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  1. Never had to have it done but I believe you're either lightly sedated or the area is anesthetized. I fully understand the need to know, so I'd just say to myself "there's nothing to it but to do it".
  2. Bobnnat

    Pan-can freakout

    True what Lugrad says. Here in 2018 there are some diseases we can largely prevent or at least screen for, such as colon/rectal cancer, breast cancer and even stomach/esophageal cancers (via endoscopy). Simple blood tests help tell us our blood sugar levels to guide us towards not developing diabetes and a simple CBC can show evidence of some blood cancers. Unfortunately, we are not yet at the point where PC can be diagnosed early, and unless you have a very strong genetic predisposition to PC, you are not given the option of testing (MRI/CT etc). Those tests are not that great anyway at seeing small, asymptomatic cancers. So what do you do? Accept reality. it is what it is. Maybe in your lifetime they will come up with a recommended tast for the masses to catch PC early. Until then, live healthy. Exercise. Don't smoke (at least 1/3 of all diagnosed with PC are or were smokers). Eat relatively healthy. Keep to a decent weight. Practice acceptance that there's only so much you can do. Bob
  3. Bobnnat

    Why is it doing this.

    In therapy there are several types of counselors: social worker; psychologist and psychiatrist. There may be others. It's tough to see a psychiatrist regularly as most only deal with your GP in prescribing medication. Psychologists are the best bet. If I had to bet I'd say you have some OCD issues (obsessive compulsive disorder) which is treatable with therapy and/or medication.
  4. Bobnnat

    Anyone ever had soft tissue sarcoma fear?

    About a year ago i also had a lump grow on my forearm. My doctor was out of town so I went to his designated after hours clinic. Saw a nice doctor, but she wouldn't say what I wanted her to, like "oh no, don't worry about that". Rather she said it was "low on her list of likely causes". Freak out time. She circled the lump with a pen and said to watch to see if it grows or shrinks in the next few days. Of course I checked it all the time. A week later when I saw my doctor it had shrunk by about 1/3. He was much firmer to me that it wasn't a scarcoma. It ended up going away.
  5. Bobnnat

    Got my EMG bumped up to tomorrow...

    I've had the test. I'd call it uncomfortable but not awful. When you get the normal result, or something really minor though, you'll wonder why you subjected yourself to all the misery and pain
  6. I agree with Missy. I was curious so I Googled and all I saw was Hand, Foot and Mouth which is, as Missy says, harmless. Not to be confused with Hoof and Mouth disease, unless you're a highly functioning cow. :-)
  7. Bobnnat

    Update on my tooth, ear and jaw pain

    Muscles seem to be the bane of our existance as HA sufferers! They're so painful yet harmless and cause us such misery, in body and mind.
  8. Missy, TM is described as the worst pain imaginable so you don't have that and thus nothing supposedly triggered by it
  9. Hi Lucien, For me, I think death anxiety is indeed the catalyst to the HA. If I have an ongoing pain but know for a fact it's say muscular, while it will put me in a bad mood, I won't still worry it's a deadly disease. That just me. I imagine others may respond differently.
  10. Bobnnat

    Ocular Migraine MRI?

    Hi Lily, I as well get these; aura without headache. i average 1 per year. I mentioned it to my doctor way back when and there was no comment about an MRI being needed. You are SO right worrying about incidental findings! I made a huge mistake about 7-8 years ago, that only one with HA would make. I had some complaint, not sure now what it even was. I practically demanded a brain MRI. i remember she said she'd agree, but gave me a lecture about incidental findings. Not only did I get the MRI, but rather than wait and have my doctor discuss the results, i went to the MRI Center and picked up my results. I read the radiologists comments and was certain I was about to die or worse. It mentioned "white spots". It said these could be early MS, Lyme or "of a vascular nature". I researched for hours. I read that these white spots increase in number as we age. AND they can appear as a result of migraine history. I guess that's the vascular part. I never got MS and I'm now too old to. Never worried about Lyme as I never go near wooded areas and freaked for a long while about what else "vascular" could mean. By all means, fear the incidental findings.
  11. You Google, saying "what's the other alternative"? How about seeing your doctor? Let her/him hear all of your ailments and let them decide if any tests are necessary. Then, put your trust in your doctor's acumen, medical experience and knowledge and choose to accept what you are toid, not what a money-driven advertising based computer scheme spurts out as your problems. Dr. Google never met you as he/it doesn't exist. It's a computer program. Your doctor knows you as a person and you need to build a relationship with that doctor and trust them.
  12. Hyp; When P-C tumors are small, and possibly not seen on an US they typically do not cause symptoms. Thats why this cancer has such a poor prognosis-it's typically silent until the tumor has grown large enough to wreak havoc. You have what you call symptoms which you believe are caused by such a diseaee. If that were correct, by definition the tumors would be sizeable enough to be caught on the US AND your repeat bloodwork would not now be normal. As others who have known people who had PC, certain liver/pancreatic related enzymes are way, way off. Yours are now normal. Plus yes're 32 and the odds against that are beyond ultra rare. Your BM issues are all explained by anxiety and how your digestive system is reacting to the stress you're placing it under. I've been there before, dissecting (figuratively and literally) bowel offerings. It tells you your anxiety is in a really bad place. You do need to let this go. Let it Be..words of wisdom.
  13. Bobnnat

    Can anxiety really be causing all of this?

    The neck pain is directly causative of the head pain. I've done research on the inter-relation and my GP is "100% certain" my neck and referring head pain is muscle related. Muscles tense due to...wait for it...STRESS/ANXIETY. I find myself in an unaccustomed situation. I honestly have no HA about my current predicament, and I can accept the anxiety/stress connection causing my ongoing pains. So now rather than fearing I have an incurable disease, I fear how to deal with the pain, since I believe it's a similar but still different situation when it comes to acceptance with the two, as Jonathan explains the term "acceptance". That is, if you fear symptom X means a BT, you need to accept that you have the pain and it is normal and don't sweat the BT. If you already accept it's not a BT, how do you manage acceptance of the ongoing physical symptom? Not to hijack the thread (sorry Emma), but I guess if my upcoming Sunnybrook Anxiety Center treatment coupled with my pain management initial appointment which is being scheduled, can't fix me physically and/or emotionally, then I'm a lost cause. I read where this Sunnybrook place has an in-patient 2-3 week session for those who do not improve with their regular programs. I keep telling my wife at times I feel I do need to be locked away, to listen to the chirping birds, learn knitting, and given drugs to make me smile all the time. Maybe that's next :-)
  14. Bobnnat

    Body Aches

    Ah Jonathan but let's visualize that tree in a gale. There's a reasonable chance it will be blown over, or at least peices of its very being will be ripped away from it. If it's fortunate, the tree survives in one piece. Of course trees can't worry but people can. If we were trees we'd worry about that next windstorm. How many other branches will I lose? Will I no longer exist the next time? Not to mention climate change but that's another can of unrelated worms :-)
  15. Bobnnat

    Body Aches

    Hi Gale, Same with me although just my neck and head. No surprise but it's stress. When we sleep we relax our muscles giving them a chance to recover. Then as the day goes on, we subconsciously tighten our muscles and the pains return. The trick is to be able to de-stress. If you figure out how to do so, and eliminate the pain, let me know 🤥