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  1. utrocket09

    Breast Scare

    Well if you lie on your breasts on course they will push inward.If it stayed pushed in then I would get it checked out
  2. utrocket09


    There is no way that an ordinary person would be able to see atrophy of the hand. You would not know what you are looking for unless you are a doctor. Sorry. Don't believe it. The doctor that examined you was not concerned. End of story. I am sure once you pass an EMG you will still try to concince us that something is wrong.
  3. utrocket09


    Again. ALS is not about feeling. I knew someone with ALS and they could not function at all. So when you get this EMG and it is all clear what then ?
  4. utrocket09

    Reassurance needed - panic has set in - colon cancer

    I am sure they are real. But people with actual colon cancer have dark stool typically. They also can have thin stool and other symptoms.
  5. utrocket09

    neck injury- please help

    Blunt trauma occurs from serious blows like a car accident. No way a plastic sled would have caused that.
  6. utrocket09


    Why are you doing all this when nothing is wrong ? I have the toe thing too. Does not mean anything. Just means I have a weird toe.
  7. utrocket09

    Staph infection worries PLEASE HELP

    This is going to sound harsh but here goes. If you had this for a month and you had staph or sepsis you would be very sick by now. I had a staph infection when I was younger from bitting my nails. Believe me, you would be sick.
  8. utrocket09

    Hand Weakness! Carpal Tunnel? 'A'??

    Carpel Tunnel can cause you to drop stuff. My mom has it and drops stuff all the time. ALS is extremely rare. I knew someone with ALS and had none of the symptoms you described
  9. utrocket09

    Intestinal blockage

    Probably not. But you also would habe other symptoms such as stomach pain and bloating
  10. utrocket09

    Foot pain panick

    Going to be blunt here...you can't give yourself a blood clot end of story.
  11. I know this has been said over and over again in ALS topics here. Twitching is not a sign of ALS. I knew someone whom has ALS. Not once did they have twitching.
  12. utrocket09

    Intense itching , weight loss, etc. So upset!

    Itching is hardly a symptom of anything serious. Stop googling...and what are you doing about your anxiety?
  13. utrocket09

    Zoning out.

    No its called zoning out and we all do it.
  14. Do you have MD behind your name? If not stop testing. You don't know what you are looking for, let alone if they were actually positive.
  15. We all have one side of our body that is uneven. Hell if you saw me right now you would freak. My entire left hip is higher than the right., and I am actually slanted.