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  1. Leah1976

    Son's surgery in 2 days...

    what a rollercoaster ride you been thru, I am so happy to find out the good news!!!
  2. Leah1976

    Please help! Lexapro troubles

    your anxiety will increase so much the first 2 weeks,... making everything worse.... I was so tired also I couldn't do anything it was aweful.... the nausea and dizziness was bad as well..... it all got better after the third week,... hang in there, it will get MUCH better,
  3. do you also see differences between both of your eyes????I always half smile.... and it's that side of my face that is aging more.... the eye is smaller and also my laugh line is more pronounced on that side as well..... keeping my fingers crossed is all normal....
  4. Leah1976

    Crawling/tingling in back of head and side of face

    OMg I just had this happened to me and I came here to talk about it.... it's gone now it lasted like 10 seconds.....
  5. Leah1976

    At the doctor’s now

    I HAD A BURNING AND PAIN ON MY RIGHT SIDE A COUPLE of years ago and got u/s for gallbladder and it was negative. After the u/s the mystery pain went away...
  6. I am trying to let go of the sizes of my eyes... I spent way to much time each day comparing pictures old and new... thank God I found a bunch of selfies from 4 years ago that showed one eye slightly smaller than the other, so I guess I have always been this way and never really bothered me.... I feel like I am going crazy sometimes
  7. ok try not to pay attention to that let it go, please....
  8. mw too I have dark circles as well gggrrrrrr..... what's wrong with your tongue???????????
  9. Thanks Molly I appreciate your comment.... I am trying to let this one go BUT it's hard.... I took a bunch of selfies where my eyes look almost even... and when I have the urge to take another selfie or look at the mirror I just go back and look at the selfies that look somewhat "even" ohhh this HA is pure hell and craziness.....
  10. Leah1976

    Calling all my lumpy friends... :D

    MEEEEEE I am lumpy everywhere and I didn't even know there was a word for it LOL..... I feel it in legs mainly along the IT Band...also below my belly button.... I can feel it in my daughter too.... I thought everyone was like that???
  11. Leah1976

    ALS Concerns...Hear me out on this one.

    I am glad you MRI was clean... Do you have tension in your neck and shoulders? I do, and sometimes my arms, specifically my bicep can feel tired for no reason. Try to relax now, your symptoms will now go away!
  12. Leah1976

    Terrified to Eat

    same spot.... yes I had it in the same spot most specifically left "ovary" I thought I had some cancer but every test was fine.... I still have it in the same spot and many other spots, but that's the one that it's constant as far as location... the others move around. Crazy! I think is nerve pain.... from all the anxiety.
  13. Leah1976

    Terrified to Eat

    I have all kinds of stabbing pains all over my body.... pelvic, stomach, head, foot.... it last one second and then move to another location. I had this since my 20s... I am now 42... I didn't die of cancer yet LOL.... Soooooooooo in my case it's anxiety and I know it.... BUT if you haven't had a check up in a while go get a physical from your family doctor, you will feel so much better!
  14. ok so you made ma laugh a little bit LOL!!!! I have the super smell power too and I can smell my cat's poop one miles away! So, hugs to you... you are doing amazing and the lymph node is related to surgery.... nothing else, no cancer, etc.... You will be fine my friend. Try not to talk to our "mean self" you know, the one who is always trying to scare us.... try to ignore her at least for today Take one day at the time, you are doing great!!!!!
  15. Leah1976

    How to stop body checking/scanning???

    Thanks so mcuh for your reply, and sorry about your back pain... I have been where you are many times... I have back issues..... is it your lower back? I do recommend this yoga dvds that helped me so much: https://www.amazon.com/Viniyoga-Therapy-Back-Sacrum-Kraftsow/dp/B000U0C9UE/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_1?crid=30VF2Y0YPI7M8&keywords=viniyoga+therapy+for+the+low+back.+sacrum+%26+hips+with+gary+kraftsow&qid=1552570397&s=gateway&sprefix=viniyoga%2Caps%2C126&sr=8-1-fkmrnull As far as getting a dumb phone, is not possible, I take pictures for work.... I would have to get rid of all the mirrors in my house and cars as well LOL!