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  1. Making noise during a nightmare?

    Happens to me as well. I'll have a dream where I need to scream or say something really important to someone. In the dream I can't really say anything coherently, or scream like I'm trying to. I've been told it sounds like a moan.
  2. Wife and parents making anxiety worse

    Agree with Holls. But if you try to do this it needs to be carefully planned. Establish ground rules. Also, be really careful regarding the kids. On one hand you or your wife can be tempted to use them as a pawn; "we've got your grandchildren and control your seeing them". Bad move. It could be a fatal threat that destroys any chance of a successful resolution. My personal thought-unless your wife has a valid, understandable reason for feuding with your mom, one should never put their spouse in a position where your basically having to choose whose side to be on. Of course I'm sure there are many issues involved that only you guys know. Finally, if she agrees, marriage counselling.
  3. Afraid of infection jugular vein

    One other point; no, perhaps a sonogram wouldn't show something sinister, but what it would show is that there is an issue that needs to be investigated further. Then, other tests are run and a diagnosis is made. Your doctor had no concern over your exam, so as everyone else is saying, R E L A X.
  4. I took a big step against anxiety today...

    Great to hear Bin! Heaven knows we need to explore every avenue out there to help beat this thing that steals valuable time from our lives and of our family's.
  5. Feeling so hopeless

    Sorry you're going through an episode Mrsrpmddo. But this certainly appears to be another example of what all of us with HA are quilty of, not trusting doctors. You were told the pain is not serious. I also started getting pain in my upper rt groin and my GP explained what muscle it was and how common and long lasting a strain there can last. It took a while but I just allowed myself to trust him. It's much better now not perfect but it's not a concern. The hemmie you admit has been there for many years. My only question if it were me would be do I have an easy option to get rid of it? Might need to visit your doc for the reassurrence; get that, then move on.
  6. Spirituality and fear

    My dad was quite religious. He was raised an Orthodox Jew and while not fully practicing orthodox teachings he went to synagogue regularly. I once asked him, when he was about the age i am now, was he afraid of death? He said no, but he is afraid of the process of dying. He truly believed in heaven and that he would be reunited with my mom and his family. My dad was a very smart man intellectually speaking. As I mentioned in a post last week, he had absolutely no HA issues. I have imagined that if I also had faith I would possibly not have HA. Why would I, since death is looked at as a reward from the things we have to deal with in life. But I think faith is something you either have or you don't. With no disrespect to "born again" folks, I know I can't force myself to believe. I tried. I searched and read up on people who called themselves experts in the afterlife. One highly intellectual Sikh professor wrote an amazingly detailed thesis where he attempted to "prove" an afterlife. I want to believe but I just can't. So yes, I believe that those of faith, regardless of their religion have a much easier time generally speaking, with their health and with life's problems. Excellent question and I'm also curious how others will respond.
  7. Old posts

    So true Kay, so true. I get angry at myself when I think back over the dozens upon dozens of episodes of HA I have suffered through over the years. I don't even need to be reminded that every single one was a fraud. Every one proved unfounded. You are well on your way to beating this! Don't let yourself waste so many precious days like many of us have.
  8. 24/7 Symptoms

    Gale, all I can say is that doctors, radiologists and the like have thousands of hours of training and have seen so many patients over the years. Any of us here on this site with no medical training only have Google and our anxieties as experience. In the far fetched chance that an MRI was read incorrectly, it would be incredible if then a second MRI was misread. Then a third? With no disrespect to any other parts of the world, I presume you live in either the US, Canada or in Europe. Medical training is rigorous, and being found liable for malpractice can ruin a physicians career. Gale, all of us on this site have had, and we still struggle with our HA, and one big element of that is distrust of medical professionals and tests. However, we need to realize that this is without merit. We suffer from an anxiety disorder and the mistrust is a symptom of that disorder. We all need to try to think logically. Bob
  9. 24/7 Symptoms

    Gale, since this has been going on for 4 decades now, it's safe to say these symptoms aren't caused by anything serious. It might well be time to accept them. They are there. They mean nothing as far as any serious disease process. Worst case, you just continue to live with it. As you know, some people learn to live with quite a bit more. Best case, true acceptance will calm your mind and body and give you some relief. Bob
  10. Still very afraid

    Angry, I totally understand how it feels when you're spiralling as you obviously are, but think about this logically, OK? It is now Wednesday night. You had the blood work last Wednesday. You live in the US. You know how litigious it is. You also know how expensive malpractice insurance is for medical professionals. You also know that with social media, no doctor can hide the fact that they have been sued, or sanctioned; their entire career and livelihood can be ruined. Therefore, there is no way at all that you have abnormal results, especially when measuring pancreas related enzymes, and, in over a week, you have not been contacted! Blood chemistries take 1 or 2 days to run. Abnormal results that would point to possible serious illness would be reported to your doctor by the lab immediately!! Labs can get sued and sanctioned as well. It's a game of hot potato when abnormal/potentially serious results are seen. The sooner the lab notifies the doctor the sooner they're in the clear of being criticized for delays. Then the same goes for the doctor notifying the patient. Why not just call and ask for the results, only because that is probably the only thing that will truly calm you. Bob
  11. Hi Bliss. Sorry no one responded to your post. I don't know if you'll read this, but if you do, you sound like one brave and strong person. I really commend you. Some people simply should not be allowed to have children. you need a license to drive, to get married, start a business, etc but not to start and raise another human life. As tough as it is, you need to keep telling yourself that you are not the problem...she was and is. Good that you cut her out of your life. Don't ever give in and let her back in unless somehow she sees the light and gets treatment. Sounds like you've been through hell; but you have an entire life ahead of you. Keep getting the psychological assistance you need and again, take the attitude every day that you were a victim of an abusive and quite ill parent. You can and will survive and can thrive. Good luck.
  12. Please help severe pain

    Sure does sound like muscle pain from my experience. When you wake in the morning, the muscles have been at rest. As you progress through the day, you (both consciously and unconsciously) use your muscles, especially in the areas you mention (walking uses side/shoulder muscles for one thing). So, by the evening the pain is worse. If you had something serious, I can't believe Motrin would help. For me, I've gone through literally months with side/upper-mid back pain (which the first time freaked me out). When it happened the first time I eventually got a few massages and calmed down, thus relaxing the muscles and then within a few days voila, the pain dissapated. Bob
  13. Worried about Lewy Body Dementia.

    That is so normal. You dozed off; so, not in a deep sleep. your son says something to you (in ways only a little kid can) and your brain comprehends it since you just drifted off. The brain (and according to my wife, men's brains especially) are geared to fix problems. So, the obvious solution? Get him a tissue. So your brain imaged that. Of course, you were still not awake, so the reality of the situation, that there were no tissues on the counter, means nothing. You imagined the answer to his query; then you awoke and that logical solution wasn't the reality. I've been up long nights with sick children. It really can play tricks on your mind when you don't have enough rest, and on top of that you're stressed because they're sick and likely crying, screaming, etc.
  14. Dent in breast scared of cancer help

    Zelda, at age 28 it is extremely unlikely to be anything sinister. In the past 2 years has a doctor done a routine breast examination? I'm a guy but i believe that's part of a regular well woman visit, especially if it's with your gyno.
  15. EMG tomorrow

    Absolutely! Excellent news.