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  1. anxiety could simply caused your bp to rise 145/89 with me it was going for 150/110 so when you went to walmart you been calmed down i guessed so it got back to normal ...and it depends also on the equipment used if it's digital then it's almost non accurate at all the manual mercury one is the most accurate one
  2. typical anxiety symptoms i've been going through them...you can discuss with your dr if you need b12 shots from time to time for the numbness you get ...and for the suffocating thing try to forget about it and don't think much of it the more you think of it the more it will last for you so remove that idea from your mind please
  3. what is the count of your white blood cells (wbc) in your cbc test ? it's nothing wrong with you nowadays there is a strong flu going through most of countries even in my country they warned about it and i've friends in other countries and they told them the same so you just got to rest and follow your dr commands till you feel better for now whether it's virus infection or bacterial infection. with winter coming you better prepare yourself for sure and boost your immune system especially with vitamin c either effervescent tablets or rich food with vitamin c it will help boost your immune system well especially against flu and cold viruses and also talk with your dr about the Influenza vaccine it may help you your immune system get stronger against it in coming winter
  4. AkM


    i totally understand and it's not silly for me as i'm dealing with anxiety so i understand what you goes through just try to take the antibiotics as described and try to eat rich food with vitamin c (unless you're allergic to it) and rest as much as you can the antibiotics tend to make your heart beats faster so with the anxiety it's easy to get a panic attack out from no where feel free to write about it anytime you want
  5. AkM


    i asked you what antibiotic are you on as some ones makes you so much anxious...anyway let's talk sense now no matter how much you move the bacteria won't move to your bloodstream nor your heart the bacteria can get stronger only in the case of you don't take antibiotics which you don't so you're safe not to worry about bacteria moving into your blood stream maybe a little part of that much anxious is due to the antibiotic who knows i've been on levofloxacin for awhile back then and my god my anxiety was the worst ever ...so try to calm yourself down and assure that nothing wrong will happen pneumonia is easy to cure if you take the meds and rest and do what your dr told you to do and if you didn't feel better with medications call your dr back and see if other antibiotics are needed
  6. AkM


    what are the name of the antibiotics are you on please ?
  7. oh Ashley if you not sure if anxiety is that powerful to make physical pain then you don't know what anxiety is dear! it can give you physical pain in many ways and pictures you can never imagine so calm yourself down and relax
  8. it's just that part that me think you stopped it from yourself not under your dr recommendation '' I chose to stop because I "felt better". Each time I realize I need it again.'' if each time you realize you need it again so it'd not be a good idea to stop it maybe you should take them forever only your dr can assure that or not of course not me...anyhow i been dealing with anxiety for long time and i know it sucks and it way worse than physical pain there is some stuff i used to do that helped making my anxiety getting better without meds such as watching comedy stuff,cooking,playing games that i like,going out with friends (tough one when you have anxiety i know but staying inside for long time will make it even worse) ....just try to do anything that would cheer you up with anyone who you like friends,family anyone and try not to have much of free time as it will make the anxiety grow bigger and stronger keep yourself entertained
  9. first i'm sorry to hear you're going through that much rough of time...secondly i don't think you should stop the medications for your anxiety from yourself only do it under medical supervision with your dr those meds take long time to affect on our brain and so it has to be stopped gradually and not suddenly to not make what you going through now...try as hard as you can to even reach your dr or any other dr on mobile at least and take his advice to take back your meds or not as you can't stay like so till the end of october
  10. well pregnancy from anal sex i don't think so and if you want to relax your mind from that idea you can just have a pregnancy test but i don't think it will be positive ever from anal sex ....secondly ibs can cause that symptoms or parasites for example especially with the pain and severe diarrhea if so you can check your dr to make stool analysis test and till that happen try to cut of the coca cola and eat light and healthy stuff and see if that will improve your bowl movements and the gasses so try to avoid eating from outside and try to eat light clean stuff you make yourself in the kitchen as much as you can
  11. it may be related to IBS or not ...just to relax and find what's up with that diarrhea simply make a stool analysis test maybe it's parasites that cause that severe diarrhea and pain and gasses but don't worry you're not alone i've ibs too myself and it's hard to deal with most of time even with medications
  12. it's normal with anxiety don't think of it much and it shall pass
  13. maybe the anxiety cause your throat to feel dry and that makes you consume more water or drinks more than you need and thus urinate more frequently try to minimize the amount of your fluids and see if you get better or not
  14. i'm the same as you and been dealing with the indigestion and the strong beating for a long time it all come from your stomach not your heart as i went to my cardiologist and checked me and told me all from stomach not heart and mine is tough to the level that it make my blood pressure drop low sometimes...the key is to avoid the food that make your stomach angry and full of gases as gases is the problem my dr gave me pills for that gases in my stomach and after i burp i feel so much better ...keep your stomach happy and your heart shall follow it right away
  15. Good thing it will help your body to recover it's strength faster