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  1. Leah1976

    Blood results have me nervous

    What a relief!!!!! You made my day!!!!!! Please try to enjoy the weekend and start your therapy. It will help you so much!!!!! I started therapy last week and I can't wait for my next session!!!! *****Hugs******
  2. Leah1976

    Blood results have me nervous

    Hey let us know what the doctor said, we are thinking of you!
  3. Leah1976

    Nausea and Lightheaded

    Today I didn't have nausea until now... 6:20 pm I feel so sick again... I guess it's an improvement from yesterday but I don't understand.... could the lexapro been causing the bad nausea. I started taking lexapro last Friday and that's when the nausea got worst
  4. Leah1976

    ovarian cancer

    It can be IBS or SIBO... I had the ovarian cancer scare for a full year, had your symptoms and I am ok... just SIBO. google it.
  5. Leah1976

    Nausea and Lightheaded

    Anyone else have nausea and lightheadedness from anxiety???
  6. Leah1976

    Nausea and Lightheaded

    I still have nausea today WTH????? I ma less light headed but this is NOT normal... I am starting to get worried now..... I just want to feel good and normal, I am so sick of all these weird symptoms..... if I didn't have all this crazy symptoms I wouldn't have HA!
  7. Leah1976

    Nausea and Lightheaded

    Thanks Molly.... today I still have some nausea and a bit better but still light headed.... I will wait a couple of weeks before the laxpro kicks in, maybe it;s making everything worse. I am also very congested.... my nose and ears are congested, wonder if that is allergies and if that can make me lightheaded????
  8. Leah1976

    Colonoscopy Question

    you are covered for 10 years, relax!!!!
  9. Leah1976

    Best SSRI for Health Anxiety

    I just re-started lexapro... I have been on it multiple times in the last 20 years.... it helps but it's not perfect.... it's not like I was 100% HA free, I wish but I may me take things better and help me bit the obsessions. Good luck!
  10. Leah1976

    Blood results have me nervous

    I totally understand the feeling! When I am nervous about a disease, my world stops... I freeze and can't do anything. I can barely manage to feed the kids and send them to school. It's SOOOOOO hard, and of course google doesn't help
  11. Leah1976

    Nausea and Lightheaded

    What's going on with me??? I am so sick of feeling sick... last week I started feeling nauseous, I thought it was the iron supplement I am taking... I also feel a bit lightheaded.... along with the strong sense of smell that comes and goes.... my family doctor thinks I am ok.... but I am SO worried... I started lexapro on Friday which can be making my nausea and lightheadness worse.... but I started the day before the lexapro. What do you think? I can't go to family doctor again???? I was just there Friday.... she did a neuro test because I was scared of brain tumor and she told me I don't have one.... sight this never ends
  12. Leah1976

    Blood results have me nervous

    Sorry to hear they haven't call you, probably because there is nothing to be worried about. I am thinking of you, please keep us posted!
  13. Leah1976

    Blood results have me nervous

    Don't you have access to your lab results either in your patient portal at your doctor's office or on the lab website? I can access my results both ways.
  14. Leah1976

    Son's ct scan

    good luck, let us know as soon as you find out the good news!
  15. Leah1976

    Blood results have me nervous

    I AGREE.... is there a way to email your doctor? I have an email system with mine and is awesome, otherwise, I would call her or go for a visit so you feel better. good luck!