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  1. Yes I get all that from lexapro.... I have been on it for about 3 months now so the twitching and jerks are getting better but I still have it.
  2. Leah1976

    Blood from Rectum

    Mine doesn't hurt much at all.... I also have hemmoroids, so it could be that too....
  3. Leah1976

    Pan Can fear a little to real

    You'll be fine, post your results!
  4. Leah1976

    Been through the Ringer

    I have all those symptoms and more. It's all anxiety, Your MRI will be fine!
  5. Leah1976

    Pan Can fear a little to real

    your symptoms do not sounds like PC... my MIL had it and she had a piercing pain in the middle of her stomach all across her back that wouldn't stop and it was pretty severe. You are very young and your chances to have Pc are very slim. we all get pale stools from time to time, that is more due to what you eat or anxiety.... you may feel pain in that area due to gas, I had it too. Good luck with your results, it's going to be ok.
  6. Leah1976

    Blood from Rectum

    I have a fissure and bleed every now and then. Actually it was pretty bad during the holidays but now is back to normal, When it first happened I was so scared... got the colonoscopy and it was super clean!!!!! At your age CC is VERY rare... don't stress about it and good luck!
  7. Leah1976

    Emg today - thoughts?

    I had one done because of numbness in my hands.... it was fine, no biggie... get it done and you'll feel much better afterwards!
  8. Leah1976

    Reflux/heart burn with major anxiety??

    I have been suffering from acid reflux for 5 years now. I have had 3 endoscopies that show mild gastritis... almost nothing... my esophagus is in great shape, thank God... I was a mess too... I get it daily with burping and nausea.... I am happy to be off PPIs now. I was on them for 5 years, now all I take is Famotidine as needed, usually before going to bed and I am doing great. I also switched to non acidic coffee and I believe this has made an amazing difference! But if I overdo alcohol or spicy/acidic stuff I feel again... also try to have your last meal 3 hours before going to be bed. This is the coffee I switched to recently, in case you are interested: https://smile.amazon.com/Coffee-Organic-Mellow-Belly-Ground/dp/B073VV4GZB/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1545957986&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=non%2Bacidic%2Bcoffee&th=1 And of course anxiety ALWAYS makes my reflux worse....
  9. Leah1976

    Floating BM

    I get this from time to time. Normal, nothing to worry about. I have had all GI workout upper endoscopy, endoscopy, ct scan, etc so it's normal to have this every once a while due to diet. Please don't worry about this!
  10. I would love to hear you sing!!!! any videos on youtube? Thanks for the update, everything will be ok! Keep us posted after your appointment!
  11. Leah1976

    Brain Fog & "dizziness"

    Yes that's how I feel, doctor said allergies 3 months ago.I was doing better when taking the flonase. But I stop using it and now I have that feeling again and the stuffiness is back.... what did your doctor tell you exactly? Are you taking anything for it? Thanks!
  12. Leah1976

    Brain Fog & "dizziness"

    Hey guys.... the holidays were crazy, i hosted christmas eve and after that I was wiped out.... my kids are sick with a bad cold with fever and tomorrow we are flying to FL. I feel like I am getting sick as well... I am SOOO congested and today I feel with totally brain fog, and I am dizzy.... that feeling of wooziness (but nothing spins or moves)... my ears and head feels full.... and of course I am freaking out.... I am so sick and tired of this, I just want to feel normal.... I am not sure if these feeling are due to my allergies/congestions, or if I am getting sick with the cold/flu; or anxiety from the holidays/travels, or something really worse? Have you ever felt this way???????
  13. Leah1976

    Nodule on thyroid and Cyst or nodule on Kidney

    Good luck to you, sending prayers your way!
  14. any update? I was away for a while. I hope all is well Molly!!
  15. Leah1976

    Help for health anxiety - new book

    awesome I will check it out! thanks