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  1. Antman15


    He died sudden in a motorcycle accident. Idk I'm kinda coming to terms with it. But my thoughts are still racing. I wish I knew how to relax better
  2. Antman15


    Do you have any techniques and copping skills that can help? And some natural ways to help sleep?
  3. Antman15


    So things have been really good lately until today. Found out my uncle passed away and it triggered everything. I started panicking couldn't think straight tight chest the whole nine yards. I've calmed down a lot but I still feel on edge and worried about my health. I haven't slept cause there's so much on my mind. This all doesn't feel real to me. I need help with sleeping and just overall help. I had a neck injury so I feel like that gives me headaches and messes with my sleep. Im on just on edge right now and I just need some advice I feel alone right now ?
  4. Thank you all for the awesome advice!! Definitely gonna take it all into consideration!
  5. So I've been getting some weird sensations the last 2 days. Whenever I eat food it hurts to swallow and I can feel it go down in my stomach and it hurts. After a little bit I'll burp and the pressure will go away but I'll get the feeling back as soon as I eat again. Any ideas of what's going on? Ive been a little anxious and tired the last 2 days but I've never had this issue.
  6. Seriously afraid I'm gonna have a stroke or something
  7. So me and my friend planned a road trip to Florida and we've been driving for the last 14 hours. My allergies are flared up my head and eyes hurt and I have a have a fever. I freaking out cause I'm anxious twitchy and tired. What should I do? Please help :/ the trip has been great so far but everything is hitting me now
  8. What about lack of sleep??
  9. Thank you for the help!
  10. I've been pretty good for the last few months. I've been going to the gym and was sleeping and taking care of myself. My girlfriend broke up with me earlier in the week. I haven't slept much. My eyes are super twitchy and it freaks me out. Is it normal am I gonna be fine? I haven't been so twitchy in months so it feel new all over again. Any suggestions are welcomed
  11. Just wanna let everyone know that I'm getting better. I've been going to the gym and I've been a vegetarian for over a month. My stomach problem has gotten so much better. I put back on 10 out of the 15lbs I lost when my anxiety was at its peak. Ive learned to accept weird palpations and weird sensations. The gym has help me get over a lot of my health fears. But I took it slow and slowly built myself back up. But im not completely anxiety free. When I play video games I get super anxious and start worrying about my health lol. But I hope everyone is staying strong and trying to better themselves. I thought I would never get to the point where I could relax and not be anxious 24/7. Have faith be strong and do things that you love and continue to grow everyday. Peace Love and Happiness ?❤
  12. Ive been having this problem. Excess stomach acid when we are anxious creates this. Don't over est and avoid acidic and processed food. And don't sleep on a full stomach
  13. I have the same twitches and jerks. It's when you're just chillen and anxious when they are the worst. Just try to relax and don't feed into them. Drinking lots of water and staying hydrated is the best thing you can do
  14. Even with the twitching face?