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  1. Bejeweled how old are you? If I remember you're pretty young. I was JUST like you, but I learned many, many benign things can throw your period off. I know it's scary because it feels so wrong. Have you been in for a checkup? Bloodwork would show which hormones are off.
  2. Let's reread that.... "I knew it's going to flare me up. I still went" How about we talk about what's driving you to do something you KNOW is going to upset you. Kind if like sticking your hand in the fire over and over isn't it ?
  3. Jae


    Agreed. I'd like to know how much the monthly bill is and how short the owner is. How do we get that answer?
  4. Jae


    EXACTLY what I was afraid of and EXACTLY why I started this thread. It's hard enough to have the site down for days and then when it comes back up and we can read posts but only a few can respond, if I didn't know I'd feel the very same way.
  5. Jae


    Hi Bin! Thank you so much for asking. He is doing well, it's time to go back for a wound healing check. It makes me a bit nervous but what else is new? How are you doing ?
  6. Jae


    After days and days of the site being offline I was able to read but not long in, post or respond. Apparently I'm not the only one. Seeing threads started with many reads and no responses bothers me, I just dont want anyone to feel like no one cares enough to respond. The truth could very well be, we can't respond. Had to get this out there... hopefully we're all back online and able to post now. 🙂
  7. I do remember you cuban! I'm sorry but you sound positively miserable with this whole thing. Sadly you've wasted 2 years of your life obsessed with a disease that you do not have. That makes me feel sad for you. It would make real ALS patients angry. I've seen the real ALS up close a few times, it's not pretty and it doesn't lolligag for 2 years, by 2 years it's really bad, (breathing machine, wheel chair, bedbound) that is if your not dead by then. I'm sure your dr feels at a loss, no matter your test results or his expertise, you don't accept the answer. What would you do if you really had ALS? How would you live your last couple years on this earth?
  8. Anne... listen to yourself. So you have a runny nose, it's a normal sinus function. It's spring... allergies? I'd put money on it. Oh and snot is salty. How would you know what cerebral fluid tastes? Get a grip girl... xo
  9. I'm proud of you for that! I saw it once in my son's girlfriend's younger brother. It was a medical emergency. There was no wondering if something was wrong. No check list. No question something major was going on. He couldn't walk, could not function, his dad carried him to the car and drove to the ER where he was admitted.
  10. The first thing you can do to help yourself is STOP reading and researching sepsis. Are you willing to do that starting right this minute?
  11. Jae


    Key here is... don't wait "years". I get the feeling a lot of people don't believe in dental cleaning and check up every 6 months? Or even once a year?
  12. Jae


    Look into care credit, this is exactly what it's for. Nothing to fool with.
  13. No offense meant here but it looks like you're quite a nail biter, and that's really rough on the nailbed, you could be causing this by your repeated biting.
  14. One day the medical field will research the affects on people waiting for test results, getting calls back to repeat tests, being told you may have cancer to find out 5 days later you don't. What psychological damage is that doing to us? I am very glad all is well but I'm very sorry you got that call.
  15. None were related. Ryan was 38 when he died. Dave was in his mid 50's David was late 40's Margie was in her 60's