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  1. utrocket09

    Year-round allergy sufferers?

    I have year round allergies. Claritin and flonase helps. Also allergy shots can be beneficial for some sufferers.
  2. utrocket09

    Anyone have experience with lupus?

    You don't sound like lupus at all. A simple blood test can tell you if you have a marker for lupus. I myself have had the testing done. It's an antibody test.
  3. utrocket09

    Symptoms of Lupus. Or just reading too much

    Also lupus does not only impact your heart, it usually impacts your body as a whole. If you had the butterfly rash, you would have it more often than in the shower. I have been tested for lupus myself and came up negative.
  4. utrocket09

    Another worry....

    More than likely it is a cyst or lypoma. My husband had a huge egg shaped on his leg before. Your husband would have other symptoms if he had a type of cancer.
  5. utrocket09

    Right breast feels different than left

    Yes. That is why you are not suppposed to check your breasts right before your period as one or both may be extra lumpy.
  6. utrocket09

    Ummm why?

    No. To clarify, my uncle had just regular shoulder pain that lasted for a few weeks. He thought it was because he was getting older. I don't want to trigger people, but articles like the one above I am sure are more triggering that what happened to my uncle. In fact, my uncle was extremely healthy and took great care of himself. Again, not wanting to upset people, just sharing my experience that not everything we come across on Dr Google is the truth.
  7. utrocket09

    Ummm why?

    The article is garbage. As someone whose family member suffered a heart attack, he had no symptoms or risk factors that the article stated. In fact all he had was shoulder pain, and then he died. My point is, don't believe Dr. Google.
  8. utrocket09

    Brain tumor fears!

    Pressure in the head has nothing to do with a tumor. Often has to do with allergies, sinus or eye issues. Tumors present with dramatic symptoms like seizures. You are fine
  9. utrocket09

    Starting to freak out, MRI results please help

    If it was something serious they would have called you already
  10. utrocket09

    Oral cancer

    Stop touching your gums! They are sensitive and of course they will bleed if you bug them. Stop googling.
  11. utrocket09

    Turner syndrome

    Turner syndrome is extremely rare and is a chromosomal issue. If you had it someone such as doctor would have spotted it by now as it very specific symptoms
  12. utrocket09

    Blood Spotting- Ladies?

    If you are not sure when you ovulated, chances are it is ovulation spotting
  13. utrocket09

    N fowleri worry

    This by itself is very rare. Especially since it is from a hose. People have played in hoses for years with no issues. The people that do get the amoebas are usually around stagnent water. Your child is fine.
  14. utrocket09

    Extrene fatigue

    If you are using a nasal spray I am guessing you also have allergies. Allergies this time of year can make you really tired.
  15. utrocket09

    Awaiting Biopsy Results - again!

    Once they remove it and get a diagnosis thats it. They only removed skin around it just to be safe. My husband has had 20 removed so far, only 2 had to be further removed to make sure they got everything.
  16. utrocket09

    Off and pain in thigh

    Issues with your hips or back can cause reffered pain to areas such as the thighs
  17. utrocket09

    Breast question

    breasts can grow and swell in response to hormones dueing your cycle. Thus creating blue veins. Veins can also stick out if you're pregnant.
  18. utrocket09

    SCARED for gallstone testing

    I had no real symptoms other than a burning stomach ache.
  19. utrocket09

    SCARED for gallstone testing

    I have gallstones, but decided against surgery. Not something I would like to do right now
  20. utrocket09

    Was supposed to have blood work today

    Go get it done. You'll feel much better when the results come back fine
  21. utrocket09

    Back having a bit of a worry over dementia.

    Okay lets be logicial here. You have been worried about dementia for a year. In a year if you actually had it, your symptoms would have gotten much worse. Also, if you have hearing loss, it is going to cause trouble with understanding what people say or misinterpret. You are fine.
  22. utrocket09

    Having a moment

    You don't have to be visably cold to be impacted by it. She'll be fine
  23. utrocket09

    Ear still painful....tumor?

    You just started meds last night. Give them time to work.
  24. utrocket09

    Strange new symptom - indentation in top of thigh

    There is no way you developed ALS symptoms overnight. Sounds like you are jumping to conclusions. If you leaned on a counter, it'll take a few hours to go away.
  25. utrocket09

    Breast Cancer?

    You just answered your own question. Its normal for 1 breast to hurt more especially right before period. Also normal to feel tired before period