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  1. Diagnosis (potential MS trigger)

    My mistake, I meant it to Liv. I should have specified. I know someone with MS and you’d never know it. He just keeps up with the doctor and is in great shape. Anxiety can make us feel like we have all kinds of things and while sometimes we do, many times it’s nothing.
  2. Aching Chest, left arm--plz help

    I highly doubt anything changes. Heart diseases wouldn’t just happen like that. Anxiety, stress, and even gas can cause chest pains.
  3. MRI on Thursday

    Very glad everything is okay! Now you can relax and enjoy the weekend!
  4. Diagnosis (potential MS trigger)

    You do not have MS. Trust in what the doctors are saying even though it’s hard. I would get into therapy once a week. It helps me!
  5. The flu

    I think the media unintentionally created anxiety. If you take care of yourself and get prompt care, you’ll be fine. Do as your doctor says if you have the flu, and for most, it clears up with no problem.
  6. Awesome job! I’m proud of you! I believe the results will be clear. I know they said it takes a week, but if something is found, they won’t wait. They’ll call you right away. You’re fine. :-)
  7. Terrified of variant CJD (Mad cow disease)

    Trust me, you do NOT have CJD. That is sooooooooo rare, I mean fewer than 1000 cases a year. Your issues are anxiety! You are fine!!!
  8. Dark stool

    The steak and wine alone will make stools dark. You're fine!!
  9. Melanoma

    Melanoma is probably one of the most common things. The good thing is that the doctor caught it on time. For you, that is likely a harmless mole. My wife has a few of them and none of them are dangerous. I would try and relax
  10. Pneumonia

    This is nothing more than the pneumonia and the stress on top of the of being a student. Rest, fluids, and your doctors advice and you'll be just fine!
  11. Brothers liver results

    I have elevated liver enzymes and it was a fatty liver. If he changes his diet, he will be just fine!
  12. Feeling hyper

    People with anxiety and depression are more aware of the smallest twinges of the body. If you have already been looked at by a doctor and he/she determined that there was nothing wrong, then trust in what they say. I know this because I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression!
  13. Which aspect of your blood count was high? The majority of the time, the cause is a common cold. Anything can throw your levels off. I am confident you have nothing to worry about. Nothing you said sounds like it is serious.
  14. Hemoglobin A1C

    Its a little elevated but nothing to panic over. Just eat right and you'll be fine.
  15. Can your heart just stop beating?

    Every time you sneeze, your heart stops for a split second. I get the feeling this is a fear that is starting to creep up on you. I wouldn't worry about this!