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  1. Update on this: I went to my neurologist this morning for trigger point injections and nerve block injections for my headaches..... I asked him about the dizziness and he said that it sounds like an ear issue and sent me for vestibular PT..... so I feel good right now. Hopefully the therapy will work and I need to get allergies and acid reflux under control because they are clogging my ears.
  2. Final Update on this: Got the approval letter yesterday from the Life Insurance company yay!
  3. if I take claritine D I get this all day long.... not sure why..... so I avoid it.... I take regular claritine and I am ok.... sometimes though I get it without explainations.... I think most people get this from time to time.
  4. for my symptoms of parasite were stomach/cramps and diarreah....
  5. if you are taking charcoal that would make a change,,,, also anything you eat will change the consistency of stools... lots of fruit veggies can make it runnier, softer... lots of meat and cheese harder.... colors are different too... you get the picture, right? please don't worry about this changes are normal.
  6. yes Mine were normal too!!!!! yay!!!!! cheers!!!!!!!
  7. could definitely be tomato skin....also if you went to south america maybe you picked up up a parasite.... this happened to me when I went to mexico.... it showed in a stool test my doctor did... he prescribed flagyl and then I was back to normal.... yes I also don't study my stools anymore, I used to do that and it drove me crazy. Good luck!
  8. If the doctor says you don't have it then you don't.... are you taking any antianxiety/depression medicine? are you going to therapy?
  9. when is your follow up appointment with your neuro to discuss the results of the test?
  10. when was that test done? did you already discussed the results with your neurologist?
  11. Hey Kitty, numbers always fluctuate that's why there is a range.... and the WBC range is 4-11 so you are in the normal range. Nothing to worry about!
  12. Hi guys and pleased to announce that my blood work and urinalysis was all normal!!! Thank you all for your support!! They didn't do a CBC which I think its weird.... they did kidney, liver, sugar and other stuff.... in any case, I had a normal CBC back in October so I am not too worried about that. My husbands was also normal! Thank you all for your support!!
  13. Thanks this helps, I haven't heard from the insurance company either.... but I did call the lab for results and they said they were gonna mail the results.
  14. nothing in the mail today either gggrrrrr
  15. same boat here if that helps anyone... I constantly worry about my daughter who is 9... checking her legs for bruises.... she also complaints about headaches and I freak out.... BUT when my boy complains of leg pain or something it doesn't alarm me as much..... not sure why...... I think my daughter may be a hypochondriac too and I don't want that for her... plus she is SO afraid of dying and talks about it..... I may get a therapist for her.... I don't want her to be like me.... Health Anxiety/OCD is miserable