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  1. Virus circulating through the air conditioning, especially if it’s a casino where smoking is permitted. You feeling Ill likely related to anxiety and/or you don’t want to be at work. Spirits? Yes. But likely the spirits are whiskey, rum or vodka.
  2. No but please let us know if it works.
  3. So glad your anxiety is in check! Pancreatitis is supposedly excruciating, and frequently needs hospitalization. Sounds like either your diet, or your digestive tract is still recovering from the surgery after affects. Mention it to your doc, but i agree no cause to fret at all. Bob
  4. You’re more likely to win the lottery, and get struck by lightning on the same day than have throat cancer at your age. TC doesn’t just appear. It’s causes build up over decades. Trust me and your doctor.
  5. Hi Wing, Well, you've hit on one of the hallmarks of HA. We attend the doctor. We ask our questions. We get their diagnosis, or lack thereof. We walk out happy..this is finally behind me feeling. Then, hours later we are left alone with our own worst enemy: our brain. We start thinking too much and the doubt creeps back in. Pretty soon we're labeling the doctor as unqualified, convinced she's wrong, and we're back to square one. If we can get past this problem, we'd be quite a ways along the route to recovery. Sometimes I can believe my doctor, and it's over. Lately it seems I'm losing that ability. I analyze every word he says, what emotion or lack of emotion in his voice and compare and contrast that with previous visits. In essence I'm trying to read his mind. It's easy enough to say trust your doctor, and if you look back on my posts, I've preached that. But we go through bad spells where we sabotage ourselves and we have only ourselves to blame.
  6. Hi Cynthia, i see that such events can occur, but mainly in people who have serious heart problems to begin with. You, i see were cleared of problems by the test. I also see that most occur within 6 hours after the test. Finally, if you consider the hundreds of thousands of such tests each year, and I read 26 adverse events, that’s more then rare, and again, occurring in those with serious problems to begin with. Bob
  7. Sometimes the body does weird things because...well, just because it does, and it means nothing. I know I occasionally unknowingly stretch the neck or throat muscles and get a pain there that lasts a while, like any muscle strain would. Muscles are everywhere in our body. Maybe something the doc did triggered a muscle. Your doc checked the thyroid and saw no issues. Sometimes we shouldn’t even try to understand and just take it easy. Bob
  8. Jeff, what basis do you have to doubt you have a sinus infection? Twitches are not seizures; they are common reactions when we are anxious. Dizziness alone is not a BT. You would have other undeniable symptoms. Sinus infection, inner ear problem and simply anxiety are certainly the likely possibilities.
  9. You can buy UTI testing strips at the pharmacy. Also, if you’ve “used” your equipment a bit much, or roughly, it can cause urethral irritation.
  10. A possibility would be that what's tender is a node. It would make sense that it would become active if you've been sick. If it is a node, don't worry; you were sick, and it hurts so its nothing sinister.
  11. Hi AnxietyMama, First thing I'll say is you absolutely do not have ALS. You have pre-existing anxiety, and of course, your body and hormones are going bonkers now, fueling your anxiety. I suggest you search this site for ALS posts and look at the responses. Many people freak out about twitches and they are nothing. You'll see that neurologists have told suffers on this site how twitching, if it occurs at all, comes after cell death. First you would literally be unable to do things like lift a cup, walk up stairs,open a key lock, etc. As for the thumb twitching I have personally had that. I remember going to my GP who said it's related to either anxiety or aggravating the nerves by their use. Makes sense in your case, and in this day and age with all the cell phone usage. Rest easy and congratulations on your soon to come baby! Bob
  12. Bobnnat


    You’re not alone Carrie. Hopefully you have a doctor who can talk you down from the ledge when your HA gets to be too much.
  13. Hi Ms. Well, unfortunately you're no different than most of us on this forum :-( My story sounds just like yours. Not to hijack your post, but as an example of why HA is so maddening, I noticed 2 of my 20 nails had slight horizontal ridges. Stupid Google told me I have some serious disease. I went to my doctor who has saved me from misery many times. He confirmed they are there, but was not too familiar with the subject so looked it up on a reputable site. He said well, this is going to be a challenge for's probably because you pick at your nails and bite the fingernails, but who can say? We can't run every test under the sun. Freak out #1. He recommended bloodwork including CrP which measures inflammation and a chest x-ray (I think because he saw lung cancer as a cause, but for another nail condition, not mine); anyway, blood work was perfect. Inflammation reading extremely low. Chest x-ray? some shadow. Freak out #2. I have never smoked. No other risk factors..literally none and LC is one of the rare diseases where the risk factors are pretty much known 100%. So, he says get a second chest x-ray and gives me a provider he has high regard for. It comes back...absolutely nothing shown. No shadow, no nodule. What now? He says if this was really a nodule, it would have shown on the second x-ray. I asked, do I need a CAT scan, as would be the case if a nodule was confirmed? He says no. He knows my HA and asks do I myself need to get it to calm anxiety down? No I say, I trust your judgment. But here i am, wondering about his judgment. Great doctor, 40 years practicing, knowledgeable, etc. Yet i doubt his soothing comments. Such is HA. I hate it with a passion. Sorry you are also cursed with it. I wish I could provide some guidance. Of course therapy helps some. Meds help some. I hope you can find peace as it can destroy happiness. Bob
  14. Sorry for the delayed response, Jonathan. Fruit roll ups are a disgusting candied, hard, chewy, sweet to a fault product that is disguised as being healthy. After all, you're eating fruit, right? Sorry to those who like it, but it's nothing more than candy. You're fortunate not to have them in the U. K.
  15. Never heard of either! I can guess one means lots of money and the other like those fruit roll ups?
  16. Hi 25, Feeling a lump when swallowing is the norm. It’s either from post nasal drip or anxiety. I believe it’s called globus sensation. Both are harmless. Your symptoms are in no was cancer. At 25 that would be incredibly rare regardless. You can relax and let go of this fear.
  17. CC at your age is extremely unlikely, like less than 1 in 10,000 per SEER Cancer stats. Much more likely is either a hemoroid (internal or extrnel) or a fissure which is a minute tear
  18. Yes Carrie, we're all here for you. You can feel free to post with any concern, or p-mail anyone if you prefer. We're a close knit group due to our similar problems and experiences, and we welcome you to the forum! Bob
  19. Hi Liz, Yeah that's drummed into our brains, especially if you have kids; if they hit their head, wake them every 2 hours! My 3 kids have had head bumps at least a dozen times all told and they're fine. Does what you described happen? Yes, but extremely rare. The neck pain makes sense. You probably instinctivly jerked your neck just before or right after the incident. This will all pass in a few days. Bob
  20. I got my teeth cleaned 2 weeks ago and the hygenist told me my tongue was yellow. Of course I Googled and after all the logical causes there was...jaundice. I went to my doctor. He said no, your tongue isn't yellow and even if it was, a rule of thumb is never start looking at your tongue; it'll freak you out. It's always looking weird with bumps, cracks, different colors, etc.
  21. Hi Lily, It all depends on the neurologist. I have been to 2 that I can recall. The first ordered nerve conduction but told me his concern was carpal tunnel related so i was't concerned. It was by the way. The second was a situation where yes, I was afraid he would order testing. He conducted a detailed neuro test, like 15 minutes and concluded I had no neurologic issues. He did not order testing. Now yes, certainly there are doctors/specialists, especially in the US who routinely order testing to cover their posterior and perhaps it means more money for them, like if they own the machines which happens frequently. I do know what you mean by incidental findings. My brain MRI about 7-8 years ago led me down a bad path. In retrospect, I might have considered a brain CT; yes it has the radiation but it doesn't show all the minutia that an MRI does.
  22. Absolutely! As long as you are anxious, especially about health, the fasiculations will continue.; a week, a month, a year or indefinitely. Most of us on this forum have been there. If you’re able to calm your anxiety, then everything else will fall into place. Keep concentrating on that.
  23. In addition to the above wisdoms, if this were ALS you’d be severely disabled or worse at 20 months. Let’s see; neuro with years of experience and thousands of patients vrs. Google.and self-diagnosis. Let’s leave it at that.
  24. Congrats Ten! Many of us old timers knew you were battling anxiety, not a neuro nasty, but we also know from experience that while we are a like minded community, HA is a lonely, very private road. You finally came out the other side and hopefully in the future, when you have symptoms, especially similar ones, you’ll use these past months as a hard earned lesson, and accept that your mind is being the enemy, not your body. Bob
  25. There's another anxiety site which is really good. I can't recall its name, but it described how when we are anxious/stressed the chemicals we build up in our system, like but not limited to cortisol don't just dissipate the moment we calm down. Depending on how long you've had elevated levels, meaning how long stressed, it can take many months even years! I'll try to remember that site and pass it along or maybe others know. It's free, but there is a very comprehensive pay site that is superb and you can join it for a week, a month etc at a nominal cost, and it doesn't automatically renew.