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  1. Armpit and breast pain

    Breast pain is not a sign of cancer, it is a sign of breast changes from hormones. I have pain all the time like that and am fine.
  2. Just a vent I guess

    People are getting colds that are lasting weeks. My mom works at a school and the kids have been sick for weeks on end. I am sure your kids are fine.
  3. Tumor worries

    Sounds like you are having some sinus issues. I get random head and facial/jaw pain when my sinuses act up.
  4. Brain Fog and Fatigue=Brain Wars: A New Worry

    First, no you don't have a tumor or stroke. If it was either, you would have more dramatic symptoms, such as a face droop if it was stroke. If your anxious about something, it is going to wear on your body thus making you tired.
  5. Please tell me my daughter will be ok

    She would have to touch it more than once for anything to happen. Kids get germs, something that just happens.
  6. Worried about son trigger maybe?

    Okay but feeling it over and over again is not going to help it go down. Prodding at nodes makes it worse.
  7. Now it's spine tumours

    Yes. I get them from sinus/allergy issues. If you had a BT or aneurysm you would have other serious symptoms.
  8. Worried about son trigger maybe?

    Probably not a good idea, as it will fuel your anxiety.
  9. Can anxiety cause seizures?

    No seizure cause staring not tremors. The tremors are probably from anxiety.
  10. Worried about son trigger maybe?

    We all have a shotty node here or there. Sometimes they do not go down all the way once they become inflammed.
  11. Now it's spine tumours

    If you had a possible spine tumor the pain would be unbearable. My aunt broke her back due to blood cancer, and developed a spot on her back. She got to where she could not walk or stand. The leg pain is probably from back pain as they are related. You have nerves and muscles that go from your back to your legs. When one gets even slightly irritated in can cause all kinds of issues.
  12. Upper arm feels like it's burning

    In reality there is no way a bat could do that. You have a sore throat, and your arm or elbow may just sore from even something simple like sleeping wrong. Your anxiety is causing you to connect these things.
  13. Need help, so so incredibly sick

    Ive had pityarisis before. Not fun. It took about 4-6 weeks for it to go away completely. All they could do was give me vistaril for it to stop the itching. Your stomach could be made worse from it.
  14. What does a CBC measure?

    Its a simple blood test that looks at your total blood count, as well as your white and red cells. If it is normal that means no sign of infection or ilness.
  15. I've been here a lot lately

    As someone with chronic sinus issues, I can tell you it isn't a brain tumor. One, cheeks can be inflammed due to sinus even if only on one side. Two, you don't need to have drainage for it to be sinus related.