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  1. My average is 90/58. Very low. In fact, after birthing my last child I set off the machine at the hospital bc it was so low. Some of us have low bp but it’s nothing harmful. The worst part is getting dizzy upon standing. This has happened to me for years and my husband is so use to it that he immediately runs over to grab me until I am stable. No need to worry!
  2. Grace, you remind me much of myself when I was 15. I had crippling anxiety at your age and my number one issue was: breathing! This is a very common symptom of anxiety. In many ways focusing on your breathing and feeling like you can’t get a full breath are your minds way of distracting itself from other things. I remember my dad taking me to a lung specialist to have my breathing assessed. I feared the worst, certain they would have nothing but bad news so imagine my shock when the doctor told me my lung function was 10% above normal!! You've had very thorough tests to rule out anything sinister-your body is fine. You need to find a way to deal with your anxiety. Whether that’s through therapy or an online program (maybe even iTunes) to help gain perspective of your situation. Nowadays when that old symptom reappears I recognize it and tell myself, “Not today.” I find a distraction and I move on with my day.
  3. I’m definitely no expert but yellow stool can be anything from gallbladder issues to celiac. I think you’ve made the right move by seeing a doctor about it. Let us know how it goes.
  4. Flu has had an epically long duration this year in North America. Rates of flu have been higher for this time of year too. These things happen. Sometimes we just get unlucky and catch more than our fair share. For what it’s worth, both my sister and her husband caught the flu twice in a span of a few months. Rest up and hope you feel better soon!
  5. Thanks! Glad you are feeling well!
  6. Hey Bin. You answered a post of mine recently of a similar nature! I started with super sensitive salivary glands a week ago, no other symptoms for two days. Then the cold symptoms crept up-ugh. A week in and still fighting off the crude. It seems that the glands in our neck can get quite sensitive or enlarged when fighting off Illness. Hope you feel better soon!
  7. I get them too! I totally know how you feel-they are a little anxiety producing for me too (especially near the end of it when it seems to obscure your entire vision). My sister and dad get them too and I know they are quite common and often attributed to nothing sinister. You will be ok!
  8. Thank you! I will give my doctor a call tomorrow and see if he can be of assistance. Fingers crossed!
  9. Thanks Binn. They are still hurting so I’m not so sure this is anxiety related. I’m assuming if it was an infection I’d have a fever? I’ll wait until tomorrow and see if it’s any better. We leave Tuesday so not sure if it’s too long to wait to see my doctor.
  10. I’m having some major anxiety right now and could use some guidance. Im on holidays (of course!) and noticed yesterday that my salivary glands (just under my ears) feel really sensitive and irritated. I figured after a good nights sleep it would get better but as of this morning it’s still there. I have no idea what this is but it’s freaking me out. Any idea what this is?
  11. 😳 Oh my! That would definitely be anxiety producing. I had blood in my urine when I was five but no cause was ever found.
  12. Thank you Mark. I will keep an eye on it. Sorry for the tmi but I am about to start my menstrual so it will be hard to tell if any sediment is there. I am also a big time worry wart (probably why I’m here!) so it’s hard for me not to worry about these sorts of things.
  13. I felt like I had a uti a few weeks ago, was checked but it came back negative (I do get this maybe once a year or so?). My symptoms have since disappeared. I had my urine cultured at the time but they did t find anything.
  14. Hey guys, I’m in an anxiety overload and could really use some help. For the last few months from time to time when I urinate I notice debris in the bottom of the toilet. It looks like tiny little specks that are dark. I always chalked it up to our old toilet since it’s not the cleanest near the top of the bowl and I assumed it was sloughing off. I even went so far as to mention it to my sister since I was worried it was coming from me. She laughed and told me that was such a typical anxiety worrier type thing to think. Just yesterday I made a point of checking the bowl before using it-clean. After going I noticed a few little dark specks at the bottom of the toilet *cue the panic*! I have been an anxious mess all night and barely slept. I’m so scared of what is wrong with me To complicate matters I am leaving for a trip to Disneyland in a week with my family. What should I do??
  15. Deep puncture wound is key here. Tetanus cannot survive when exposed to oxygen. Years ago I managed to get an impressively large piece of wood from our old floor boards lodged deep in my foot. You could see the piece but no bleeding occurred bc it was so deep. My doctor removed it and gave me a tetanus shot which was totally appropriate given the circumstances. A small splinter would not qualify. Not at all so please don't lose sleep!