appearing in this one area?
  4. Need to Goto ER?!

    Hey guys I’m a little freaked out today. I survived.m but called off work today (I just started an amazing job, and it’s my 2nd week!) which was probably a HUGE mistake. Last night I woke up with very bad neck pain and took Advil. Today I’ve had almost little to no pain in my head. However, I have felt weak, tired, and just generally Ill. Because I called offf work, I had to goto Minor ER where they found nothing significant. BP was normal, heart rate normal, vitals are normal. The doctor ordered a couple simple blood tests but believes this could all be stress or viral/parasitic. Tonight I lay in bed and I’m exhausted and sweaty almost. My heart has been pounding the past few hours. I don’t know what to think anymore D’:
  5. Need to Goto ER?!

    At work today a headache suddenly came on that was pounding. Near the end of the day it was very bad and I went to see my girlfriends father who is a chiropractor. While driving there the pain was so bad I don’t know if I was about to pass out or throw up. He said is sounds like my gallbladder causing the headache, so he reflexed it for me. I immediately went home and have been EXTREMELY exhausted and out of it mentally. This isn’t s literally the worst headache of my life. I’m freaking out if I have an anyeurism and should goto the ER. The reason why I am concerned is that this same headache came on yesterday but disappeared after a few hours....anyeurisms usually start with bad headaches before the “pop”. Please I need advice on what to do! I’m shaky and panicking and also feeling feverish. I’m really scared!!! D’:
  6. Based on what you’ve said it sounds like classic panic attacks and maybe some “agoraphobia” of “not being able to escape/find comfort”. Let me tell you....I am the EXACT same way! All the way down to the fear of heat part! I live in south Florida where it easily reaches 90 degrees and is always swampy humid. I’ve learned it’s a natural reaction for your heart to pump a little harder in heat as your body is cooling itself. What happens is your “sympathetic” system kicks in, and you usually pump some adrenaline, which for people like like being shot with 40 cups of coffee! Don’t feel weird about any of it because trust me I was afraid to even go for a walk around our block at some points in my life because of heat. Im glad to hear you have had physicals and blood work that come back good! It should be a little relief letting you know that this is nothing too serious. What are some techniques you use to work through an attack? Also, it is very normal to feel exhausted after panicking. Your body has just gone through the “flight” response of “fight or flight”. If possible after an attack I would suggest resting if possible. Maybe watch your favorite show for a little, take a nap, or even a shower to just destress and unwind a little bit. At this point I would suggest talking to someone, or maybe talk to your therapist over the phone to just let him/her know what’s been going on. It may ease your mind a little bit. But let us know how you are doing and any encouragement that you need I’ll try to help! (: - Jonathan P.S. - 40? You mean 39. You’re a young’n. ;P
  7. Anyone take Klonopin daily?

    I’m sorry guys! I have to go interrogate my girlfriend now.... EthansMom it will be okay. I do agree that benzo’s such as Klonopin affect most people. No talks about death. To be honest I imagine it’s for those who abuse them...or anything used for that matter. If you are taking Klonopin now, do not be scared; when the time is ready for you, let your doctor know you would like to taper off. It does work very well, but I would rather YOU be comfortable. Again I’m sorry for the wrong info! >.<
  8. This is taking a toll on my body

    Hi Joy! I posted on your other topic as well with a little info. Are you in any pain at all by the way? Or feel “Ill” as in a cold or infection? I would highly recommend letting someone know about what you are feeling. I know it is very uncomfortable, but you are not alone and are going to be okay!
  9. Hi Joy! I have had panic anxiety since I was 10 years old. I am 22 now and have been on medications which have greatly helped. Okay a few things: 1) You are going to be okay. No matter what you are feeling, you know and have recognized that this is panic. Even if it’s hard or your scared, take some deep breaths. 2) I assume you are fairly young and In general good health. Unless you have a known heart issue, pounding/racing should be OK with intermittent resting. Relaxation is key. 3) I would HIGHLY recommend seeing your therapist at this time. It seems you are in extreme discomfort and I know how bad it can be as I’ve gone through withdrawals, panic, paranoia, the works.... Let me know how you are doing! You are not alone, and you WILL be okay. I know it is very frightening, but take some deep breaths. Try to enjoy the small things around you (: -Jonathan
  10. Managing Anxiety with Work

    Hi! I’ve been suffering from anxiety since I was 10 years old. I am now 22. Through the years I have gone through probably 6 jobs and lost all of them due to anxiety! I now have a once in a lifetime job opportunity working for the county with a good job, and benefits. However, most of the time I will be outside either on a boat, or actively moving in South Florida heat. (Summers 90-110 degrees and 80% humidity). My anxiety usually ALWAYS gets worse in the heat, and I’m afraid I’ll panic badly on the job....what are some techniques I can do to keep calm?
  11. Anyone take Klonopin daily?

    Hi EthansMom! I have struggled with panic and paranoia since the age of 10. I am 22 now. I was on Zoloft until 2016 when it literally stopped working cold turkey and I went into withdrawal. I have used Ativan, Xanax, and Klonopin over the years. Currently I take .5 once a day usually around noon. About 6 months ago I was taking .5 x3 times a day. The nice think about Klonopin is it lasts awhile and to taper off is easier than say “Ativan” because of the short life. I would say do not be afraid at all. My girlfriend who is a paramedic (I live here in south Florida, the capital of drug addicts) knows the only withdrawals that can kill are alcohol and heroin. To be honest even coming OFF of Klonopin altogether should not be too bad even if taken for years. I’ve been taking it for a year now and have lowered it over time with little to no issues. And I’m very sensitive to meds! A prounound neurologists I know personally even says that klonopin is a very useful and safe drug. And she goes home and researches every night about things. I wouldn’t be afraid! There are many many people who take LOADS of it and are completely fine. You are not alone (:
  12. REALLY Freaking Out

    Thank you for your concern Holls (: The blood test/urinalysis coming back Normal is a good sign there’s nothing “threatening” going on at least. The pains have actually mostly disappeared, but I still never have the urge to “go” to the bathroom, and my stomach burns on occassion. About 2 weeks ago I had my hair sent out for tissue and mineral evaluation. The results came back showing I’m almost low in everything...Sodium, Potassium, Iron, etc. It also gave diagnoses that I am in an “exhaustion” phase, and that my adrenal, Biliary, and even Thyroid functioning are not optimal or worse. Most of it due probably to chronic Stress. (I’m 22 with chronic stress....this isn’t normal). This kind of scared me as I got the results back today and started pumping up on vitamins. I am so worried now about this job coming up because between my medication, not feeling well, and these test results, I’m afraid of losing this lifetime opportunity! I just pray for the best now and healing. ):
  13. REALLY Freaking Out

    Hi Holls! I still am not feeling so well. I went to my primary care provider who sent me for a blood test. Everything returned within normal ranges except for my LDL is 2 points above "normal".....So I need to workout and eat better no doubt. The pains have drastically improved, but now the pain has moved to my LEFT side under my stomach. My friend's father (the chiropractor) is really adamant about me doing the gallbladder flush. (You drink 2 glasses of epsom salts, then after 2 hours drink oil and lemon together). However, due to my medications (Luvox), I am VERY afraid of doing this. One being that Luvox is reactive to everything, and also that it short acting; meaning any "flush" out of me will send all of built up medication in my body out. This really sucks because I start a brand new exciting job/career in 2 weeks. I feel exhausted when I wake up every morning and just haven't been the same for months. I don't know what to do really.
  14. REALLY Freaking Out

    Thank you all for your replies. I think tomorrow I may go to Urgent Care to be at peace of mind. The stabbing pains are gone, but I have a somewhat aching pain in my back where my kidney is now. Also tonight I have a HORRIFIC headache on the top right side of my head which my friend says is classic signs of gallbladder issues. I’m not sure what the doctor would be able to do, maybe a blood test or urine sample....but I just want to make sure that this is nothing worse or dangerous )’:
  15. REALLY Freaking Out

    For the past few months my digestive system has been a mess. A few TMI to share....However the past few weeks have been significantly worsening. Slight "shivering" feeling in the abdomen, bowel movements seem to be painful (maybe due to hemorrhoids), extreme tiredness/fatigue, bloating, sharp pains right underneath my right ribcage, nausea, fullness, and just plain not feeling well. My friend's father who is a Chiropractor checked my gallbladder and realized it is very weak and reflexed it. Tonight I have a slight temperature and still every now and then I get a stabbing pain underneath my rib cage. This morning I woke up, moved an inch, and it felt like someone took a knife and stabbed me there for 10 seconds...I am really really really scared as to what is going on and I am about ready to goto the ER or minor ER. These are similar to the symptoms I had right before I started horrendous withdrawals from Zoloft. However, I have only been on my new med (Luvox) for a year, and I am just feeling plain sickly. Any comfort or advice would be great! D':