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  1. Breast question

    breasts can grow and swell in response to hormones dueing your cycle. Thus creating blue veins. Veins can also stick out if you're pregnant.
  2. SCARED for gallstone testing

    I had no real symptoms other than a burning stomach ache.
  3. SCARED for gallstone testing

    I have gallstones, but decided against surgery. Not something I would like to do right now
  4. Was supposed to have blood work today

    Go get it done. You'll feel much better when the results come back fine
  5. Back having a bit of a worry over dementia.

    Okay lets be logicial here. You have been worried about dementia for a year. In a year if you actually had it, your symptoms would have gotten much worse. Also, if you have hearing loss, it is going to cause trouble with understanding what people say or misinterpret. You are fine.
  6. Having a moment

    You don't have to be visably cold to be impacted by it. She'll be fine
  7. Ear still painful....tumor?

    You just started meds last night. Give them time to work.
  8. Strange new symptom - indentation in top of thigh

    There is no way you developed ALS symptoms overnight. Sounds like you are jumping to conclusions. If you leaned on a counter, it'll take a few hours to go away.
  9. Breast Cancer?

    You just answered your own question. Its normal for 1 breast to hurt more especially right before period. Also normal to feel tired before period
  10. Daughter getting double vision

    As far as double vision, could be just something that she has. My husband has had double vision in both eyes for years. All it took was a pair of glasses to correct it. Some people with double vision have weakness of the muscles in their eyes. You're daughter does not have anything terrible it sounds like.
  11. Food allergy fears are overwhelming.

    There is a difference between food allergies and food intolerance.Food allergies produce trouble breathing,coughing, hives, etc. Food intolerances produces more GI like symptoms such as upset stomach. The only way to know if you actually have a food allergy is to get allergy testing done.
  12. Convinced i have tonsil cancer

    My friends dad had tonsil cancer and had more significant symptoms orher than a swollen tonsil
  13. My Anxiety is winning

    Its normal for breasts to hurt when it is related to hormone issues. I have one breast that hurts more than the other. Calcifications in your breast are also normal. My mother has them. Breast pain is most often the sign of a beign condition.
  14. Could it be flu?

    If you tested negative then you dont have the flu. Major sinus problens have been going around and can cause facial and jaw pain. My husband has had it for weeks due to a sinus and ear infection. Give the antibotics time to work.
  15. Armpit and breast pain

    Breast pain is not a sign of cancer, it is a sign of breast changes from hormones. I have pain all the time like that and am fine.