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  1. I agree with Molly. I'm a man and I've had a similar fear with testicular cancer around 6 years ago when I felt a bump on my testicle. It's still there and hasn't grown or given me any reason to suspect I have TC since, while it's one of the most curable cancers, it's aggressive if left unchecked and very rare. Doc checked it out and said it was a cyst, nothing malignant at all. One issue we have as Ha sufferers is how we see every lump, bump, cyst, contusion, etc. as a death sentence when most people have lumps and bumps. If Google were a real doctor, it would have had its license terminated for medical malpractice. Google doesn't know your body or medical history, the information it shows is general and not to be taken as the gospel 100%. It's true but irrelevant information.
  2. Aside from the collarbone lymph nodes, what has convinced you that you're left for dead? I'm getting over my node neurosis (Mine was just an allergic reaction that's subsiding slowly but surely) but I'm genuinely curious why you feel this way. Surely there would be more obvious signs that you're not feeling well, not just "I feel a couple of lymph nodes the size of a pea." While I'm proud that you're getting it checked out by a doctor who could do a better job convincing you than any of us, like I said in another thread, you have to have context with these symptoms. Ground yourself and get a reality check. I doubt you have cancer, much less breast/ovarian cancer, lymph nodes pop up for damn near anything from infection to just poking and prodding and bothering them
  3. Update: The bumps feel as though they subsided somewhat. There's still some irritation and a little pain there but what's weird is the bumps did feel under the skin but presented themselves on the skin if that makes sense. At any rate, things look to be settling down a little.
  4. Glad to see I'm not the only one with a node scare, except mine are in my armpit. It still scares me thinking something sinister is going on but they don't feel bigger than a pea, and that's assuming I'm right in what I'm feeling and it's not a general bump. I know that continuously messing with things will only make them worse. You sound like me TBH, worrying about lymph nodes, we're in the same age range in out late 20s, and I had friends ill or die from lymphoma and the like. It's not fun to worry
  5. Here's something that helps me: Consider what's going on in your life and body right now. These things play a bigger role than we realize and can provide context to what's going on. For instance my recent health scare are what I believe to be swollen lymph nodes under my arm pit, but I don't present with any other symptoms aside from that and not eating as much and some recent things I've done were try antiperspirant and try on some shirts cleaning out my dad's closet, both of which may have irritated it. Poking and prodding the area hasn't helped matters. I guess what I'm trying to say is, for lack of a better phrasing, find a reality check and ground yourself.
  6. Yeah it has been on one side for me before. I wouldn't let Google scare me like that since it will always come up with the worst case scenario. During my recent HA attacks all I've gotten were doom and gloom when things could be better explained by individual factors. Google doesn't know your body, only you know it. We all have these little idiosyncrasies and I can assure you if it were something worse, you'd know.
  7. I just had a colon cancer scare of my own semi-recently after feeling a bump while showering around my anus. I'm slightly older than you at 26 and at our age colon cancer is pretty much impossible. I'm diagnosed with IBS which causes some of the problems you have minus the bleeding (Which any case I had was just hemorrhoids). Look for the more common best case scenarios than the much less common worst case scenario.
  8. I apologize if I'm a little late to the party but I've had this happen before, usually when allergies kick in and post nasal drip makes its presence known. Sometimes my throat feels tight and I have a popping in my ears when I swallow during these allergies and while it's not fun, I come to terms with it. I think anxiety also plays a part in exaggerating the symptoms and make it more pronounced than it really is.
  9. I think it's normal. I too am overweight and get winded after a few good minutes of heavy activity like basketball. Lighter exercise I can handle. You said in the first post that you're out of shape, and being winded easily along with the high heart rate at rest is appropriate with that statement. Even those who are in peak athletic condition take time for their hearts to slow down after exercising. I agree with the above posts that say that if you want to get in shape, start small and work your way up. I am a walker, I walk everywhere I can and I have a big yard and decent neighborhood to walk in. If that's not an option because of the weather, I have a stationary bike I can use while I put on a good TV show. Don't overdo it, 30 minutes a day for 3 days a week is a solid start. Maybe get a Fit Bit or another odometer to measure how many steps you take and you'll be astounded by just in half an hour how many calories you burn.
  10. Something else popped in my head just now which may/may not relate to this: This past week I've been helping my mom move a lot of my dad's junk out of his closet; stuff which has sat there for years and collected dust or what have you. I first noticed the bump pain Tuesday evening. If it's what I suspect (Swollen nodes) would it be possible I got infected by something in my dad's closet and the swelling is one of the symptoms?
  11. The BP isn't a big deal. My doctor says that anxiety can raise BP levels slightly and everyone's levels are different when it comes to normalcy. It's not extremely low or high which would be a cause for alarm. As for what you're feeling now, I agree with Lugrad, your muscles are tired from working so hard. Ever hear the phrase "Oof, I'm going to feel that in the morning?" Same thing here, you won't immediately feel the effects unless you really did hurt yourself, which I doubt aside from overworking some. Give your muscles time to recoup
  12. I doubt it's anything other than your anxiety giving you the once over. I'm with Bin, we're hyperaware of perceived symptoms that other people pay no mind to. I'm sure your doc will agree
  13. That's what my brother told me basically. I'll stop using it which is a shame since it's my favorite brand and scent (Old Spice Fiji) or see if they have one without antiperspirant. What can I do to soothe the irritation in the meantime? Update: Here's a picture for reference, I've highlighted the problem spot(s) and maybe that could provide better insight. A little hard to see I know but taking a picture with one hand isn't easy. https://imgur.com/GELdZ4p
  14. Update: One of the bumps looks to have subsided some but the other is still prominent. I'm still thinking it's a node but it's mobile and sore and still rather small. My question still remains: Could antiperspirant cause a reaction like this? I noticed the issues once I started using a new deodorant/antiperspirant but I haven't used it since symptoms began.
  15. Can't exactly book a doctor's appointment as I'm in sort of a bind with insurance and that's a subject I don't want to get into. I think it's the antiperspirant I used which irritated something but giving it time is the best solution