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  1. Bobnnat

    Need help

    Also Mrs keep realizing, because it's true, that we are prone to spikes in our HA when we are otherwise going through stressful periods. When I have life issues I'm dealing with that are really upsetting me, I'm on guard for the increased possibility that a HA scare is right around the corner.
  2. Bobnnat

    Dealing with a loss

    Sorry for your loss Bin. As we've learned over the past month or so, somepeople, for very private reasons just are unable or unwilling to go on. Sometimes they manage to get the strength to step up and speak to someone but more ofter than not, they suffer in silence. Many people are good at masking their feelings. You interact with them and they're fine, appear happy only deep in their souls they have demons they cannot defeat and cannot successfully challenge. As Holls says, no way you should feel you could have helped. He needed to reach out and I imagine those he did contact are really feeling awful today. Life sucker punches us on occasion and we have 2 choices: learn to adapt or give up. Unfortunately, knowing in your mind that you need to adapt to whatever is happening is a mental exercise; you can even plan it out in your mind: "I'll do this, then i'll do that and then plan (c) will be....."; while actually carrying through with an action plan and committing to the plan, including seeking professional help, is for some people too much to ask-too overwhelming. Bob
  3. Bobnnat

    Anxiety the devil 👺

    Hi Jo. Thanks for sharing. Anyone on this site will tell you the same thing; just because you don't "feel" anxious doesn't mean that your body isn't stressed in some fashion unbeknownst to you. Also, you could go through a stressful period (normal daily life stress) and then boom, 2 weeks or so later you get a panic attack. Then, if you aren't able to accept the fact that it's anxiety, it becomes a never ending nightmare such as what you have been going through. I 100% agree with you; once this blockage thing is eliminated as the cause (excuse the pun), it's time to move on. Once you allow your mind and body to calm down, your symptoms will no doubt improve. Bob
  4. Bobnnat

    Left side back pain -intermittent

    It's true about amusing the doctor with our ideations of PC. That was my fear earlier this year when I last went to see him and he responded, as I've stated before, "you know that's bull sh*t, right?"
  5. Bobnnat

    Diet isn't my problem... grrr

    Also, you may have heard that research is suggestive that statins not only correct those numbers but might well guard against some cancers. Same for Vit D and cancer. I take 2,000 I.U of D daily. Do you take a low dose aspirin? You might be too young to have that recommended.
  6. Bobnnat

    Ringing Ear

    Extremely common. You get to the point where your brain simply starts ignoring it (assuming you don't fixate on it). Ear wax is the culprit for me.
  7. Bobnnat

    Leg pain...concerned!

    One other possibility, is that you are adjusting your walking after having been pregnant and carrying the excess weight, to now being lighter. It could also have something to do with poor fitting shoes; especially if you have corns or calluses and the like as it makes us walk different, even if we're not aware that we do so.
  8. AndrewF, that doctor comment you so kindly quoted was my doctor when I came to him with fear of a disease my childhood friend had been diagnosed with. Louise; i know how you feel. When i was 35 my mother was diagnosed with a certain disease. I immediately confirmed I had it as well. I had the symptoms. My HA really started up on that day. I had the testing and amazingly (sarcastic) I didn't have the disease. Then 2 decades later a close friend of mine was diagnosed (and unfortunately succumbed) to a certain disease. I again felt those pains similar to the symptoms you read about for the disease my friend had. Off to the doctor. That prompted the "you know this is BS" comment. It's magical thinking to expect because someone you know/read about, etc has a given disease that this increases the chance you too have it. As I've said many times, you have to ask yourself a basic question: Do I trust/respect my doctor? If the answer is No then you need to find a new doctor. But if the answer is Yes, you need to Let. Go. He/she has seen thousands of patients and it would be no skin off his nose to say yeah sure, let's get you tested. The very fact he said no need is very reassuring. Bob
  9. Bobnnat

    Muscle Spasm/Twitch terrified of ALS

    Agree with Bin and Lof. Yes, exercising leads to twitching, that coming from a neuro I once went to. ALS is not about feeling weak but inability to DO something, like you can't hold a cup, can't grasp a door knob or your keys..they fall right through your hands, etc.
  10. Bobnnat

    I’m such an idiot

    The wasp is probably more scared of you and other people than vice-versa. It probably got out of the house and if not it's hiding and will find some crevice to sneak out. Yes, our minds are awful. You know your son is fine; time to worry about things that are real, heaven knows we have enough of that, right?
  11. Bobnnat


    I understand Bella. i have 3 kids ages 6 thru 11 and there are days...many days actually. As for dealing with the rage, first the obvious. Deep breaths, exercise. Primal screaming also helps; problem is finding a place to do it so no one overhears and thinks someone is being murdered. It boils down to needing to allow the "steam" to escape. One thing that really can get me angry, and you reference it I think, is dealing with other people. A lot of people are brain dead, or to be fair, possibly depressed/overwhelmed and don't do what we expect them to do, such as you mention regarding the school officials. One thing I practice; if it's towards the end of the day, I simply try to just end the day; go to sleep. Sometimes a day just has to end.
  12. Bobnnat

    Twitching ugh.

    Marital issues are some of the worst anxieties, almost (but not quite) as bad as HA. That certainly seems to be why you're twitching. But my hatred for HA is so strong I'm prejudice to all other causes of anxiety. That actually helps; if I'm anxious over say an argument with my wife, or my kid's attitude, or a car accident, or bills, etc. I just say to myself well, it's not HA so it's not a big deal.
  13. Bobnnat

    Starting to freak out, MRI results please help

    Leah, please relax and understand that, especially in the US if there were sinister results you would have been notified. In fact, chances are you wouldn't even have been allowed to leave the MRI room. Radiologists take a quick glance before you leave. They need to know if the technician perhaps didn't get a certain area, or the imaging was not clear in which case they want you there so they can do what's necessary rather than call you back. These radiologists are doctors and they see MRI's of every section of the body every day. They can tell in an instant if there is something serious. Even if you can't bring yourself to believe that, by now, some 72 hours later that scan has been read in detail and probably submitted to your doctor. If there was something bad, the radiologist calls the doctor to give a heads up and faxes or couriers over the results. No doctor, radiologist or GP or specialist wants to sit on a serious illness. One of the reasons why it seems to take so long for us to get our results is that radiologists and family docs, etc pay primary attention to problem scans..quick look, shows something wrong. That scan gets immediate attention and reported. Normal scans and those with non-seripous findings have to wait. I'd bet a years pay yours is fine. And yes, if it were me and if I still couldn't deal with it, I'd call. There's nothing to it but to do it.
  14. Hi Brit, Oh well. I was going to suggest squeezing the hand of your travelling partner during take off and landing, but that might send the wrong message now! Seriously though, I've been on many flights and the take off and landing is usually very smooth. You're rolling down the runway then all of a sudden you feel the plane angling into the air. I find it a soothing feeling. Landing can be seemless or occasionally you feel a bump or two upon touchdown. It's over in an instant. As I've gotten older my mantra when facing things I don't want to do, but know I have to, is "there's nothing to it, but to do it". The fear ahead of time is far worse than the reality.
  15. Bobnnat

    I spoke too soon... ASL?

    Hi Ash, Limb "jerks" are quite common. A lot of people get those, especially for some reason as they are falling asleep. Importanty ALS is a progressive disease. If the twitching was caused by muscle death then by now, since you first notice them 6 months ago, you 100% certainly would have true muscle weakness. Actually muscle death meaning your limb/limbs would be non-functional. Your neuro exam would easily have picked that up. You are correct; you cannot allow yourself to again go into this rabbit hole. You do not have ALS; plain and simple with 0.00% doubt in my, or any other person's mind, most importantlyt your doctor. HA is a beast as you know and we need to fight it any way we can. Keep up with the medication and consider therapy if your doctor agrees thats a good idea. Bob