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  1. Zazz, All I can do is try to put myself in your place if say this were happening to my wife, or something this disconcerting was occurring to me. Many years ago my local gastro dx me with Barretts Esophagus, which is a pre-cancerous condition. I decided if I'm going to have to have scopes every year for life I want it done at a prestigious medical facility. I made an appointment and then drove 3 hours to the Baltimore area to Johns Hopkin and met with one of their gastroenterologists. Long story short, he told me after the appointment that he didn't think I even had BE; the biopsy slides were reviewed by JH's pathology department and sure enough I was told no BE. Why am I saying this? Because, for me at least, I knew I needed a solid dx from a highly regarded doctor/facility and then be under their care, not some hick from Allentown, PA. I don't know where you're from, but there must be a JH, Cleveland Clinic, UCLA, Mayo Clinic etc within a few hours for you. Just my 2 cents. Good luck to you. Bob
  2. Cancer in that area is very rare to begin with, even more so at your age. I see your concern about just wanting the problem to go away, and hopefully sooner than later you’ll get the right Diagnosis and treatment. I would think there would be some other type specialist for this particular situation, beyond a dermatologist. Bob
  3. Hi Zazz, Feel free at all times to post here. I guess we don't have enough information to form any real opinions. I assume you're talking about your private area. How old are you? What are the docs presently saying about the possibilities? You're afraid you might need surgery. For what? What type of surgery? i would imagine as tough as it is, you'll just have to let this play itself out. But if you have some responses, maybe we can assist a bit more. Bob
  4. Holls, aren't you afraid the snakes are going to attack your kitties?
  5. Consider, if you don't already, have the fan blowing directly on you, the face or neck area. Keep 1 or 2 of your feet outside of the covers. Living where you do, it can get crazy hot and humid even at night. i was in Chattanooga one summer day many years ago and i thought i was going to die. How any of you can live in the South is beyond me!
  6. I was thinking just what bin said, about how panic attack symptoms can evolve over time, or even between attacks. Plus, your system was run down by the virus you've been dealing with.
  7. Leah, some of that is the cost of being human. I have over half of your symptoms: neck pain, occasional headaches, ringing in the ears, tingling in fingers/hands. Like you, I've had these for a long time and i just accept them. it's either various nominal things, and/or just getting old...(er).
  8. Gary, Narrow stools as a sign of CC was debunked by a highly reputable medical facility many years ago. I think Johns Hopkin or Mayo Clinic. The author explained that about 75-100 years ago, that theory surfaced and made its way into medical text books. As the years passed, despite dispelling this theory, most authors of new reports on the subject of CC simply copied old information rather than do the research on more current and accurate medical information. That laziness led to the fact that even to this day, you'll find medical publications that spout that fallacy. Also, think of this logically. Back in the day, the "logic" for making the connection between narrow stool and CC was the belief that the stool's shape is changed due to the presence of the tumor. You can picture how the tumor would, in their analysis, block a portion of the colon, making the stool more compact, thin, etc. But..if this were true, since the so called tumor would be there 24/7/365 until removed, then logically the change in stool shape would ALWAYS be thin, since the tumor is compressing it. Yours go from thin to normal. I do believe that's related to IBS, which is a stress ailment to begin with. Diet may play a role too. Bob
  9. Rest assured; if you had jaundice, your entire body/skin would be that color. I'd say look at the whites of your eyes, which is the easiest way to determine, but I've done that in the past and thought it looked a bit yellow.
  10. It’s tough, but the best way to deal with our HA is to accept uncertainty. We can’t control everything in our lives. We sure want to. Every day we face uncertainty. Some things we can lessen the chance of a negative outcome, like for example, watching for traffic when we cross the street (or not staring at our phones as we cross the street...that drives me nuts when I see it. Yet, some person could lose control of their car and slam in to us. No certainty. We have 2 choices after we have done what we can to lessen the chance of a bad event occurring; we can worry about it, which at that point is unproductive worry, it doesn’t help a bit, or we can, get ready for the big surprise (not): ACCEPT the uncertainty. Allow it to surround you. Take it all in. It’s the way life is. We cannot fight it. If you’re a sports fan, consider this analogy. Let’s take say the 1927 Yankees. For those who know their baseball history, one of the best seasons in the history of the sport. They lost about 50 games that year. Why? They had Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig (no, stop that thought!) and a dozen all stars. They should have been 154 - 0. I’m sure each player and all their fans saw no logical reason they should lose on any given day against clearly inferior teams...yet they did. They “controlled” as much as they could by assembling that talent, practicing, great attitude, etc. Yet, that wasn’t enough to defeat the uncertainty of how the ball is going to bounce. Its really tough for us with control issues to deal with this reality of life, but again, we only have 2 choices...prepare as best we can against an adverse outcome and accept the risk or worry every minute of every day about the what if’s. Doing that is what consumes us and destroys our happiness, wreaks havoc with our relationships and greatly lowers our quality of life. Grace, if you can learn this lesson at your young age, then you’re so ahead of the game. Try to. Everyday. Bob
  11. My best wishes to your family as well Christy. When bruises represent something sinister, it is all over the body and in places that make no sense. Also, and this is very important, the main symptom of leukemia is exhaustion. Not tired but absolute, can't do anything need to sleep all day and night, exhaustion. A simple CBC blood test can rule out leukemia. For your peace of mind only, I'm sure you'll get that test. Bob
  12. Absolutely the beets. One of my first HA episodes had to do with stool color. I have since learned that anything we eat affects that. I eat a lot of blueberries, and the stool is very dark and a bluish tinge. Last week I noticed 2 occasions with something similar to what you describe. I quickly realized that I had eaten raspberries for a few days prior. I would totally accept that as the reason, is the reason. Bob
  13. Geez, TACCA you're giving yourself ALL of these symptoms! You have had all these tests, and seen all these doctors/specialists and they all say the exact same thing. Do you believe they're all wrong? If you do then (with all due respect) you're delusional. Lexapro or any AD takes 4-8 weeks to work. That particular AD might or might not do the trick for you. If not, its likely you'll be weaned off it and another medication will be tried. It can be a while before the best AD can be found that works for you, as everyone is different. What may work for me might do nothing for you, but another med will. While you understandably don't want to take anxiety meds like Ativan, you admit they made you feel better when you did taken them. That should tell you something. Constant anxiety is not the state you want to be in constantly (obviously). It can not only make your life a living hell, but it can wreck relationships. You must accept what all these doctors are telling you. Consider therapy. Ask yourself what might trigger your health anxiety; some past experience? Good luck, but this is absolutely anxiety at work here and you need to work on it in order to conquer it. Bob
  14. Agree with above responses. You presumably trust your GI, so give yourself the confidence she deserves, that she knows what to look for, has administered likely thousands of such office exams, and wouldn't let you walk out of the office if she found something that raised any concern about serious issues.
  15. Hi JD, I assume you do not live in Mexico, Central or South America? In the US and Canada (and certainly the UK) the prevalence of these bugs and disease contraction is < 0.1%. Plus the pictures I saw do not show bugs with yellow legs. no worries. Bob