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  1. Totallyphobic


    Wolf nothing to worry about there you didn't touch it and it is not airborn. @ PennyPanic I too an a selfproclaimed Queen of this fear and I am struggling again. Last thursday I was outside and something flew into my hair and I swat it and felt it on my wrist I didn't see a bat but their were big moths and beetles flying next morning I called the health dept explained what happened and they told me not to worry since I didn't see a bat. Guess what I am know on edge with doubt especially since 20 years ago I was in contact with a bat and had to get the shots any word of encouragement for me?.
  2. Totallyphobic

    Dealing with a loss

    Binn I am so sorry for your loss. A sudden loss can be harder to accept than one more or less expected. Focus on the good times you spent together and remember the smiles.
  3. Totallyphobic

    Stopping Meds

    Coming off meds is not that hard as long as you do it slowly it is safer. Don't be in such a rush since sometimes during the process if you rush you can get rebound symptoms.
  4. Totallyphobic

    Please Help

    Yes it does happen maybe not all the time but it is a symptom of a severe panic attack
  5. Totallyphobic

    Coughing, phlegm, feel like I can’t breathe

    I suffer from the same thing and it is a constant post nasal drip I have allergies and asthma so I know the feeling. If you want a med free remedy I suggest you try Simply Saline allergy it can be found in any drugstore and supermarket for about $7.00 it really helps.
  6. Totallyphobic

    "As Needed" medications for panic attacks?

    Hi Binn I was about to suggest the same thing Ethan's mom did that's what I take as needed when I feel one coming on a .25 is the lowest and works as needed.
  7. Gracie having been there done that for years I educated myself first you need direct contact with an infected animal. There is no mistaking a rabid animal that said lets move on. The one factor is were you bitten? if not move on. second were you bit or scratched by an animal acting strangely? if not move on. Third did you come in contact with wet saliva? if not move on once salivia is dry the virus is dead. I suggest as I have before you visit the websites Bat Conservation Institute they explain in full detail how the virus is transmitted and the odds of coming in contact and or getting the disease. Not to mention how to prevent coming into contact with bats.
  8. Totallyphobic

    Another rabies fear. Please help.

    Hi I dealt with this very fear for years and still get the occasional hiccup. First a bat will not attack humans like you every time I went outside at night every little thing I felt on my skin I thought a bat got me. I decided to educate myself on them and their behavior and I recommend you google Bat Conservation Center. They have an informative website and if you contact them you can talk to a bat expert. Trust me I called a few times just for reassurance. They are located in Cranford Il and the staff is wonderful at dealing with your fears.
  9. Totallyphobic

    ALS fear

    Hi Enid I too am from AZ and while I had not had a battle with fear of ALS I do sympathize with you and googling is not going to help. I have battled HA for years and in my experience with anxiety and panic it mimics and takes on the symptoms of the very disease you fear. It is like a merry go round that never stops. Perhaps you can talk to your Doctor or therapist into increasing your medication to help you better focus or even change it if it is no longer helping you.
  10. Totallyphobic

    Can't burp

    Try drinking soda that usually works for me . I had the same feeling the other day took 2 sips burped and felt alot better
  11. Totallyphobic

    What happened to Anxiety Zone?

    Hi Mollyfin I'm so happy you are over here. As much as I miss many members of AZ insights, sixpack etc this site is very welcoming and helpful I felt right at home the minute I joined although my anxiety has been good lately
  12. Totallyphobic

    New Here!

    Hi I am a Anxiety zone transplant myself is funwithfive the same name you used there?
  13. Totallyphobic

    Tetanus shot worries...

    I happen to be allergic to thimerisol a preservative in tetanus shots. I had one two years ago and as long as it is injected into the muscle the reaction is mild. That said I don't think you have to worry about it my doctor knows my allergy and the benefit of the shot far out weighs the reaction. Relax you are fine
  14. Totallyphobic

    Worried about Rabies

    Hi Aiko is that the name you used at AZ? I don't think you have to worry animals tend to hibernate this time of year and if you stepped on an animal you totally would have known it. I have had this happen many times and I'm still here.
  15. Totallyphobic

    What happened to Anxiety Zone?

    I see a lot of familiar names here so glad I found this site