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  1. This won't be the end of my many health anxieties though and I told him that. It will never end.
  2. A few months ago I wrote about my fears of having/getting pancreatic cancer. This is primarily because of glancing at an article which linked the disease to "fizzy drinks". As I once had a bad soda habit (I rarely drink it anymore) I felt scared that I had the disease or would likely get it. I straight up asked my doctor if this was true. He's practiced medicine since before I was born and I have immense trust in him. He said he had never heard of any correlation between the two. So the article (which I admittedly only glanced at) was wrong or I misread it.
  3. In the Western world it's such a big deal we just call it "the holidays" and people either love it like it's the greatest thing ever or hate it with a passion. In my case..it's kind of both. What are your thoughts in general? What do you like about Xmas and what do you hate about it? Like: Christmas Eve, family, food, (some) music, trees and decorations. Hate: Shopping, commercialization, Christmas music being played before November's even over, the overall anxiety that accompany's a year's end. And especially this year, missing my mother, who basically ran Christmas for us.
  4. I hope so too, so I an finally stop worrying. In any case, I do drink a lot less these days. I also eat burgers or bacon as an occasional treat. Lots of fish though.
  5. Agreed about being "pure-bred". I don't think I've ever met a person who was only one thing. Maybe you identify with one branch in your family tree more than others, but we're all mixed. I'm white as it gets but have trace amounts of North African and Sephardic Jewish ancestry (and yes, I know this for sure because both my parents genomes were tested. 😲
  6. Also I just glanced at this article 2 years ago and it’s possible i misread. I really try not to google symptoms anymore
  7. I worry about it too. I swear I remember seeing an article that said soda could lead to PC. I didn’t read it and haven’t tried to find it again but I’ve cut back a lot (though not completely) but I brought this up in another group and a few people ridiculed me and basically said I was stupid for thinking that. So now I don’t know what to think.
  8. A co-worker's friend recently lost his daughter to a mass shooting. Not the one in Pittsburgh. Not the one in Thousand Oaks either. One in Tallahassee that many of you probably didn't even hear about. We periodically get emails instructing us what to do in what are nonsensically called "active shooter incidents". I work near a window. If I need to, I can smash it and jump through. But with shootings now a regular occurrence and the government being held by the balls by the loathsome NRA, it's only a matter of time before we all have a friend or relative who has been killed.
  9. I woke up with a stomach ache. The only group of friends I have meets on occasion at a bar, so I have to weigh my options, be lonely or ruin my health. I guess I'd prefer not to be lonely.
  10. I first read about it 2 years ago and I'm still here. But I feel I should talk to a doctor about my fears. My GP knows I have anxiety issues but we've never talked about specific ailments I fear I have.
  11. And my stomach is in pain. Possibly self-inflicted but still in pain. I get stomach pains fairly often. Or at least stomach "discomforts".
  12. I was starting to calm down but last night a radio ad I heard while in line at CVS came on, and I had to hear it. The numbers were truly frightening. I began panicking again. That's why, people don't have symptoms so they don't check till it's too late. It just suddenly shows up, then you're dead. I need to know for sure that I'm ok.
  13. How can I be sure I don't have it if there are no symptoms??