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  1. Brothers liver results

    My brothers liver scan came back normal so now his doctor is suggesting he see a specialist which I don’t get. If the scan came back clean, why see a specialist?
  2. Bad few days

    Past few days, my heart rate has been super high, I’ve had shortness of breath, headaches, dizzy, etc. I’m on Paxil and been on it for years and I’m taking beta blockers again for the heart rate but it seems like nothing is helping. I’m starting to think it’s not all in my head and maybe I have a serious illness
  3. Brothers liver results

    Mike, did they do a liver sanagram for u?
  4. Brothers liver results

    My question is, does fatty liver cause liver enzymes to constantly be high and is it dangerous?
  5. Brothers liver results

    No, they haven’t scheduled his appointment the doctor said she will all. The doctor said she assumes it’s a fatty liver but isn’t certain
  6. Brothers liver results

    The issue is it hasn’t gone down and now his doctor wants to do a liver sanagrom which is stressing me out. Anybody on here ever dealt with high liver enzymes that didn’t go down? Any advice? Anything would help right now I’m stressing
  7. Brothers liver results

    My brother doesn’t drink. Never has. He’s gained some weight as he eats a lot of unhealthy foods. He has no pain in his liver but his readings are about 124...they were 123 four months ago. So they’ve gone up. The other reading was 63 And is now 45 so still high as well.
  8. Brothers liver results

    He has no pain that I know of and he’s actually gained a lot of weight and I don’t know when the scan is
  9. Brothers liver results

    4 months ago, my bro did some tests and everything came back find except for his liver tests were all very high. He just re did the tests and his liver count is still just as high and his doctor wants to send him in for a liver scan and I’m rrally stressing out. Anybody ever dealt with liver stuff? How worried should I be? His doctor said it might be fatty liver but she’s not sure hence the scan :/
  10. Heart fears again

    What are the actua side effects of y'all don't mind me asking?
  11. Heart fears again

    Also, I read that it affects u having kids another reason i stopped
  12. Heart fears again

    Does she take one a day? And does it work all day or half the day? Is she on proponalol?
  13. Heart fears again

    My dose was 10MG once a day but it lasted for a few hours and all it did was drop my BPM from 95-110 to 85-95 for a couple of hours.
  14. Heart fears again

    Because they weren't helping me
  15. Heart fears again

    I've been to plenty of doctors including a cardiologist who said heart looks good only thing is a fast heart rate which he attributed to possible anxiety. Mark, yes and no. My heart rate still averages about 95 bpm on a regular basis but I've stopped taking the medicine so that's without me on it.