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  1. Sunnydays I went through this EXACT thing a few years ago. I was so nervous waiting for test results that my dr gave me xanax. It was horrible. I was positive this spotting was something awful. In the end it was not, I have a couple fibroids and they like to cause spotting. You're going to be ok. 🙂
  2. Twitching is a strange phenomenon. I've been in a bad place for a while now with over the top anxiety. It's brought on twitching. My tongue was twitching for awhile, lately it's my right tricept. My left ribs are also twitching. I know it's from me being so anxious, I feel bad, my anxiety is putting my body through hell.
  3. Jae

    Freaking out about tech's behavior

    I was so grateful I left awkward at the door. What freaked me out when I got there was the front desk said "Bobby will be with you shortly" BOBBY? A GUY? Said. .. oh sorry no, Bobbie is a woman.
  4. Jae

    Freaking out about tech's behavior

    I've had some that don't say a word, but then had the one that did my transvaginal ultrasound and she said, you've got a couple fibroids but there's nothing bad in here. I wanted to kiss her.
  5. Jae

    Missed Period

    See? A basal temperature chart would give you this answer. Your period is dictated by when you ovulate. Looks at this moment like you either ovulated very late or maybe not yet. You can also check cervical mucus, the clear egg white (sorry) is approaching ovulation or the day of ovulation. It ends abruptly when ovulation has occurred.
  6. Jae

    Seeing the veins in my retina

    Why not give your retina specialist a call? His word will go a lot further reassuring you than ours. Then you can put this worry to rest.
  7. Jae

    CT Scans Head neck and chest

    Sorry to hear about your fall. 😞 As far as CTs. My son had one for a lump under his jaw, yes they see it quite clearly and he's having it removed.
  8. Jae

    (UPDATED) Really rough few days :(

    It may leave you MUCH quicker than it did me Bin, I just want you to know if it hangs around, it's par for the course and you'll be ok 🙂
  9. Jae

    (UPDATED) Really rough few days :(

    So sorry you've got the bug Bin, I had it last year and was shocked how bad I felt. I was on the couch 5 days and it took about another week and a half before I felt normal, it's nasty business but you'll be ok. Got any favorite TV shows? Good time to binge watch them. I watched hours and hours of The Incredible Dr Pol lol.
  10. Jae

    Missed Period

    Sorry for the delay in responding I was at work. Let me start off by saying you're not pregnant, unless you did a WHOLE lot more then you told us. If you're interested, there are free websites and I think apps wheRe you can chart your basal temperatures. You'll need a basal themp thermometer. I got mine at a drug store, it was $10. Leave the thermometer right by your bed, as soon as you wake up, don't even lift your head, grab the thermometer and take your temp. Chart that temperature. You'll see a graph appear.... low temp before ovulation, a big spike when you ovulate and a big drop when your period is about to start. It's fascinating how accurate it is. When I started perimenopause and my periods were all over the place charting saved my sanity. I only wished I knew about it in my early years I went through what you're going through right now so many times and it's miserable.
  11. Jae

    Missed Period

    I know how miserable the wait is, would you consider charting your basal temperatures ? They will tell you what you ovulate and when to expect your period.
  12. Jae


    I think you asked this before.. and why do you know what "fordyce" spots are? I smell Google.
  13. Jae

    Upper abdomen spasms terrible pain

    I'm thinking too Monkey, if it's so bad it's taking your breath away get it checked. Could be a bad belly ache, could be gallbladder, don't want to keep listing possibilities, you're hurting and need help.
  14. Jae

    Tongue Atrophy Part 2

    You are creating your own misery, your hypersensitivity, hyperfocusing and anxiety are causing your symptoms, you are the classic definition of "it's all in your head". The only REAL illness is anxiety.