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  1. Kay, I work for weight watchers, I weigh hundreds of people every week. Your weight can fluctuate 2 lbs in 1 day. You are 100% fine.
  2. Thank you for asking, I really appreciate it. 🙂 He's doing well, healing nicely, it's not much more than a pink line on his neck which is amazing considering what he had done. Thankfully the nerves in the area were not damaged, one of the risks is drooping of lower lip ugh I was worried about that too. I'm still riddled with anxiety over it all, hopefully one day I'll calm down. I feel like we were all traumatized. hope you're feeling better 🙂
  3. Glad you got it checked out Bin. Lots of working parts in the head and neck.. most just annoying. My son's surgery was to remove a tumor on his submandibular salivary gland, that is the one you're talking about under your jaw. The BIG thing is... he had NO other symptoms, 0, nada, and no pain at all. Yours is clearly NOT the same. Yours, I am 100% positive is the annoying kind of issue. 🙂
  4. I've known 4 also. 3 men, 1 woman. All have passed away now. It's a horrific disease so I get the fear but when you see "it" , it's not like anything described in the als posts we read here.
  5. You're already going in to see a dr, mention what you're seeing, have the dr prescribe a fecal occult test, if there's blood it will show in the test, if not... you can put this behind you. Stay off google.
  6. Thank you for posting this. You have me thinking, maybe THIS is the direction our posts and threads should take. Instead of wallowing in the fear and continually asking for reassurance, let's share ways to cope. Similar to the weight watchers message board I am on, we all have the same issue but we are a ALWAYS offering thoughts and ideas and what is helping us control food, why not do the same with anxiety? At the moment for me personally, the crisis with my son is over, I am literally still shaking and full of anxiety over the whole thing. I think it's partly the trauma and for some reason I feel like the worry is protective, if I stop, if I let go of it, something bad will happen. What do I do with that?
  7. Yes. No memory at all. I saw something not to long ago and I actually said out loud...what that hell was I talking about here? 0 memory of it. Now... I remember everything about the days my boys were born. ❤️
  8. Oh boy, I've done this too!! It's impossible to remember it all and before facebook we blissfully forgot. Now we are easily reminded of what we forgot. I remember reading somewhere about how our brains store information and memories there really is a full tilt...and something has to leak out. This is not an anxiety trigger for me so I have joked about it... nope I don't remember my brain must be full and that info leaked out.
  9. Thank you all for being here for me, your good wishes for my son, sharing your experiences and your kind words of support. I believe we are all traumatized. I haven't really allowed myself to feel any relief, my anxiety is talking to me. I hope in time we can heal. My son is off to get a haircut today, he's thrilled, he's going back to work but has to be light duty for the next week, he's a Firemedic. He goes to the ENT Friday morning at 9 for a wound check to make sure all is healing well.
  10. Not one I'd ever want to be on again. It was horrifying. Thank you. I was glad to come share good news.
  11. Dr called today final pathology report says no cancer. Thanks be to God.
  12. Sorry Molly I was really hoping you'd get a break.. Hope it goes away soon.
  13. Thank you Molly, I so so appreciate your post. It's 206am here, the house is quiet, I'm on the couch not able to sleep. I don't know where to put my thoughts and your words helped me. Thank you
  14. The surgeon told us after surgery. We'll have the pathology report in about a week.. This is what I've been so worried about. 😞
  15. There will be some dr apts. He said either watch it or local radiation