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  1. Awe Silas...I hope you feel better soon! Wow, to think we may have actually diagnosed you correctly when we’re on average 100% incorrect with our self-diagnoses!
  2. I’m sure there are cases in which you don’t necessarily have spots or blisters on your feet!
  3. Missy2626

    Update on my tooth, ear and jaw pain

    BINGO Bob!! I could not have said it better myself! I wish heath insurance policies covered the cost of massages for wellness purposes...!
  4. Hi Silas! Yes, it’s a good idea not to start googling! I am certainly no doctor, but I have heard of something called hand, foot and mouth disease, which is a common and non-harmful virus, and I remember hearing that it starts with a fever and sore spots in the throat and also red and painful spots on the hands and possibly the feet. Just a thought...
  5. Missy2626

    Stomach Inflammation/Pain

    You’ll have your good news and reassurance in no time at all! Hang in there!
  6. As many of you have seen from my posts, I’ve been dealing with one-sided upper tooth, ear and jaw/neck pain. A CT scan of my sinuses came back pretty notmal, with nothing to explain the pain. I just visited with my (new) dentist, to whom I explained all of my pain, along with my worries over trigeminal neuralgia and anxiety struggles. He did a full exam, panoramic xrays, and concluded that it is all muscle tension. He did some major massaging of the muscles inside my mouth (ouch) to loosen them up. He verified that it is not a tooth problem, not TMJ disorder, and not trigeminal neuralgia (I had googled that and saw that it can be caused by tumors and MS...yeah, that spiked my anxiety!!). When I asked him about trigeminal neuralgia, his simple response was “you do not have tic doulourex (the fancy word for it)”. Amen, and I’m putting that one to rest. Above and beyond all that, this just goes to show us that even the muscles inside of our mouths can become totally tight and constricted due to anxiety, causing all sorts of facial pain.
  7. Jonathan...you NEED to write a book, so we can have all of your wonderful, intelligent and helpful information in one spot!! You’re the best!
  8. Oh, I’m so sorry you’re feeling like that! If it’s any consolation, I’ve been on antidepressants for about nine years and I still feel periods of increased anxiety. I noticed a spike in my anxiety two years ago when I turned 49 and I firmly believe that hormonal shifts due to perimenopause are the culprit. I find myself taking a ,5 mg dose of Xanax every day, in addition to the cymbalta which I am on. Hugs! There will be better days for all of us!!
  9. Missy2626

    Jaw clenching, side effect of antidepressants?

    Hi Ethansmom! That is exactly what I experience and I have the upper shoulder and neck pain as well...ugh! I’m actually heading over to my dentist for an appointment and I’m interested to see what he has to say as to whether my upper teeth and ear pain is due to TMJ disorder or simply the clenching and tightness of my jaw. I’m going to ask him if it could be caused by the Cymbalta. The more I stop to notice I’m doing it, the tighter I find myself clenching in that area
  10. Missy2626

    Freaking Out About Pancreatic Cancer. Please help!

    Oh that’s good Hypo! Just stop at that though and NO MORE googling, because you know all too well that you could be just a keystroke away from encountering a scary article or information on it!!
  11. Missy2626

    Freaking Out About Pancreatic Cancer. Please help!

    It is crazy and I’ve experienced that well...still not feeling total relief, even after being checking out and told we’re fine. I guess that’s part and parcel of how health anxiety works....there’s really no rhyme or reason to it. For just today, when the thoughts of pancan enter your mind, just let them flow in and right back out, and tell yourself that “all is fine, I’ve been thoroughly checked”.
  12. Missy2626

    Could this be allergies?

    Joe, I am totally confident that it was nothing serious! Yes...try the tea kettle...it’s the best! Once it’s steaming, put a towel over your head and put your nose right into the steam and breathe it in...it works wonders!
  13. Missy2626

    Freaking Out About Pancreatic Cancer. Please help!

    Oh Hypo...I’m sending you some virtual hugs!! I know that exact feeling of waking up and shaking with fear...I’ve been there and done that many times. It’s your poor body and mind transitioning from a state of slumber to its overactive thoughts and worries...high cortisol levels in the morning as well. Believe me, the meditation thing is virtually impossible for me as well! You’ve got to remember that you’ve been fully checked out and told point blank by your doctor that you do not have pancreatic cancer. You know deep down that this is your mind being irrational in the health anxiety department, and it is just wanting to keep feeding off your fear of pancreatic cancer. Have you (hopefully) been staying away from googling it?
  14. Missy2626

    Could this be allergies?

    You’re welcome Joe...I hope you feel better soon! Sinus issues can linger for quite some time, particularly with the changing seasons. You can also try some saline nasal spray, and some people say neti pots work wonders. Of course, you could also try the old fashioned breathing in steam from over a tea kettle!
  15. Missy2626

    Could this be allergies?

    Hi Joe...I’m currently having some sinus and/or TMJ issues myself, with pain in my left ear, upper teeth, and today I felt it in my left eye region. I think your pain is definitely allergy and sinus related....the “frontal” sinuses are located directly above both eyes, and you probably have some inflammation in those sinuses from allergies, causing the pain in your eye. Maybe try some Flonase spray as well.