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  1. Wow Gilly, Didn't know that....I too was a member of AZ chat.....made some good friends too that i have never heard from again....I did find some others who joined with me on other chats I've found. Thanks for stepping to the plate and forming this chat. I do hope that your scars will heal and the pains will subside. Intro...
  2. Its been a bit over 100 days..... I feel so much better since I quit bingeing... This was 95% of my anxiety, and since, it has been all but eliminated..... I stop by occasionally but nobody is on chat....I hope you all are ok... I'll still check in every now and then... Take care... Intro
  3. 4am........Insomnia strikes again...
  4. I was on ativan for about a week till I decided I didn't want to be dependent on them......I stopped cold turkey after a week of 1mg tabs every six hours or as needed. That withdrawal wasn't pretty! Three days of hell! No sleep, chest pains, doom and gloom, negative thoughts, etc! After I got thru that nightmare, my sleep returned to normal after about a week.....Clouds began to move away and the sun in my life began to come out... Anyway, from that point on I knew it would be a matter of time before the anxiety may return.....I carried my 1mg tabs in my pocket, car, everywhere I went just in case I needed to 'Pop' that benzo....knowing although it helps take the edge off during times when it was too much to bare....Somehow I didn't pop one.... Needless to say, I was eventually brave enough to leave the benzos at home.....I carried those around for a YEAR before I realized I could've really did without them.....Having them with me was that crutch I needed in the back of my mind knowing I had a way of escape just in case..... I know how it feels....hope sharing my story helps in your endeaver to be 'benzo free'..
  5. Just overall health in general....little quarks that won't concern most people would set my mind into irrational self reasoning.....sigh
  6. Funny how I could wake up feeling like major CRAP in the wee hours of the morning........Anxiety, nausea, runaway thoughts, etc, etc, etc......then as the day progresses........ it never happened. .....its also scary.
  7. Glad you made it Shelby! I get those too! Sunday nights and Mondays early morning before sun-up Im an anxiety wreck!! Like you I get thru it......Somehow I get thru it!
  8. I hear ya on not being able to sleep till 7am.... I been there. In my case its much earlier (5am) because of work. I seem to do my best sleeping just before its time to get up.
  9. I seem to do my best sleeping after I hit the snooze button. Monday mornings, Im up after a five or six hour nap....feelin groggy, I somehow manage to crawl outta bed at 4:30am for work.....I'm usually outta the house by 5. Monday nites its hard to sleep due to anxiety setting in...I toss n turn all night, sleep is superficial and low quality......Anxiety usually wakes me by 2, 3am. If I'm lucky, I'll fall back to sleep by 4am once things calm down....Its Tuesday morning and Im up again by 4:30.....By that time, my alarm radio plays to wake me up and I hit the snooze only to go into a very deep REM sleep for only about 10 mins....But I don't hear my alarm radio go off for another 30 mins....Great! Now Im late getting up, and Im sooo tired. Throughout the day Im struggling to keep awake at work but by the time I get home come bedtime......Nothing. Sleep eludes me once again. Things do get better for Wednesday, Thursday, and of course Friday night. I sleep better and thru the night and wake up feeling good and rested. My mind is clear, no fog. Then there's the weekend.....uugghh....No problem sleeping there as I would take in a bit of libation on Saturday night. Bedtime then would be around 1, 2am and up on Sunday morning by around 10am...So now after spending all day in recovery (chuckle), bedtime would end up being sometime around midnight....Then the whole cycle of sleeplessness starts all over again.... Well.....that's pretty much how it goes for me....sigh
  10. Sometimes it feels like the mind just wont 'turn off'. I know the feelin......Tossing and turning all night, only to find yourself ready to sleep by the time you have to get up anyway, uuugghh.
  11. Sometimes I actually do get a decent nights sleep.....Im working out again at least three, four times a week...Just gotta keep it up.....Other things just fall into place once I get into good healthy habits, cut the drinking way back, and take lots of water....... Its not rocket science.....just a will and determination to do better.....feeling better for restful sleep will follow.....I've done it before so I know what its like....Ive been there.