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  2. utrocket09

    Unexplained weight loss

    5-6 pounds in a month or so is not something to worry about. Our weight fluxuates a few pounds a day.
  3. Going to give you some tough love...I looked at your photos. THERE IS NOTHING THERE. You have already have clear testing. If there was something wrong such as ALS. It would have been picked up. You have to let this go. In 5 weeks when a doctor tell you that you are fine, you are going to feel silly for wasting 5/6 weeks of your life that you will not get back.
  4. Stop googling...there is your answer. The do the extra excisions to get everything. Once they remove thats it. My husband had 2 that were moderate to severe. Since then...nothing. it healed and we went on with life.
  5. utrocket09

    Sorry, TMI, But I’m Scared

    If your stool was actually black the whole thing would be black. It also would smell terrible
  6. utrocket09

    Terrified to Eat

    Time for some tough love. One thing is not is cancer. You have no proof this is cancer. Sounds like again a muscular issues which can take a while to heal.
  7. Pirformis takes weeks to heal. I have had it twice myself. As someone also at risk of a blood clot, there area needs to be red, swollen, warm and inability to walk. If they thought you had a clot, they would have done a doppler scan or mri to see the veins more clearly. Believe me, I speak from experience.
  8. utrocket09

    Strange nipple question

    If you are checking for cancer, you are to squeeze gently. Not so hard that something comes out. Breast cancer does not present in both breasts at the same time.
  9. Slightyl narrow means nothing. My eyes do that from allergies.
  10. utrocket09

    Strange nipple question

    Why are you squeezing your nipples ?
  11. utrocket09

    I am having a mental breakdown (ALS Fear)

    There is feeling weak and actual weakness.
  12. utrocket09

    I am having a mental breakdown (ALS Fear)

    Your muscles don't just atrophy without weakness.
  13. utrocket09

    Back Pain Persists

    Think of it this way, if is was bone, would you able to do what you are doing now? Probanly not. My aunt had cancer that literally ate at her bones. Due to this she could no longer walk, and even rolling over in bed required pain meds.
  14. utrocket09

    I am having a mental breakdown (ALS Fear)

    Just because you can see your bones does not mean atrophy.... I'll ask again...do you know what atrophy actually is.... If your doc saw it and didnt say anything...not atrophy
  15. utrocket09

    Back Pain Persists

    Upper back pain can even be from how you sit or sleep. Dr. Google isn't your doctor. See about getting a deep tissue massage.