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  1. Pythonian

    Friend Passed, Very Anxious and Feeling Selfish

    Thanks for the responses. I made an appointment with Cardiologist and my Therapist. Heart is fine and Cardiologist told me stop worrying about it as she is not. All normal shape and function with clear arteries and zero calcium score. Still having pains but have been able to let them go since the appointment. Working through the other stuff from the past year but looking forward.
  2. Potential trigger warning. Last week a friend and colleague for over 20 years passed unexpectedly at 49. Services were Monday. We don’t know what the cause was, but nothing obvious. I have anxiety and panic disorders that focus on my heart. The last 12 months have literally been the most difficult of my life with many major personal events and this has added on to it all. Feeling selfish for not mourning his loss more, instead what used to be anxiety chest pains causing panic, every little feeling, even ones that did not bother me before are sending me over the edge. I know it is understandable based on this latest event, but I can’t seem to settle down for the last week. Exhausted and frustrated.
  3. Pythonian

    Overwhelmed...anxiety sucks!

    Anything 95 and up is healthy for O2 saturation. Best wishes.
  4. Everybody responds differently. I took Lexapro for 10 years and then the Prozac you are on now. Currently taking Zoloft. For me Prozac took a long time to kick in which is common. It can take 6 weeks for you to feel the full effects. For some it is the exact fit you need, give it time to see if it’s right for you. Best wishes.
  5. Pythonian

    Been Awhile, Slipping

    Been some time since I’ve been on here but struggling currently. Quick background, diagnosed with anxiety and panic almost 15 years ago. Diagnosed with depression earlier this year after going through a painful divorce. My reaction is always thinking I am about to have a heart attack. See a Cardiologist, ekg was “no issues at all”, echo was “heart functioning normal” and calcium score 3 years ago was 0. Been having chest pain, back pain, muscle pain, stiff neck, and headaches. Had blood work done a week ago that was fine but still waiting for Lyme disease result. Having trouble keeping panic in check, every ache and pain is triggering heart fears. See a therapist and take meds already. Very frustrated. Thanks for reading.
  6. Pythonian

    Smallest Things

    Thanks for the responses and well wishes. Anxiety continues to improve on the Zoloft. Therapist was uneventful. I enjoy being able to say what's on my mind, but never really feel we explore anything. Might just be my misconception of what therapy would be like. Cardio appointment is Monday with a echo scheduled. Did have blood work this week and grateful that all was good with the exception of triglycerides being just over the high mark of 200. Dropping sweets and cutting back on beer to get the number down. Hoping that the cardio will show my heart is still functioning normal and that the mild dialation is back to normal. If so, hoping I can let go of my heart fears more. Best wishes.
  7. Pythonian


    4 days isn't enough time for Lexapro to build up to a therapeutic level. You may simply be experiencing initial transition side effects. I'm not a Dr., but would suggest giving it at least 6 weeks before deciding if it is working for you. Best wishes. Keep us posted.
  8. Pythonian

    Smallest Things

    Feeling frustrated, and fascinated at the same time with regard to my current state. I recently completed a med transition from Prozac to Zoloft and I definitely feel better. Xanax use has gone from daily to one a week if I can't shake the building panic. However, the smallest pain even for a second and I go right back to heart attack fears and panic. I seem to be able to shrug them off quickly compared to before, but I've noticed almost anything now makes my mind go there when it didn't before. Have had all the tests, etc. and see a Cardio in a couple of weeks (need to lose weight and excercise or apparently developing heart failure will be in my future) but no blockages, normal cholesterol, zero calcium score, etc. so there is no logical reason to fear a heart attack at this point in my life, but before it would take a round of chest wall pain on the left side to get me worked up, now it's even the smallest back pain, or shoulder pain that does it as well. Again the panic seems to be much shorter lived and manageable than before, but have definitely noticed more triggers, even when small. Have asthma and seasonal allergies that are kicking my butt and making me cough a lot so the table is set for chest tightness, chest wall pain, etc. Frustrated that I seem to have more triggers, fascinated at the same time. I see my Therapist tomorrow (once every 2 months) so I look forward to talking about it with her. Thanks for reading, best wishes.
  9. Pythonian

    My new job.

    I am the head of Human Resources for a nationwide retailer in the U.S. and can say without hesitation the fact you care about how you are doing says a lot about you. Registers, customer service, shipment, etc. the key to all of them is time and repetition. Don't be too hard on yourself, you will catch on and probably know more already than you are giving yourself credit for. Keep asking questions when unsure, take notes if you need to. Always better to ask and get it right then to guess. You are in training, questions are fine and expected. You've got this!
  10. Pythonian

    Lexapro to Prozac to Zoloft

    Update: Well, I completed the transition off Prozac about 6 weeks ago and have been on 50mg Zoloft which I believe may be the lowest therapeutic dose. Was definitely doing better for about a month, still better overall but the chest pains started coming back, irritable, etc. All my old friends were paying visits again. Spoke with my Primary who pointed out the long half life of Prozac and now that it's out of my system, we know the low 50mg of Zoloft isn't enough. So today was my first day taking 100mg. If going to 100 doubles down on the improvement, I will be quite happy. Best wishes.
  11. Pythonian

    Switch from celexa to Prozac

    Let me preface this by saying everyone is different, and what works for one does not work for all. With that said, I was on Lexapro 20 mg for 10 years. It was my first medication and it worked great. Unfortunately it faded out after 10 years and I wa switched to Prozac. I started at 20mg, then 40mg and leveled off at 60mg. For me it was a long tough transition. I was on Prozac for 2 years but it never worked as well for me as it needed to. I just recently switched to a low 50mg dose of Zoloft. Definitely working better for me than Prozac but I will probably go up to 75mg or a 100mg as although much improved, not quite there yet. Again we are all different and I have talked to many where they felt Prozac saved their life. It did work for me, just not well enough. Give it some time as Prozac takes awhile to kick in. I sincerely hope it works,for you as it has for so many others. Best wishes.
  12. Pythonian

    Does medication help?

    I have found that this topic can be polarizing. I have always been in the camp of "better living through pharmaceuticals" and have been on anxiety medication for over 12 years now. Everyone is different, and what works for one does not work for all but for me, going on a SSRI gave me my life back and my only regret has been not starting sooner. Best wishes. Keep us posted.
  13. Pythonian

    Anyone get a sudden sense of relief from posting?

    Always have felt that way when posting about myself, simply feels good to put it out there to others who understand. Best wishes.
  14. Pythonian

    Thinking of switching meds.

    SSRIs all work the same way, think it's just that minor chemical difference between brands that may make a difference for one individual compared to the other. Not sure though. with regard to withdrawals, the irony is when you change medicines, you won't know if it's withdrawal from one or transition side effects from the other. Either way, those are temporary and in my opinion a very much worth it for the relief provided when one works for you. Best wishes.
  15. Pythonian

    Thinking of switching meds.

    I was on Lexapro 20 mg for 10 years and it worked great for me until it faded out. Then changed to Prozac 60 mg. Didn't taper of Lex just started at 20 mg Pro and worked up to 60mg. It was a long transition with a lot of side effects. Was on Prozac for 2 years it just didn't work well for me. Just switched to Zoloft 50mg. Tapered off This time and already feeling better. Just remember everyone is different. Trick is to find the one that works for you. Best wishes.