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  1. I just spoke to my buddy who is a doctor and he said its nothing to worry about- that things like blood happen with infections and forcing yourself to throw up- he said drink lots of water and warm tea and stop worrying yet here i am still worrying =\
  2. i forced myself twice to throw up- first time it was the dinner i had but then an hour or so later i forced myself again and it was sticky mucus like spit not even throw up with hints of blood in it and that has never happened to me before
  3. So for a week now I have had a sore throat and cough and the first 2-3 days I had a low grade fever with it. My friend who is a doctor told me it sounds like a viral infection and no need for meds as many interact with my anti anxiety meds im on. Well yesterday the pain mostly went away all day but by afternoon the throat pain returned and after i ate dinner, i felt like the food was stuck in my throat and would not go down. I ended up forcing myself to throw it up because the feeling was bothering me and threw up the pasta i ate...well i still felt like there was something stuck in my throat and it hurt when i swallowed so i forced myself to throw up again and this time it was clear mucus with hints of BRIGHT RED BLOOD in the mucus and that just has me freaking out....the pain and the feeling of something stuck is still there today but less so than last night and i have not thrown up again but my mom said its normal to have some blood in ur mucus but then i googled it and you all know the rest....then i called the pharmacy to ask about meds for mucus build up and told them and the pharmacist sounded concerned about the blood and now i am readlly freaking out. somebody help. has this happened to anyone before? it was 95% clear mucus and 5% bright red blood drops and all the things on google say the C word
  4. Had the surgery this morning and is now recovering. thank u all!
  5. My mom is having surgery tomorrow for a foot issue and ive been stressed all week. they will put her to sleep and i just hate surgeries.
  6. read the above article and the part where it says 55%of people with a resting heart rate above 84 for 5 years have a higher chance of heart failure freaked me out. my resting heart rate is usually 95-110 and it already scares me as is
  7. Cowboymo


    The media is always talking about CBD oil and how it can help. Has anyone here tried it? Has it helped? Does it interact with anxiety medicine?
  8. Yesterday throughout the day I had pain in my upper chest area mainly when i move or press on my chest to the point that it hurt to move. The pain is still there today and i am worried wondering if its muscle related or heart related. i didn't do anything physical to have muscle pain =-\
  9. Cowboymo


    but my anxious brain says "the nurse at first said come in and see the dr. because there are abnormal results and when she heard me freak out, she put me on hold, and came back and said everything was normal so therefore the doctors office didnt tell me the truth because the nurse isnt good at her job and gave me bad info where in reality something was off"
  10. Cowboymo


    Thanks Holls I never really worried much about it outside of this pain. Thats whats scaring me more than anything.
  11. Cowboymo


    normal range when mine were elavated normal range is to 50 and mine were 74 at the time
  12. Cowboymo


    i had complete blood work done in 2016 (a year after they were up) and the nurse said "the doctor wants u to come in as there were abnormal results" and i freaked out and said "whats going on????" and the nurse put me on hold and came back and said "its nothing serious its just all tests were normal besides my vitamin D levels being low." and i said so everything is normal otherwise and the nurse said yes. and that was the last i went to that doctor or did blood work.
  13. Cowboymo


    Thank you, Holls. Its just this nagging pain that wont go away added with the liver enzymes being high when I tested in 2015 has me worried. I tell myself its been 4 years since those tests so what if im in end stage now
  14. Cowboymo


    Has anyone here had similar symptoms? im scared to consult a doctor..
  15. Cowboymo


    Ive posted about this before but for a few years now ive had on again off again pain around my liver and lately the pain is around more. its now daily and its not severe pain but its there and im scared if i go to the doctor hes gonna tell me my liver is failing and im dying idk what to do. anyone ever experience this? the pain is worse when i sit or lay down as opposed to when i stand. it begins around my right rib cage and goes down to where my liver is. it feels like a needle or uncomfortable type pain. idk its hard to explain. i know my liver enzymes were high a few years back and ever since then ive dealt with this pain.