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  1. This is a message that goes to people who have had muscle problems, aches/pains, weakness, etc. As a result of anxiety or made worse by it. Did you have muscle issues that were caused or worsened by anxiety? What uncles were affected and how long did it last? Anything specific you did to recover from it?
  2. How do you guys get over hearing about illnesses. For example you hear about someone famous on tv, newspapers, etc getting cancer, or a serious diesease. I find myself so consumed and by that I fear getting that illness. How do we block that out??
  3. Hi everyone, Just here to talk about what I feel is a small step in the right direction for me. Over the past little while, I have experienced a lot of muscle soreness, perceived weakness and some tingling (90% in my right forearm/upper arm) It all started about last May. Would be using my arm for something and it would feel tired, sore,etc It would kind of feel like a build up of lactic acid type of thing like when you have been working out. I went to a walk in clinic last summer as well as a physio and they both told me its probably a pinched nerve. Normally I would have gone to 2 or 3 more doctors to get a diagnosis, but I stopped. It seemed to get better over the summer, and fall. Noted, I have been very stressed over the past year. I got a home, mortgage, bills, and everything that comes along with it. In December I got married, about a month after that I began to feel some tingling in my right foot. Midway throuh that we went on out honeymon and guess what..90% of my symptoms disappeared for that week. Now I am starting to feel some more of this right arm soreness/muscle tiredness again. I have read a lot on here about how our muscles tense up when we are super stressed and it can cause all sorts of symptoms. However, does this sound like stress and anxiety is still causing this tingling and soreness? My biggest problem is me focusing on my symptoms, it is still something I am trying to overcome.
  4. Interesting guys! I have always noticed that when I keep my mind busy I don’t realize it or feel it as much. Not sure if that’s a great way to say it’s anxiety or what. Has anyone heard of hyper focusing on symptoms? Does it make it worse?
  5. Has anyone experienced tingling or weird sensations only in one area? For a couple weeks now I have noticed my right foot tingling a bit and kinda feeling warm. Occasionally it moves to the left for, but like 80% of the time it is my right one. It definitely comes and goes. Obviously when I Sri p thinking about it it goes away, but have e heard that anxiety usually presents itself with tingling in many parts of the body. Has anyone had tingling mostly in just one part of the body?
  6. Thank you!!! Where did you get these sensations? Feet hands? Only one part of your body?
  7. Has anyone on here been afraid of Ms?? What symptoms did you have? How did you get over the fear?? im currently dealing with some tingling in my feet issues.
  8. Interesting! Have you had this feeling in your feet too? Do You think its all anxiety related?
  9. Are you stressed or anxious? Have you gotten it checked out?
  10. Hi all, This is a new one for me. Anyone ever experience mild tingling in their feet/soles of feet?! I have been getting this recently. It would last for a few minutes then go Away, then come back. I am 29 yr old male. I'm trying not to worry to much but I have been worried about neurological issues lately(MS being a big one). It doesn't feel like my foot is asleep or painful, but it's like a tingling sensation. Could it be any less severe issue like pinched nerve? Or could it be a symptom of anxiety? Does working about the tingling make it worse? Any help would be appreciated.