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  1. davide.h

    Ringing in my ear, won't go away

    Sounds like I have no chance to get rid of this. Yet another thing I have to live with.
  2. davide.h

    Ringing in my ear, won't go away

    My blood sugar is not too low or high though I probably consume too much caffeine, mostly coffee.
  3. davide.h

    Ringing in my ear, won't go away

    Does a lightheaded feeling accompany it for anyone?
  4. I've had it for a few days now. Been to 2 doctors, my gp and urgent care, and both saw nothing abnormal and said it should pass but it's driving me crazy and making work hard. I am concerned it could be serious. Has anyone else experienced this? Please help.
  5. My mom is often who I'd go to.
  6. I do see a counselor. I also see a non-professional who helps grieving people. Honestly, I haven't found him that helpful. I think it's something you need to be trained for.
  7. I don't care about anything anymore. I don't care if I die, and am not taking care of myself..because I don't care anymore and have no reason to. Each day is an obstacle. If not for my dad, I'd kill myself. He wouldn't want to lose both of us so close together.
  8. Well, happy birthday. Hope it's a good one. I felt mildly better last night, but woke up this morning feeling worse than before. What's wrong with me?
  9. The truth is that it's a bit embarrassing. I am not that old but I feel like my life's running out. And this isn't a new feeling. I live very much in the now and thinking about even the near future can freak me out. It's why I had a phobia of calendars and clocks, which I kept secret because it probably sounds very strange, but they reminded me about how the passage of time was totally out of my control.
  10. I do see a counselor, and it does help some. I don't feel as bad as my breakdown a few years ago but it's still not good.
  11. davide.h

    Mark G

    I miss my friend too.
  12. I'm not really sure what brought this latest bout on. It was very sudden, and is often worse in the morning, which makes simply getting up difficult. I can't talk to anyone about it and have just kept it to myself.
  13. davide.h

    Been worse than average

    I've been thinking of ways to be healthier and confidant and I've had a few ideas. My anxiety happens all times of day..but health-related worries usually seem to happen before dinner and after I return home from work. I'm not sure why.
  14. Why could that be? Is this a particularly nervous age group?
  15. davide.h

    Been worse than average

    I'm not doing much better today, but I plan to see both my therapist and physician later this week.