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  1. I am hosting a FriendsGiving this Saturday!!! Hope yours is awesome
  2. I'm so sorry, Leah! I Hate hate hate medical testing. It's the worst. Here is the awesome news... this is standard for your issue that has already been proven to be nothing at all. That means when you have this new CT scan it will also be nothing and your doctor will rest assured this is your "normal" and life will continue on as it is currently. i am only 30 and haven't had a monogram but I dread when the time comes. I don't dread the test but dread the waiting for results. Just remember this is a proactive and life saving screening. You are doing this for your health. Big hugs
  3. This has come up a few times here and nothing so far has been the big C word so you have that on your side!
  4. High RBC count. Freaking out

    I have a follow up Tuesday that was scheduled 6 months ago when I scheduled my blood work. My doctor looked at my results and posted them to my portal as "normal" and did not contact me so I assume he isn't alarmed but I of course was
  5. Ultrasound vs CT scan - Lymphadenopathy

    I would guess a CT scan with contrast would be MUCH more reliable than an ultrasound.
  6. High RBC count. Freaking out

    thanks it was actually flagged high my the lab and the result is in red. It's the first time I have ever had something "abnormal" in blood work so I'm worried. I did read leaving the band on the arm longer than 60 seconds can cause false high RBC counts and she left the bad on the entire blood drawl which was well over 60 seconds
  7. 25% chance I have uterine cancer

    I am so sorry Molly. How quickly can you know if this is C or not? I know you have been dealing with this for so long and i am terribly sorry your OB was reassuring you this was nothing. That has got to be frustrating because we are supposed to trust our doctors and even more so as hypochondriacs. They are supposed to tell us something and we believe. Molly, if I were you I could go for the hysterectomy surgery. This issue has been something that has consumed you for years. Knowing that the organ that has caused you so much trouble is gone and history would be such a relief. There is MANY ways to be a mother besides carrying a child. Your health comes first so when the time comes to be a Mother you will be 100% healthy both physically and mentally. Big hugs
  8. High RBC count. Freaking out

    I had labs done on Monday and my results were posted to my portal. My RBC count was 5.11 and the cut off is 5.10 so I'm now freaking out. I freaking googled which is so stupid and it says high RBC could be anything to dehydration (I am terrible at drinking water) to kidney or liver cancer (cue hypochondriac break down) all of my other blood work was perfect including metabolic panel. Since it's only a tick over normal should I be worried? Has any ever had this? I see my doctor on Tuesday to go over results!!
  9. Respiratory Clinic referral

    The spot you are referring to was/is the cause of the node enlargement. Those nodes are natorious for swelling when there is something on the scalp or close to it, even the neck area. Please stop touching the node. Our Ped told us to make sure our kids DO NOT touch the node when swollen because it will just make it want to hang around and possible even become sore. I know it's hard. I am one who will check something I'm anxious about 100x in one hour but try hard to not touch it. Tell yourself "this is benign" this is my body's HEALTHY response to a benign issue. My body is doing what it should be doing. My body is healthy!
  10. Respiratory Clinic referral

    It might help for me to tell you that the swollen nodes you current have almost ALWAYS are of benign cause and are extremely rare allay unheard of to swell in the area because of the big C word. This is coming from my children's highly knowledgeable Pediatrician. Two of my children have had swollen nodes behind one ear and of course I took them to the doctor. She said that's area of swelling is common for scalp infections (most don't even know they have them) a cold, or anything of benign origin. They usually don't bat an eye at a swollen node in that location!
  11. Experience with Vitamin D Deficiency?

    In 2013 my vitamin D level was 19 todsy i take 10,000 ius of Vit D3 a day and my last check in April was 49
  12. Mom's surgery went great

    Wow wonderful news Molly. So so happy to wake up and see this!!
  13. Please pray for my mom!

    Please stay strong and thoughts and prayers for your mother. Please update us ❤️
  14. IBS with back pain??

    My husband had IBS-D and ALWAYS has back pain with his flares. Actually back pain is what he complains of has he is waking to the toilet. He is hunched over holding his lower back.