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  1. I've started volunteering as a computer monitor in a goodwill computer lab, which involves a lot of assistance with computer skills and filling out applications. I've also been instructed during training not to do it for the people that ask for assistance, but sometimes, they want me to. It makes it more anxiety inducing not to know what level of help to provide, on top of the anxiety from social interaction. I am also nervous because I skipped my last scheduled time because I broke my phone. I dropped it in the college parking garage and skipped it because I can't figure out how to get anywhere without gps -_- They emailed me and I told them what happened and apologized but blah. I'm pretty nervous about going back.
  2. faraway

    My health and worries

    Do you have the option to see private psychiatrists and therapists? My last county clinic was abusive and I went private and got a case manager through insurance. I have no idea what your healthcare system is like though.
  3. My diagnosis has changed to schizophrenia and I'm kind of bummed about it but at least I know I might need to think about.
  4. faraway

    Ct Scan and X Ray so cross with myself

    A family member is very ill from bone cancer. I believe the initial diagnosis was from blood, then she broke her femur two weeks later. I think you would be having very different problems if you actually had it. The pain came much later and was worse than the broken bones.
  5. faraway

    Ct Scan and X Ray so cross with myself

    Could it be from bad posture resulting from fear and extreme sensitivity of the area?
  6. faraway


    I've never tried Wellbutrin, but there's other alternatives that I don't know if you've tried? I've tried atomoxetine and clonidine and I think clonidine xr is generic in the us. Atomoxetine didn't affect my anxiety and clonidine was calming. Neither really affected depression, just adhd. Just in case Wellbutrin is a bust.
  7. faraway

    Help Getting a Job Programs

    I did vocational rehabilitation in Missouri and I feel the job agency for the disabled that they referred me to was very good. I moved before I found another job, and they still provided services over the phone. Unfortunately, I am not able to work at all now.
  8. faraway

    No Medication is Working

    It seems weird that she keeps pushing SNRI's and NDRI's when you had a positive response to an SSRI for years. Have you tried other SSRI's? I've tried more atypical and typical antipsychotics than antidepressants, but I've tried a lot of antipsychotics. I'm retrying one now at a lower dose.
  9. faraway

    Bloody mucous on stool

    The tissues there are more delicate than the vagina, and not meant as an entrance, so some things like that occur.
  10. faraway

    Bloody mucous on stool

    Yes, I've had blood, especially bloody mucous, soon after anal sex. It is fairly normal, especially for your first time.
  11. faraway

    Bloody mucous on stool

    Cause you stuck a penis in and out of there vigorously for the first time... I get more mucusy during anal sex with or without lube. The irritation makes the natural mucous act up for some reason.
  12. faraway

    vestigial tail

    Yeah, I wonder if it's archived and if I could request it still.
  13. faraway

    Ultrasound results- your input please!

    I thought there's supposed to be lymph nodes in your boobs? I also wanted to add that extremely excessive stimulation to my boobs may have induced or continued lactation.
  14. faraway

    Doctor visit

    I have taken propranolol several times on several medication combinations.