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  1. AbeLinkedIn

    Collarbone or lymph nodes

    Can posture or stress cause problems like this? As in how I sleep? I read something about how posture or stress/anxiety can make bones feel more prominent.
  2. AbeLinkedIn

    Collarbone or lymph nodes

    It's weird though, I was at church and didn't notice it, now that I'm home it seems to be back. I'm thinking it might be muscular or just a weird thing. No one seems to feel anything out of the ordinary though
  3. I'd chalk it down to the weather. Cold weather can be wacky at times and give us symptoms accordingly. I used to have concerns over dizziness until I did a test to see if it was perception or reality: I'd stand still and close my eyes or keep my eyes open and stand on one foot. If I was able to keep my balance, it was just a perceived dizziness and nothing to worry about.
  4. AbeLinkedIn

    Collarbone or lymph nodes

    I'm still curious as to what this is. If anything terrible has been ruled out, what could it be? I can't stop rubbing the area and comparing that joint with my right. Sorry to keep being a nuisance but I want to feel normal again. I hate spiraling back in my obsessive HA ways
  5. AbeLinkedIn

    Collarbone or lymph nodes

    Update: It's not as painful but still apparent. It's strange since in certain positions I feel normal but other times it feels more prominent. That's a good sign isn't it?
  6. AbeLinkedIn

    Collarbone or lymph nodes

    I'm thinking bruise now, I showed my dad and said every symptom I had pointed to it, even the itching.
  7. AbeLinkedIn

    Sad Day

    So sorry to hear that. You'll be in my prayers certainly during this time. Please have something to eat and rest well even if you don't feel like it.
  8. AbeLinkedIn

    Collarbone or lymph nodes

    I noticed the spot I was concerned about is starting to itch some after getting a shower. Is that worth getting uptight over or am I overthinking again? What's weird is I look in the mirror and barely notice anything but I can feel it.
  9. AbeLinkedIn


    I think you're working yourself up a little much. Your blood test came back great, slightly high sugar notwithstanding. A doctor wouldn't dismiss you if it was something more serious like pancreatic cancer. I understand anxiety can warp your mind and make you latch on to any symptom and make such grand leaps in logic to that conclusion, but any medical advice given to you directly I'd listen to more than your brain being a butt. Just do what the doc said about lowering sugar intake a little and you're off to the races
  10. AbeLinkedIn

    Tetanus from minor scrape?

    I'd relax, tetanus has more to do with a bad puncture wound and like others said, a booster is good for a decade after the fact. I wouldn't be too concerned if it wasn't rusty and just a little pinprick.
  11. AbeLinkedIn

    Collarbone or lymph nodes

    It's not downplaying at all, I'm just trying to figure out what the most likely scenario is beyond arthritis or cancer or a bone infection. TBH it feels more like an inflamation than anything and I can move it around some.
  12. AbeLinkedIn

    Collarbone or lymph nodes

    I suppose you're right, could be a muscle thing if nothing at all.
  13. AbeLinkedIn

    Collarbone or lymph nodes

    Morning update: I'm getting nervous again but it feels like it might have gone down some. It doesn't feel like the actual bone bur more muscle if that makes sense, but I don't see anything about that in any of the google searches I did. My biggest concern is lymphoma since a friend of mine went through it and while he survived, I'm not sure what to look for. Are there any nodes in that area where the collarbone meets the breastbone?
  14. AbeLinkedIn

    Collarbone or lymph nodes

    Right but in that case it's more something in my head. The way my HA always manifested itself was through physical symptoms like this.
  15. AbeLinkedIn

    Collarbone or lymph nodes

    I think I'll be okay. I'm still a little worried but since I have no other symptoms I can recognize I'll write it off as one of those things. Everyone I asked seemed indifferent too. That said, why haven't I noticed this until now?