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  1. We are without insurance until June right now due to my husbands (unintentional) job change. So any and every little heath anything I’m extra nervous about. Thursday I noticed something dental related so I called my dentist and asked if she could look at a picture of it and see if it’s anything that needs concern. She said she would and would call back later. She did, but I honestly don’t really remember what she said. I’m 99% sure she said it wasn’t anything and I just needed a cleaning. I think. Later that day I emailed and ask if she could email me what she said. But she never did. Should I be upset/annoyed she hasn’t? Or vaguely remembering her saying it’s nothing of urgent concern be all I need? Is this considered reassurance, or given my mental state and the fact I can’t go in till June make it ok? I like things in writing so I can go back and read when my brain goes dumb.
  2. As someone who has semi-rational thinking right now, those all sound like plain ole anxiety/panic attack symptoms. But, as someone who is only semi-rationally thinking right now, if those things started happening to me I would be freaking out too.
  3. Thank you @MARC @bin_tenn @jonathan123. I think for at least a little while longer I’ll keep taking it. Took one before bed last night and I slept decently (no clammy sweating).
  4. I am an overreacter too I would have freaked out just the same, so don’t worry about thanking me. I’m just happy to know I’m not alone! And yes she’s fine. She got put on medication for it and it hasn't been a problem for a couple years now.
  5. @MARCDo you still get the anxiety symptoms? Are they just less intense?
  6. My mom had a blood clot in her leg and this doesn’t sound like it. The area was intensely painful, she could barley walk and her leg swelled up.
  7. @MARC do you use it every day, or only when needed?
  8. My Dr prescribed propranolol, which is a beta-blocker that helps stop some anxiety symptoms, like rapid heartbeat. He said I can you it as needed for anxious situations or take it twice a day. I’ve uses it a few times here and there, but today I’ve take it twice. I originally took it because I had a job interview and then after my anxiety was bad so I took another one. Does anyone else use it? Does it help you?
  9. @Jgriffin it’s not like I’m drenched in sweat. So that’s a relief, also hearing a Dr say that it’s not considered night sweats is a relief as well. The 2 internal medicine Drs. I’ve talked to aren’t concerned and don’t think I need any medical check ups. Now if I can just get my stupid brain to accept that!
  10. @bin_tenn I know. And I’ve been told twice now it’s not “night sweats” since it’s more clammy feeling and isolated to my back. I’m just having trouble shaking the anxiety of it. @Jgriffin I do drink beer but very rarely. I’m sure my new anxiety meds and the anxiety episode I’m is the mane reasons.
  11. I woke up today again with a sweaty back. My shirt was dry except for a small portion in the front which is odd. I did a virtual Dr visit, because I don’t have insurance, and the new Dr I got said that it most likely be the meds or the anxiety. This only started happening when my anxiety started to come back. So I realize that it’s the most sensible cause. I’m trying to believe the Drs. and let it go, but I can’t. I’m so nervous to to bed because I don’t want it to keep happening.
  12. It last about a week, maybe a little less. After about 2 days with each passing day seemed to get better.
  13. I had something that sounds very similar to this recently! I too suffer from GERD. But I believe mine was because something scratched my throat. It wasn’t painful but it felt like something was stuck in there, and it at was only on my right side. I asked a Dr about it and they said it didn’t sound like anything concerning and I probably did just scratch it. It happens. It went away on its own, but like yours when I moved my head/neck in different positions or drank water it seemed not to be there.