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  1. Yes I have been watching his videos on you tube and I already feel calmer and not as freaked out as I was when I wrote this post. Thank you all!!!
  2. Hi Mandy, I didn't yet.... I need a break from doctors/therapist and so sick and tired of visiting doctors I will wait a couple more weeks to see if the botox helps.... I found a good yoga clip on youtube for headaches and I will be doing that as well. Thanks so much for your support, I really appreciate it!
  3. Thank you all for the pep talk... I am feeling better today and less sorry for myself LOL.... I have been listening to Eckard Tolle, and it has helped a bit.... anything about mindfullnes.
  4. I try to stay positive, but i am so tired of my body been broken all the time. I wonder if I have a weird disease.... twitches everywhere, headaches, neck pain, dizziness, acid reflux, nausea, IBS (diarreah mostly), Tingling in fingers, numbness in finger, ringing in ears, fatigue...... GGGRRRR so tired of this honestly.... am I ever gonna feel normal?????????? I don't know where to turn, I don't know what to do. I am sick and tired of feeling this way.... I just needed to vent tonight
  5. I twitch every day all the time.... everywhere.... eye lids, calves, legs, arms, face, everywhere...... I don't worry about ALS though.... doesn't even cross my mind.
  6. I suffer from daily tension headaches.... well every other day.... they are so annoying.... you are lucky to only have it rarely. Good luck, you will feel better soon!
  7. Good luck, I am keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!! Keep us posted. hugs!
  8. I am so happy for you!!!!!! Try to relax now! Go do something fun and get your mind off of your body and symptoms!!!!!!
  9. It is reassuring!!!! We can't both be dying of BT LOL!!!!!!! Sometimes I have to laugh.... but the symptoms are so real though. Hang in there., we will both get thru this!!!!
  10. so sorry you are feeling this way. How old are you??? Have you done therapy for anxiety? if you haven't, I really really recommend it. You have a tone of desperation that is so sad. You need help. Please seek out help. You can definitely get better!!!! hang in there!!!
  11. Exactly the same OMG. I was doing PT and my neck pain and headaches went away.... I was done... and now I am on square 1 again..... GGGRRRRRRRR..... are you going back to the same therapist?
  12. I know.... it's weird... maybe we are twins LOL!!!!!! It's all anxiety..... I know deep inside we are fine..... Like you, I think I am going to go back to PT..... my neck and headaches are so bad.... and the botox injections made me stiffer. I was doing better on PT.
  13. yes, it's very powerful.... thoughts only thoughts...... because we think it doesn't mean it's real or they are true..... so every time I have a HA thought, I think about something silly but catastrophic happening but very unlikely... like a meteorite is going to kill me RIGHT now..... that gives me tons of anxiety if I focus on it, right? but is it going to happen??? no, not even a slim chance!
  14. OMG my left big toe was tingling yesterday, WTH????????
  15. It literally is helping me to think this way.... watch it please and comment.