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  1. Blood Spotting- Ladies?

    I spot all the freaking time. Can’t keep a pair of underwear nice for any length of time. Just talked to my gyno today at my annual exam and she’s not worried. Most likely ovulation sporting.
  2. New irrational obsession.

    While I haven’t had this particular fear, I’ve had similar, irrational fears. As as you know, we all create things in our minds or we amplify whatever physical symptoms we are having until we are convinced it’s a very serious situation. I notice that I have a lot of black and white thinking. I can’t just be a little sick—it’s always a life or death situation for me and that’s bad simply not the reality most of the time. It sounds like you are experiencing very real and very uncomfortable symptoms. However, these don’t necessairly have to be what you fear the most — right now, pinworms. Obviously, you know that I can’t give you a definitive medical diagnosis. But you yourself said that you KNOW it’s unlikely. It’s your anxious mind that’s running away with your thoughts. Does distraction work for you? Maybe your favorite TV show or an art project or an old favorite book? Whatever you’re into. That often helps for me.
  3. Yeah.... of course asthma produces mucus haha one more thing to worry about. I’ve only wheezed twice so far. And it might have just been due to mucus in my throat. The last two days I’ve had quite a bit of shortness of breath and chest tightness and I hate how hard it is to tell the difference between what might be an actual problem and what’s “just” anxiety.
  4. @NervUs your story is truly terrifying The day I found out adult-onset asthma was a thing was a very dark day for me haha I have been coughing a fair amount but I attributed it to my suspected allergies done there was a lot of mucus involved.
  5. Allergies suck! I went to an allergist and he says I don't have them, but how else do you explain congestion and coughing for weeks on end. Never bad enough to actually be a cold. Just lingers. I have them pretty mild compared to a lot of people, but the wheezing really freaked me out. I honestly don't know how I would handle it if I had asthma.... If you want to/feel comfortable/remember -- I'd love to hear how your dr appointment goes! Hope you get the answers you're looking for @bin_tenn
  6. Thanks for that! I have been amazingly 28 years free of seasonal allergies but a lot of people end up developing them here and I think my time is up. But it’s encouraging to hear that wheezing often happens with allergies without it being a big deal. I can see myself trying to clear it with a cough and if that doesn’t work I imagine that would send me into panic again.
  7. Ok that’s encouraging. I’m just really afraid I’ve finally acquired seasonal allergies (my city is known for them) and that it will turn into allergic asthma.
  8. Ok! That’s the good news I was wanting to hear. I’ve been having a lot of mucus build up and I was wondering if maybe that could be the cause? I just cannot handle breathing things and can imagine not much not much worse than a sudden severe asthma attack. Since I’ve not been diagnosed with asthma, I have none of the meds to handle it if it happened all the sudden.
  9. This morning I woke up kind of congested. This isn’t unusual. What was unusual was that I was wheezing! I’ve never wheezed before but I’m pretty sure that’s what this was. There was like a whistle that I heard when I breathed out. It’s hard to know how much trouble I was actually having breathing because I of course launched into immediate panic. Have you guys wheezed before? I’m terrified of asthma and the wheeze really got to me.
  10. Thanks! Getting asthma is pretty near the top of my list of things I dread the most. I know a lot of people deal with it but it is my nightmare. I do not deal with any throat/lungs issues well. Today I had a small piece of my lunch stuck at the top of my throat/back of my nose and I had a full on panic attack for at least an hour and a half.
  11. Worried about the kiddo, he got water up his nose.

    I totally understand why you’re worried, but it will really be okay. I spent my childhood in lakes and rivers and was on a swim team for 20 years. I have had water up my nose probably 1000s of times. One tome I got lake water so far up my nose I’m pretty sure it hit my brain. N Fowleri is so rare. ESPECIALLY in water that you would have in your bathtub. Its scary, so I completely understand yiur fears, but maybe try to focus on the fact that it is so unbelievably unlikely. Sometimes I repeat logical thoughts to myself over and over. I’ve had to do that today actually. I will also call my mom and have her tell me rational and logical thoughts. It makes me feel silly but it helps :-)
  12. 'Is there no way out of the mind?'

    Honestly, sometimes I don’t know how to keep fighting. And somethimes I don’t want to. But the very worst days always pass and I feel better eventually. I have a pretty low baseline for “better”, but not every day is totally bleak. It it may not be what you want to hear and it may not be true for everyone, but the realit is, yeah, the periods between freak outs will probably just be longer. Which is still good! And the other thing is that, when we do freak out again, we can handle it better. We might still freak out, but it won’t send us down as deep a spiral as it used to. I think I will always struggle to some degree. Kind of like addicts. There’s a reason many addicts use the work “recovering” rather than “recovered”. Every day is a new chance to make a choice. To work against our engrained thoughts and behavior patterns. That said, god what I would give to just be totally over all of this ;-)
  13. Really Scared about my Breathing.

    This. Is. My. Nightmare. I can’t help you with a lot of logic or anything, just writing to let you know that I deal with the same thing and it’s awful and I’m so sorry you are dealing with it too. Not being able to breathe is my hardest symptom to deal with. One thing I will do is take a huge breath on and sigh it out (helps me to feel the air getting to the bottom of my lungs) or start reciting a poem out loud if I’m not in public (reminder that if I can speak, I can breathe). These don’t always work, but sometimes I they do. Asthma terrifies me — I got nothing for you there. Scares me too. One thing I do in public that helps is really try to ground myself. How much I can do depends on where I am. When I was at a dance performance, I took off my shoes and put my feet on the cold concrete of the auditorium. If I’m at the grocery store, I make myself fine 10 things of each color. I’ll recite a poem in my head that I don’t know as well so I have to concentrate on what words come next. Basically, anything I can do to take my mind off my breathing. Heck, I’m on the verge of a panic attack right now and replying to other people on here as as distraction/external focus! That was such a ramble, sorry, but I’m thinking of you and I’m so sorry you’re going through this!
  14. Please help me calm down

    I definitely agree with the above. At this risk of sounding disgusting, I get diarrhea at the most random times. I imagine I usually just eat something that didn’t agree with me much but other than that, it’s nothing to worry about. If you’re not feeling well, by all means, take it easy. Diarrhea dehydrates you, so that might be giving you a headache. Be sure you are staying hydrated, preferably something with electrolytes but plain water is just fine too. Im sorry you’re struggling with the fear of passing out! I’ve fainted before and I know it’s not always reassuring to hear this, but it was honestly fine. As I was fainting I knew exactly what was happening (that I was fainting and it wasn’t something worse) and I just came to on a nice, cool, tile floor. I laid there until I felt better and then slowly got up. I even went down pretty slow so I was able to control it somewhat:-)
  15. I’m not sure if I have acid reflux. I’ve definitely had episodes of it but I don’t knjw if I have it chronically. Probably, I’m stressed enough for it ;-) i do wonder about post nasal drip. And I’m pretty sure I have allergies (or something similar) even though nothing showed up on my allergy test. I’m often congested. Im just having such a hard time time dealing with the feeling that I can’t breathe. It invariably sends me into a panic attack and I’m exhausted from it. Don’t know why I can’t use logic to get out of that spiral.