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  1. Cold anxiety

    Thank you for answering me. I have not felt this bad since the last time I had the flu about six years ago. It is truly terrible! To complicate things I have three small children and my husband is best man at a wedding today. What a mess! I am trying to remain calm but occasionally my anxiety sneaks up on me. Like this morning when my fever decided to come back. That definitely didn't help! Yes, I can pump but how sad is it that I feel like I don't have the energy to get my machine and pump! Just getting up to the bathroom feels like a big chore. I hate the flu!
  2. Cold anxiety

    OK, so now I realize that I have the flu and this is really awful. My body aches very badly and I am very chilled. The flu is one of my big anxiety inducers Anyone else get really anxious when really ill?
  3. Cold anxiety

    I never use to get anxious over getting sick. In fact, I just accepted as a fact of life and waited it out. Since having kids I get really anxious when I get sick. At the first sign of a symptom (or fever) I get really nervous. i had a scratchy throat yesterday all day but today have come down with a fever, the grip and lots of lovely gunk in my throat. I am kinda freaking out. Worried that I will get sicker, afraid that my fever will get higher. How do I relax about this? To complicate things I can't take much bc I'm breastfeeding and I also have a wedding to attend tomorrow and 70 cupcakes to ice for said wedding 😩
  4. Mollyfin, I remember you from anxiety zone. I am sorry that you are going through so much stress, worry and feelings of instability right now. Big hugs to you. I don't know if this will help but when moments like this get tough I do my best to remember one important thing, impermanence. Nothing is permanent, good, bad, anxiety, health ailments. Remind yourself any time you can that this too shall pass. This helps me get through the present at the very least. Have you tried doing some guided meditation? It really helps me when I'm stressing out bad. I have an amazing app called Insight Timer. You should check it out.
  5. Holding myself accountable

    You are a great support and will be missed! I wish you a calm mind and peaceful break ?
  6. Ovarian Cancer

    Yes, three young kids is it's own kind of crazy! And I barely stop moving morning, noon and night but again...anxiety loves to tell me it's something else, ugh. Thank you for your reply. I've noticed that a day ago I was feeling almost better then started fixating on it today and the symptoms are back. Any coincidence?? It's so hard to differentiate between what's real and what's in my head sometimes. I'm guessing a lot of people on here can relate to that!
  7. Ovarian Cancer

    Oh Holls, I am sorry that you're dealing with another bout. I hope you are able to get rid of it quick and feel better very soon! From everything you've told me, blood in urine is a very common symptom of a uti ? I have to ask, do you find yourself going to the washroom a lot more after a few kids?? I notice a big difference from before. I asked my doctor if it was possible to have to pee more after 3 births but he dismissed fast and said no. Which didn't help me feel better! As for menstrual bleeding, I find after baby 1 periods were totally normal, after baby 2 periods got really heavy, and now after 3 they are scary heavy for a day or two. I know I should be tired bc I care for three under four all day and my baby girl still wakes 3+ times a night but I am unable to stay up past 9pm and I never used to be like this. Some days I just drag myself around....My husband says it's three kiditis, of course HA says it's something more sinister!
  8. Ovarian Cancer

    I haven't been on the cancer train in a long time but I've got myself worked up into a state today. It started with frequent urination that I realize I've had for some time (since the birth of my last baby who is now ten months old). I had a uti at the beginning of July then symptoms that returned a few weeks later but no uti after much testing. I still feel like I need to pee frequently after having the smallest bit of water and find myself running to the bathroom whenever I go out. To top it off, I had really bad fatigue through out the whole month of March and since then go through waves of massive exhaustion that last for a week or two, then lift before returning. I had a ton of bloodwork done in March but nothing was found. i am now terrified that this is ovarian cancer since I've heard that some women's only symptoms are frequent urination and tiredness. I also have exceedingly heavy periods since giving birth and this scares me too. Guess I'm just unloading here because I am feeling really scared and anxiety is at an all time high right now. Really freaked out!
  9. Pregnant and freaking out!

    You are going to do great! As already mentioned the first trimester can be the worst! One frequent early symptom for all three of my kids was tension headaches (sounds crazy but I swear by one Tylenol and a glass of caffeinated coke, hasn't failed me yet!). Dizziness and nausea also plagued me and my anxiety definitely skyrocketed the first few weeks. On the upside, most of these symptoms will level off as you get further in to your pregnancy. We live in a day and age where there is so much monitoring occurs during pregnancy that the chance of anything going terribly wrong is near to none. Remind yourself regularly that you are well looked after and anything that needs preventative care will be taken care of. Congrats on your pregnancy!
  10. Recurrent UTI...what now??

    Thanks ladies. I will try my best to stop googling! I think the watch and wait approach may be the best option for me at the moment. It's true that I have sometimes had symptoms for a few weeks afterwards so I guess anything is possible.
  11. Why can't I stop worrying?

    M I think the common denominator is my father. He raised us all and while he is a wonderful dad has been riddled with anxiety since he was a young boy. I'm sure growing up around that definitely had an affect. OP, dont want to sabotage your post but you've brought up some thought provoking topics. While no one around you may appear to suffer from anxiety some people are better at hiding it. Talking to a suitable therapist is a great way to get it all out without fear of judgement.
  12. Recurrent UTI...what now??

    Thanks Stephanie. I really hope you are right. I would definitely feel more relaxed if this was inflammation with no infection. I read that some women can have low grade bacteria in their urinary tracks/ bladders that doesn't show up on tests (this did not make me feel better!). That all said, I once had uti symptoms that came back negative, took a weeks worth of meds, still had symptoms but decided to wait it out and after three long weeks it all went away on its own. Praying for the same outcome!
  13. Recurrent UTI...what now??

    I don't know? The last day and a bit have been marginally better but I still find the discomfort in my uretha makes me go the washroom too often. There is something called urethritis that needs antibiotics to clear but I don't know if that would have shown on a dipstick. Im just really tired of feeling this way and feel like I have no answers for my symptoms. Super frustrating! Should I try seeing my obgyn?
  14. Why can't I stop worrying?

    Well put. My husband is one of those people who is incapable of getting anxious and it is, without a doubt, due to his wiring. Probably a good thing since having two basket cases probably wouldn't bode so well in our household! Interestingly enough, I grew up with a lot of instability and emotional abuse and yet my two half siblings who had a most loving, wonderful childhood are riddled with anxiety the same way I am. I think that speaks volumes!
  15. Why can't I stop worrying?

    I think it's so important to mention that there is a strong genetic component to anxiety and that those of us who struggle with it are wired in such a way that makes us more susceptible. That all said, it doesn't mean you can't work on helping your anxiety and look for solutions to make life easier. I struggled with general anxiety all through my teens and could barely function at times through panic attacks, and agoraphobia. I had massive anxiety just leaving my house or taking a bus! That's gotten loads better over the years but the one that remains is health anxiety. Sometimes I feel like it has an iron clad hold on me and I hate it. The advice and help here is so great and I think you will find a very welcoming community!