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  1. Leah1976

    Got my EMG bumped up to tomorrow...

    I don't know that test, but good luck I pray that everything will be good for you.
  2. Leah1976

    Should I ask for a Brain MRI?????

    Well she said that she is not sure if those are related to mood disorder but she upped my dose of lexapro to 20 mg and gave me a muscle relaxant.... I don't know how I feel about this. I explained in the second note that my face and ears get warm when I feel panicky or nervous and that I have neck and shoulder pain, getting headaches... I asked her if that sounds like anxiety.
  3. Leah1976

    Increase Anxiety In the Winter

    same here... I get worse in the fall winter..... hate the cold weather, it makes me sick and depressed
  4. Leah1976

    How many THOUGHT they had a B/T and WHY?

    My first worry about Bt was about 5 years ago. I had daily headaches for 2 months straight.... went to a neurologist who did a neuro test and told me I don't have it, and that I had tight shoulders causing the headaches. I insisted on an MRI and he told he it was for me not for him.... anyways the MRI was clear and I moved on to other worries LOL. So, now 5 years later I am worried about it again, but this time I have nausea and dizziness (the room doesn't spin is more like I had 1 glass of wine)... and now I am having the headaches again (but I always have headaches)... of course I am totally freaking out. My doctor told me I have allergies that's why.... the dizziness and nausea are better but not 100% gone..... my scalp feels tight.... I am so scared this time around. My PCP gave me a neuro test, which I passed 100% and told me I don't have a BT, that I have anxiety, but I am having such a hard time getting over this fear It's consuming my life.....
  5. Leah1976

    Should I ask for a Brain MRI?????

    Thank you all for your support, I really appreciate it. I just sent a message to my PCP since I couldn't make an appointment online. I asked her about increasing the lexapro dose, will see.... I also told her about the headaches, neck tension, and hot flashes. We'll see what she says, I'll let you know. Thank you all!
  6. Leah1976

    Should I ask for a Brain MRI?????

    Thank you ladies, I have an appointment with an allergist this Thursday, we'll see what she says..... the face thing is flushing.... I think it's from panic I am in panic mode.... this is the worst I felt in a long time.... PLUS i was just trying to make appointment with my GP online and it says provider is not available... WTH????? Of course now my anxiety is even more thru the roof.... did she get fired????? OMG.....
  7. Leah1976

    Should I ask for a Brain MRI?????

    Anyone? I am driving myself crazy..... Don't know how to get out of this hole
  8. Hi guys, as you know I am so scared of a BT... lately I have developed what it feels like a tight scalp or tension in my head. It feels like a tight band around my head.... i took tylenol but I still feel the pressure and it's freakin me out. I am also getting hot in my face and ears..... I don't know what to do anymore. I wish I had xanax, but the doctor won't give me that. I am taking lexapro, it's been 7 weeks and I feel no better. What should I do? Should I go back to my GP and demand a brain MRI???? She did a neuro test and told me I don't have a BT but I am really freaking out with all these symptoms.... I feel like I will be dead in less than a year I am so scared that the nausea and some dizziness I have experience is because of an undiagnosed BT.... I can't live like this anymore guys.... what should I do???? If I go to the ER they'll give me a CT scan and that doesn't show BT right?
  9. Leah1976

    Jaw clenching, side effect of antidepressants?

    Yes absolutely.... I get TMJ with lexapro... zoloft was even worse. I clenched my jaw all the time and grind teeth at night. I also have the lines you are talking about. I have pain in my ears, my scalp feels tight and my neck and shoulder hurt..... this is definitely a side effect!
  10. I am afraid of dying YES big time... I don't want to die, who does???? BUT my main fear is to die young and leave my kids without a mom. I am 42 and I always pray to God to give at least 20-30 more years to be with them!!!
  11. Leah1976

    Trying to stay out of patient portal

    Ok. I told you my friend just went thru this and she is fine. I am thinking of you, everything is going to be ok!!!!!
  12. Leah1976

    ringing in ear- panicked

    My ears ring all the time. They have for years.
  13. Leah1976

    Fear of BT , follow up to Ocular Migraine

    And Ocular Migranes are not a symptom of BT from what I can gather.
  14. Leah1976

    Fear of BT , follow up to Ocular Migraine

    I am SO sorry you are going down the BT trap.... I am there with you but trying to get out of the hole slowly.... Honestly you don't have to worry it with only that symptom.. and the odds are super super super tiny.... my drama with this BT issue has been crazy..... but I need to stay strong and believe my doctor. Honestly, I would ignore your ocular migrane and if it happens more often maybe see your ophthalmologist? Please try to take a deep breath and get some distraction. That always helps. I hope you feel better soon!
  15. Leah1976

    Dizziness and Nausea again

    Thanks so much Jonathan. It looks like you have your HA much under control. How did you get to this point? Did you do therapy? What worked for you? I am having a pretty good day. I don't want to jinx it but dizziness is better and so is nausea. Thanks so much for your support!!!!