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  1. Brain tumor fears!

    Thank you - terrified.......I really cant think of anything else.....have your headaches resolved?
  2. Brain tumor fears!

    Thanks - had to go back to the Dr today for a blood pressure check from last week, BP is still slightly high but nothing concerning - he has though referred me for a brain MRI scan....WTF - really anxious and crying about it all now! he would not refer me if he did not think this was sinister
  3. Brain tumor fears!

    That is probably the best, logical thing anyone has said to me for a long time lol....Thank you very much....yes, will go for the exam & will post back when I know the results - thanks for chatting to me about this
  4. Brain tumor fears!

    You are right, just struggling right now - feels like I have been frowning all the time......
  5. Brain tumor fears!

    So I have had that pressure on the forehead all weekend.......so anxious right now - too scared to even go for the eye test if I am honest.....
  6. Brain tumor fears!

    Sorry 236 per 100 000. Quite high
  7. Brain tumor fears!

    Thanks for that. 🙏 its all fine and they just disappear! Ive read the stats on brain tumors for my age and out of 100 000 there was 36 diagnosed in 2016 in the UK
  8. Brain tumor fears!

    I think she could have but have booked an eye test as apparently it can be detected through a test as the back of the eyes might look swollen etc.... see what they say
  9. Brain tumor fears!

    Thank you for your reply, its a horrible feeling in my heads, my Dr said a brain tumor would normally present with the headache being much more severe to the point you want to bash your head open for relief....I am not there yet lol.....also she said I need to get my eyes tested for something that might be pressing against them, this really freaked me out.....she looked at my eyes and said they look fine but cannot get to see right at the back of them.
  10. Brain tumor fears!

    Thank you so much for your reply, makes me feel a little better, the headache has passed from the forehead to the temples now....feels like they are being squeezed together grrrrr I refuse to take painkillers as it is just masking the issue
  11. Brain tumor fears!

    Hi all I am going to just come out and say it - I think I have a brain tumor! I have never suffered headaches in my life and for the last 1-2 weeks I have had this dull pressure tight band feeling around my head headache if that makes sense? The type of headache you get when you have been crying for a long time, this is what I have all the day..... I do hydrate and I do try and not stress about things however I have HA. Can someone please try and talk to me about this because I have been in tears crying about dying from this tumor in my head. I have been to the Dr yesterday and she says its a head cold or sinus/allergies...WTF, I am not sneezing or bunged up.....she said my BP was slightly up but nothing to worry about and not connected to the headaches..... I really do not know which other way to turn.... Thanks all
  12. Cetirizine headaches???

    Hey all Quick question Have bad allergy to cats and the Dr has prescribed 10mg three times a day of this cetrizine - I have been taken it for about 2-3 weeks now and notice my head feels very thick and headachey......anyone else experience this while taken higher than normal doses of this antihistamines?
  13. Pulled feeling in chest

    Hi there I am ok thank you - the chest pain is gone (for now)!! But now I am suffering since Saturday with a stomach bug eerrrgggggggg....lurky hate it and makes me even more anxious! I hope you are ok
  14. Pulled feeling in chest

    I have just literally given up with it all and life to be honest with you......... my symptoms are - Coughing (itch in my throat), last night it woke me up nearly choking and my eyes even started to water... Breathing feels like cold air & my throat is tight then the wheeze around the bottom of my throat starts Breathlessness when climbing stairs Chest/muscular pain when straining I hate feeling like I am dying all the time and I have lung cancer.......(horrible to say) I know but that is how I genuinely feel! Back to the Respiratory consultant on Jan 8th and DEMANDING a ct chest scan!
  15. Pulled feeling in chest

    Wheeze yes every so often and I always have tickles in my throat causing a cough everyday