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  1. Colon Cancer???

    Eat better. Drink plenty of water and maybe take some Miralax. We can't diagnose because we aren't qualified but my lower left abdomen hurts when I'm constipated.
  2. Anyone take Klonopin daily?

    Calm down. You are NOT going to die from doing a slow taper!! I was just stating that everyone is different. That's why I always say talk to your doctor because they know you better than an Internet forum. Some people act like Benzo's are no big deal so I was simply saying that is an incorrect statement. They should be taken seriously BUT under a doc's supervision you should be fine. I was never anywhere near death during my taper. The withdrawals were real and rough for ME, but definitely not once was I even close to death. You may do fine and not have withdrawals! Again each person is different!
  3. Blood in discharge after sex!

    Thanks ladies! I think it actually may be another period, if that's what I should even call it. A glob of discharge came out again last night when I peed and when I wiped that was blood streaked. This is how most of my post treatment periods have presented. Sometimes they get heavier for a few days but sometimes it's just the discharge that comes out when I use the bathroom. My husband had to remind me of that last night. He's like you've worried about this before. We just recently started having sex more regularly so I'm hoping this is just coincidental. You know? I've spoke to my doctor many times and she said it's "normal" to have all different kinds of periods in perimenopausal women. I had ultrasounds and a CT scan about two and a half years ago and all those showed was a simple cyst and small fibroid. Anyway, thanks again! I'll mention it to my doc the next time I see her though!
  4. Anyone take Klonopin daily?

    Correct liv07! Heroin withdrawals can kill though as well as other street drugs, but so can a lot of prescription ones. Like I said, everyone reacts differently. Benzo's are nothing to play around with. I had real withdrawals and I was not on it even for a year! So did some of the other women in my breast cancer support group. I read about how hard Benzo's were to come off of, and I thought that's not going to happen to me because I'm on a low dose, but boy was I wrong! So SOME things Wingnut said are incorrect. I'm NOT picking on you Wingnut! I'm just agreeing to disagree with some of what you've been told. Just depends on the person and how they're affected. Other folks that have posted here obviously aren't abusing them, so if they work for you then that's great! Again, it all depends on the individual person and how they react. Low dose once a day most likely will not hurt you!
  5. Anyone take Klonopin daily?

    Each person is different in how they respond to any kind of medicine. For me I would include myself in those horror stories you read about Klonopin. I can't remember what dose I started on but I did go up to 1 mg three times a day and had to increase it a bit but can't remember the exact dose I went up to. Eventually that stopped working as well. Anyway, this was all under a doctor's supervision during and shortly after breast cancer treatment. I did a very slow taper to get off of it because my doctor didn't want to keep increasing my dose. As you can tell I was building up a tolerance to Klonopin because they kept having to increase the dose to achieve the desired effect. Anyway, although I was on a slow taper, I had withdrawals from hell! I'm not going to go into detail, but like I said it was pretty much like the horror stories you read about. It obviously works for some and not so much for other's. Safety is definitely an issue with any anxiety medicine, which should be discussed in detail with your own doctor. Main thing I found out is that for some folks like myself, anxiety meds are only a bandaid fix. But for other's they can work wonders. You just have to find what works for you.
  6. Blood in discharge after sex!

    So as some of you may know I was treated for breast cancer almost five years ago with surgery and chemo. The chemo put me into chemical perimenopause/menopause. So my periods are really wonky. I'll have one then skip a few months then another one will come out of the blue. The last one was in April, so a little over six months ago. My Oncology nurse told me to expect the unexpected, such as the normal perimenopausal symptoms, weird periods, etc. Now, to my worry: last night I had sex with the hubby, and this morning after I used the bathroom there was normal clear discharge but it had red lines in it, and there was a small amount of pink on the TP. Then I was going to put the towels in the washer after I used the bathroom that we used to clean up with last night, and I noticed what looks like some dried blood on those as well. Sorry for any TMI, by the way!! Anyhow, I'm sure you can guess my fear is this is some sort of female cancer! That's because when you read about bleeding after sex, then different kinds of cancer always pops up, bleeding after sex is never normal, etc. Ugh. I don't recall this ever happening in the past after sex, although our sex life isn't as regular as it used to be. I also had some mild abdominal cramping that lasted a couple minutes at the most after sex last night, but I thought it was just muscle cramping at first, but of course after seeing the blood my mind is racing. Ugh! My last pap was two years ago and it was normal. Last pelvic exam was a little over a year ago and it was fine. If this was just normal mid cycle spotting I wouldn't be concerned, but since my periods are not regular I have no idea what mid cycle even is anymore! I'm hoping this is either a period coming or just maybe my husband scratched me with his fingernail, anything other than cancer obviously! Anyway, does anyone else have any personal experience with this? I'm not asking for a diagnosis. Just trying to not let this ruin my weekend! Thanks!
  7. Please pray for my mom!

    Thanks you two! She is doing well after surgery. She's sleeping and told my sister and dad and me to come back to my sister's house to rest for a bit. They said they would keep her at least until Wednesday. Thanks again! XOXOXO!!!
  8. Please pray for my mom!

    My mom fell this morning and fractured the upper part of her thigh bone, near the top but before the ball and socket. She is 72 but they said she is young to have this type of fracture, so of course my anxiety has me worrying if she has some underlying condition and it's going to be bad! She is scheduled for surgery at 7:30 in the morning and I'm scared about all the possible complications. I'm doing okay being strong for her when I'm in front of her, but before I got to the hospital and now that I'm back at my sister's house, I was/am a wreck. I can't eat much without feeling sick, so my nerves have gotten my stomach really tight! I'm not trying to make this about me. It's just SO hard seeing my mom who's usually Superwoman being in so much pain! Please pray for her that everything goes okay tomorrow and that she stays free of complications, including infection. I am also scared of potential C Diff after I've had it three times. I sure don't want that to happen to her! I'm so scared you guys. Any good thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  9. Imodium not working. metamucil?

    Blu, have you tried IBgard? It's peppermint capsules that you can get at the pharmacy, over the counter. It's supposed to help with IBS. I used it for awhile and it worked great for diarrhea!! I had to stop it after awhile because it started hurting my stomach, because peppermint contains salycilates. BUT it worked wonders for the D. You take it 30 minutes to an hour before each meal. It's kind of expensive but may be worth a try. You may just try a low fiber/bland diet for awhile. I take Caltrate and it has actually lessened my diarrhea episodes. My doctor put me on it for other reasons but I'll take the side effect of less diarrhea! Haha!!
  10. Armpit pain

    I haven't changed deodorants. It doesn't irritate me at all though.
  11. Armpit pain

    Thanks Holls! I have my asthma appointment Monday with my PCP so I'll ask her again. It's annoying as heck!! I can't feel a node but whatever it is it hurts.
  12. A little anxious - for check up today

    Thoughts and prayers! The really bad kind of skin cancer is melanoma, and you didn't have that or the dermatologist would've said something.
  13. Armpit pain

    So I've had right armpit pain off and on for almost a year. It's been sore today and it hurt a little more when I was showering and also when I put my deodorant on this morning. Ugh! I had breast cancer almost five years ago. So of course I'm in a bit of a panic. Not severe yet or anything! Lol. I just saw my Oncologist a few weeks ago for my regular checkup, and he always feels my lymphnode areas and he said he didn't feel any abnormalities. I told my PCP about it when it first happened and she didn't feel any nodes and she felt real deep, etc. I then saw my Onc for a normal checkup and he didn't feel any that time either. So they've been thoroughly examined three times since it all started. I keep telling myself if it was cancer mets (metastassis), then it wouldn't come and go. I also have lymphedema on that side because that was where they removed two nodes when I had my mastectomy to make sure it didn't spread. So I'm wondering if it's shaving irritating the tissue/nodes. My right side is my dominant side too. So has anyone who has had this type of armpit pain notice that it's worse with certain things, such as movement or applying deodorant?? Any insight is appreciated!
  14. Question for the ladies (re:discharge)

    Thanks ladies! So far I haven't had it today. Oh and Holls, no worries! What you said wasn't TMI! Haha! I'll let you know what my doc says next week. Thanks again!
  15. First I'll have to say that my cycles are off ever since I finished chemo four years ago, so I can't tell if this related to menstrual stuff or not. I haven't had a period this year since the end of March. Anyway, the hubby and I had sex yesterday afternoon, not that I want everybody to know, but it relates to my question. Lol! I always have thin, clear stuff come out when I use the restroom right after, as I assume most women do. However, last night when I peed before bed it was still clear but looked thicker like egg whites. Same thing when I went number two this morning. Then thin and clear after peeing a little bit ago. Does this all sound normal? I'm not asking for a diagnosis here, and I am seeing my doc on Monday for asthma med refills. So I will ask her, but since it's a week before I can see her, I was hoping for some info from any of you who can share. We just started having sex more regularly because chemo messed everything up including my sex drive. Ugh! So, I'm sorry for sounding ignorant here. It's just been so long since everything was regular, so to speak, so I can't remember if I've had this the day after sex, etc. Again it is clear, no odor or irritation, etc. Thanks in advance and sorry for TMI!