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  1. Bobnnat

    Panicking - Rodent Illnesses

    Hi Wing, In North America, the only strain that causes disease is the pulmonary kind, and that is carried by deer ticks. Also, 97% of all cases in the US are in states west of the Mississippi. You're in the clear. Bob
  2. Bobnnat

    ALS fears back with a vengeance

    Practically impossible (like 1 in a million) at your age for any of that. Also, read what Worried posted. Twitching, buzzing etc is not a symptom of those diseases (until possibly muscle death which you don't have). You would literally made the New England Journal of Medicine if you had that at your age.
  3. Bobnnat

    Bad place, kidney concerns

    Hi DC, My advise is very simple, and that's what those of us with HA need rather than the convoluted thinking patterns we have. Ask yourself this one question: do you trust and respect your doctor? If no, you need to interview doctors until you find one you can. But if the answer is yes, then do just that, trust and respect him or her. You know why. Those qualifications that are reflected by the certificates on the wall. The literally thousands upon thousands of patients seen not to mention a dozen years training to be able to be called a MD. As is all too common with HA, you are taking small nothings and turning them into your own imagined sinister reality. Bad cold or flu without fever? Now why would that concern you? Nothing you post about stood out to me. Bob
  4. I recently had that. 80% of the time, per my urologist , they never know why and it's not a problem. Most other times it's due to a minor problem like stones, UTI etc. Bladder and kidney cancer are far more likely in smokers and men. Micro blood is far, far less likely to be due to serious problems. Your 3 hour run certainly seems to be the culprit. Resist the fear, get retested in a few weeks. Might want to avoid aspirin and excessive exercise for a while beforehand.
  5. Bobnnat

    Could really use some support right now

    I'm not extremely familiar with lupus, but have you had blood work? I know there are such tests that at least show whether that's even a possibility; if so, that is used with the doctors knowledge to determine if even a higher than normal reading even needs further testing. Do you have the so called butterfly rash? I know that's typically present and it's absence says a lot. Of course pregnancy can cause rashes. In fact pregnancy can absolutely screw with the body. My wife had such issues when carrying our middle child. I remember seeing her blood work and like half the readings were abnormal.
  6. Bobnnat

    High liver readings panic

    I am also sorry to hear about your loss. While giving in to our HA is usually something we should not allow, there are exceptions, in my mind. First, I in no way think this is anything sinister. But considering all you have been dealing with, you certainly don't need to have this on your mind now. i can only tell you what I have done in the past when my HA over a given issue has escalated out of control. Consider seeing your GP and explaining not only your medical concerns, but also about your loss and understandable stress level. If he/she would agree to an abdominal ultrasound, any fear of serious issues can be put to rest. I've been a member of this site for years and have seen many posts from folks with high liver enzymes. Most posters end up letting the group know how their issue played out and I've never seen anyone come back with a bad diagnosis. Good luck to you. Life can be a nightmare sometimes, but the old adage "this too shall pass" eventually wins out. Bob
  7. Hi JD, Good chance it's the dog impact. I had a similar situation where my then 2 year old son slammed into my side. It started hurting and spread. I had an ultrasound which showed a bruised area. Did they do a CBC? It would show if there were any infection. The microscopic blood is usually nothing, especially if you're under 50 and female ( I don't know your age and gender).
  8. Agree totally. Hey, if you're a Beatles fan. maybe you were subconsciously thinking of "Eight Days a Week"?
  9. Bobnnat

    10 year old wetting himself

    Also, keep in mind that children get caught up in their fun activities and resist interruptions like going to the bathroom. I have 12 and 9 year old boys and many is the time we see them wiggling and practically have to order them to go to the bathroom NOW. It's also quite common, even with adults to dream we are actually urinating when our bladders are full. I wouldn't worry about this, just remind him that he needs to be more aware of his body's signals and it's a quick thing to go and then get back to his friends or sleep.
  10. Bobnnat

    Had my first ocular migraine last night.

    Absolutely. My mom had excruciating migraines. I remember her literally banging her head against the wall to stop the pain. Weird logic but it was that bad. Back in the day they gave her demerol and she floated away, went to sleep and awoke fine. I started getting them in my 30's. Same aura as you describe. The headache that followed was minimal. I don't worry about them. I know I'm predisposed to them and 1-2x per year they'll come. No biggie.
  11. Bobnnat

    What is triggering your HA today?

    Not much. Just random thoughts of death and eternity without existance.
  12. Bobnnat

    New here and freaking out

    Mad, With HA the best thing is to trust the doctor. Hard I know, but my goodness this guy is a specialist and one who specialized his specialty in MND! He offered the EMG for your peace of mind.Strees will ramp up twitching/BFS.Time to move on; nothing to see here.
  13. Bobnnat

    Trapped in this cycle again

    We are here for you Nastasia. HA is a beast; it rears its ugly heard just when things are going well. My best suggestion is to believe your doctor when you are seen and found to be fine. Of course, talk therapy helps, even if it's with a good friend or family member.
  14. Bobnnat

    Throat, salivary gland cancer worries

    DC: If you go to Google, you'll rarely come out feeling relaxed. You know that but I know it's a compulsion. Salivary cancer is super rare. Sounds like you have a cold or other URI.
  15. Bobnnat

    Getting Over Fear of Medical Tests+Female Issues

    Jonathan: It's funny; my dad told me long ago that the US troops had the same cartoon but the charachter was called Gilroy! "Gilroy was here".