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  1. davide.h

    Pan-can freakout

    How can I be sure I don't have it if there are no symptoms??
  2. davide.h

    Pan-can freakout

    I'm sorry about your dad, but PC is usually asymptomatic until the final stages, which is why it scares me so much. Ruth Bader Ginsburg survived it, that's literally the only person I've ever heard to get it and live. I'm sorry I was unpleasant, Holis. I get that why when I'm stressed.
  3. davide.h

    Pan-can freakout

    You don't know that and neither do I.
  4. davide.h

    Pan-can freakout

    Missing the point
  5. davide.h

    Pan-can freakout

    I drink green tea often now, but there's always sweets being served at work. Even when I decline, they keep telling you there's sweets in there..or even bring them to my desk. 😠
  6. davide.h

    Pan-can freakout

    Getting nervous again. I long had a tendency to drink too much soda but have cut back a lot in the recent months, though I had 3 over the weekend. A lot for me. Made me regret it and fear I'd already damaged my body too much. Should I see a doctor and get a blood test? Help!
  7. davide.h

    ringing in ear- panicked

    I had that a few months ago. My doctors gave both ears an industrial strength cleansing, shooting water jets into them. Felt weird, but it works. cleaning out with a swab doesn't clean them that well, just pushes most of the wax toward you eardrums which could cause ringing.
  8. I wrote some time ago about being put on a new med, atorvastatin, which has lowered my cholesterol to healthy levels. But I worry the damage was already done. That there's already too much in my arteries. As I understand it, it can never be removed, it can just be kept from getting worse. I often get soreness my my chest, sort of under my left arm, which several people said could be gas. Last night I felt it very acutely and started to panic. I'd gotten a Chinese chicken dish which I will likely not try again when I started feeling chest pain, even though I think it might have been just a heartburn now.
  9. davide.h

    Pan-can freakout

    Yes, I see a counselor and do neurofeedback once a week.
  10. davide.h

    Pan-can freakout

    But those symptoms don't show up till later, which is why it's hard to treat. I don't know how to break the cycle.
  11. davide.h

    Pan-can freakout

    I did. Everything was normal.
  12. davide.h

    Pan-can freakout

    I've been nervous about the prospect of pancreatic cancer since reading about it a few years ago. I wrote about how i'm afraid of the idea of asymptomatic diseases and that's mainly what I was thinking of. It's of some solace to know it's classified as 'rare' and most who get it are above 60 (which I'm not), but doesn't make my worry go away completely. It's often what comes to mind if I have soreness in my abdomen or loss of appetite. :(
  13. davide.h

    Climate change and panic attacks

    I've honestly started taking alarmist rhetoric with a grain of salt. There's been disaster looming just around the corner since I was a kid. When I was 8 I was convinced I wouldn't survive my teenage years. In the '60's the big scare was overpopulation. But food production increased faster and there are fewer hungry people today than in the 60s. Hyperbole spurs action, and that's why people use it. But that's true of good hyperbole too, like predictions that say we'll have pills that can make us live to 200 in 10 years or whatever are probably not true either. And I've seen respectable publications claim this. My point is the future will probably not be that different, for better or worse.
  14. davide.h

    Rabies fear

    A quick search showed there was 1 case of rabies in humans in 2015 in the US and 5 in South Africa. So very rare. Almost all cases are in animals, it seems.
  15. davide.h


    I'm now thinking of my arteries. I started a statin last December but what if it was too late? Plaque can never be removed, as I understand it. I wondered if that's what the occasional soreness in my chest (always under my left arm) could be a sign of. And as I mentioned before, I worry about diseases that have no symptoms at all. How will i know if I get one?